we are wisconsin

I consistently forget Wisconsin is a real place even though I live in the state next to it and I’ve visited it many times it still seems like such a cryptic zone only manifested by That 70s Show and dairy farmers


When you get in a discussion about which part of the world produces better cheese, so you battle it out on Twitter (and tag Roger Federer, Switzerland Tourismus and the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation for help).

…its march madness season again and my family have all become nuts for the 18th year

my family has been doing our family bracket for 18…years…ive been playing for over 10 years



u know most of the selfies i have posted on here are of me wearing hats and u know what i realized ,,,, i wear hats to cover up the fact that i am Depressed and can’t be bothered to do anything with my hair lol oopsie


By Voces de la Frontera

February 16: Today, tens of thousands of immigrant workers and business owners have gone on strike and closed their businesses in resistance to Trump’s immigration raids. Today’s nationwide strike follows Wisconsin’s Day without Latinos, Immigrants, and Refugees on Monday, led by Voces de la Frontera, which has inspired immigrant workers and their supporters to rise up. Following Trump’s executive orders on immigration, ICE agents have targeted some of society’s most vulnerable members. In El Paso, a transgender domestic violence survivor was arrested by ICE at a courthouse after testifying against her abuser. ICE has arrested DACA recipients and people staying at homeless shelters.

Voces de la Frontera joins the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, Movimiento Cosecha and others in calling for a national general strike on May 1st to demand Trump rescind his executive orders on immigration.

“Following Monday’s Day Without Latinos, Immigrants, and Refugees in Wisconsin, we are witnessing a spontaneous groundswell of immigrant workers, small business owners, and our supporters taking similar bold action to demand an end to Trump’s deportation raids,” said Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera. “We applaud the leadership of immigrant workers and business owners around the country in using their economic power, and we call on community organizations to follow their lead. We invite organizations and the public to join us in coordinated, escalated actions nationwide leading up to a mass general strike on May 1st. Monday, May 1st, 2017, must be a national Day Without Latinos, Immigrants, and Refugees to demand Trump rescind all of his executive orders on immigration.”


Summary: You’re a hunter and boys call you to come to the bunker, because they need help with some(one)thing, so you, as their debtor, are knocking on their door.

Pairing: human!Cas x Reader

Warnings: smut(ish) fluff

Words: 1452

A/N: So it’s for Katy’s 1k follower challenge! Congratulations, love! I’m so sorry for every mistake, but english isn’t my first language.

Tags: @casbabydontgoineedyou


It was a few years back when you met the Winchester brothers on a case. Wendigo has beaten you up really bad and Sam and Dean helped you. Now you were driving to them, to their home, the bunker.

You missed them; not just because they saved you. You missed them, because they were kinda like your brothers you never had. Whatever they wanted you to do, you were going there and doing it.

You parked your Bad Boy outside and knocked to the door. You were stressed; the last time they saw you, you were a lot skinnier, like a skeleton, and it didin’t matter that you knew the brothers didin’t care, but probably Cas will be here and you cared about the way he sees you.

“Hello, (Y/N).” you heard that strong voice you were scared to hear, but when you looked at him, his blue eyes were diging holes in you, his pupils were blown and you couldn’t stop the smirk that was climbing up your face. Meantime, you noticed few things that shocked you.

“Hi, Cas. You look good too” you smiled when his eyes finally met yours. “Where’s your trench coat?”

“He lost it.” said Sam trying to push between the angel and the door. When he did it, he hugged you really hard and brought you inside, practically throwing you into Dean’s arms. That boy smelled like whisky and was hugging like a child which was a funny combo. He put you gently on the floor and smiled.

“Hello, kiddo. You look awsome.” you blushed a little and laught your fear. Spinnig, you opend your arms, giving the angel chance to hug you. With a smile, he nestled his face in your neck. You knew he was a total cuddler and every time you saw each other he was doing that, but now you were shocked. You wasn’t sure, but in 80% you felt a boner on your lower belly. Giving him a smile, you looked over at Moose and Squirrel, trying to stop the intension to look at Cas’ crotch.

