we are what feminists look like

don’t let yourself forget the huge contingent of middle class white feminists who think it’s totally fine to threaten to out, rape, and murder sex workers on the internet, because to them we’re just “fuckmeat” and they hate us even more than men do.

sex workers’ rights are human rights and if you find yourself following someone who doesn’t think so, know that what they post publicly is a tiny fraction of what they do and say anonymously to us, including threatening to out us to clients or cops in the hopes we get murdered.

white supremacy, imperialism, and misogyny don’t always look like richard spencer.

the policies swerfs promote actively result in the assault and murder of brown women in southeast asia as well as the houselessness, loss of day jobs, and murder of woc and white women in the western world.
they force us into sweatshops, to stay in violent relationships, out into the streets as a part of their imperialist vision of proper womanhood.

fight all forms of oppression at home and abroad.

✰ * º ❛ you’re the worst sentence starters. ❜

‘  who knows their own address?  ’
‘  are we feminists? is this feminism?  ’
‘  i’m not a sidekick! i’m beyonce, not kelly rowland.  ’
‘  your cockaholism may just be about the least important thing in the world to me right now.  ’
‘  i wouldn’t call 10 a.m. ‘really early’.  ’
‘  cool! let’s add cocaine to the butt stuff.  ’
‘  you can’t leave! i love you!  ’
‘  do you even know what love means?  ’
‘  now go make me some bagel bites.  ’
‘  love isn’t about having somebody get you things. love is putting someone else’s feelings above your own. do you think you could ever do that? honestly?  ’
‘  do i look like a fitbit? i don’t give a shit about your sleep.  ’
‘  why are you yelling at me? what are you doing in my house?  ’
‘  i need you to act like a human person and pick up your damn phone when i call your skank ass!  ’
‘  you know, after i cleaned the fries off your face and put you to bed, you said something to me that was pretty dark.  ’
‘  did you wear your booby shirt?  ’
‘  if i don’t get a night off soon, i think my liver is gonna slide out of my body.  ’
‘  i’m peeing blood and i briefly forgot the word for telephone.  ’
‘  you’re right. she’s gonna hate me.  ’
‘  you think i’m an unfriendly treacherous mountain?  ’
‘  we’re adults! we can do this ourselves.  ’
‘  you’re losing your hair.  ’
‘  practicing what? dying alone?  ’
‘  i told the spice girls i was dying in order to get free concert tickets.  ’
‘  i learned blue balls were a myth when i was 12.  ’
‘  i’m not much of a cleaner.  ’
‘  you’re not much of a human!  ’
‘  did you slither out of your mothers cooch yesterday?  ’
‘  i can’t believe i finally made a new friend and i tried to bang her the first time we hung out.  ’
‘  no offense, but you’re kind of making my skin crawl.  ’
‘  i’m not comfortable about feelings.  ’
‘  aren’t we lucky we’re both in professions where we can day drink?  ’
‘  i’m glad this is a one-night thing so we can reveal all this awful shit about ourselves.  ’
‘  what do you mean you watch tv on your computer?  ’
‘  i don’t know what i’m doing here. i’m not even attracted to you.  ’
‘  you two are poison people. this is gonna end so badly.  ’
‘  if you wanna go, just go.  ’
‘  why can’t you just let this be over?  ’
‘  you and i, we’re inevitable.  ’
‘  move in with me.  ’
‘  i just humiliated myself by accepting your non-marriage proposal, i cannot now move in with you.  ’
‘  you’re just doing this as a hail mary because you know you’re about to lose me for good.  ’
‘  what i have finally realized is that the worst possible draft of my life is the one without you in it. i hate it, but you goddamn floor me.  ’
‘  oh shit… we’re gonna do this even though we know there is only one way this ends. whether in a week or twenty years, there is horrible sadness and pain coming in and we’re inviting it.  ’
‘  she stayed! you say she forced you, but we both know there’s not a person on this planet who’s ever had a good outcome trying to force you to do anything. she stayed and that means something whether you wanna admit it or not.  ’
‘  i’m not doing anything… i’m crying in my car.  ’
‘  don’t start keeping secrets now.  ’
‘  the only thing i need from you is to not make a big deal with it and be okay with how i am and the fact that you can’t fix me.  ’
‘  no, i’m mad at you because you think you can fix me! you can’t fix me! i don’t need to be fixed!  ’
‘  it’s like you have amnesia. every day you think things are gonna be different.  ’
‘  maybe you can understand this: i feel nothing.  ’
‘  i’ll be back in a couple of days.  ’
‘  you stayed? …you stayed!  ’
‘  you just said ‘boyfriend.’  ’
‘  i understand that my actions could lead you to feel a bit unwelcome and i’ll work on not being such a control freak.  ’
‘  i’m done comparing this to what normal people do.  ’
‘  normal people are terrible.  ’
‘  when i look at you, i swear i can see years years into the future with you.  ’
‘  …i love you too.  ’
‘  i’ve just heard that you’re the worst.  ’
‘  i tricked him into giving me back rubs, saying it made me horny.  ’
‘  obviously, i thought it was, like, boring as shit.  ’
‘  clearly you used to jack off to hemingway in high school.  ’
‘  i’m an irresponsible monster who burned down her apartment with a vibrator.  ’
‘  if there is even a remote possibility of breakfast and you don’t wake me up, i will never touch your dick again with any part of my body.  ’
‘  jokes on you, dummy, i’m already horny.  ’
‘  oh my god! that is so sexist and mansplain-y.  ’
‘  if ‘i love you’ is like a promise, it’s just a promise to try real hard. doesn’t mean you can’t fail.  ’
‘  i shit myself earlier and that is only the second most embarrassing thing that has happened to me today.  ’
‘  you knew who i was, you don’t get to act surprised now.  ’
‘  bam! carpe those diems!  ’
‘  i have to gone girl myself and start over where nobody knows me.  ’
‘  i’m going to have a baby.  ’
‘  i just want my kids to be sad when i die.  ’
‘  i didn’t want to kill him. i just snapped!  ’
‘  i feel guilty because of how much he suffered… and because you stabbed him on purpose.  ’
‘  you’re so getting murdered.  ’
‘  i can’t tell him my brain is broken.  ’
‘  don’t stalk me again because you suck at it.  ’
‘  back off, bitch.  ’
‘  don’t go.  ’
‘  i got your back, always.  ’
‘  you might not be useful in the radish sense, but you’re a good friend and you make people happy.  ’
‘  when i get back, you’re going to take me to a real bar and feed me cheap whiskey until i forget about that time i stopped being able to have sex with my boyfriend ever again because he took me to a bar that only served water!  ’
‘  so, would you say it’s a… problem-free philosophy? it’s like… no worries for the rest of your days?  ’
‘  did you just quote the lion king to me?  ’
‘  hey, um, so listen… i think you’re funny and cute and i’d like to take you on  a date with me for a date.  ’
‘  why did you put a murder tour on your list?  ’
‘  you even quit a rewards club because you couldn’t handle the commitment.  ’
‘  wear your stains on the outsides of your clothes.  ’
‘  see? dogs eat nachos.  ’
‘  hey, that’s your best garbage bag. you going somewhere?  ’
‘  i’ll be out by the time you get back. have fun, you deserve it… whoever she is.  ’
‘  red licorice vodka?  ’
‘  send money, loser!  ’
‘  and you date him… willingly.  ’
‘  my heart is a dumb dumb.  ’
‘  i’ve always been able to flip myself back over eventually, but… i ran out of times. this is how i am now and it’s not okay with you, nor should it be.  ’
‘  i suppose it’s good that this happened now, instead of like, ten years down the line.  ’
‘  the world is absolutely lousy with people and i hate them all. i hate everyone but you.  ’
‘  what the hell is wrong with us?  ’
‘  let’s make a pact never to feel anything around each other ever again.  ’
‘   i’ve never eaten a blueberry.  ’
‘   i’ve always had one foot out the door. with everything. especially with us.  ’
‘   so, you might just suddenly bounce out of here?  ’
‘  can we just… bail?  ’
‘  you’ve had a little too much to drink, didn’t you, buddy?  ’

