we are the stars it is us

Lance and Keith's phone convo after his Talk™️ with Hunk
  • Lance: What class did I fail that we both share now?
  • Keith: We're not at the Garrison
  • Lance: ... Chemistry... Ok, how about this one?
  • Lance: Are you an alien?
  • Keith: Yes
  • Lance: Beca-
  • Lance: ...
  • Lance: Do you have a star map?
  • Keith: Yeah, I can send you the file. Hold on.
  • Lance: ...
  • Lance: The only thing I hate about space is the one between us.
  • Keith: ... You too?
  • Lance: !!!


“This body is not me.
I am not limited by this body.
I am life without boundaries.

I have never been born,
and I have never died.

Look at the ocean and the sky filled with stars,
manifestations from my wondrous true mind.

Since before time, I have been free.
Birth and death are only doors through which we pass,
sacred thresholds on our journey.
Birth and death are a game of hide-and-seek.

So laugh with me,
hold my hand,
let us say good-bye,
say good-bye,
to meet again soon.

We meet today.
We will meet again tomorrow.
We will meet at the source every moment.
We meet each other in all forms of life.”

maybe we’re tired of tragedy maybe the world said: welcome home, it’ll be a beautiful ride. maybe the world lied, maybe the lifelines on your palms are no more than some ancient tragedy dragging its teeth on your skin like an animal that refuses to die
no matter how many times you shoot it.

maybe i’m applying lipstick in the front seat of my car and the leather smells like my friend rushing out to throw up. we are all rushing out to throw up because we live in a time of cataclysm, every day might be a new catastrophe.
nuclear apocalypse is the new black
and we are already putting shotguns in the trunks of our cars.

you blow a breath of smoke and i want to know why everyone tells me that cigarettes are bad for my health when the sky over my hometown is no longer the blue my grandmother remembers, and why you think that i am destroying myself when the world is being destroyed and you just throw the leaflets away. we are not trying to kill ourselves here, we were just born exhausted, and i don’t see people in the streets, i see moving muscles and bones. we all want enough breathing room but our lungs would break apart if we got oxygen.

there are people who have never even seen the stars and now you tell me that elon musk wants to launch us into space. to do what?
to destroy, which is the ancient tragedy, which is the only thing we know how to do right. i weep for the stars and for the galaxies and for some passengers two centuries into the future, the child with curly hair pressing her nose
to the shuttle window as Earth burns burns burns,
the only legacy we ever left.

Let’s lay and forget this whole worldly mess
now we entwine on this bed freshly made
and leave behind all that had us afraid;
slowly learning love’s not a game of chess,
as in this embrace our long sighs confess
every word we’ve so anxiously weighed
‘til only truth shines in the daylight’s fade
and the lone stars illume your falling dress.
Shyly, a crescent moon mimics your smile
and brightens the sky to match your eyes,
envious of how yours now beguile mine
for I had been her lover for a while;
longing to one time traverse the vast skies,
but heaven’s where earthly bodies entwine.
—  “Discovering heaven”, a Petrarchan sonnet by M.A. Tempels © 2017
Do You Think About Me

This is based on the Carrie Underwood song of the same title. But with a happier ending. I had a lot of fun writing this =)

I think about that first cold September night every once and awhile. I remember the strong arms that held me, how he was my blanket. He held me and the year stood still. I thought about the moment it all fell into place. How I was suddenly head over heels for someone I thought I had completely hated. I think about the stars and how they sparkled down on us.

But mostly I wonder if he thinks about me. The way I think about him. If he remembers us the way I remember us.

My favorite memory will always be that first September we found a break during our classes sophomore year. We sat underneath the tree outside the dorm, the sun had set hours ago. Cassian had his arms around me and he was my own personal heater. If someone would’ve told me I would be sitting outside with Cassian Moten looking at the stars and smiling like an idiot, I would’ve called them a liar.

But after what happened to Feyre, after Rhys found her and helped her heal, something changed between us. I started seeking him out. I started wanting to hear his stupid jokes. Somehow he had become the person to save me while everyone else saved my sister.

Cassian pressed his lips against my shoulder. My shirt had slipped and I shivered as the warmth seeped through his mouth against my skin, “I love this,” he whispered softly, “you, me, the stars. It’s everything I’ve always wanted.”

