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What a relief.. to be a woman. To be a terrified, vulnerable, always anxious, forever worried, far too loving or far too lusting, loud mouthed, moment grasping, baby-bearing, romance obsessed, super delicate, heart aching, weight loss eager, insecure, over passionate, under cooperative, soul throbbing, idol worshipping, elegantly swearing, cuddle needing, attention seeking - yet always grabbing, breath taking, strong, and beautiful woman. We aren’t given enough credit. In no way am I asking for recognition but I think it’s important that women celebrate themselves. I think it’s important that women continue to educate themselves, uplift themselves, speak for themselves, stand up for themselves, take care of themselves, touch themselves, and forever and ever love themselves - far more than anyone ever could. It’s important that we remain ourselves, for ourselves, and stay true to everything and everyone that makes sense to ourself. Sometimes we get lost in the idea that we should be or look like others but all of our flaws are what make us so goddamn beautiful. And.. sometimes I don’t want to be pretty.. I wanna be fucking powerful. I wanna be approached like a woman and not a piece of meat. I want a man to look me in my eyes and say “What a relief.. A woman who loves herself.

Looking for a new friends

Name: Ana (but you can call me Luna as well)
Age: 25
Location: Germany
What type of craft you practice: I’m not practicing yet but I’m very interested in sea magic
Likes/Dislikes: I like reading, I like day dreaming, drinking tea, lighthouses, beaches, sea, cats, moon. I don’t like discrimination of any kind, abuse (in any form), egoistic people, being late, people that are always late (!!)..
Contact method: you can contact me on tumblr, url is lunasbreeze . For further contact infos, we can discuss them later on but I’m open to snail mailing, penpal, skype..

I’m looking for someone to build a friendship with, maybe someone that we can exchange small gifts together, someone who doesn’t mind me being weird sometimes. I don’t have any prefered gender, any gender is fine with me. Your soul is what matters to me. Age please not less than 18-19..

Facts about myself:
-lived at lighthouses for 10 years of my life
-like to travel
-originally from Croatia

Just a quick psa-

Every single ethnicity owned slaves at some point in their past. It’s a horrible history we all share. You can’t pin it on one group or skin color.

That being said if you look what countries still own slaves, none of them are a majority white. None of them are considered western countries. So maybe we should stop making it out like white people are the cause of all the oppression and slavery that’s ever happened throughout all of history.

Ya know? Because it’s bull shit.

Looking for Feminism Lit Recs

Hello Tumblr!

So I have recently read We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and have decided to start calling myself a feminist. I feel like I have always been a feminist, but what with the large misconception of what being a feminist means, was never really sure if I wanted to be one. So as a new feminist, what are your recommendations for books I should read! Thanks!

anonymous asked:

Hey 💕 hope you're doing fine. So, i came across this blog run by 3 butch lesbians and i just wanna know your opinion abt them? So, basically they literally think that wearing a dress and makeup do not make you a true feminist and bash on femininity so bad. Just the way they talk about femme lesbians is so insulting. Tumblr is lesbian-ed

They clearly have issues within themselves and are incredibly insecure, so, they feel the need to bash on other lesbians or
women. People like that make me sick because we should all support one another - but they obviously have some deep rooted issues and don’t like themselves, so, they have to make fun of others to feel validated. True “feminists” don’t put down other women or judge them. They need to look in the mirror and not be disgusted at what they see inside because they seem to be. They are the farthest thing from feminists or anyone I’m proud to have in the LGBT community. They are the problem.


So, I was trying to tag one of my posts with the tag “men are people too” and this is what came up when I started to type. Out of curiosity, I started out typing “women are” and these are the results I got. What the actual fuck tumblr. This site screams about equality, but we don’t treat people like people. Woman are fucking strong and beautiful and powerful and smart, but so are men, you are beautiful too, and strong, and powerful, and smart. In the end, when you look at it, we’re all just human beings, so why the fuck can’t we treat everyone as a human being regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or any other factor we can control. I don’t care if I’m called a feminist, I don’t care what to label this, I’m a humanist, I think people are people.

Benedict Cumberbatch: “‘Cumberbitches’ fan name sets back feminism

Benedict Cumberbatch sweetly confronted his fans over 'Cumberbitches’ nickname, suggesting that it undid women’s rights.

“He told Ellen DeGeneres that he wants his fans to come up with a more "empowering” collective name.

Speaking to the talk-show host yesterday, Cumberbatch said: “It’s like trying to squeeze a confession out of me getting me to actually say that word, because I squirm a little bit about it.

