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i don't really wanna push you into writing something because I really do love your writing but id really like a small au (if possible!!) of changkyun from monsta x!

ive actually really missed monsta x and was thinking about enemies-to-lovers changkyun so,,,,,,,here you go ^^

  • changkyun was your lab partner for a bio course you took when you were just a freshman in college and since that day,,,,,,,,you have hated each other 
  • why? oh maybe because every time you had something to say changkyun was sO SuRE his idea was better
  • or whenever he’d try to take down notes he’d do this annoying thing like STAND IN FRONT OF YOU so you couldn’t see the board
  • and for the whole semester you two were like dogs at each others necks
  • and ,,,, it didn’t stop outside of that classroom
  • like seriously if you and changkyun as much as bumped into each other it was like a parade of sarcastic comments
  • “oh you’re taking microbio? im taking genetics, looks like im taking the big kid class and you’re taking the kindergarten science wah wah”
  • “why did you bump into me asshat”
  • “i like your outfit.” “changkyun, you’ve never liked anything about me.” “exactly, i like it because it makes you look WORSE”
  • honestly,,,,,,,you two just cannot stop
  • and shownu or wonho always has to step in between you and be like guys,,,,please,,,,show some respect we’re still on campus
  • and you’d be like ill show respect to changkyun pigs f l y 
  • and changkyun scoffs and he’s like ill show them respect when hyungwon willingly takes an advanced math class
  • and you just,,,tick each other off,,,,because you both know what buttons to press
  • so it’s no surprise that when you both end up being part of the three finalists in a scientific journals scholarship contest ,,,,,,you and changkyun are just grinning menacingly at each other like oH i saw you got in,,,,,,,,cant wait to be runner up to me again huh??? and changkyun is like don’t you mean you can’t wait to finally see how superior my brain is to yo-
  • kihyun like three feet away: if i spritz them with water do you think they’ll calm down?
  • wonho: nope, ive tried it. doesn’t work.
  • the eve of the contest announcing the winners you run into changkyun at the library and of course he’s refreshing the journal’s website to see the winners names
  • ,,,,,,just like you are too
  • and the library technically closes at 10 but you know you’re going to stay up and so is changkyun so you both gather your laptops and you’re like “hey don’t follow me im going to the cafe near the english department.”
  • changkyun scrunches up his nose and is like “too bad, i thought of going there first so technically you’ll be following me.”
  • and like a couple of middle schoolers you end up running there to see who got there first,,,,arguing over it in front of a tired cashier who lets you both have two lattes on the house if you agree to just sit down and shut up
  • as midnight ticks closer,,,you and changkyun keeps looking over at each other,,,glaring and making face when fINALLY the website updates
  • and you look at the winners name,,,,,,,,,,and freeze
  • ‘winner of the scholarship: nakamoto yuta. second place is tied!’
  • looking at you and changkyun’s names written together in smaller font,,,,,,you can’t help but swallow and turn your head to peek over at changkyun
  • whose doing the same and you both get up as you make eye contact
  • and the cashier is like oh god now what
  • but you and changkyun both march outside and you’re like CHANGKYUN WHAT THE HELL 
  • and you’re like exactly???? your paper on transitional motion was way better????? and changkyun is like your paper on genetics in ants was way better too?????/
  • both fuming,,,you’re standing outside the cafe in the darkness and changkyun is like “im so,,,,,,,,angry i could just do something really dumb right now.”
  • and you’re like wow same something really dumb like,,,,,like,,,,,,,,
  • suddenly you get an idea,,,,an idea you can’t believe you thought of,,,,,but also,,,,,,when you see changkyun in front of you 
  • the same face you’d despised seeing,,,that you’d grown to instinctively react to,,,,,,,,,,why,,,,,why has it never looked more handsome to you??!?!?!
  • the pretty way his eyes are set,,,dark brown and yet still shining,,,,,his lips,,,,,,,,his perfect jawline,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and changkyun is like tilting his head,,,,going “something dumb like?”
  • “like this.”
  • you take a step forward, bunching up changkyun’s shirt in your fist and tugging him down to press your mouth to his
  • and changkyun,,,,,,,is frozen,,,,,,,but his eyes flutter close and his own hand comes to hold the back of your neck
  • when you pull back you’re both like,,,ahem,,,um
  • and changkyun is like “that was,,,,,dumb right?” and you’re like yeah,,,super dumb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but you can’t help it three seconds later you’re back in each others hands making out furiously with changkyun letting you pin him against the wall off the cafe 
  • and the cashier,,,thinking you and changkyun might have killed each other opens the door and sees you and is like OH,,,,,,,o h,,,,,,,,,,oh 
  • you and changkyun with messy hair walking back inside shyly getting your laptops and changkyun being like “we are gonna,,,,um,,,,go,,,uh,,,stu,,-st-”
  • you: “we’re gonna make out again. im so sorry you had to see it though, bye.” LOL
Slow Hands - Stuart Twombly