I keep seeing posts of thin people explaining that body positivity is unnecessary or ridiculous, all while wildly missing the point of what body positivity is and who it’s for. 

I mean it must be easy to find it useless when you’re a thin white cis able bodied perisex person with conventionally attractive features and the money to buy whatever beauty products you want but like, some of us aren’t you. 

And for some of us, body positivity and fat acceptance are radical acts of defiance against kyriarchy and a demand to no longer be oppressed. So I mean. It matters.

Like, body positivity isn’t just about wanting people to call you pretty, although recognizing that you are beautiful in a world that tells you otherwise is a radical act.

It’s about normalizing transgender and intersex bodies and fighting for their body autonomy and against transphobia and intersexism. It’s about making the world for accessible for fat and disabled bodies and putting an end to ableism. It’s about holding doctors accountable and demanding that they treat and help people of color, women, and fat people the same way they treat cishet white skinny men. It’s fighting against fatphobia and diet culture, rallying against misogyny, etc. It’s activism, it’s feminism, it’s revolutionary.

There are real people out there who can’t legally wear their natural hair, or who are given less pay because of how they look, or are being denied equal rights because of the body type they have or the appearance of their genitalia. Can you really tell me that fighting against that kind of thing is useless?

And yes, a lot of body positive blogs struggle with intersectionality. Many fail to move past sharing pastel images with cute slogans that only make thin white cishet perisex women feel better. But that is the fault of those bloggers. It doesn’t make body positivity useless; it just means that it is due for a makeover. 

Body positivity and fat acceptance are not and have never been about just wanting other people to think you’re pretty. It’s not about your worth and value being defined by your prettiness. 

And all these posts out there calling body positivity a worthless movement because “We shouldn’t be defined by our looks” or “I don’t want to be called pretty” are wildly missing the point. It’s not about that. It’s never been about that.

I just wish people could understand that the oppression I face isn’t some minor issue that doesn’t need to be challenged. Like, maybe that’s not what these people intend to say when they talk like this but that is exactly what I hear. 

-Mod Bella 

endless summer crew: the hunger games

diego: he dies first sorry but like lbr this bitch got himself captured by the watchers WHILE HE WAS IN A TIME PORTAL, unbelievable, he dead

michelle: a LION, a fucking FOX ok don’t cross this girl she is a mad jungle cat out for blood (plus her stylist got her looking cute af in a bold lip & a feminist agenda)

zahra: ghosts right out of the arena. don’t know where she is, don’t know what happened to her, no cannon for this chick she just GONE

lila: she stabs someone in the back LITERALLY like that’s how she kills someone, it’s metaphorical because she is shady as a public park and NOT to be trusted

quinn: yikes ummmm quinn’s just not there ok, she not lasting two seconds in a bloodbath so we volunteer as tribute for her ginger self

jake: chokes on his own hair and dies; alternatively, trips on those ill fitting Dad Jeans™ and is crushed beneath his own insecurities

grace: sneaky as shit she’s out here stealing ur supplies, stealing ur sponsors, stealing ur man,,, sadly she won’t take off her dAMN sweater so she gets heatstroke and that’s it

iris: this bitch the cameras that film everyone dying

craig: thought it would be cool if his weapon of choice was an unrealistic pair of nunchucks, spoiler alert it wasn’t cool and now he’s dead

sean: he tries to take a bullet for someone (wait do they have bullets in THG……. ok maybe he takes an arrow) like multiple times but he won’t die he just keeps living and is robbed of his self-sacrificial valor

raj: he does ok for a while living in hollowed out trees but come on, he eats the berries guys. u know he eats the berries.

estela: she fuckin wins obviously

aleister: president snow

Rant. Rant. Rant.

As much as I complain about consistency in this show the one area where A&E have truly stuck to their guns is insisting that a lifetime of struggle is the only way a female can be strong or that her main function is as a catalyst for the poor behavior of a man, sweeping crimes against the female characters under the rug, and retconning heroism for the undeserving.

The Wish Realm really served as a microcosm of all of these issues, all of them reflecting other more spread out examples in two hours of some of the most disgusting television I’ve ever seen.

First we have Emma, whose main lesson in this AU was apparently that her life experience of being repeatedly abandoned, left to her own devices, a life time of pain and hurt was the only thing that made her truly her. Without her Saviorness she was a vapid “singing princess” who sacrificed her entire kingdom to save the lives of her parents and it was only through the intense pain of their deaths that she “woke up” and found the strong woman within.

This is in contrast to Deckhand!Hook who via extremely similar circumstances was robbed of his major character traits, the bravery and determination that made him him, and was able to overcome that entirely on his own, without any terrible pain or sacrifice on his part, protecting a strange woman he was drawn to and her child was enough. But Emma had to actually witness the brutal murder of those she loved before she could undergo a similar transformation.

That’s just so…gross, to me? Firstly because there is nothing inherently wrong with being a “singing princess” yet there was nothing to indicate that she would have been strong and resilient regardless, only her experiences made her that way. So people who don’t know struggle can’t be strong? Girl’s who are more or less the real life version of the “singing princess” can’t rise to the occasion on their own merit when the situation calls for it? A man can be motivated by love to change and find his inner courage but a woman must always be motivated by pain? Sorry, I call foul.

