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did this outfit:

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you know who else is a real big fan of Wisconsin Athletics?

I mean…I don’t know if you noticed:

and that XL?

…its march madness season again and my family have all become nuts for the 18th year

my family has been doing our family bracket for 18…years…ive been playing for over 10 years



By Voces de la Frontera

February 16: Today, tens of thousands of immigrant workers and business owners have gone on strike and closed their businesses in resistance to Trump’s immigration raids. Today’s nationwide strike follows Wisconsin’s Day without Latinos, Immigrants, and Refugees on Monday, led by Voces de la Frontera, which has inspired immigrant workers and their supporters to rise up. Following Trump’s executive orders on immigration, ICE agents have targeted some of society’s most vulnerable members. In El Paso, a transgender domestic violence survivor was arrested by ICE at a courthouse after testifying against her abuser. ICE has arrested DACA recipients and people staying at homeless shelters.

Voces de la Frontera joins the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, Movimiento Cosecha and others in calling for a national general strike on May 1st to demand Trump rescind his executive orders on immigration.

“Following Monday’s Day Without Latinos, Immigrants, and Refugees in Wisconsin, we are witnessing a spontaneous groundswell of immigrant workers, small business owners, and our supporters taking similar bold action to demand an end to Trump’s deportation raids,” said Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera. “We applaud the leadership of immigrant workers and business owners around the country in using their economic power, and we call on community organizations to follow their lead. We invite organizations and the public to join us in coordinated, escalated actions nationwide leading up to a mass general strike on May 1st. Monday, May 1st, 2017, must be a national Day Without Latinos, Immigrants, and Refugees to demand Trump rescind all of his executive orders on immigration.”

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paul ryan is up for reelection? c'mon wisconsin we all know y'all have someone good hiding in your state that'll primary that toad looking bobblehead.

paul ryan is the Worst thing to come out of midwest.

At the Republican debate in Milwaukee
  • moderator: so here we are in Milwaukee Wisconsin hunting grounds of the infamous Milwaukee Cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer. What are your opinions on him?
  • Trump: evil monster.
  • Kasich: insane psycho.
  • Cruz: just awful... awful at being a serial killer. Now The Zodiac Killer, he's the best. I've- I mean he's never been caught.
This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you ever had. Of course I´m in.

#18 This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you ever had. Of course I´m in.

So I wrote some Dean X Reader smut again and you can´t believe how much I loved writing this.

Length: 1831 Words.

Warnings: Smut!

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“I can´t believe were finally in california. I mean we always travel across the country but we somehow never ever get to see the good places”, you said while enjoying the sun that shone on your face through the open window of the Impala.
You, Dean and Sam were on your way to a possible case in San Fransico and were currently driving down a pretty sunny highway that led along the coast.
Dean laughed and you couldn´t help but notice how the muscles in his arms moved a little bit when he did so.
“Actually you´re right. I somehow feel like we always end up in Wisconsin or something like that”, he said
Sam, who had buried his nose inside a book that he hoped would help you in the case just sighed: “Am I the only one who is ever focused on work?”
“No, you´re just boring”, you said, but with humor in your voice.

When the evening came closer you stopped at a little Motel, that wasn´t so far from the coast and looked actually kinda nice compared to the usual standard:
“I like it here. It doesn´t look like you´re about to get some kind of virus by just looking at the bathroom”, you stated.
Dean, who was also investigating the room opened the little fridge under the desk and took out a bottle: “I guess I´m alright with every Motel that has beer in the minibar.”
You rolled your eyes: “Always the borderline alcoholic.”
The older Winchester opened the bottle and took a sip: “On duty.”
Right then, Sam came in, holding a sandwich in his left hand, a bag from In-n-out Burger in the other and making a pretty disgusted face: “I don´t know how you guys can eat something like this.
I mean it doesn´t even look eatable…”
Ignoring him you grabbed the bag and sat down on one of the beds: “I´m starving”, you stated and took a deep bite out of the burger.
Dean sat down beside you and took his own food: “For the record Sammy, there is salad on the burger so it´s healthy.”
Sam just rolled his eyes and sat down on the other bed.
It was always like this: You and Dean shared a bed and Sam got his own one.
It wasn´t as if you minded, quite the contrary, it just made you wonder about Dean even more.