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stuart Twombly/Reader

Word Count: 6,721

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Orgasm Denial, Multiple Orgasms, Hair Pulling, Choking, Face Riding, Boob Jobs, Shower Sex, Making out on the Couch

Notes: STUART WEEK. STUART WEEK. Thank you @rememberstilinski and @sarcasticallystilinski for giving us these times to focus on cuties like Stuart. As thanks, I give you the opportunity to bathe in holy water because… Stuart is a dirty little shit. Also a big thanks to @minhosmeanhoe because she was a babe and proofread this for me while I was on my way home! I love youuuuuu. PS This was a request. 

Request: could you maybe do a smut with stuart twombly based off the song “strip that down” or “slow hands” i dont like 1d but i heard them and i’m like “ooh so sexual i know just the right person” and now i’m here. thanks💕💕

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Hi so I LOVE your ratings of Raúl characters and was wondering if you could to best to worst boyfriends or something I'm not picky I just love reading analyses of my favorite characters

Hahahahaha Well lucky for you & I: I love talking about these guys.

Originally posted by draconisglow

Okay so instead of going for ALL OF ‘EM, we’re just gonna point out some highlights… 

For example: 

Worst boyfriends? Jonas and Nevada. 

Originally posted by hannibalmorelikecannibal

Namely because Reverend JoHOEnas (thanks to @regrettablewritings for that one) Nightingale is, obviously; a smarmy, lyin, slut. He’d probably listen to your confession, take your tithes, walk you home, give you all the reason in the world to need a hot shower and a new priest, then be gone before you can even ask if he learned that one thing in church… “give ‘em awhile, they’re like linoleum tile- lay ‘em right once and you can walk on ‘em for years!

Originally posted by vadasultenfuss

& Nevada Ramirez is a little busy to really worry about a lover. Seriously. I was exhausted just keeping up with all the chasing and sass he’s got. Trips to the bodega, threatening people’s families, throwin kids into trains, drinking out of little cups and hanging in hotel rooms with his ride-or-die-dude (or whatever)… Plus I mean, while I didn’t really notice hints in the movie that he was particularly slutty or anything (unlike soooomeonnneeeee…. *glares at Jonas*), he wasn’t bein very sweet at all, so I really don’t predict pillow talk to be all that poetic…

Moving on from ‘worst’ to just maybe ‘not good’ boyfriends? 

Bobby. Just ask Marta. Or Jun April. Or Kathy.

Originally posted by ruuuzek

And hey- I love Bobby. I love him so very much. He’s a great, wonderful, attentive, loving friend… he takes the kids to the zoo, he’ll eat yesterday’s stu, WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT YOU, BOBBY?! And he’s so ‘there’ for all of his married friends and he loves company and he’s cute as a button (& apparently gifted at interior design) and surely someone is waiting who would be perfect for him… but yea… crummy boyfriend while he’s trying to figure everything out… maybe he’ll be more ready for that relationship by the time the next birthday comes around… but I mean, from the things I’ve seen, he may have very nice suits, but they aren’t quite made of “boyfriend” material…

Another to toss into the “not good boyfriends” barrel? George. 