Then there’s Belle, poor Pile of Bones!Belle who actually served more of a narrative function in the whole two hours than Killian did. Her entire purpose in that Wish Realm was to act as a reason for why Rumple would refuse to help Regina. Another in an unending line of women pointlessly killed to give a man motivation.

They could have kept her alive, could have made HER speak for herself, a wizened, tortured, hardened older version of Belle who asked Rumple not to help because of HER suffering, perhaps allowing Belle to finally have a spine and drop some truth bombs about Regina’s unrepentant treatment of her, but no way A&E would allow Rumple to be ordered around by a woman and unmanned in such a way and we certainly can’t talk about Regina’s crimes unless she’s having a crisis of confidence.

One the MOST consistent things about this show is the blatant disregard for crimes against female characters. Excepting Killian apologizing to Belle, and indicating he was trying to make it up to her, I can’t think of another time a man was held accountable for his actions against a female.

It’s not new, this has been going on for awhile. Arthur? Got a new kingdom, finally fulfilled his destiny for rifling through a few books and being a liability, but we never even HEARD from Guinevere again after her ENSLAVEMENT. She said goodbye and peaced out. Who knows what her mental condition is and she certainly never got to confront her husband for ENSLAVING HER.

Milah? Chucked into the River of Souls for daring to stand in Rumple’s way. Next episode Belle is saving his life and clutching at him. Everything cool here ya’ll. Never mentioned again. Will never BE mentioned again most like. Do the characters even know he did that? I can’t remember BECAUSE NO ONE CARED IF HE DID.

Neal and August send a pregnant Emma to jail?

Heroes! The biggest heroes there ever was.

August steals the money that might have prevented her from apparently continuing a life of crime, and he was just doing it for her own good!

Neal impregnated an underage girl and then has the audacity to be angry at her for not telling him, when it was HIM who made the decision to leave her. Well of course, that’s his right as a father!

Dude gets killed because of his own stupidity, but he’s celebrated and praised as a hero, a baby is even named for him! He contributed to what might be one of the darker periods of Emma’s life, the reason for her trust issues, but he’s just such a NORMAL guy you know? He gets a big ole portrait in the WishRealm and a heroes veneration because A&E just love their ordinary joe who is not at all a self insert and they are in no way threatened by the handsome, dashing, feminist pirate captain. No way. “Please ignore us making him look like a complete fool and doing what we can to marr his handsomeness (unsuccessfully), it has nothing to do with our own insecurities, we promise, we just thought it would be funny!”

And August, he might have been the brains behind the “Send Emma to Jail When Really Leaving Her Behind Would Be Enough” plan and he steals the money Neal left her, but hey he told her a story once and he believed in her a couple times so it’s cool, let’s never mention it again! Best friends forever!

SHE ACTUALLY THANKED HIM. That happened. The woman who was betrayed and sent to jail, who had to live with her pregnancy behind bars, who had to give up her baby because she had no way to support him because August STOLE HER MONEY, actually told that motherfucker Thank You.

That happened. But these struggles made her so STRONG you guys.

And let’s talk about Rumple who all of sudden is Team Hero again, trying to help his son. Not once does Belle turn to him and say “You know, if you hadn’t chased my pregnant ass around with scissors threatening to like, de-soul our baby, none of this would have happened?? He would have been fine? Maybe going on baby play dates with the other rapidly aged baby Robyn instead of rocking a terrible haircut and trying to kill the Savior.”

Nope, Rumple gets a clean slate. All is forgiven! A reconciliation is imminent, they are working together for their son. Babies forgive all manner of abuse apparently. Let’s stay together for the children. Hand holding and the desperate bond of parenthood apparently trump endangering the child’s life in the first place.


One major misconception libfems and trans activists hold about radical feminism and gender criticism is they believe our opposition to their ideology stems from our inability to accept trans identities, nonbinary identities, any gender identity that isn’t “cis”.

In their view, we are the cis-privileged cissexist overlords who want to exterminate trans people and/or forcibly convert everyone into being “cis”, like we are, because we can’t tolerate difference and diversity. They think we only care about our “cisters” and want to force everyone into traditional gender roles. They think we believe what we believe and say what we say because we’re close-minded bigots who mindlessly hate people of other gender identities, just like racists mindlessly hate people of other races. They think blind hatred is the reason why we aren’t “inclusive” like good feminists should be.

From where they’re standing, this is a perfectly reasonable conclusion. Look at those terfs all standing over there being comfortable with their assigned gender! Look at those terfs using female pronouns and never getting misgendered and having womanhood handed to them without having to work for it! Look at those terfs posting vulva art and fetishizing vaginas, look at them loving their bodies and not feeling deep hatred toward their secondary sex characteristics! Look at those terfs with their cis privilege having no idea what it’s like to feel like you don’t belong in your body, or to feel deep inside like you’re just NOT the gender everyone says you are! Look at those terfs being evil gatekeepers and enforcing the idea that penis=man and vagina=woman because they think everyone should be cis like them!

In trans activist world, using trans activist logic, this conception of radfems is valid and internally consistent.

The problem is the basis of trans activist logic is fucked up and wrong.

You know those elementary logic puzzles that go “If some smeerps are blorgnorts and all blorgnorts are priptaps, all smeerps are priptaps. True or false?” - just because something is internally consistent within its own rules doesn’t mean it has any value or any connection to reality at all.

The reality is not that we’re all happy “cis” women enjoying our “cis” privilege and hating trans people just because they’re not like us. The reality is we REJECT the entire artificial narrative that leads to classifications like “cis” and “trans” in the first place. We call ourselves “she” not because we feel like women deep inside our souls, but because of the biological FACT of our bodies. Some of us suffer from severe dysphoria, some of us identified as trans and thought we were men for years, and NONE of us are comfortable being forced into the female gender. But we understand that how we feel about “she” doesn’t change the fact that that’s what we are. None of us chose our pronouns. Our pronouns just…are.

And when we tell them we don’t hate trans people, we hate gender, they take it as an attack on their personal identities and their very sense of self. When we tell them sex and gender are different things, they say biological sex doesn’t exist. When we ask them not to call us “cis”, they’re baffled because in their minds there’s cis, there’s trans, and there are the various flavors of nonbinary, and that encompasses the totality of the spectrum of gender identity, and everyone HAS to have a gender identity because it’s Just! So! Important!! in their world. How could anyone not define and treasure their individual gender identity? It’s what makes you who you are! And they just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that we reject gender altogether. A genderist’s thought process goes: those AFAB terfs say they’re women, they aren’t trans because they don’t use “he/him” and they’re not nonbinary because they don’t use “they/them/ze/hir”, so what could they POSSIBLY be besides cis? Why are they asking me not to call them what they are? Oh, I get it, it must be a trick to deny their cis privilege so they can keep enforcing cis supremacy and oppressing trans people!