I turned so my face was close to his, “yeah. Me too.”

“I’ve been captivated by you since freshman year, Nessa.”

I leaned into him and time actually stood still as he kissed me. There was nowhere else I’d rather be. There was no sight, no moment as beautiful as the way it felt to have Cassian press his lips against mine. From the very first time, the very first moment he touched me the way he touched me now, I was gone.

“Do you think… after we’ve finished classes and we go out into the world it will still feel like this?”

“Only with you and me,” he whispered softly and kissed me once again.

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Weekly Reading List #41

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Hello there!

Finally, here is my (absolutely belated) Weekly Reading List. I’m sorry, if you gonna find a lot of mistakes or if you just can’t make any sense out of these words, I’m so tired thanks to work and since Saturday one day was worse than the other, so I’m afraid I can’t think straight anymore… I hope I linked every story in this post I read since the last list. I’ve read a lot, I think, but I need to mention, that you all are incredible creative at the moment, ‘cause I don’t have any “normal” post on my dashboard, one fanfiction follows the other and I use the Like button for every one of them to read them later on, but it’s been so much lately, that I don’t know where to start. I can’t keep up at all! But I’m planning on using my free weekend (just two more days, *squeaking*) to read, the weather report says it’s gonna be a shitty weekend, compared to the last days, so I hope to find time to lay down and just read, not doing anything else… Does anything of this even make sense? I can’t follow myself… Well, one last thing. I know that I linked a lot of Bucky stories. I can’t tell you why, it’s not that I don’t like him, I just don’t have that huge of a crush on him than on the other characters I like to read. But that’s what I’ve got mostly on my dashboard and it would be a waste not to read it ;) Okay, that’s enough for now, have a great (rest) week and be prepared to get my next list on sunday!

Enjoy and have fun!


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Dean Winchester

Innocent, teenage Sammy watching Dean change, in a cramped, two star motel in some podunk town, after Dean comes in from a particularly nasty hunt. Dean peels off his shirt, blood smeared across his abdomen, making his way toward the shower. Sam tries to avert his eyes, tries to focus his attention on his book–but Dean’s too beautiful and all he can do is stare with rapt attention. Dean’s never touched Sam before, but god, Sam wants him to. Dean ruffles Sam’s hair and playfully asks, “Enjoyin’ the view, Sammy?” and Sam quickly looks away, blushes so hard he thinks his face is going to burts into flames.

A few years later, in a similarly grimy motel, in a similarly podunk town, a similarly grimy Dean bursts through the door, covered in blood and the guts of some monster, eager to strip down and rinse the grit from his mouth. Only this time, the innocence in Sam’s expression is gone; replaced with something Dean can’t quite place. He tries to tease Sam with a similar line; “Like what you see, Sammy?” in the debonaire, cocky tone that only Dean can muster. This time, Sam’s answer is anything but similar to what it was before, as he looks his older brother up and down.

“Yeah, Dean.”

Hear ye hear ye Reylo’s and Anti-Reylo’s,

I bringith you all hither for a reminder that Star Wars is simply fiction. None of us has’t seen The Last of Thou Jedi so alloweth discontinue the unnecessary rudeness we spread to one another. Each side saw something different in The Force Doth Awakens, and there is nothing wrong with that.. we are simply humans, we interpret things differently, let us all move on. Something we all has’t in common is the fact that we love Star Wars, let thee celebrate that not argue and putteth each other down for it.

Sincerely me,

Loveth to all y’all , beest nice.❤️🙌🏼🖋

*insert-ith virtual-ith group-ith hug-ith*

Star Gazer

I’m lying

on uncertain ground


at a certain star

at least I think

we’re all moving

the ground and me

and the star

all these circles

in my eyes

against my back

just flickering

I’m pushing back

against the ground

against the black

I won’t stand up

~ I recently found an old picture of us. It was a perfect trap, encapturting the last time we were happy together; seeing it filled me with a sorrowful ache and made the regrets of my life blatant. At that moment, I undoubtedly desired for an eternal slumber amongst the stars。


anonymous asked:

i remember in one of your post you said the amount of time that happened between starcrushed and bfm , but i can't find it, do you know? (I'm pretty sure it was 2 weeks but can you confirm)

