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Okay, so I finally got my hands on the VLD comics, and I came across this part in the 4th issue. I’m sure this has been addressed before but…

(I took out the text cause it didn’t make sense out of context anyway…)

So now I know I have a really wild, like too wild imagination but this is just hit me, like… PINING RED???


1. There’s that HC that Red and Blue love each other too – which I like a lot – so I don’t really know how sentient robot lions do the thing, but just imagine them being cuddly and pressing their noses together and just be cute and affectionate (gay) robot lions, like awww :’) And now just imagine that they have to hide this because their current paladins are oblivious toddlers who can’t get past the flirting-with-teasing-and-childish-bickering level, cause you know, they’re just like a pair of kindergarteners.

Like seriously guys, grow up. And seriously, someone please draw Red and Blue snuggling up when they think no one sees them, but eventually Lance and Keef catch them, or maybe the others too, or whatever you can come up with, there’s so much that can be done with this, and I’m dead. (Also I hope someone has already done this before and I can find it.)

2. The lions are just like their paladins, so Red is actually pining after Blue, in which case my heart is aching for Red, and I like the first one much better. Like it’s enough to see Keef’s wtf tender faces when he looks at Lance sometimes or when he talks to him and no one sees he’s making that face… I can’t handle the same thing with Red too, it’s just too much for my heart. :’)

Now that I got this out of my system, I will go on reading the comics, and think of giant robot cats being in love with each other and I’ll die. Bye.


spared you from a wall of text by putting it under the cut but hey u can read it if u curious yanno thats why i posted it haha bye

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When a hot guy stretches and his shirt pulls up:

someone sent gstringofsuburbia an ask on anon saying that they thought i had a crush on them and i just?? who sent it?? what makes y’all think i have a crush on them? i mean theres nothing wrong with them but i dont like them like that lol

taylor releasing a song named style (which clearly wasnt about her autumn wardrobe) is v brave??? excuse me but why havent i seen this, why arent we talking about this. is constantly bullied by the media, yet writes a song about her ex and casually names it after him. practically making his last name the main lyric of the song. bc thats how badass she is.