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Salem, MA is downright enchanting and there is no time more magical than a foggy twilight. Modernity is lost to the haze and there’s the unshakable feeling that a ghost could make its way around any bend at any moment… We here at Wormwood & Gall draw constant inspiration from the nostalgic beauty of our city and strive to find attire for our clients that would make them seem at home on these gloomy, historic streets. 

Not That Bad

Draco x reader, requested

y/c/m= your classmate

I ran into Potions class five minutes late, panting. Thankfully, Snape didn’t see me, or else he would’ve given me a week’s worth of detentions. I searched the room for my usual seat, but it was taken. The only empty seat was next to Draco Malfoy. Nervously, I set my bag down and took a seat. 

“Don’t you have anywhere else to sit, mudblood?” The word stung a little, but I ignored it. I rolled my eyes, and waved around the room.

“As you can clearly see Malfoy, no, there isn’t, and if there was, I’m positive I wouldn’t sit next to you.” He huffed and turned away.

Fine with me” I thought. I wanted to associate with him as little as possible anyways. 

Professor Snape paced around the front of the room, waiting for everyone to settle down. I was hoping as hard as I could that we wouldn’t have to do partner work.

“Today, you will be brewing a potion with the person sitting next to you,” he began. Damn it. “You will be making Draught of Living Death, a potion that makes the drinker fall into a deep sleep. I have written the ingredients and instructions on the board.” Snape waved his wand once and everything appeared on the blackboard in the front of the room. “Start…. now.”

I bustled around my ingredients, looking for the right ones. 

“Alright, mudblood, we need the Infusion of Wormwood first.” I handed Draco the ingredient, while glaring at him in what I hoped was an intimidating way.

“If you’re not going to call me by my name, don’t talk to me at all.” 

I turned back around and got the powdered root of asphodel out of its container and threw it in the cauldron.

“What’s the next step?” Draco asked, beads of sweat starting to form on his forehead.

“Stir it.” I replied. We carried on like this for a while, and we worked surprisingly well together. By the end, Draco’s little beads of sweat had turned into tiny streams from the heat, and I had started sweating a lot too. 

“Bring your potions up to me and I will grade them right now.” Snape drawled. casting nervous looks at each other, we filled a vial with a bit of our finished work and walked up to Snape. 

“Hmmmm… looks good, smells fine, and… WHY DON’T WE TEST IT on y/c/m’s toad?” y/c/m’s poor toad had run away from him yet again, and it landed on Snape’s hair. The Slytherin side of the room snickered, while everyone else gasped and hissed at Snape. With a smirk, Snape tilted the vial towards the toad’s gasping mouth, when I lunged forward and slapped both things out of his hands. 

“DON’T, you disgusting, evil scum!” I exclaimed. Snape looked surprised at my sudden outburst and then glared at me. 

“DETENTION, MS. Y/N and you get a ZERO ON TODAY’S WORK. Just because you managed to get away with Mr. Malfoy doing all the work and getting you full marks on this potion this ONE TIME does NOT mean that you can speak to me like that!” 

I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth to stop myself from saying anything stupid, and whirled around to stomp back to my seat. 

Seething, I threw my books in my bag and slammed the dungeon door on the way out. 

“Stupid fucking Snape thinks he can get away with anything just because he’s fucking considered a teacher–” I stopped muttering to myself as I felt someone’s finger tap my shoulder. 

“WHAT DO YOU– oh.” I turned around and saw that it was Draco. 

“Look, I’m really sorry about getting you a zero today.” he said. I rolled my eyes and turned back around. Draco caught up to me and continued, “You’re actually not that bad of a person. You’re really good at Potions and you taught me a thing or two today. So thanks.” 

I slowed down so that he didn’t have to run to keep up with me, and replied, “It’s alright. You’re not as bad of a person I thought you would be either. I don’t care what I get in Snape’s stupid class anyways.”

“Yeah you do.” I raised my eyebrows at Draco.

“What makes you think that?”

“Well, first, your face is red from anger, second you’re clenching your fists, and third, well you were just muttering about how much you hate Snape so well, I’m guessing you care about your grade.” I drooped a little and sighed.

“Am I really that readable?”

“Not all the time, but I can try to make up the zero for you.” 


“How about a butterbeer in Hogsmeade?” I stopped in my tracks and looked up at Draco suspiciously, “As a date?” he finished.

“As a date?” I repeated. 

“As a date.” 

I considered this in my mind. He could be tricking me and there always was the possibility of him trying to poison my butterbeer, but he had acted decent towards me up until now so…

“Why not?” I smiled and shrugged. He smiled at me and tentatively hugged me. When I hugged him back, he regained a bit of his confidence and hugged me tighter.

“See you in Hogsmeade…. y/n.” I smiled and waved at his retreating back.