Did he actually like you or were you just a sister to him with who he could sleep in one bed without thinking twice about it?
After all you three had always taken turns with who shared a bed, until a year ago, when Dean had just laid down beside you when it wasn´t his turn to share.
It never had changed after that and nobody ever lost a word about it.
Not Sam, not Dean and not you.
That was the first time you really thought about whether Dean liked you or not.

When you looked at the clock on your nightstand, you saw that it was already one in the morning and you still couldn´t sleep because it was so hot.
You already dropped your blanket on the floor over an hour ago, but you were still sweating heavily and couldn´t stop thinking about the ocean that was so near and the coolness that it would give you to just jump into it.
You could feel Dean´s weight beside you and his regular breaths told you that he was asleep.
His blanket was crumbled between you two and he just wore some pyjama pants without a shirt.
He looked so incredibly hot that you almost sighed but you just couldn´t let him sleep anymore, you needed refreshment:
“Dean”, you whispered, “Dean, wake up.”
He frowned a little, then opened his eyes and looked at you: “What´s the matter (Y/N)?”
You grinned: “I want to take a swim in the ocean because it´s so hot in here. Let´s take the Impala and drive down to the beach.”
For a few seconds he just stared at you then he said: “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you ever had.”
You raised an eyebrow: “And?”
He smirked: “Of course I´m in.”

A little while later, you and Dean were sitting in the Impala, driving down the small road that was leading to the beach.
It really was pretty warm outside and it just felt very nice doing something spontaneous.
Dean rolled right on the beach with the car and you jumped out before it really stopped.
The moon was shining down on the little bay and made the water sparkle.
“It´s perfect here”, you claimed and then looked at the water: “I´m going to take a swim.”
Dean leaned on the hood of the car: “I´ll watch out for you”, he stated but you shook your head: “You´re coming with me, no buts.”
He grinned and walked over to you: “Fine.”

To your utter surprise and joy, he started undressing, first his shoes and socks than his shirt and pants.
When he stood there in just his boxers, he cocked an eyebrow at you: “What about you?”
You almost blushed but then again, this was better than every movie you´ve ever seen and what was wrong with doing something crazy once in a while?
Without saying a word, you stripped down to your bra and panties and even managed to look at him after that.
His gaze shifted over your body and he grinned: “Nice mix.”
You looked down at you and saw you´re black and blue striped bra, combined with white panties with little black dots on hit.
When you looked back at him, he was still checking you out.

“You don´t seem to mind”, you said, “Now common.”
You took off to the ocean and the sand felt beautiful under your feet.
When you reached the water you got a short shock, because it was actually rather cold compared to the outside temperature.
You stopped and cautiosly made little steps forward, when suddenly someone grabbed you and lifted you up.
You screamed and kicked: “Dean, No!”
When you looked at him, you were so close to his face that you immediately looked into his beautiful green eyes and saw the sparkles in there.
“You were the one who wanted a refreshment”, he said and then dropped you into the water.
Within seconds, you two were involved in a big water battle and it didn´t feel cold at all.
After ten minutes of fooling around, kicking water at each other and trying to dive each other under, you shouted: “Truce. I´m out of breath.”
He stopped and you were both floating in the water, surroned by the noises of the sea.
“You´re hair sparkles in the moonlight”, he whispered.
“That´s a very cheesy thing to say”, you answered, “but I like it.”
After a few more seconds of silence, he pulled you towards him and started kissing you.
If you had ever wondered, what the sexiest thing ever was, you had found your answer: Kissing Dean Winchester in the ocean, your legs around his waist and his hands on the back of your head.
After only a few moments, you could feel his excitement pressing against you and it made you think of all the things he could do to you.
“You´re so damn hot”, he said when he broke the kiss and the husky voice made you tingle all over.
He started kissing and biting you neck and you moaned into his ear: “Oh Dean…”
His fingers were roaming your back and when he reached the clasp of you´re bra, you just said: “Do it!”