Originally posted by esparzugh

Why? That’s what the entire musical is about if you boil it down and kick out all the intense lower-level meanings: George is a crummy boyfriend who’s been caught going to the zoo without his lady (WHO WAS AT THE ZOO GEORGE?! THE MONKIES AND WHO, GEORGE!?), he makes his lover stare at the water as she’s posing for a picture being painted by him in the middle of the Summer on a Sunday (but, there are worst things…), he won’t take her to the Follies because HAT, DOT, THE HAT! So yea. Don’t date George, he’s a lil preoccupied with things and he’s got a lot to figure out, so just give him some… time… to finish the hat… he’s got to finish the hat…

I’m tossing Dr. Frederick Chilton in this section, right on the ‘neutral’ line… because, well, honestly, the reason I think he’d be an ‘alright’ boyfriend is the same reason I think he’d be a crummy boyfriend… 

Originally posted by nerdheroine

I think, he’d take pride in having an Intelligent, Eloquent, Lovely lover at his side- and he’d want to keep them there. I could only imagine the grandiose, over-the-top shows of his affection; and I bet he’d be absolutely tickled pink when he knew you’d told all of your colleagues about how grand he is. Of course, he’d care about his significant other’s feelings and such, and would try to accommodate them as necessary… but like… he’s SO PRIDEFUL. And I could see that coming across on someone he chooses to stand beside. I don’t necessarily doubt his sincerity, but he’s so careful and precise in his general portrayal of himself- I can’t imagine he wouldn’t expect the same from his partner. I mean, he wants to be pristine and proper and respected; I’d only imagine he’d demand the same sort of expectations be maintained by someone he’s openly associated with. I feel like there would be a lot of pressure on someone he loves, even if he didn’t actually intend it to be overwhelming…

Also, Jealousy embodied: Dr. Chilton. I can’t shake that thought.

Unless of course: he finds someone just like him. Exactly like him. Then I bet things would go swimmingly (unless we consider his unlucky streak…)

But, I digress…

Better boyfriends? 

Johnny. In all his 30 / 90 gloriousness.

Originally posted by raulism

99% of this has been decided based on how he says “You wanna come ova’?” when he’s on the phone with Susan before “Therapy”, and the other 1%- I leave you with Green, Green Dress as Exhibit A. Also: Dedication, to everything, especially his life and finding out how to do what he loves- I think that would come clear in relationships, too. He loves Susan, he’s confused about life (and, well, everything) but he thinks he’s sure about her, and his lil heart is just broke when she leaves. 

And along, 

I think Rafael Barba would be a pretty great boyfriend…

Originally posted by minidodds

The only ‘cons’ I can really consider for Barba are predominately due to his hero-complex (or, as he affectionately called it to Carisi, his ‘suicidal streak’)… He’d be worried, often, which makes sense if you add in all the HORRIBLE things he’s seen and personally worked with. He’d be busy, a lot, and would absolutely be a workaholic and pretty preoccupied with the office- could take time away from any personal relationships he’s working to maintain.

Then again- nothing wrong with a guy that cares, right?

But- and I do feel as if this is remotely canon, when Barba is off the clock he is OFF. THE. CLOCK. Who’s yacht? Not his- but he was on it and looking cute as a damn button until they called him in. Rollins is out for a run? Look at that, so is Barba, in wonderful jogging gear that someone who doesn’t run for a hobby probably wouldn’t waste money on! He loves his Mami, and that’s always important. I totally think Rafael would be able to find a good balance when it came to going from ADA Barba to Boyfriend Rafi. Plus: He respects others, and their rights: he respects the rights of people to be comfortable in their relationships, and I absolutely think he would give that sort of respect to someone he cares about.

Now… the BEST boyfriend? 

*gently cups face in hands* you should know this already…

Originally posted by rundalek


Just watch this and come back to discuss in the morning. Thanks.