During the Star & Marco livechat post-BFM, Star (or more like Eden Sher) said that, while hiding, she got bored of eating snacks from the vending machine in the Sanctuary for two weeks, so this gave us a vague indication of time. This still doesn’t tell us how much passed from Starcrushed to Return To Mewni, but it’d make sense if just a handful of hours passed - Moon was clearly in a hurry to hide, to the point of barely telling River about it. We also don’t know how canon this information is. Knowing this I tried to draft a possible timeline of the events, but it’s mostly guessing and filling the voids, and I honestly doubt the writers/storyboarders gave that much thought about it:

- Starcrushed happens

- Some hours later, in the night, Marco mopes and Star and Moon get to the Temple (Return to Mewni)

- Ludo wakes up in the ruins of the Monster Temple, following the explosion seen in Starcrushed (Book Be Gone), destroys the book by night time, decides to conquer the Butterfly castle

- Marco gets on Mewni. Hard to tell when, but Ludo seemingly gets there soon after him, so it might have been on the second day after Star left -but we don’t know how long it takes to get from the Monster Temple to the castle, nor if Ludo needed some time to organize his army of rats first.

- Star and Moon have to leave the Temple and get to Buff Frog’s home, and so far two weeks have passed since they got there -  if we are to trust the livechat (Puddle Defender). Impossible to tell how many days have passed since Ludo took over the castle, but Buff Frog already knows about it.

- Star leaves for her castle, while Marco escapes the dungeons and meets with Ruberiot & co. The king gets levitatoe’d

- The next morning Star gets to the castle (I don’t think it took more than one night for Star to get there, or Moon would have noticed her absence earlier), and everything seen in Toffee happens.

its also considered way more normal for adult men to hold onto their “nerdy” hobbies. like its not considered COOL but its something i think we’re all used to seeing, middle aged men who collect star wars memorabilia or what the fuck ever. i think that women dont get this same courtesy and its because most people, maybe ESPECIALLY women, have a view of adult womanhood that is extremely constrained and specific and limiting 

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Esplain not Santa Monica pls it the video is my fav

me (nick) and iain wrote this one 50/50 so i’m gonna explain some parts of it and then iain will probably add some stuff later d:-)

so the first verse is about how we’ll probably end up okay in the end (settled in life, watching our friends get married and be happy, etc) but right now it’s hard to imagine that. the part about chasing pieces of dust is because me, iain, and a very close friend called rakesh (who directed+starred in the good rhymes vid) used to meet up in a forest every week, buy weird tasting sweets for each other and talk about wes anderson films. iain wrote that part.

the 2nd verse (when you choke until i’ll just keep on singing) is about how if something goes wrong for iain (or anyone in the band) (or any of our friends) i’m gonna do anything i can do to help them. the things these guys have done for me is incredible and honestly i don’t know where i’d be without them.

there’s this video on filmcow (same guy who did charlie the unicorn) called swiffer, and it’s about a mad scientist who leaves his wife to run away to santa monica with a hoover. the chorus is a reference to that, because we used to quote that video all the hecking time. ive always interpretted the chorus as we know in the end running away from our problems is a dumb idea…but sometimes you just gotta go crazy with your friends for a few days and forget about the world.

again, iain will probably add his mindset when writing it but yeah!! its called not santa monica because the front bottoms already have a song called santa monica. i recorded the videos for the music vid on my phone over the summer of 2016. it’s really us and our friends just messing around but i guess thats
what the song is about??

love your friends, die laughing d:-)

IAIN EDIT: nick got it pretty dead on, the only thing i have to add is the “i’ll wear my bad decisions on my face, carefully hung around my eyelids” is about one time when i wasn’t sober and i asked someone to punch me in the face, but nick, rakesh and another close friend (henry) were all there to help me out and get me home. 
It’s just about how everything is all pretty messy and pretty disastrous, but we’ll all be there for each other until its all alright  

technoturian replied to your post: Spoilery Discovery Thought

I felt this way too, it just doesn’t make sense how he reacted. Then again, it also doesn’t make sense that a heavily injured human could physically hold his own against a klingon, either. However, they could be using the ol’ “the thing that changed you also altered your memories, you’re confused and you’re not sure what’s real” nonsense.