It’s a very simplistic and primitive worldview. You won’t follow the rules and respect the demarcations of my inclusive and diverse gender spectrum? It must be because you’re cissexist and bigoted and hate trans people. There can’t be any other reason. You’re just jealous because transwomen are prettier than you!

The trans cult is SO invested in the gender story and the immense importance of gender and identity politics that to them it’s just not possible for anyone to think any differently. The very premise of their ideology is false, but that’s the framework from which they interpret everything, including the beliefs and motivations of the evil gatekeeper terfs. They box themselves in with their beautiful unique identities and they literally CANNOT conceive of anything outside their own false axioms. Because to them, gender is a universal truth. The idea of not believing in gender isn’t heresy or blasphemy, it just…doesn’t…make…sense. Might as well not believe in bananas or bears or gravity.

It’s like religious people who insist atheists and agnostics (or even people from other religions) must hate god because they’ve been corrupted by the devil, and the only reason someone wouldn’t follow YOUR dogma and worship YOUR god…is because they’re under the influence of YOUR devil, YOUR dogma’s particular conception of evil.

Their little brains can’t handle the idea that god isn’t real and neither is the devil. And neither, for that matter, is gender.

bios (quotes) skam

girl who call other girls sluts have 90% higher chance of getting chlamydia.

you’re more than good enough.

it’s interesting who describe yourself as feminist is calling others slutty.

isn’t this man beautiful? my beautiful!

i’m not gay. well, maybe i’m a little gay.

in an another place in the universe were together forever.

can we stay here forever?

you’re a bit brainy. i like it.

the only way to have something for infinete time is by losing it.

only you can feel what you feel.

yeah, but then… then i choose to call you asshole.

i told you that i won’t have sex before i get married, right?

i like that you’re sitting there looking at me.

stop walking around like  fucking cliché

[william’s voice] fucking hell you’re so beautiful.

[isak’s voice] you are the man of my dreams.

[isak’s voice] you are not alone.

[jona’s voice] i can do everything for your sake.

[william’s voice] call me whatever you want.

Why WLW are quick to judge your het ships

Okay so I know for a fact that this is going to piss people on this website off but oh well it needs to be said

Abusive relationships:
Ever wonder why we are usually far faster at locating abusive relationships? Ever get annoyed because you swear your het ships aren’t abusive by we are ‘delusional’? So here is why: we don’t care very much for men. This isn’t meant to be a hate thing- we don’t want every man to rot in hell for all eternity and suffer for the rest of their fuck boy lives- well some of us do but most of us see men as like a criminal who’s been released from prison: they’ve done loads of bad shit in the past and we are suspicious of them- and even though time has past and they may be changed, different, and better now- we are still cautious so we’ll trust them at arms length. That may seem out of place from a section about abusive relationships- but it is relevant. WLW are a lot quicker to spot an abusive relationship because 99.99999% of us are serious feminists. That’s not to say straight people or gay men can’t be feminists- that’s not at all what I’m saying. But if you look at the lives of straight couples that are only half women and then lesbian couples that are fully women- there is a difference. Women are far more relevant and a part of the lives of lesbians than they are of straights- that’s just a facts. And yes- men may love women just as much as women can love women- but there is a major difference there. A lot of men that love women- are attracted to women while women that love women- have a far more deep rooted love because they are women too. Let me elaborate: most men (notice how I say most- the key word 'most’ is there so not to judge the whole) have at least some level of sexism in them. Now before you get all up and arms- chill out and listen: even the men that aren’t outright sexist, have a deep rooted (or in some cases not so deep rooted) part of them that cringes or groans at the word 'feminist’. That’s because throughout history- men have come first- they get what they want before anyone else- and women for the longest time have been left dealing with shit they shouldn’t have to be dealing with. Fast forward to modern day- we still aren’t where we should be as of equal rights- but we have come a long way- and because of that, a lot of men are tired of having to give up so much power they’ve had for so long. Even the men that are fine giving up the power inwardly or outwardly roll their eyes whenever a woman has the nerve to ask for more because 'we should be happy with what we have’. The term feminism comes with the understanding that a women wants more than what she has- not to be selfish but to be equal. The term feminism can invoke annoyance or provoke anger because it means that women are more aware of what they deserve and are fighting to get it. It means men can’t get away with what they used to. That being said, not all men are this way- there are a lot of male allies. But wlw who are most likely feminists because their lives include women far more than men, look out for the woman’s interest over the man’s. This is not to say we don’t care about men: we just watch out for our fellow woman way more. So because of this: we notice abusive behavior in relationships when others cant. We know what healthy relationships look like because we have self love and love for all women so we know what it is to have a healthy love for them. So before you get all aggressive and start claiming that we are 'delusional’ and 'grasping for nothing’, remember that there is a possibility that we can see things you can’t because we are looking more carefully than you are. I am now prepared to get the inevitable death threats and kys messages so go ahead friends- in ready

especially if you’re a skinny able bodied cis white girl (like myself,) wtf is feminist about being sexy and beautiful? like… my dudes.. we are gonna all be sexualized no matter what…. i would never in a million years have the audacity to take a picture of myself looking pretty and thin and then post it like “wow.. my feminist act… my revolution… the patriarchy is trying to prevent me from being HOT AND SEXY… i’ll show them!” like ? wtf ? no??? no one has ever tried to interfere with me being hot and sexy? ppl get WAY more worked up about me not being hot and sexy, not wearing makeup, not wearing revealing clothes, not styling my hair, not presenting myself as an object of aesthetic significance. it takes a lot of nerve for a woman to reject beauty culture because it is literally forced on us from the moment we are born. it takes absolutely no feminist effort or thinking for me to run into the arms of beauty culture and put myself up on display? and the fact that ppl have the nerve to be like “yeah im empowering women! by doing exactly what is expected of us!!!!!!! TAKE THAT PATRIARCHY!” like. i genuinely can’t believe that this even needs to be explained. it seems so obvious that it is almost painful. it shouldn’t even be up for debate.  

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hey im asking you on anon because i dont want to creep you out or anything, but i saw your reblog about that racist writer for the dishonored fandom and i was wondering if you have posts on what happened besides that one, cause i've been a dishonored fan for a very long time and i've been following you for a long time too, but i have no idea who that writer is and what happened and i dont want to support some racist white lady by pre-ordering the dlc or playing it at all

Hey, so I don’t have receipts on me, just the word of the people who she affected in the fandoms she was in.

She’s bullied fans for their Headcanons, that much I know.