“Then I would love you in any way I could. And if we could not touch, then I would draw strength from your beauty. And if I went blind, then I would fill my soul with the sound of your voice and the contents of your thoughts until the last spark of my love for you lit the shabby darkness of my dying mind. “

He’s adorable and longing, even if he thinks it’s unrequited: he’s honest and bold, he’s thoughtful and can fix your espresso machine, he’s a little kooky but I mean who isn’t? Plus he’s got good stuff, that could always be useful. And the way he looks at Olive, oh my, if anyone looked at me like that- I’d be putty.


Without You

Nick stumbled into an empty street, he fell over a trash can and puked over the side of it.

“Shit,” He mumbled to himself before he fell over onto the sidewalk.

He started laughing before he pulled himself up and began to ramble down the street. After a few minutes, his laughter stopped, and his face became blank, his eyes nearly dead. The drunk fox looked down at his paws then used one to wipe the vomit from his muzzle, transferring it to his shirt afterward. Nick looked up and hiccuped before his lively face sprung out of the darkened soul

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Stay The Night - Stuart Twombly Imagine

REQUESTED: No, but it’s Stuart Week (thank you @rememberstilinski and @sarcasticallystilinski for this wonderful week!) so why not?

WARNINGS: Nothing (surprisingly enough this is really cute)

SUMMARY: You’re slightly tipsy and ask Stuart to stay the night. He accepts, but you can’t keep your mouth shut after that.

NOTES: My parents gave me alcohol and now I’m really sleepy. 

So, hope you enjoy this alcohol/sleep-fuelled imagine!

Originally posted by dylanholyhellobrien

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Stuart hates watching his brothers do sports, but it was better than walking home, just because Stiles doesn’t want to give him the car keys.
He sits down on the stands and sighs.
Thomas is standing next to the race track, sees Stuart and waves to him, but Stuart ignores it and looks to Stiles, who missed the goal.
Stuart: Pathetic…
He looks to Thomas again, who is sprinting now against a girl. She was just a bit behind Thomas, what’s still good, because no one is as fast as Thomas, except Minho. After the sprint they high five, so Stuart has a better look on her. And she is beautiful. The most beautiful girl he ever met.
He looks away fast, as they see him, so he sees that Stiles and Scott are on the way to him.
Stiles: Hey Stu, what are you doing here?
Stuart: You have the keys?
Stiles: Right… We’re almost done, then we can go home.
Stuart: Okay.
Thomas: Stu! Hey, bro! Do you want to run a bit with us?
Thomas and the girl are coming nearer.
Stuart: What… uhm… no… I- I… uhm…
He wants to leave but stumbles and falls a few steps down right in front of the girl.
(Y/N): Oh god, you’re okay?
Stuart: Uhm… yeah. I guess.
(Y/N): Wait, here. I help you.
You hold your hand out to him to help him up on his feet.
Stuart: Thank you…
(Y/N): I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you.
Stuart: Stuart…
He rubs his neck nervously.
Scott: Is everything alright with him?
Stiles: Probably not. It’s Stuart.
Thomas: Wait! No… oh my god! Stuart, this look! I know this look! No…
He laughs.
Stuart: Shut up, Tommy!
Stiles: Wait, do you think Stuart-?
He also laughs.
(Y/N): What’s wrong?
Stuart: Nothing!


Lying From You - Stuart Twombly

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stuart Twombly/Reader

Word Count: 4,212

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (female receiving), Public Sex, Car Sex, Mentions of Alcohol

Notes: This was actually a request >.> I hope ya’ll like it.

