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   “Oh really? Your kingdom was literally falling apart at the seams. I would not call that FINE. You literally had pits that led into the abyss, Lorin. People died, Lorin. Everything was NOT fine. And your attitude hasn’t gotten any better. Wanna bet which one people will find more irritating?”

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Don't you think that Touka's characterization is getting bland lately? She's just there, doing nothing but to warm Kaneki’s bed and look pretty? I'm not saying she has to fight. There are tons of female characters out there who can't fight but somehow can still appear useful and badass like Lacus, Integra and Winry. Touka has done nothing but pouting and acting tsundere. I remember loving her fiery spirit. Now she's just a pregnant woman who pouts.

Mod K:

Honestly, the mods and I are all done being nice about this topic. You have to be like the fifth person to ask us this question – we’ve answered it before and our answer still stands. Maybe you just aren’t paying attention to what Touka has done recently, but how in the world is Touka a pregnant woman who pouts – when she came up with a plan on the fly, is actively trying to protect children, and has been fighting as well since the oggai got underground?? Do ya’ll have squirrel memory or something?

This is Touka taking out like two oggai kids while pregnant.

This is Touka injuring Hajime while pregnant.

Even before this she – made up with Akira, and actually got Akira to think differently about ghouls, she went toe to toe with Mut//suki and escaped. She is trying to protect a bunch of children who cannot fight right now WHILE. PREGNANT. I think Yomo said it best in chapter 135, “You aren’t an onlooker of powerless, you just have other things to protect, right?”

Granted, the way that Ishida Sui treats his female characters can be shitty (like Hinami not being able to go toe to toe with Haji//me, what lol) but Touka has been actively doing a whole lot of shit during this battle. I honestly have no idea how you can’t see that. Maybe you need to read better? And I say this as nicely as I can because I honestly do not understand how you missed any of this? If you can just reduce Touka to a “tsundere” then I have no idea what to tell you.

Saying that “she’s just warming Kaneki’s bed and looking pretty and just pouting and being tsundere.” just sounds like the same boring sexist rhetoric that everyone else in this fandom uses when she has actually been more active in the story right now then she’s in the majority of re. She is doing A LOT more than just being “pretty.” I don’t understand how you can see her making plans, fighting to protect the weaker ghouls in goat – and you consider that not doing anything. Touka has done a lot of plot important things from chapters 117- to present and I’m amazed some of you just overlook those things. Maybe you have a problem with the way that you view female characters and you view them through a skewed lens? And yes, I’m saying that even while you’ve tried to use examples of other female combatants like Winry. I love Winry to death as a character, but I’m really shocked that you like Winry but then claim that Touka has been useless lately? Anyway, I don’t get this.

Like, I’d understand better if she really wasn’t doing anything (I have a problem with her not being involved in the GOAT strategy meetings) but this? Really? You are using some really sexist language here, even if you don’t realize it.

She can’t sit and fight an entire battle because she has to worry about the baby – it is very easy to lose a baby during the first trimester.

Harvey is being expected to hit here sometime tonight or tomorrow. I’m charging my portable phone charger and finding candles to light in case the power goes out. My county is under a flash flood watch until Monday, so it looks like the storm may be lasting for a few days here. We now may get up to 7 inches of rain here, with the possibility of tornadoes and bad winds. 

My queue is set up to be constantly going (I don’t tag that my posts that are in it, but its always going.) If at the point where it stops for the day and there are no original posts (or updates) from me, know its because either the power hasn’t come back on and/or my phone died. I will try to give updates on when it hits. Though I am in a safe and low risk zone, this hurricane is scaring me a bit and I can’t help but to feel the need to prep for it. 

Stay safe, everyone in the path of this!

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ok but I'm a girl and there's this girl that is absolutely amazing and she's beautiful and I kinda love her??? *questioning noises*

smells gay to me 

(okay but for real sometimes we should forget about labels. Most times that stuff is great but sometimes it holds us back. What’s important though is how you feel about this girl. Be true to your heart and follow whichever direction it takes you. Don’t be afraid to follow it. This could be the beginning of a beautiful thing.) 

the only icons i really give a damn about at the end of the day are how mine look. <.< >.> i mean yeah, some of them cause me some major eye strain, but i can always just ask for iconless if that’s the case. i may not get the current trend, but i’m not going to tell you know (unless you end up whitewashing a poc fc then yes, i won’t be happy.)