“Why did you called? How can I help?” you knew that they wouldn’t call if this thing weren’t important, so you preperd for real crap.

“Well…” started Sam, looking from you to Castiel.”We have a case in Wisconsin and a little problem here.” you squinted eyes at him which caused Dean to sigh.

“What’s the problem?” you asked again.

“I am the problem.” said Castiel from behinde you. “They afraid to leave me here alone since I am… I am no longer an angel.” he ended sadly. That explaind his reaction to your skinny jeans and tight T-shirt, he wasn’t used to it. But you still were in shock. You knew that angels fell, but you didn’t know that meant they were humans now.

“All of them are humans now? Why they have fallen? And…”

“Only I am human.” interrupted Cas. “And they have fallen because of my naivety.”

“Okay, stop now, you sad little puppy.” said Dean.”(Y/N), will you stay with him? We’re worried about that piece of sadness.” you smiled, thankful that you finally was able to spend some time with your angel alone, deciding to tease him a little to check if he really got a boner just from looking at you.

That evening, just after boys went out of the door, you ran to your room and changed into shorts and crop top. The second one was almost transparent so you put on your black lace. Knowing you will find him in library you went there. He was sitting back to the entrance, everything was too perfect. He was wearing gery t-shirt and you could swear that when you saw him last time, he wasn’t looking that good.

“Hi, Cas, what are you reading?” you asked, trying to get his attention.

“About wendigo, it’s a really insidio…” he stopped talking when his eyes was on you. His lips parted and his pupils exploded with lust again. He improved on the seat and swallowed which caused you to smile. He couldn’t turn back, it was too hard for him and you saw it. He put the book on a table. Slowly coming closer you saw that his chest began to float hard and his breathing was heavy. His eyes soared up to yours.

“What’s up, Castiel?” you said while sitting on his laps, his hands stayed were they were – on chair railing, but yours found its place in his hair.

“(Y/N), stop, please.” his voice dropped even lower and he was fighting to keep his eyes on yours.

“Oh, come on, I’m only teasing!” you started to standing up, but in a second his hands was on your hips and he sat you back fast. This time you were sure his member was already hard and it made you gasp.

Castiel’s head fell back and he moand softly at the friction; that was the most beautiful sound you had ever heard.

“That’s the problem, you are only teasing” he said slowly and it took moment before you understood. You started rocking his hips and moaning because of the pleasure. Your head fell just like his a few moments before and then he just grabed you and hugged really hard, crashing his lips on yours so fast that your teeth hit his which caused you both to stop everything.You looked him in the eyes and laught, that made him smile.

“Are you okay?” he whisperd, carefully stroking your back. He looked worried.

“I’m okay, but let’s do this slower.” you smiled resting your forehead on his. That beautiful smile faded and now you were the one that was worried.”What is it, Cas?” he swallowed and bit his lip.

“I… I’ve never did it before.” he said quietly and that made you laugh. How can anybody be this cute?”What is so funny?”

“You shouldn’t be so worried about that. I can teach you everything.” you smiled, but when his reaction didn’t changed you just stood up.”You don’t want it, right? You don’t want to do this with me.” you sigh.”Okay, nevermind, Cas. If you need me, I’ll be in my room.”

“No, no, no, no” you heard panic in his voice.”It’s not that, please, (Y/N). Talk with me.” that sentence made you stop. You spun around and looked at him. He was scared.”I’m just…” he sigh and combed hair with hand then murmured something.

“Maybe louder? I can’t hear you, Castiel.” that groan he made…

“I don’t want to disappoint you. I know you had sex multiple times and I don’t want to disappoint you, because I never had it before!” and now you were the scared one. You had no idea why he started to yell. You spun again and countinued your travel to the room, because you didn’t want him to see you crying. And that’s the moment when he realized what he just did. You heard his steps and in a minute he leaned you to wall and kissed.

