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Kind of always low-key irritated by the fact that third world as a term has now been so divorced from it’s original political context and basically been used by the west as a ranking/income system when it originated in the cold war as a way of describing postcolonial countries who refused to align themselves with the capitalist first world and the communist second world by being a third way out aka the anti imperialist non-alignment movement

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So I live in Huntington, West Virginia. The heroin capital of America! We literally had to add to our checklist of things for night shift to do "Check behind toilets for needles." That's what we get for keeping our bathroom super clean.

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you KNOW i gotta ask sidgeno for that ship meme

Aaaaayyyyyyyyyy *finger guns*

Let’s DO thissss

send me a pairing and I’ll tell you who:

  • falls asleep on the couch
    • Both. Tired Hockey Boys. And have u seen their houses? Palatial couches, 10/10 would sleep on. At least judging on that one Instagram post Tanger made that shows (pretty sure, anyway) Sid’s media room. 
  • makes friends with the neighbors
    • You know what, it’s Sid. North American boy from a small town versus a Russian guy from a big city? Sorry but it’s totally Sid. My mom’s family is all in the Netherlands and I know it’s not Russia but generally, in my experiences in Europe (Netherlands, England, France, Italy), people are not as automatically friendly to strangers as in America (Esp West Coast, where we scare even the East Coast people with our friendliness). And Geno still probably, deep down, is uncomfortable using English.  After the connection is made, Geno probably warms completely and it’s all good. 
  • is the adventurous eater
    • Geno. No doubt whatsoever. Can’t compete, can you, Sidney “I love bread” Crosby?
  • hogs the covers at night
    • Geno
  • forgets to do the dishes
    • Also Geno. 
  • tries to surprise their partner more often
    • Evgeni “Surprised his IRL gf with a live tiger” Malkin
  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor
    • Both of them were raised by too strict of mamas to do this. 
  • stays up til 2 AM reading
    • Sid, but not if there’s hockey the next day. During the summer. As a special indulgence. 
  • sings in the shower
    • Sidney “slow motion for me” Crosby
  • takes the selfies
    • Geno. Only Geno. 
  • plans date night
    • they totally take turns! 

also he just starts spilling everything to this impassive old lady at the train station IM PRETENDING TO BE POPE!! IM A GAY ACTOR!! I LIVE ON THE UPPER WEST SIDE!!! IF WE WERE IN AMERICA ID BE IN AN UBER RIGHT NOW!! oh my god little girl please stop crying god uhhh spirito santo y'know? no wah wah, lui dice I will find your mama pls don’t cry

My first Vision x Reader! If I’m being honest, I always forget to include Vision in my fics which is an absolute crime. He’s just marvellous. So, seeing that this request had no specific Avengers tied to it, the executive decision was made to turn it into a Vision fic. Nothing too detailed but some fluffy conversation and mutual attraction. The good stuff. Request was made by @carleyynicole​ and I hope you all enjoy it!

Prompt: Maybe you could do something like that with the Avengers, where reader reunited with her fellow avengers a few years after she is stranded on an island after AOU? Thx lol

“Brain and Brawn”

The jet juddered and shook as it lowered towards the ground. Steve was strapped in but still his grip on the seat next to him tightened. He shut his eyes and tried to focus on staying calm but he could only hear her voice.

“Guys, I’ve got a problem.”
“(Y/n), this is Barton. What’s up?”
“It’s not that simple, Clint.”

Steve shook his head and opened his eyes. Ultron had long been defeated but there was still deep-seated resentment within the group for the losses he had caused. Wanda had remained at the new Avengers base where she could mourn her brother in peace, but Steve was packed into a quinjet with Clint, Natasha, Tony, and the Vision.  

“Send us your co-ordinates, we’ll come get you.” Clint said, turning the jet around as fast as he could manage. Steve felt his stomach lurch as it turned.
“I’m trying but the machine’s fried. Everything’s gone haywire all of a sudden.”

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Pacific Rim wild west AU (or Star Wars The Force Awakens wild west AU)

Oh boy so uh- the thing about the Wild West is that it was super genocidal and colonial and racist, and it continues to be the most treasured setting in the American cultural ethos and I refuse to back away from that part of it, to acknowledge hat these lands were empty for the taking, so this might be way darker than you expected, um-

1: Rey’s first memory is this: it is cold and she is walking. Someone, somewhere is crying, and there are men on horseback (she remembers their legs, how huge they were, how they penned them in on all sides) but mostly there are just people in one long chain of misery from here to the horizon. She is clutching to her mothers skirt, shivering in a leather dress, and she is terrified. Her mother is stroking her hair, singing the sorts of nonsense things that mothers say to frightened children. When they stop for the night, her mother pulls her hair from her face, carefully, and puts it in one of those buns that she sees white women wearing, doesn’t leave it loose around her shoulders, or in her braids.

“At least,” her mother says, “you look like your father. I want you to run to that town and stay there, until one of us can come and get you. You must stay there, you can’t follow us, do you understand?”

