we are worms. worthless worms

afuckingshipper  asked:

Okay but imagine, it's halloween and Nico and Hazel show Hades their costumes, they are Pain and Panic from Disney Hercules. Nico pulls out a lighter above Hades head. Hades is so done. Persephone takes pictures.

OMG yesh!

Hazel and Nico dressed up in Pain’s/Panic’s demon costumes with the little horns and tails! When Hades yells, “How many times must i tell you to never mention that movie?!” And Nico and Hazel bows, fake crying “WE ARE WORMS!! WORTHLESS WORMS!” And Persephone making side comments “at least you are in the movie, you should…” she and the hades babies make snickering glances before they all say together- “LIGHTEN UP!”
And Hades is just sighing from his throne while they all roll in laughter.