How about some romantic Grell, Soma, and Agni headcanons please ? - Asked by anonymous


  • She does a fair bit of traveling with her job. Though she doesn’t go insanely far, she ventures to new cities at least, and she has made it a habit to get her lover a little souvenir at each stop. She’ll be in the middle of a dramatic chase and be completely distracted when she remembers she hasn’t bought them the traditional key chain or card yet.
  • She had a phase when she was really, really into sewing and knitting. She would buy new fabrics with cute designs and make her partner bags, clothes, gloves, scarves, and anything else she thought they would appreciate. She got over it after a while, but she also acquired some skill from all the practice and will occasionally make more things for her partner if she’s in the right mood. Her favorite creations tend to have flower print.


  • He loves finishing boring, tiring activities so he is free to look for his partner, walk into their arms without saying a single word and just cuddle with them for the next long while. He falls asleep almost instantly after they wrap him in a hug, trapping them under him for what will probably be a few hours
  • He openly admits to loving it when his partner gushes over him, so he often tries impress. He’ll wear his outfits that they complimented before and try way too hard to get their attention. He’ll ask them goofy questions, offer to help with everything, and when he gets desperate enough, he’ll even resort to the ‘dropping something in front of them and bending over seductively’ technique. However, he always drops things too close to them without making them aware of his presence, so when they turn around, they trip over him, and the two stumble to the floor. These failures cause Soma to pout and mope for a while, but his persistence most definitely gets noticed, and he receives the kisses he yearned for, so all is right in the end. 


  • He always looks for ways to get closer to his partner, and one of his favorite ways is with a ‘hobby exchange’. Once a week he will participate in an activity that his lover really enjoys, and the next week the two do what Agni finds fun, which usually consists of him trying to teach them how to make a unique dish.
  • He has a fascination with clouds and the colors that paint the sky, especially around the afternoon. When he has extra time he asks his sweetheart if they want to accompany him to admire them for a little while before they return home to sleep. They usually stare in silence, Agni caressing their arms and nuzzling into the nape of their neck, slowly growing more tired and overwhelmed with the world’s beauty as time passes.

Imagine bestfriend!Woozi making sure to spend more time with you because he knows that you’ve been feeling really down lately and is in need of some companionship.

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You know that thing where moms of big families will call a kid by every other kid's name before hitting the right one? Maglor probably goes through all the sets of tragic twins. Amras- Elured- Elros! Right, you're Elros, sorry. Elros, put down the knife.

‘Elros put down the knife’ is a phrase so commonly uttered in the kidnap dad household that it eventually gets shortened to ‘Elros, knife.’

The name jumble isn’t always accidental. One time Maglor went through every single name he could think of that had the el- element. Elros stormed out, infuriated, three names in. Elrond kept listening patiently and didn’t realise he was being trolled until Maglor hit ‘Glorfindel’.

Kagerou Days Manga/Novel in a Nutshell
  • Shut-in: I will download this anonymous file what could possibly go wrong
  • Virus: Whoops I made you spill soda all over your keyboard
  • Gang: Don't worry we aren't suspicious and we are totally gonna help you buy a new one
  • Snake: hello naughty children it's murder time

You know what? This is not only about the Sheriff/Natalie thing. That’s not the reason I’m pissed off. I’m pissed off because in season 4 we barely got any good scenes between Stiles and Lydia. And in season five they’re not even interacting. Not even a bit. It’s been three episodes and they haven’t even talked to each other. I’m not talking about romantic scenes here. I know nothing romantic is gonna happen between them yet (duh slow burn) but the thing is: they’re friends. Lydia is the second person Stiles is closest with. And Stiles is literally Lydia’s best friend now that Allison is gone. They’ve supported each other and helped each other through the worst moments and now they don’t even acknowledge each other’s existence. I KNOW there’s gonna be that scene in eichen house, and believe me I’m holding onto it like my life depends on this shit, but honestly I’m fucking tired of Stiles and Lydia interacting only during life-threatening situations. In season 3 they were together basically all the freaking time and I want that friendship back. It’s not even about making them romantically canon anymore. It’s about not erasing an entire relationship from the show for no reason at all and with no explanation.

So here’s the thing: if they don’t show Stiles freaking the fuck out when he sees that Lydia is injured and refusing to leave her side until he’s one hundred percent sure she’s fine I’m gonna lose my shit.