It was a different kiss. He was delicate, but passionete, so calmly. His hands were on your cheeks and his thumbs were strooking slowly.  He rest his forehead on yours and kept his eyes closed.

„I’m sorry. I’m just…” he kissed your nose.”I want it to be special. I love you, (Y/N). And I don’t want it to be just first time.” he looked you in this beautiful (y/e/c) eyes. „I want it to mean something. I don’t want to be just one another.” you saw that he was almost crying and that made your tears fell.”Please, don’t…” he nestled his head in your neck and left there a few kisses.

„Cas?” you said quietly and in a second his head was up. You wiped tear from his cheek and smiled softly. „Don’t cry… You mean everything to me. I love you too.” his smile made your heart flutter. „You won’t disapoint me. I didn’t had that much sex, I just don’t like this moments when Dean is telling everyone about his nights and I don’t like to be worse than he is. More than a half was a stories.” you wink at him and that made him laugh, and he cuddled you hard.

„Can we… I don’t know… watch a movie?” he whisperd.

„Of course, Cas.” it was a really good idea. Both of you needed a little air.

„Oh, and (Y/N)?”

„Yes, Castiel?” you asked curius.

„Can you teach me?” his tone…

„Of course, Cas.”

It was a good few days and you were ready for another time to help, because boys said that it’s better to have you around to babysit your new Bad Boy.

Green Day in St. Paul Moments

-The entire stadium singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody before the show and then clapping for ourselves

-Billie Joe recounting about how he met Adrienne at GD’s first show in Minnesota, and how Joey just played the same venue where GD played their second show in Minnesota

-Billie laying on the ground and calling Trump a “fat guy with a tie that’s too long”

-Billie holding up a hand painted pride flag that said “Trump is gay for Green Day” on it during King For A Day

-Billie leaning his head on Mike’s shoulder during the final bow

-Tré and Mike coming out for the final bow and pointing at Billie like “Can you believe how awesome he is?!?”

-Everyone booing when they mentioned their last show was in Wisconsin, Billie not understanding why we don’t like Wisconsin, but then agreeing that we’re better than them

-AYYYOOOOOOO! (this is especially funny because that’s the same cheer we do at Minnesota Wild games, and the venue this was at is where the Wild play)

Hey friends,

As many of my followers and my mutual know, my stepbrother passed away last week. After much consideration, his mom has decided to have his funeral where he was living. Which means that we have to drive to Wisconsin.

If you can spare it, I’m trying to scrape some money together for gas there and back. I know this is last minute but please help if you can or boost to someone who might be able to. My cashtag is $incogneeco.

seltayuniverse  asked:

Planning for the tour. Way 2017 weather has been in Illinois it might still be fall weather by then. LOL! I will bring shorts too just in case.

Who knows? Midwest weather could be literally anything at any time. One time we had 70 degrees and hail in February that in a few hours time turned into an ice storm and 30 degree weather for a week. Snow in April is a common occurrence. December could have no snow or blizzards every week!

My sister is bawling right now because her cats are going to be homeless. Erika (my sister) used to live with my aunt and that’s where they’re staying now, but she wants them out by the end of June. Erika’s living at home now but our dad’s allergies are so severe that keeping them here would kill him. Is there anybody in my mutuals who lives near me that would be willing to foster two beautiful tortoiseshell kitties? Erika (my sister) has a host of mental illnesses including DID and BPD, and these cats are one of her few lifelines. We live in southern Wisconsin.