Request: Hi i was just wondering if you maybe could do imagine with stuart where him and reader are working in the google together and they had friends with benefits and reader got pregnant including smut sorry if this is too much and also sorry for my terrible english anyway thank you. :-)

Listen to me

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 * eternally grateful.   let  me  just  begin  by  saying  thank  you  and  how  much  i  love  every  single  one  of  you  who  interacts  with  my  child.   ––  out  of  all  my  muses,  stuart  is  the  closest  to  my  heart.  with  betty  cooper  being  the  muse  that’s  closest  to  me  as  a  person.  you  guys  have  no  absolute  idea  how  much  he  means  to  me,  starting  off  with  lydia  as  my  first  ever  muse  in  2013  and  soon  after  officially  bringing  stuart  to  your  dash  in  2015  has  been  the  best  thing  i’ve  ever  done.   STUART  is  the  reason  for  the  friends  i’ve  made  here  even  those  who  have  come  and  go.  STUART  is  the  reason  i’ve  discovered  so  many  talented  people,  and  have  had  the  honour  writing  with.  and  through  this  whole  time,  everyone  still  continuous  to  love  him  as  much  as  I  do.  ––there  are  absolutely  so  many  stuart’s  out  there,  and  i  love  every  adaption  of  him  but  i  hope  that  MY  ADAPTION  of  my  own  version  of   stuart  have  also  impacted  and  stolen  your  hearts  because  he’s  my  one  and  only  boy,  and   i  take  my  writing  and  development  for  him  to  heart.   i  could  say  so  much  but  i’m  just  super  speechless  and  thankful.  pls,  continue  to  love  and  nurture  him  whilst  i’m  still  here.  

okay,  here’s  some  mushy  stuff  for  a  select  few  of  people.  im  sorry  for  forgetting  anyone,  and  if  you  feel you  belong  in  this  list,  you  know  who  you  are  and  that  im  forever  grateful .

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Happy Birthday Stu💙

A/N: my final class became a free period since we found a rat and no one could function (even the sub) so I wrote a little something for 600 and Stu’s birthday c: I hope you enjoy


2D eyes squinted opened, vision coming and going as he slowly blinked. When his vision cleared his eyes were met by another pair. You smiled lovingly at him and placed the tray of breakfast on the counter beside the bed.
“Good morning, Stu. Happy Birthday,” you say quietly as you kiss his forehead.
His thank you comes out as a small mumble as he pulled you into bed, making you release a small gasp.
“Stu! Cmon we should get up,” you laugh as you try to get up, only to be pulled back down.
“Can we just stay here?” He sighed, snuggling into you and letting his hands lazily roam.
“Maybe for a bit, but I’ve got some plans for us today,” you compromise, finding a comfortable position and laying in comfortable silence, giving and receiving lazy hugs and kisses.
A good hour or two pass before you finally convince him to get up. You finally get ready before you go out and get started on your plans. Not to 2D’s knowledge, you were texting Noodle, letting her know you’ve gone out and to putting things together.
You and Noodle had planned on giving 2D a surprise party. It was a foolproof plan to make his day fantastic. You’d take him to his favorite places, get his favorite food for the party, and you even got to convince Murdoc to leave him alone! (You may have lost $20 but it was worth it)

“Love, I’m not a complete arse, I would’ve been nice away, but convincing you to give me a 20 is an extra,” he said with a smirk, you’re eyes roll even more intensely now rethinking about it.