But more important than that is the fact that none of the dishonored team writing for Billie Lurk are Black. She’s tweeting about the need for diversity in the gaming industry and then taking a job writing a Black character. And I don’t know how much she’s writing for that DLC, but the fact that she sent racist anons, went after Black fans, tweeted about needing diversity and then took a job writing a Black character says a lot.

I enjoyed the Dishonored games but the writing is trash. But that’s not relevant when it comes to what she did. We used to be mutuals, and from what I saw, she’s a big old edgelord and a Rey/Lo shipper so who cares about her trying to save face with half assed apologies and act like she’s somehow above us all.

The post i reblogged did have plenty of details in it, which should clear anything else up.

I want to emphasize that she sent racist shit to Black fans, and then turned around and retweeted their words to make herself look like a model ally. She’s White Feminist, only looking out for her own image.

anonymous asked:

PLEASE stop posting the white devil emma Watson. PLEASE. I will pay u. I will give u my first born child. Watson has made men a priority in feminism and rewards men for doing the bare minimum. Which is insulting to every gender. She's got some REAL messed up stuff going on.

Look, I’m all for calling out White Feminism at every turn, and I have, but SJblur nitpicking on every white feminist they see and when you start calling them the White Devil coz you don’t fully agree with or misunderstand them, you already lost the argument. She didn’t kill nobody, nor advocated violence on anyone, so take it down several notches. 

first of, she’s a UN Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women. Her main job is to use her popularity to give speeches actual experts and professionals on gender equality wrote for her, because if these experts give the same speech, no one will pay attention; but if she does, people will. Same thing that other celebrities do who are tapped to be UN Ambassadors: Angelina Jolie on refugees, George Clooney on South Sudan, Leonardo di Caprio on Climate Change, etc. 

No celebrity chosen as UN Goodwill Ambassador are chosen for their expertise in the field, they are chosen because when they speak people pay attention. Those truly invested in the cause will sit on meetings or go on the field when they’re not making a movie, but their role as spokeperson remains. Their words are not their words, most of the time they are basically the executive summaries of UN reports. 

Emma Watson’s UN speech was criticized as feminism 101, and it was, but to expect she gives a graduate seminar on feminism with her limited speaking time is imo ludicrous. She’s paid very well but that’s still above her pay grade. The main purpose of her speech was to get attention from the public, generate political will from lawmakers, and fundraise a shit ton of money for the cause. 

And via the HeForShe Campaign, she was able to do that very successfully. She got powerful men from President Barack Obama to the President of Seira Leonne to not just make a commitment to gender equality but have their governments actually invest in gender equality programs in their own countries and/or give more foreign aid to women’s empowerment programs.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

If you'd look into half the hate crimes committed by white people that you call "hoaxes" you'd see they were true. You didn't even provide a source to refute any of the 9 in that post. Just accept the fact that people from the same race as you-minority or not- can be evil and move on.

Remember the 18-year-old Muslim girl who was assaulted and called a terrorist on the subway by Trump supporters and they tried to rip her hijab off and all of the social justice warriors had a complete meltdown? It was a lie that she made up to cover her parents finding out she was out fucking a Christian dude and getting drunk. It gets funnier, her Muslim father has forced her to shave her head completely for bringing shame on the family and she was arrested for making false accusations. Could you imagine the reaction from the left if a white dad forced his daughter to shave her hair off for having sex with someone from another religion? 

Remember the Muslim student who was robbed, beaten and had her hijab ripped off and stolen by Trump supporters? It was a lie. She is now being charged for filing a false report.

Remember when racist white guys beat a Muslim woman to death in California and left a note behind saying “go back to your own country, you terrorist.” Yeah it was a lie, really her Muslim husband beat her to death in an honor killing because she wanted a divorce. Leftists went mental over this “hate crime” but again, silence when the truth came out.

Remember when those white supremacist, anti-Muslim Trump supporters burned down the mosque in Houston? It was a lie. While the mosque did get burned down, it was done by a black Muslim who had attended the mosque for years.

Remember when a group of white men killed a Muslim woman and called her a terrorist while she was walking with her husband and child? It was a lie. The husband planned for his mistress to murder his wife after “black magic spells” didn’t make her disappear…

Remember the Ohio student who was racially abused and assaulted by Trump supporters? It was a lie. She made it up the day after the election and after she made a post that she wants all Trump supporters to die of AIDS.

Remember when that racist horrible teacher choked, assaulted and bullied a 5 year old Muslim kid? Of course it was a fucking lie

Remember the Michigan Muslim student who was harassed and threatened to be burned alive by the Trump supporter if she didn’t remove her hijab? It was a lie. Surveillance cameras show that she wasn’t even in the location where she claimed the attack took place.

Remember the Muslim woman who had her hijab ripped and forced off by police when they took her in for questioning? It was another lie.

Remember when that Muslim guy had Islamophobic messages graffitied over his locker, telling him to go back to where he came from. It was a lie, he graffitied it himself and filed a hate crime. He’s been charged for lying.

Remember the Muslim kid who was beaten up on the school bus by five white kids and it forced the family to leave the country? Yes, another fucking lie.

Remember the student who had her face slashed and was called a terrorist in Lower Manhattan? Yet another lie.

Remember when that student in Arlington was followed by a group of white men and held her at gunpoint because she’s Muslim? It was a lie

Remember when the Muslim taxi driver was shot by a racist white guy and the left were demanding the arrest of a white guy for this hate crime against a Muslim? Well it stopped being called a hate crime the moment they found out the shooter was a black Muslim and he was let go.

Remember when that Islamophobic white guy threatened to kill a whole pile of Muslims and said there’s no place in America for Muslims? Yeah, it was another black Muslim

Remember when the viral video of a Muslim student defending herself against a white guy who was trying to pull her hijab off? It was a hoax

Remember when recently some white racist Trump supporters in Canada threatened to blow up Muslim university students? It was a Muslim

These anti-Islamic hate-crimes even reached the UK with an 18-year-old Muslim student from Birmingham being punched in the face for wearing a hijab. It was a lie. She’s been charged for lying to the police. I’d be here all day if I even brushed the surface of hate crime hoaxes across the rest of the UK and Europe.

These are just some of the false claims made mostly within the past year and they have all received nation-wide coverage and left-wing outrage and hysteria, all pushing the agenda that America is a racist hellhole and nobody except white people are safe. Then it came out they lied and what did we get? Silence but of course the anti-America and anti-white delusion from the left remained.

All of these were hoaxes created by Muslims or crimes committed not by racist white guys but by other Muslims. They create these hoaxes mostly so they can justify protesting against counter-terror efforts and to stop police investigating crimes committed by refugees. The sad part is it actually works and the authorities fall for this virtually every time. Police have become afraid to do their jobs properly and the media are afraid to report the truth in the fear of sounding “Islamophobic”.