Imagine meeting Darling

“Did you hear about the new attraction in town?” One of the waitresses asked as you cleaned the counter off.
“Do you mean the new movie at the theatre?”
“No [Y/N], the freak show.” She whispered.
“Well I can tell you I will not be attending.” I replied.
“Neither will I.” She answered.
“Well why not?” A customer asked, his hands gloved and a cap covering his brown locks, his eyes and smile sparkled as I glanced over to him.
“Well simple they are freaks, they are vile, and disgusting and downright disturbing.” She voiced, causing the smile on his face to fall.
“Well how do you know? Have you ever seen one?”
“Well no, I haven’t, people like them, they just ain’t right.”
“Mary Beth.” You hissed at her, “that is by far the most vile thing I have ever heard.”
“Well it is true.”
“Well why won’t you attend?” He asked, taking a sip of his coffee.
“Simple, I hate how we find the differences of other entertaining. I hate how we treat them differently just because they look different then us. I think it is sad that we live in a society where we can’t just accept everyone for who they are, and we have to create freak shows just to remind us how glad we are to be normal.”
“Now that’s not an answer you hear everyday.” He said.
“Well I mean I think…”
“Mary Beth, go clean some dishes before I drag you back there myself.”
“Fine.” She huffed as she stormed to the back.
“I have to apologize for Mary Beth, she is a fine girl, just doesn’t know when to shut her mouth.”
“It’s fine, I would love to hear some more about you though.”
“Well I mean I am about to go on break, care to join?”
“I would love to but first may I ask one question?”
“Go ahead.” You rested both hand out on either side of you, you looked at him, with curiosity in the eyes.
“Well what do you suggest cherry or apple pie?”

You sat on the bench, a cigarette in hand as The man inside joined you, “you know those are as bad as the hooch?”
“Well then keep ‘em both coming sugar.” You smiled at him, he just giggled and shook his head.
“You know sugar…”
“[Y/N], the name is [Y/N].”
“Well you know something [Y/N], I have never seen someone like you in all my life.”
“Well maybe you looking in the right places.” You took a drag and blew the cloud into the air.
“So tell me mister, what is your name?”
“Jimmy…. Jimmy Darling.”
“So tell me Jimmy, why is it that you care about what we thought of the freak show?”
“Well would you believe me if I told ya?”
“Depends, what’s under the gloves?”
“Well you see my gloves hid the side of me that is judged and ridiculed, Hell they have caused more pain then good.”
“So are you in the show?”
“Lobster Boy himself.” he lifted his cap up a bit and then brought it back down.
“So then why wear the gloves?”
“Let me tell ya a story, we were in in Wisconsin all summer, the boss decided to extend our stay, well when she did that our winter spot fell through causing us to spend all winter there too, which don’t get me wrong, we all loved it, some of the guys even got to see their first snow, however by January we were sick of it. However thoughs few months were the best I ever had, to everyone else I was just a guy wearing some gloves, I got to pretend that I was like every other guy, instead of being the guy who wore gloves all year so that he could be part of the world, go out, talk to women, eat at diners.”
“Diner food can’t be that great?”
“Well I mean, if I didn’t like diner food, I wouldn’t be here, talking to a beautiful woman.”
“Can I see them?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well sweetie, I want to see your hands?”
“Well I want to see them, because I feel like you shouldn’t have to wear the gloves. I think it is terribly unfair that you are forced to wear these gloves because your hands are different and I would like you to be able to just sit here for the next five minutes and not need gloves to feel normal. As far as they know, we are just two people on a bench talking.”
“Well I guess since a pretty girl asked.” He smiled at you, and then slipped the gloves off, revealing his hands.
“Oh my, they are beautiful, how could anyone hate hands like these?”
“Because they are different darling, and different is scary, just like you said. ”
“So what do you like Darling?”
“Well…” And there it started, you sat on that bench and talked like normal people, anything having to do with freaks faded away. Even Jimmy seemed to forget, and by the end of it, you had made a great new friend, named Jimmy Darling.

The Meaning of Haste

Three years ago today, my youngest daughter was born. While the births of all three of my children were important days in my life, the birth of our third child was the most memorable. There are two reasons for this.

  1. She was our only child born at home (which we planned)
  2. The only people present for her birth were my wife and me (which we did not plan)

This experience is really important to me, so I wanted to share it here. But I’m also aware that not everyone is comfortable reading about childbirth experiences (which I will describe in detail) so if you’re one of those people, feel free to look at the adorable baby photo and then keep scrolling. 

If you’re still interested in hearing the story, then read on!! I’ll begin the tale with a game of Magic… 

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