"I definitely didn’t [come up with it]. That’s part of my problem with it. I just went: 'Ladies, this is wonderful. I’m very flattered, but has this not set feminism back a little bit? Empower yourselves if you’re going to get silly about a guy with maybe a little bit more of a sort of, you know, a high-regard, self-regarding name!’”

But his fans insisted they didn’t mean any harm. Cumberbatch said: “They were very sweet. They wrote back and were like: 'Well we didn’t mean any harm to feminism! We’re just having a little bit of fun with your name.’”

Cumberbatch, who is expecting his first child with fiancée Sophie Hunter, has spoken out in support of feminism before. Last year, he joined ELLE magazine and the Fawcett Society’s “this is what a feminist looks like” campaign.“


Nice work Holmes! He should see the tumblr names of his fans! I get a daily laugh out of my activity feed as I see some variation of his name along the lines of (swear words ahead) "Bend-a-dick CucumberSnatch”. 

The Case for Clinton

I know most of tumblr is all about feelin’ the Bern, but let me tell you why you should support my girl Hillary instead.

Bernie talks a big game. He hits his stump speech about the 1% well.  But let’s be honest, that is all he ever talks about.  He doesn’t talk about racism or feminism or problems with education or infrastructure, unless specifically prompted to by an interviewer.  And even then, he winds his answer back around to the 1% having too much money.

Prisons have a higher percentage of black inmates because of Wall Street?  Ehhh…  There’s certainly a connection there with white privilege, but that is not really the connection Bern-dog is making.

Now don’t get me wrong. The 1% most definitely has too much money.  I totally agree with Bernie.  But you have to have a multi-faceted platform, not a platform ran on literally just one issue.  Samantha Bee did a wonderful segment where she showed various videos of Bernie being asked about various topics (racism, feminism, trans rights, etc), and Bernie just answering by bringing it around to Wall Street.

Clinton, on the other hand, freely talks about racism, feminism, trade, gay rights, trans rights – you name it.  She wants to raise taxes on the rich and make college more affordable, but she also understands that there are other issues.

Bernie has a few really, really good ideas.  Make college free.  Raise taxes on the rich.  That stuff makes me all hot and bothered.  But, really, honestly think about this – does Bernie have the kind of pull and connections to get this kind of stuff passed?

Just because you are the president, doesn’t mean you get a magic wand.  

You have to convince Congress to pass your bills.  And Bernie just can’t play the game as well as Clinton.  Imagine it’s Game of Thrones.  Who do you think could amass more support?  Who do you think would actually win?  In Game of Thrones, who do you want on your side?  Clinton knows how to play the game.  Clinton has the connections.  Clinton knows how to make deals.  Clinton knows how to get shit done.

I won’t even go into the Bernie Bros problem – the fact that a large percentage of Bernie’s supporters are as racist and misogynistic as any Trump supporter.  Just check out MSNBC reporters Kasie Hunt or Katy Tur’s twitter mentions, or look at comedian Jen Kirkman’s twitter mentions to see how absolutely awful Bernie supporters are to vocal women.  Strong stomachs only.

There’s all this talk about how trustworthy Bernie is, and how untrustworthy Clinton is, when neither one of them holds any more trustworthiness than the other.  Clinton had a private email server – so what?  So did every Secretary of State before her.  Bernie is fairly staunchly pro-guns, something he repeatedly tries to deny despite his actual voting record.  I’m sorry, but I’ll take secret emails I never gave a fuck about anyway over pro-guns.

Think about this: if Hillary Clinton were a man, would we even be questioning her trustworthiness?

Is this the embodiment of that post?

Clinton: I’m a feminist!
Tumblr: *pulls out 17 year old receipts* Oh really?
Bernie: Women are alright
Tumblr: OMG this is what a feminist looks like!! #feelthebern

We’re so much quicker to attack women than we are to attack men.  Women have to work twice as hard to be considered half as good.

At this point, Bernie Sanders is doing more harm than good to the Democratic Party.  He is not going to win.  I’m sorry, but it is completely delusional to think he will.  Clinton has nearly twice as many delegates as Bernie does. It is not going to happen.  Tonight, Clinton crossed the delegate threshold for the nomination, while Bernie fired half of his staff.  

The only thing Bernie staying in the race is doing is delaying attacks on Trump.  Instead of focusing energy on this monster taking over the country, the Democratic Party is tearing itself to shreds.

I’ll be honest, I was also feelin’ the bern.  But it’s just that, after taking a step back and examining everything objectively, I switched.  Bernie is single-platform; Hillary is multi-platform.  Bernie does not have the pull or connections to get things done; Hillary Clinton does.

As much as we may think, whether it be by our own naiveté or by tumblr hype, Bernie Sanders is not Justin Trudeau.

That is why I’m voting for Hillary.