You think I’m talking bullshit? Let’s look at the police who are scared to investigate Muslim human trafficking and child abuse rings in the UK, being afraid to make public the mass sexual and violent attacks committed by Muslim refugees across Europe, being afraid to report their fellow officers who expressed radical Muslim beliefs or the teachers being afraid to alert authorities when their Muslim students show warning signs of becoming radicalized. This is the direct result of hoaxes like these enforcing the fear of being called Islamophobic for being honest. 

It’s about time we start calling out the lies and false claims made by leftist Muslims, feminists and black lives matter supporters, they all do it on a daily basis in an attempt to demonize the West and white people while they’re the ones doing the attacking against innocent white people, Trump supporters of any race or gender and just about anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example.

I know what you’re thinking anon, “oh shit, I wasn’t expecting to be made to look like a total fucking idiot today”. Come back when you have something useful to say. 

anonymous asked:

is it ever valid for an exhausted bitter feminist to fall back on the (admittedly completely non-feminist) action of making fun of Kellyanne Conway's makeup?

i mean, idk what it would mean for it to be “valid” but

so like, it’s it’s never gonna be feminist to judge women by their looks, but it’s just as true imo that you’re never gonna be able to totally avoid doing it. we are flawed people in a deeply flawed society and it’s just part of life. i think it’s more important to just try to be conscious of it when we’re doing it and try not to give in to the temptation to imagine that it’s somehow righteous, you know?

i also would make a distinction between having an opinion about a someone’s looks, which is only human, and thinking that our opinion about their looks says something significant about them as a person, which is something we do MUCH more to women and girls.

we’re conditioned to believe that if a woman meets certain arbitrary standards of beauty, that means she is a better person, more valuable and with more right to exist. we subconsciously think of women’s beauty as a moral good. (and more indirectly, that women’s beauty indicates health which we also think is a moral good that reflects well on healthy individuals.) by the same token we think that if we don’t like a woman’s appearance, that makes her a worse person. often i think we use that assumption to justify our cruelty — like, i’m not making fun of her for her looks, i’m making fun of her because if she were good, she would have x y or z habits and look better!

i think sometimes we think because we’re feminists we’re above reasoning like that, but i think that can make us more likely to engage in it because we can’t recognize it in ourselves. this doesn’t mean never think about other women’s looks or like or dislike them. it just means paying attention to our emotions and associations around them.

so as it applies to conway: it’s a fact that she’s a fascist, and it’s also probably fair (though of course not objective) to say she has a face that is… capable of haunting one’s nightmares. so like, knock yourself out tbh but just i guess keep in mind that she’s evil because she’s a fascist and not because of her terrifying face. you know?

tl;dr fuck kellyanne conway but please enjoy my many unasked-for thoughts on the matter in general

Dear future daughter,

I hope you don’t struggle with the things I struggled with growing up as a Latina girl in a society where being white and thin is considered the ideal beauty. I will try my best to prevent you from feeling like this. I will find you books and movies for you that have diversity and ones that you can relate to. I will teach you feminism from a young age so you can stand up for yourself and others when they are being treated badly. Also, according to my women’s studies instructor, the wage gap will close in the year 2050, so I hope it comes sooner so you can grow up without being looked down on by men and getting paid less just because you are Latina and a woman.  I also hope we have had a many women presidents who showed that a woman is capable of running a country where more than half the population are women. I hope that Congress is made up of an equal amount of women and men of all races. I also hope that Donald Trump did not become president because that is just taking America backwards instead of it moving forward. Remember it is a privilege to be able to vote that many other people in the world wished they had, so vote as soon as you are able to!

I hope my generation has raised their children to be more accepting of others who are different that yourself. I hope racism is almost non-existent and that gun violence is rare. I hope people do not look down on you or the rest of our family simply for being brown. I hope the issue of immigration gets resolved. America is a land of immigrants, and currently, the “bad guys” are Mexicans. I hope all of America can be more accepting of Mexican or immigrants from other places. I will also talk to you in Spanish so you won’t forget the language of your grandparents. I have started struggling with my Spanish at the moment since I do not speak it every day anymore. I don’t want there to be a language barrier between you and your grandparents and the rest of our Spanish only speaking family. I will teach you about Mexican history, and culture because even though we live in the United States, it is important to celebrate your background. I have only recently been learning about Mexican history, and I wished it was taught in school when I was younger. I hope for you to be a feminist who helps make the world a better place. I will do my best to raise you in an environment where you feel safe and confident. I will accept you no matter what. I hope you have role models that look like you, and who you can look up to. I also will work hard to be a role model for you.


Your Mother at age 20

anonymous asked:

You kind of hit on something that I've noticed in tumblr sjw circles, this idea that these things go in an out of style, and I find it actually kind of disturbing. Social justice, my politics, etc. isn't something that's a "fad" for me. It's actually necessary for my survival as a human of multiple points of marginalization. Idk i think I'm just uncomfortable with the way this site treats social justice. Not as a tool to improve the world we live in, but as a fashion trend.

I mean, Tumblr has given me a lot… Mostly access to people with experiences I need to hear about in order to understand the scope of the world, human experience and so much more.

But there are trends like, the weirdest things. I remember a few years back the whole thing was “ffs, misandry isn’t a real problem, it’s not a real thing” and feminists mockingly using misandry as an argumentium ad absurdium kind of scenario.

Now I see women, actual feminists who will DISMISS people with misandry in their names or who joke about misandry because, like “who does that anymore?”

Like, lots of non-men do that. Because men are still a damaging force in many of our lives and sometimes joking about it is a great way to let some of that pressure out.

In the same way many of these feminists who, when you look at their values, hold a lot of “liberal feminist” ideas to be important (ie, change within the system) but will actively call other feminists “liberal feminists” like they are spitting an insult and distancing themselves.

And let’s not even get started on trends with what the A is supposed to stand for.

There aren’t social justice points, we don’t win any prizes and we don’t gain anything by seeing people and perspectives as valuable one day and an old fashioned fad the next.

It is literally not at ALL helpful and can, in fact, be really harmful. As you pointed out.

  • Tumblr: Women don't wear make-up and nice clothes for a man's benefit, we like to look good for ourselves, we don't care what men are or aren't attracted to. I dress up for me and me alone.
  • Tumblr: There is so much pressure for women to look pretty, to wear make up and nice clothes, and it comes from men alone, we are forced to do all of this horrible beauty stuff because of the patriarchy.