You took him all over town, to the shops, the pet store, the park, to lunch, the docs, everywhere possible with a couple of breaks, sharing laughs and jokes, and doing anything to keep him happy and out of the house for as long as possible. He was practically glowing with joy, kissing your hand and sighing in content every few minutes, a smile plastered on his face showing his cute tooth gap. Once you got the ok to go back home, you two made your way.
“Y/n, this day has been utterly amazing. Thank you,” he smiles, pulling you into a hug.
“You’re welcome, Stu, but it’s not over yet,” you say as you pull out and open the door.
The band yelled “SURPRISE!” followed by Murdoc lazily blowing the party horn. There was a homemade banner with a mixture of messy and neat handwriting, each recognizable of who’s who, balloons, streamers and party horns everywhere. Everyone was wearing a party hat and boy, you should’ve seen 2D’s face as you put one on him.
“oh wow! How did-when did- thank you guys,” he sighs, giving up on English and just enjoying the moment.
And the night continued, you hit a small piñata, all of you groaning as Murdoc killed it with an axe. Russel complained that he should’ve gone last and took the axe and every sharp object and hid them. Noodle set up twister, a tight competition between you and Russel, who won after half an hour. 2D played pin the tongue on the Murdoc and manage to walk past the hallway, you having to chase after him. (Murdoc surprisingly found it amusing and announced he’ll keep the game in his room after) And then the cake came, you all sang happy birthday and his dark black eyes shined with the light of the candles.
“Make a wish, Stu,” you smiled, lightly hugging him from behind.
“I don’t think I really need one,” he said, looking back at you and to the band. “I think I have everything I need.” And he blew the candles.
The atmosphere of the room was so loving and fun, the pure joy on everyone’s faces was just heartwarming. You all ate the cake and began opening gifts. Russel got 2D a book he’s been eyeing for a bit, you got him the small cat piano you two always laughed at and played at the mall, Noodle got a pair of her green and pink glasses because he loved them so much, and Murdoc got him-
“A condom?” 2D asked, confusion plastered on his face as he looked at Murdoc.
“You’ll thank me later, buddy,” Murdoc smirks, nudging 2D and winking.
After a couple more hours of talking, everyone decided to go to sleep. You all said goodnight and went into your separate rooms.
You put your hair in a ponytail and sighed, finally in comfortable clothing and laying next to 2D, who welcomed you with open arms.
“Thank you for such a great day, y/n,” he said into your hair.
“You’re welcome, Stu, I’m glad you had such a great day.”
“I really did… Hey y/n.”
“Yeah, Stu?” You ask, raising your head to make eye contact with him.
“I really love you.”
You smiled and prop yourself up, hovering over him. “I love you too.”
He smiled and placed and gentle hand on your cheek, caressing it before lightly kissing you.
The kiss slowly heated up at you moved to straddle him as he sits up and deepens the kiss, releasing small moans as you cause friction trying to find a comfortable spot.
“You know maybe I will have to thank Murdoc,” he says as he breaks the kiss, giving you a toothy smile.
“Shut up birthday boy,” you laugh before pulling him back into another kiss and push him back to lay down.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Steven Universe: Green Thumb - Chapter One


This will not do!

Appalachia Colonel Thaddeus Beauregard stormed through the dilapidated grounds of the old farm, his moustachioed face red with fury. He trod brown weeds into the soil as he marched up and down, shouting at his long-suffering accountant who strolled briskly to keep up with him.

“This eyesore,” bellowed Beauregard, “Threatens our fine village’s chances at winning the Appalachian Best Kept Community Competition!”

“We’ve won ten years running, Colonel,” reminded the accountant.

“The competition stiffens,” snapped Beauregard, “This property might have been acceptable in previous years, but I have seen what they are doing in other towns. I mean, Walters Mill has painted their windmill, sir! We can’t compete while this accursed plot remains ruined!”

He crossed his arms.

“Who owns this land, anyway?”

“Frederick Adamson-DeMayo, sir,” replied the accountant, “He’s not present - the court ordered him to the state capital and he…uh…never came back.”

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Min Yoongi | BTS|

A/N: first one of these I’ve actually decided to publish ha, but this is a just a simple case of mail confusion turned into an interesting morning with Min Yoongi, so enjoy.

part two

You awoke to several harsh knocks at your door, lazily rolling over to look at your alarm clock which read seven fucking thirty. It’s Saturday, who the hell is up this early, let alone why in the hell are they beating on my door like it was secretly fucking their girlfriend or something? You dragged your semi-naked body out the bed, because who sleeps fully clothed these days? Definitely not you. Living alone was fine, but having an annoying neighbor was the obvious drawback; sadly, you can’t have your cake and eat too.

The knocks never receded, hell, it sounded like they were getting faster and louder, Jesus Christ… “Ya! I’m coming, stop beating on my damn door!” you yelled tugging a baggy t-shirt that ran to your knees on and fluffing out the mess of curls you called “hair” the best you could and shuffled angrily to the door.