In one swift motion, he flipped of the wet piece of clothing and you felt the water touch your bare breasts.
Due to the cold, they were very sensible and when he stroked over them you moaned so loud it would have been very embarassing in a hotel.
“Damn Baby, I want you right now”, Dean said and his eyes were dark with lust.
“Then take me”, you murmured and he didn´t need to be told twice so he just pulled you tighter and carried you out of the water back to the Impala, were he layed you down on the hood.
The water was streaming out of your hair and it was very slippery on the car, but he made sure you didn´t slide off.
He started touching you again, caressing your body with his fingers, finally reaching your panties and pulling them off.
You were panting heavily because it was turning you on very much to lay there in front of him completly naked.

He looked at you satisfied: “All this time”, he said, “I laid there in bed, only inches from you, imagining what I could do to you.”
You shuddered: “That makes two of us”, you whispered and he then started kissing you again, while working magic down there with his fingers.
You moaned and squirmed and you were almost there when he suddenly pulled his fingers away: “I want to be inside you Baby, now.”
He pulled of his boxers and when you could see him in his full glory, you got even more turned on if that was even possible.
Dean reached throught the window and pulled out some condoms.
“You always have them there?”, you asked and chuckled.
He put one of them on: “You never know when you get the chance to screw a beautiful woman on the hood of your car.”
And that was exactly what he did.

You felt like you´ve actually went to heaven and your nails digged into his back, while he did things that you couldn´t even imagine.
When you felt your climax washing over you, you shouted his name and he groaned once more before he followed you.
After that he pulled out and you were still trying to catch your breath: “That…was…amazing”, you managed to say.
He grinned: “I know, right?”
You rolled your eyes, then grabbed your panties from the ground and looked at them in disgust: “They´re full of sand. I´m so not wearing that.”
You then looked out on the sea: “And I guess my bra´s off to japan. Great.”
Dean was already in his Jeans again: “So what?”, he smirked, “You´re just going to stay naked?”
Ignoring him, you picked up the white dress you had been wearing and pulled it over your naked body.
He glanced at you: “You know I always thought that this dress was a stupid thing to own for a hunter, but now I´m starting to like it.”
You laughed and got in the car: “Common, I think I´m refreshed now.”
He winked at you, finished dressing and got in the car too: “You´re not really expecting me to be concentrated on the road when you´re sitting beside me in a white dress without any underwear on, right?”
You grinned: “I guess you´ll just have to try.”

Ghostfacers - Part 1

Word Count: 1862

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

February 28

“Alright, so…” You pulled out the notebook where you’d written everything down about your new case. “Appleton, Wisconsin. Every 4 years on February 29th the Morton house is the most haunted place in America.”

“Haunted how?” Dean questioned.

“The leap year ghost.” You read from your notes. “He shows up at midnight on February 29th with the ghosts of people he’s killed. Of course nobody’s ever survived an entire night there so there’s basically nothing else to go on.”

“I’m in.” Dean smiled. “It’ll be like our Grand Canyon.”

“You are?” Sam and you asked at the same time.

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© Astrid Stawiarz

Travel Tuesday: New York pizzerias love to tout their Italian bonafides, but chef Michael White’s restaurant references a far less famous pizza destination: Wisconsin. White worked at Domenico’s in Beloit as a teenager and says the pies at Nicoletta resemble the crisp-crusted versions he ate there. “There’s no need to fold over the slice, like you do with floppy New York–style pizza,” says White. Even the mozzarella is from Wisconsin. “We’re all trying to capture those childhood tastes, right? I’m chasing the pizza of my youth.”

Here, more of the best pizza places in the US.