we are women hear us roar

Be an Angelica

In a world full of men like Aaron Burr, who have no respect; dare to be a strong and independent Angelica Schuyler. Make sure that your voice is heard. Make sure that everything you do, fuly respect your valours. Do not let ANYONE tell you that you can’t do a thing because you are a girl. Make sure that all those women didn’t die in vain. You are strong and successful and independent. You don’t need a man on your side to prove it. Today is our day. Don’t let anyone to tell you how you should or shouldn’t celebrate it. Men don’t know. They are not women, they simply don’t know the struggle. They are not allowed to tell us how we should spend our day.

You are strong, and independent, and wonderful and I am proud to be part of this sisterhood. I love you all so much.

Happy international women’s day to all of you out there.

Be an Angelica, don’t let anyone to shut you up. If you are told to shush your mouth, shout, be stronger. Be an Angelica.

-J. Laur

where are the women?
in these old stories of blood and war
women know of these things better than men

Where is Helen?
glorious and golden, Aphrodite in human form
Why does she not get to tell her story of finding and regretting love? 

Where is Penelope?
silent and suffering
why does she not get to rage for the injustice

Where is Rebekah?
the schemer, the dreamer, the believer
why does she not get to be blessed?

It’s a question I’ve been asked since I was eight
Where are the women?

Where are they now?

They are marching, they are fighting, they are screaming
Look around you,

we are storytellers
we are freedom fighters
we are the ones chosen

—  Hear Us Roar by Abby S

May everyone marching today across the country and the world be met with nothing but love, support, and safety.

We are women. We are Muslim. We are black. We are LGBT. We are the oppressed and the targeted. Hear us roar.

i am woman —

i am and i am not

my swaying hips, 

my lily white throat 

and ruby red lips;

teach me to bow to you,

straight back and rigid,

and, even if deep down,

i will snarl and snap for

you fear us and wander 

deep in the deep woods,

straining your eyes and your neck 

for witches to burn or lock 

in the whitewash bright kitchen. 

what is it that scares you: 

our gender, our eyes, 

our color, our size? 

i repeat, i am woman —

i am and i am not 

daughter, princess, mother,

stepmother, witch, heinous bitch; 

we are women, hear us roar: 

heart of a mouse, mouth of a wolf,

wings of a dove, claws and fangs  

that will never, ever after, spare 

your judgmental jealous eyes. 

i am and i am not your fairy tale // m.c.