“Seriously, Ms. Choi, I swear to God, I have no idea where your kitten is, why must you do thi-” you were cut off by the sight of him. “What the fuck do you want now?”

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Peter Parker x Reader Headcanons

(a.n.: I’m so sorry… how does one even write good hcs… ps,, the tags are a Mess™)

• y’all totally meet on the academic decathlon team
• peter was totally heart eyes emoji the first time he saw you
• like wowie a nerd and a babe??? wadda steal
• being on ac dec together meant mandatory cram sessions so y’all are constantly at each others houses
• the first time you come over he is fluSTERED
• ofc he tries to impress you ( he literally almost falls on you with how excitedly he opens up the door)
• BOOM he’s as red as his suit
• since this years theme for ac dec is Africa, he insists y’all watch The Lion King
• “Peter, I don’t think this is what coach meant when he said to study the materials”
• “Cmon (y/n)! How else are we gonna learn about the circle of life?!”
• “If we want to do well at competition we gotta study the actua-“
• puppy dog eyes peter unloCKED
• “ok, fine. But after we finish the movie we go straight to stu(dying)”
• peter practically drags you to the couch
• towards the middle of the movie, peter does the ‘yawn and put your arm around the person you like’ move
• you lean into him, your head lying on his shoulder (what can you say? this nerd is p cute)
• you look up at peter and the boy is scarlet
• can you feel the love tonight starts to play
• y’all both tense up
• Peters hand brushes against yours and you latch on
• you turn to look at peter, seeing a small smile on his face
• throwing caution to the wind you place a chaste kiss on his cheek
• u thought that boy was red before ? he is completely maroon
• “sorry about that…” you apologize quickly, not knowing how he’ll respond to your quick kiss
• his response is to kiss you back
• you’re stunned at first, but then you reciprocate the smooch
• maybe watching the movie wasn’t such a bad idea after all
• by the end of the movie both of y’all are passed out
• May walks in and sees y’all cuddling
• she smiles and totally takes the opportunity to snap a photo of y’all
• if this is what studying with peter entailed, you could totally do it again

I'm tired and writing angst for 400 followers

A/N: I hit 400 followers yesterday right when I got to the hotel for my choir competition and I’ve been secretly writing this angst fic I thought it while listening to “Just Give Me A Reason” by P!NK and I just finished it rn when I just got home from the trip so sorry if it sucked at the end I love you guys thanks for 400❤️ (this is 2DxReader rn)


