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Shadowhunters S02E02: A Door Into the Dark

This is a very special show. Here are my favorite parts from it

  • Simon’s self-satisfied look when Clary declares he’s the only person she can trust, and you just know he’s thinking that maybe, just maybe, she miiiiiight want to touch his dick a little bit more than her brother’s right now #awyeah #littlevictories 😎
  • Jocelyn: “I’m a victim here too.” now I know where Clary gets her Clary-ness 


dats one evil baby

  • I’m impressed Clary doesn’t outright believe that Jace is some kind of “flower killing monster” so she can immediately turn it around into a woe-is-me “of course I’d fall in love with the baddest boy” self pity fest (if you can’t tell Clary isn’t my favorite character) (but points here, bc honestly this is bullshit we all know Jace was a fabulous baby)(#notmybabyJace)
  • Alec: “Bold of you to show your face here” I’m not even sure what Clary did this time but yasssss Alec
  • FUCK you know what I just realized??? Both Alec and Clary think of Jace as their brother and yet they both wanted/want to touch his dick and i think Jace can only attract his faux siblings this is weird anyone else think this is weird
  • Alec blaming Clary for literally all his problems and I’m so into him right now
  • Valentine casually attending karate matches at dojos around NYC is going to be the plot of my new fanfic
  • “When did the briefing start? Nobody told me.” “That wasn’t an accident.” I AM SO INTO EVERYONE PUSHING CLARY OUT THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE EPISODE

remember a few minutes ago when i was proud of clary for not resorting to a woe-is-me self pity fest? *cue sad music*

godammit clary

  • silently appearing behind someone and saying “hey bud. como estas” is how i introduce myself to all new acquaintances
  • “He just doesn’t get it does he?” – rando mundane who thinks he’s important enough to pass judgment on Jace and its just like where is that demon baby when you need him bc someone needs to be taught a lesson
  • “They say the best fighters in the city come here” “It’s only a matter of time before Valentine hits this place” brought to you by dialogue to set up the scene and explain the motivation

the face Clary makes when she runs away to art school after abandoning her family and friends because shit got too tough

and then her reaction when her parents come looking for her

this is why she fucking sucks

like I get it. *she doesn’t belong anywhere* etc etc – she has a point. but maybe now isn’t the time to throw a hissy fit and distract your parents from helping find Jace which is supposedly your motivation for running away in the first place. y couldn’t she just stick to listening to The XX and crying in her room for a bit before giving herself a pep talk via her own inflated sense of self importance so she could avoid getting kidnapped by a character we all forgot from season 1?

oh hey Dot

where do you go to get facials because i think i want to…avoid it

  • Simon getting distracted by a gold snake statue to the point of forgetting what he was doing so he could stroke it. kids, that’s the y chromosome at work right there
  • ‘Meanwhile, back on the evil barge off the coast of Manhattan’ – just a taste of my fanfic, “Dojo Valentine” lmk if you want to beta for me

just normal sibling stuff happening, nothing to see here

I like how Jace isn’t sure if he can be attracted because it’s his real sister or if he can’t because it’s his dad pretending to be his sister, which is kind of like realizing your life is a horrible garbage nightmare or an even more fucked up version of a horrible garbage nightmare

  • when we find out that Clary was spelled into telling Jace that she could see the future, which was honestly a surprise because did anyone doubt that she would immediately jump to that conclusion 

I don’t think there was an actual reason for Alec to take his shirt off to track Jace but here’s a screencap of it