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One the reasons we are really against evil Lena is because we now know that she's an angel and because of her relationship with Kara. But also I don't think I'm the only that assumed that she was gonna be evil when the character was announced and Katie was casted. If we hadn't met this Lena, if we were still there where we didn't know would you rather have the Lena we have now or evil Lena since the beggining? Cause evil Lena could have been great and Katie would be amazing playing that too

Ohhh good question anon!

I admit, I was one of many that also assumed Katie was going to play a baddie. She plays them so well and puts so much heart into the characters. Even when some of the first pictures were released it was still easy to make that assumption. I mean….

She definitely has that look, yeah? Part of me would have been totally down. I’m used to loving villains anyway and Katie would have rocked it. However, if we had never met good Lena… Hmmm, knowing what I know about Supergirl I think it is really important to let Lena be good. At this point, Kara needs someone like Lena. A good Lena brings a great dynamic to the show and also gives the show the opportunity to further the notion of women supporting women. I feel like too much time has been spent deferring and at times even reversing the strong feminist-based message that made the show what it was during season 1.

So at this point, when you see Kara, who no longer has Cat Grant, and is constantly sharing scenes with the likes of M*n-El, and has been slowly converted into the hand-holding, babysitting, love interest that thinks it’s okay to just be Supergirl and have a boyfriend, and is at times being belittled by Snapper Carr it is really really important for her to have a positive female influence like Lena in her life. Lena has not only proven to be an angel, but has been one of the people – one of the women that has supported and validated Kara Danvers since the beginning. Yes she has it in Alex, but she needs it from more than just her sister. This is especially so since Alex is also being developed further and has branched into a great story of her own. She can’t just be a crutch. Kara can never have too many female supporters. As a matter of fact, Kara really needs it. The show really needs it and if they are smart, they will keep Lena the way she is. She has been so well-written and to throw it all away at this point would be nonsensical.

So yeah, initially I did like the idea of Katie playing another bad girl. I love when she does. But I think even if she had been bad, she still would have been complex and not just a single-dimensional villain serving a short purpose. I think they would have spent time on her story and I most likely would have thought, ‘Wow, what if she weren’t bad? She and Kara would be amazing if things were different!’ So good girl Lena it is!

I’m rambling now, but I recall Katie once saying that she didn’t think she made a convincing good girl. She said that she felt you had to be an excellent actress to convince an audience that your character is good and she didn’t know if she was capable. Pretty sure she has proven herself wrong there! Look how she has grown!

Thanks for the ask anon! I love early morning thinky thoughts!! 💗

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yo whats happening with the atl fandom? ive turned into kpop and follow no atl blogs at all but i do remember you so i checked your blog and???? whats happening

ah hello sweets get ready for a really fucking quick sum-up but its still a long post because I have to be detailed of else ya’ll wont be able to keep up. im realizing people are asking me this lately cause i may have the better sum ups and explanations. But anyway, someone started a scandal (thats what im calling it) about Rian, claiming that he cheated on Cassadee with this new girl he’s hanging around whom I’ve learned is named Dallas (cute name). Which, is false. Rian loved Cassadee a lot it seems, even if we don’t know these two personally or anything aside from what they give us but its always felt and seemed like they were in love with each other. I’m also starting to believe that people are mad at Rian because of the Riassadee split which is still no reason to make allegations and slander his name and disrespect Cass & Dallas like this.

Another thing was a small fight on twitter that Alex had with fans regarding his end of the tour photograph with the caption “we need more women on tour” (it was the end of the caption) and apparently the feminists got upset and proceeded to attack our boy relentlessly and Alex had replied, and even tweeted a tweet with “Hooookay” with a peace sign and a nervous-looking emoji. What was awful about it was the fact he was being told by fans to “change it himself”, people hinted at firing the current crew and getting females, and hinted that ATL was sexist or at least discriminating against females. Which all of this is a flaming pile of cow dookie, the crew is fine- the guys have known them for at least seven+ years so why change it now? that and the guys are probably best at what they do and Alex said they did TRY to hire females for the tour but the females chose other gigs and just gave replacements that could be hired or possibly open to the positions.

A handful of assholes got mad at Jack a while ago because of a tweet. It’s literally something he’s tweeted before. Oh and they also got mad when Andie came along as Jack’s girl. Fun times, right? No. Wrong. Not Fun. Jack stans either ignored or unstanned. It was a slight #JackHate fest for a bit. True story, bro.

Fans got upset with Zack when he did post a photo with a girl (whom i think is a friend cause he has female hiking buddies) and he got name called and got called a hoe and then he popped up with Cheyanne (#Chack) and he’s very happy but some fans are still buttplugs about it and think they have a say in it and others aren’t giving a damn which is better by a marathon than being a buttplug. Frankly, none of us as FANS have a say in their lives cause they’re people and deserve to be treated as such rather than property or objects. 

Sum up: 2017 has been weird and mean and ATL is a band of PEOPLE who deserve respect and to be treated as such. #ATLDefenseSquad #Hashtag #StopBeingButtplugsYaButtPlugs

also thank you for remembering me; that’s very sweet, i’m flattered. I also like some kpop.

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How come there aren't many black radfems?

I’m not sure where you are coming on that info?

I know a shit ton of them.  Starting with Audre Lorde (this exchange is EVERYTHING.  Read every word.  Her teachings and words remain my rad fem literacy) to Sister Outsider (see what just happened there?  We are the latest in a long line) we are here.  

In her 20-something words:

In recent years, since the rise of third wave feminism, radical beliefs have fallen out of fashion. At best, radical feminism is presented as being outdated – at worst, full of bigotry and extremism. Radical feminists are attacked by social conservatives and liberal feminists alike and, not so long ago, I bought it. I didn’t want to be lumped in with the prudes of yesteryear by either side, so I parroted narratives of agency and empowerment. And then I looked behind the curtain. I started to wonder about the context in which the all-important choice is made, whether more choices are open to some women than others and on what basis. I began to wonder why so many self-proclaimed intersectional feminists – in this instance, white women – are so eager to assume that marginalised women have the same range of opportunities in deciding which choice to make.

I think there is a real push to erase women of color in the movement because we destabilize what a lot of white transactivists would like to push.  That is, that the second wave was only white people, that radical feminism isn’t intersectional, that lesbians (we are QUEERS!) are racists.  

Cause as we know, these white liberal feminists are all soooooo on point.  Like that time that they said that the artists of color who continued to support Michfest even with the constant threats and boycotts and cancelled gigs only did so because they were too poor not to (I shit thee not):

In the last two years, many of the performers have withdrawn from the fest, including the Indigo Girls, Nona Hendryx, and JD Samson. Many women of color performers did not, arguing that they too supported trans women but couldn’t give up the income they made from the festival. They made economic choices that often came with a political backlash. Many, if not most, performers who stayed on did so with a statement in support of trans women and the festival.