Rey is crying, crying, and she nods. She runs, at her mother’s direction, in the middle of the night, and never sees her again.

2. Her name is not Rey. It is longer, and more beautiful, but she stuttered the first time she introduced herself, and the man at the saloon had laughed, and no one could pronounce it and she was six and alone and terrified and didn’t protest the abbreviation.

She can’t remember what it is, any more, and hopes her mother will tell her when she comes back. She will come back.

3. There was, and this is true, a winter so cold it froze most of the cows where the stood in the fields. The next spring it stank to high heaven, and by the summer, the bones were bleached white in the fields.

There are, and this is true, big city folk who ride the railroad, and shoot herds of Buffalo put the window, to say they have done it, and leave the corpses to rot. Within a season, the heat and the bugs pick them dry, and Rey, with a solemnity that the other bone pickers don’t match, picks them up and puts them to use.

The skulls are worth the most, but other bones get turned into dice and buttons and fertilizer, and this way, she thinks, at least they are going to use and not to waste.

4. The civil war is half a generation over, and slavery never really ended. Finn knows, technically, that he isn’t a slave, but working in a chain gang for the railroad doesn’t feel much different. Chained beside him is a cow theif, who claims to be from actual Mexico.

“It ain’t as far south as you think it is,” he says “‘sides, it ain’t stealing if it’s on your land and they stole your cows in the first place, now is it?”

He grins, straight white teeth unmarked by chewing tobacco or sugar, and he claims to know every trail from railroad to cow trail between here and California, if only he had a horse to ride.

Finn is trusted.

He is put in charge, one night, of tending the horses, and he seizes his chance with both hands.

5. Maz Kanata seems impossibly old. She is, Han tells them in an undertone, nearly ninety. She has lived in three continents, and bears five different brands upon her skin, and she’s been a runaway and a freedman for sixty years. Her hair, wildly curly and white, is pulled back behind a colourful wrap, and she’s been running this saloon since before the civil war. Her hands are arthritic, she has a shotgun in her belt, and she has stacked two pairs of sunglasses on her nose to see them clearly.

She sees Rey, and with her wrinkled hands gently touches her face. Touches the bridge of her nose, and her cheekbones. She has always looked sun kissed, although she wraps her face in linen in some half-remembered advice whenever she works in the sun.

Maz traces her face, squints at her, as if she can see the bones through the skin and says “ah, child. You already know, don’t you. Whomever you are waiting for, they are never coming back.”

It’s Yom HaShoah starting this evening.

I just want to take a minute to talk about the East. Let’s think about the millions who never even made it to a camp, who were rounded up and shot and buried in shallow mass graves. Let’s think about the nationalist collaborators and auxiliary police force who helped. Let’s think about L’viv and the OUN, about Jedwabne and the Poles who burned their neighbors alive, about Babi Yar and the Ponary Massacre and every liquidation of a ghetto that deported people not to the infamy of Auschwitz, but to an obscure patch of forest that few people will ever remember, but that swallowed up bodies none the less.

In the West, and in America, we have a tendency to focus on the camps, on the experience of Jews in Germany and France and Belgium and the Netherlands. For this Yom HaShoah, take a moment and learn something about the Shoah of the East. It’s a different world, with important implications for remembrance and national identity that resonate to this day. I’m hardly an expert but if you send me a message, I’ll do my best to point you in the direction of some reading material.


Old Kanye tried to warn us, “Even if you in a Benz…”

Good reminder: even LeBron James, the most notbable black athlete in the world, ain’t escaping racism. This is systemic not a few bad eggs. Wearing a jersey, making sneakers, becoming an icon cannot save you from the ferocity of racism.  Remember that, all you “it’s really class” clowns.

celebrate - a dance mix for a hundred followers on 8tracks!

01. not for the life of me - thoroughly modern millie // 02. come to a party - dogfight // 03. dancing through life - wicked // 04. on monday - 35MM // 05. benny’s dispatch - in the heights // 06.  up the ladder to the roof - everyday rapture // 07. fly into the future - vanities // 08. america - west side story // 09. why, must we tell them why? - 35MM // 10. at the ballet - a chorus line // 11. brand new you - 13 // 12. blackout - in the heights // 13. give it up! - lysistrata jones


Name your 10 favorite characters from movies or tv shows, then tag 10 friends

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  1. Scott Mccall (Teen Wolf)
  2. Bellamy Blake (The 100)
  3. Cisco Ramon (The Flash)
  4. Clarke Griffin (The 100)
  5. Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)
  6. Iris West (The Flash)
  7. Thor
  8. Captain America
  9. The Falcon
  10. Wes Gibbins (How To Get Away With Murder)