You and Stuart had a great life. You had a home, a small dog, careers, and each other. You two were fine, but you had a tint in your brain.
You’re an insecure person. Most things you care about you doubt care for you back. Trust and abandonment issues from the past were hard to get by and you try to push it back, but sometimes you couldn’t and you thought isolating yourself would be the best option.
Stuart knew you had these issues and tried his best to make sure you knew he loved you. Showering you with hugs and kisses and always mentioning how lovely you look and how he loves you. He thought you guys were fine, but that’s because you never tell him about those moments of doubt. It’s not that you didn’t love him, you were just so afraid he’d leave you that you thought it’d be better to cut it yourself first. Thought it would make it hurt less.
When that thought of breaking up with Stuart popped up, your heart sank. You loved him, you really did, and you knew he loved you. But how long would that last? You were clingy, sarcastic and a little over talkative at times. How long could he take that? The thought kept you up at night sometimes you even had paranoid dreams. Stuart took notice and did his best to help you sleep, but he didn’t know the reason why. He was so out of the loop and thought you guys were fine, that’s what made it hurt like mad when you said it.
“Stu, I think we should take a break.”
Silence broke throughout the kitchen, he froze before slowing turning around, saying “what?”
“I think we should take a break.” You said, your body shaking while your face stayed neutral.
“Where is that coming from, y/n,” he asked, walking over to you, putting his hands on your shoulders and frowning when you flinched.
“I just don’t think we’re working out, Stuart.”
“I-I don’t get it. I thought we were fine,” he said, confusion and shock in his voice.
“We have everything we need, y/n. A home, bud-each other! We have each other! I love you, y/n. I thought you loved me!” His voice getting a little bit louder in frustration.
“I-I do love you, Stu-”
“Then why? Why leave? Why throw away all we have and been through? Why-”
“Because you deserve so much better, Stuart!” You screamed, making him flinch.
“You deserve so much better. You’re a lead singer of a band and one hell of a great guy and I’m just nothing! I’m obnoxious and pretentious and I don’t even understand why or how you manage to stay! This is too good, Stuart, too good to be true! You’re so loving and kind but one day you’re going to leave. There are so many better people out there you’ll get tired and I w-”
He pulled you into a tight hug, cutting you off and snapping you back into reality. Once you realized everything you said, you dropped. You fell on your knees and began sobbing into Stuart’s chest, feeling little tear drops land on your head and he brushed your hair with his hands. Once you had calmed down, you pulled back and tear-stained faces met each other.
“Y/n, I love you with every single inch of my body-yes I do.” He says, cutting himself when he sees you vigorously shaking your head.
“I love you and your perfection and imperfections. I’ve seen the best and worst in both of us, y/n. You’re isolating yourself when you don’t need to. You have me! I will always be here for you, I’ll listen to you without hesitation. You just need to talk to me, you’re holding it all in, love.”
“I just don’t want to burden you with small and ridiculous things,” you whisper through sniffles.
“Nothing could ever burden or be ridiculous or small to me when it comes to you. Everything is important when it comes to us. We can fix anything even if you just need me to remind you just how much I love you. I’ll be patient and love you like I have been. Just because these thought cloud you doesn’t mean you should listen to it. Do you love me?”
“And I love you, what else do we need? Nothing is as bad as it seems.”
You look deeply into his eyes, seeing the love and worry in it relieves you.
“Alright. Stu, I’m so sorry to scare you. I love you so much.” You say, weakly pulling him into a hug as he tightens it.
“It’s alright, y/n. We’ll be ok.”

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can you #30 for the writing prompt with my boy 2d? thank you!!

“Don’t be mad, but I bought a cat.”

Looking up from his book, 2D adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose, cocking his head. Leaning forwards to see you better, he squinted his eyes.

“Whaddya’ mean you just bought a cat?” Dancing on the tips of your toes through the doorway, you slammed the door shut with your foot.

“I mean,” you grunted, plopping a ginormous box of kitten necessities on the table as Stu got up from the sofa, making his way towards you. “I saw that there was this cat without a home- and the owner was giving him away for free since he couldn’t pay rent with the cat, so he gave me all of his supplies, and-”

Stu breathed in, placing his reading glasses on the table. “Oh my god, (y/n).”

“Stu,” you continued, throwing your hands in front of you. “Don’t be mad, I’ll take care of it, I promise, and I’ll feed it every day and give it water, and-”

“Where’s the cat?” Shoving your keys into your pocket, you reopened the front door. 

“He’s in his crate– in the passenger seat of the car. I played him some Plastic Beach while we were driving home.”

As Stu ran out onto the lawn, you leaned against the door frame, biting your nails. “I hope you like him!”

Carefully cracking opening the car door, you saw Stu peeked his head in, immediately gasping aloud. “Oh my god!” He called, looking back to you. “He’s got blue eyes!”

Laughing, you saw your boyfriend carefully pulling the carrier out of the car and onto the grass. “Don’t let him out yet! He might run off.”

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” Stu mumbled, quickly whisking the crate with the tiny mewling kitten inside onto the kitchen floor. “You’ve outdone yourself, love. I think this puts having kids back a couple years or so, ‘cuz we’re gonna have a lot of fun with this one.”

Gasping, you hit his shoulder playfully as you trailed on behind him. “That was uncalled for, D. Never scare me like that again.”

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