Mind you, Michigan paid a pittance for performers.  It was not money that would pay your rent.  But, as I said at the time, I guess we all just know that WOCs just so damn poor they can’t have politics (to which Fannie Lou Hamer and Shirley Chisholm, and on and on just spun their ways through the earth).  And guess there was no need to go talk to Stacey Anne Chin, or Toshi Reagon, or Medusa, or DJ Remarkable, or Hanifah Walidah, or all the other WOC who went to fest for YEARS and continued to despite the pressure because they understand the reason for separate space.  This was a blatantly racist lie, and that’s the kind of shit that is always going down.

So whenever you hear things like “there aren’t any” ask yourself what the sources is.  We are here.  We always are.  But we are an inconvenient truth.  And so we get erased from the conversation.  Old tricks, new dog.

New years crush

 Requested by @vanillashade

Elijah and the reader spend New years together and the family keeps teasing them about being a couple. 

I’ll be honest i really don’t know about this. I liked the start but the ending i don’t really like so please tell me your opinion.

Originally posted by scarin-q

I had spend christmas with the Mikaelsons, and i had been living with them for a while. I broke up with the guy I had been living with for 2 years, and when i had nowhere to go they took me in. Of course it was the biggest change of my life. The supernatural still confuses me, but it also intrigues me. Knowing that i was living with not only vampire, but the first vampires ever actually made me feel quite safe.

My relationship with the other guy hadn’t been what you would call good. He was cheating on me and i knew but since i had nowhere to go i never left. He would never actually take care of me. It was more like kisses with no emotions. But ever since i came here i had fallen for the oldest original. I had been living here for 6 months and i was already certain i was in love with him.

“Y/N WE HAVE GET SET UP FOR THE NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY” Elijah yelled from downstairs. I had been sitting in my room for about an hour just thinking about how lucky i was. I had a big house to live in. people who cared. Anything i wanted. Yet i still wanted more. I wanted him.

“I’LL BE THERE IN A SECOND” i yelled back. I stood up on my queen size bed and put my cardigan back on. I was wearing a pair of black shorts and a tanktop and my favorite big white cardigan when i headed back down.

“You are well aware we are vampires and can hear you from miles away right my love” Kol joked. I picked up one of the pillows from the couch and threw it at him. He of course caught it with no trouble but before i knew it the pillow was coming back towards my face. I didn’t really register what had happened when the pillow was caught by Klaus.

“Stop acting like children both of you. Now Y/n can’t get a pillow in her face. It would mess up her hair for when Elijah sees her” He laughed and so did Kol. I hit him in the chest before speaking up

“Shut up for god’s sake… he’ll hear you” i whispered without thinking. Now they were laughing harder than ever at the fact that i didn’t deny it.  

“Niklaus, Kol, Y/N… are you gonna help or do i have to do everything” Elijah asked when he came back inside with more wine glasses. We all just kinda ignored his question.

“So you do this party thingy every year” i said in disbelieve. “Why. where in your crazy lives do you find time to plan a little get together for the neighbors.” i asked them all.

“Well our sarcastic guest that we can throw out anytime” Kol started. I gave him an annoyed looked in response before he continued. “First of all this isn’t a little party. It’s a big party. Time wise i get what you’re saying. But it’s mostly Elijah with the planning. The reason we do this is…” he looked at me like i should know the answer. But i just shook my head. “ THE HOT DRUNK CHICKS” i wasn’t gonna say anything but when i heard Klaus and Elijah chuckled and mumbling “yes” i had to.

“Oh come on… you have a child” i looked over at Klaus who just shrugged. “And you call yourself a feminist” i turned to Elijah.

“Well i would never take advantages of a girl in that state but it’s good for the Mikaelson that doesn’t give a damn if the sex is consensual” he said pointing to Kol who was leaning against the wall smirking.

“I have to go get ready” i said wanted to get away from that situation.

“Look pretty Y/N you don’t know who you could end up in bed with” Kol yelled after i reached the top of the stairs. I made a puking sound which made both Elijah and Klaus laugh.

I went to my room to change into the dress Elijah had bought for me. It was a long red sweetheart neckline dress i have always wanted. I kept my makeup simple with just a red lip and some mascara. I straightened my hair to go with the cute dress. When i got downstairs there were already a lot of people there. I couldn’t find anyone i knew but after a few minutes of walking around i felt a hand on my arm. I turned around and saw Marcel.

“Enjoying the party.” he asked to which i just nodded. “Did you lock your door.” he asked. I was kinda confused by the question but when he pointed to Kol who was already kissing some girl i understood what he meant. I ran back upstairs and into my room to grab the key.

“Y/N” i heard someone say. I think i jump about 10 feet into the air. “I’m so sorry i didn’t mean to scare you” Elijah laughed.

“Really it’s fine Elijah. I just didn’t expect someone to be in here. Or at least not anybody but Kol” i said. Elijah chuckled silently agreeing with me. I went and sat down next to him on the bed.

“You look amazing.” he said looking away from me. My heart started fluttering even though i knew it didn’t mean what i wanted it to mean. It was just Elijah being the way he is.

“You do too” i said. Of course i meant it in a different way. He did look amazing thought. Elijah always wore suits but tonight. It was all black but it still stood out. “Wanna go back down” i asked. Elijah got up and put his hand out for me to take. I placed my hand in his trying to get my heartbeat down.

He headed downstairs and spend time with all the people there. The gala was very formal but after Kol detached his face from the girl he was making out with we all went into the extra living room the Mikaelsons have and did shots. The vampires of course had a harder time getting drunk than i had. But after my 4th shot Elijah stopped me telling me i was gonna kill myself and god he was right. My tolerance is awful.

“You are really acting like a couple” Devina laughed referring to Elijah and i. I really didn’t know how to reply.

“You really should be one though” Klaus said. This time i knew how to reply “Shut up” i said he knew about my crush so why the hell would he do that.

“I think you’d be great together” Cami commented.

“Oh bloody hell. You both have a crush on eachother so just be together” Kol said from the corner of the room getting everyone’s attention. I turned to look at Elijah who was already looking at me.

“Okay fine if you guys don’t wanna admit it then fine” Kol said. “Hey there’s like 5 minutes till midnight” He told us all. Everybody ran downstairs to see the fireworks except for Elijah and i. Who just went to the balcony.

“You actually have a crush on me” Elijah asked. I just looked away from him embarrassed. Elijah lifted my chin with his fingers before looking deep into my eyes. “Cus i have a crush on you” he chuckled before we heard everybody counting down from 10. “Can i” he asked when everybody was on 3 i nodded my head. He leaned in and pressed his lips to mine for a few second before pulling away again.

“Happy new year”