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The Rock Show - BBC Radio 1 with Ville Valo
  • May 12, 2014
  • Transcribed by realitydistortd
  • link to the audio: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01yzjmv
  • Daniel P Carter: [talking about Sonisphere] … Playing their only UK show of the summer, HIM. We called up with Mr. Valo earlier today. So what have you been up to since last I spoke to you?
  • Ville Valo: Late February of this year we headed over to Australia to play a beautiful festival called Soundwave. They had like Rob Zombie and they had all the legends there and we did that for about a week and a half, two weeks. Then we flew over to North America and we toured the west coast first then the east coast – it was beautiful! We toured all of the House of Blueses around. Then we went, for the first time, Puerto Rico then toured Mexico to Argentina, Chile, and we went to Brazil as well. You know, all the ice cream and all the sun – all the things that kill Goths!
  • D: Yep! Have you done much of South America before this though?
  • V: No, never. We lost our virginities, sonically speaking, when it comes to HIM and South America, so yeah, we didn’t know what to expect and we’ve been getting tons of e-mails and tons of letters from there for many many years and we didn’t have the chance to go there before. It’s a bit of a hassle to go there since, you know, have to ship the musical gear from country to country – it always takes time and there’s always some hassle with the customs and that sort of stuff. But we were spared from any “super despair” so to speak. We were treated fairly well. The food was wonderful, the people were lovely and noisy and rowdy and everything you would want from the rockdom. It was amazing to be honest with you, it was brilliant. We just came back a few weeks back and we went to China for the first time, I’m not sure if you heard about that – our troubles in China.
  • D: No.
  • V: Yea, there’s a festival there called Strawberry Festival or whatever and we flew over to Shanghai for the first time to play a concert and nobody there spoke English, obviously, and there was a ton of people in the audience and about 20 minutes, the cops said we had to pull the plug because there were too many people at the festival and you know – it was a security risk. At the end of the day we were like, “oh well, thank god we got more day in Beijing and one more gig to go and we flew over to Beijing and went to play the gig, there was a terrible dust storm. It was so bad that it tore the roof off the festival stage off and it cancelled the whole gig! We flew all the way to China for the first time, we ended up playing 25 minutes which was like 5 songs, and the whole trip took 5 days, so it’s like 1 song per day.
  • D: Well that’s a fairly good ratio!
  • V: Yeah! For a song, I guess – like Gun ‘n Roses. But it’s a sad thing; we’re trying to make up that whole incident. It wasn’t our hands, obviously, but we’re trying to go back later this year to do some club gigs, hopefully indoor ones that would be great to be on the safe side of things because we clearly offended the Gods - the ancient gods of China.
  • D: Yeah, that would annoy mother nature.
  • V: Yeah, so that was a bit of a hassle. So yeah, now we have to go back directly to the rehearsal place to make sure our rock and roll muscles are still intact for our trip over to the UK in a few of months.
  • D: Amazing! I’m looking forward to it! And it’s going to be your only show here at Sonisphere?
  • V: Yeah! It will be, it will be. Thankfully enough, I was actually hoping we would be able to play that particular festival because you know - the area is fairly historic and it’s the anthology of rock and roll for the Isle of the Brits. And then the whole line-up is really good and I don’t know what happened, maybe we prayed, for once, to the right Gods and we got the offer about a week and a half ago, and so obviously we jumped on it and said “yes yes yes, we definitely want to be a part of it,” because not only for ourselves but as fans.
  • D: Well. I will see you in July. Take Care! Alright, mate.
  • V: Alright. Hail Satan! Bye bye!
  • D: See you later!
West Wing Quote of the Day
  • Toby: We don’t know what the next president is going to face. If we choose someone with vision, someone with guts, someone with gravitas, who is connected to other peoples lives and cares about making them better. If we choose someone who inspires us then we will be able to face what comes our way and achieve things we can’t imagine yet.
You Are Neither Unique Nor Special

In the west, especially in America, we teach our kids that they are unique as a snowflake and as special as a summer’s day. In some ways we are unique but mostly we are not. Young people feel alone when they feel uncertain about who they are and what they are going to do with their lives. 

We all feel this way in some respects as we transition between our adolescence and adulthood. In fact, each of us as we change the parts we play are actually repeating an endless pageant. Child, teen, young adult, adult, middle age and elder. The play goes on as it has gone on for thousands of generations.

Perhaps there is comfort in knowing that we are players on a stage. Perhaps there is solace in knowing that every human being goes through the same trials, changes and challenges. Perhaps there is peace in knowing that we are not special or unique. 

There is more to our existence than daily life. I am always talking about compassion as if it is the secret to life. Well, it is. How seldom do we really act in compassion? We like to think we are kind but compassion means action not intention. Kindness. What is the benefit to kindness? What happens to our spirit when we comfort the crying child? What happens when we are selfless? What happens when we seek out every opportunity to be gentle, giving and loving?

Our soul flourishes. Our pride which so long has run us fades. We find ourselves serene even in times of trial and stress. The very universe itself treats us kindly as we are kind. Joy spreads. Love spreads. You become a living being of light. You are honest so there are no lies to remember. You give and so when and if you need help many arms will stretch out to you. 

Compassion is not an ideal. It is action. Action every moment of your life.

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