Thing is, this is Star Trek. Klingons are tough and all, but we have 5 series and 35+ years of movies of humans matching Klingons hand to hand in their various physiologies. They are strong, but not so strong a human can’t get the upper hand. And Ash is injured, but a trained fighter, a decently sized human man (he’s taller than L'Rell) and working off adrenaline and desperation. He also has an element of the unexpected, because L'Rell is not expecting him to attack her. He’s afraid of her. Even if he wasn’t restrained always when she had him, he knew escape was hopeless and didn’t fight her. And another thing that we’ve seen over the various series and movies is that klingons underestimate the ferocity of humans, particularly desperate/terrified/enraged humans. I can easily buy she was taken by surprise there.

Both Lorca and Tyler were able to use the element of surprise to completely take out one Klingon guard apeice, it’s not too big a stretch that Tyler got the upper hand against L'Rell even with his injured ankle a bit later with the element of surprise.

I don’t think for a moment, if Lorca hadn’t intervened, that Ash would’ve managed to kill L'Rell under those circumstances, though. He’d knocked her down and pummeled her, but she was still a looming threat until Lorca shot off her cheek. But I can buy that she had trouble getting off the ground with an enraged human on her chest, hitting her face over and over.

What makes Klingons the toughies of the Star Trek Universe isn’t that they can’t be overpowered temporarily. It’s that they are so incredibly durable. They have backup organs for just about every major system. They are hard to kill. They aren’t impossible to knock down, and they can be blocked by someone with human strength.

This bit to me makes way more sense than trying to explain both L'Rell and Ash in the hallway, because even if Ash has lost his memory… why is L'Rell’s line one that confirms Ash’s trauma? And why, if the point here is to fool Lorca, does L'Rell get angry rather than smug when Lorca says something in the interrogation scene that confirms he BELIEVES Ash’s story?

Nope, it just all falls to pieces, while Ash fighting L'Rell is just standard Star Trek fight logic. Humans are always shown to fight aliens that are bigger and stronger than them, sometimes when injured but especially when experiencing an adrenaline rush.

My college choir got accepted into Disney’s Candlelight!

Candlelight is this prestigious thing at Disney World where choirs get to sing for guests at holiday time. You wear a robe and hold a candle and it’s Disney so it’s gotta be magical. (I wish there was a stars for eyes emoji.) And THEY PAY for you to go. I think there is a plus one ticket but I’m not sure so i’ll ask the teacher today. I would really love if my boyfriend could come. After you sing you get to play in the park. So it’s gonna be dope. We don’t know when in December we will go; we gave them 3 possible days and they will get back to us. So yay!

I had an opportunity to go to Candlelight once but i couldn’t go. That time i was in high school and was practicing with USF’s choir (there were a bunch of us high school kids) and my dad couldn’t drive me to Orlando from Tampa.

But this time im going! And i’m 21 so i can basically do anything i want. (And no, i don’t want to drink or anything so don’t ask.)

I’m excited and nervous. 😅

What makes Taylor special

I think one of the things that makes @taylorswift so special is the fact that all her fans want to meet her. We don’t just want to go to her shows and buy her albums. We want to hug her and talk to her. The love and bond Taylor has with us is incredible. I’ve never seen a person who can literally make millions of people feel loved and appreciated but Taylor does. Taylor connects on a level that few celebrities ever have with their fans. She feels like my friend. For Swifties she is our friend. Industry insiders are baffled by her success. They fail to see that when a star makes her fans feel like she truly loves and appreciates each and everyone of them personally, there is absolutely nothing we won’t do for this girl. Taylor is the best example of how treating your fans like gold translates into record sales gold.

We love you so much Taylor.❤️

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It was shitty of DD but to be honest I saw Gillian said/did many tone deaf things before so I don't think she is THAT educated about many social issues, esp, those of racial nature. Both of them seem pretty performative tbh.

You’re not wrong nonny. My faves are so problematic. But this isn’t about David vs Gillian at all. All I’m saying is that given where we’re at in the world, there can be no more gold stars for participation. Half-assed, later laughed off statements reinforce the argument that entertainers shouldn’t be “political”, distract from the issues they purport to represent and condition us to say “awww” instead of “oh hell no” to problematic statements. I’m not looking to start a mob, just raising a hand to say, you know what, I don’t think this is funny and here is why. I’m still learning how and when to use my voice, and I hope David and Gillian will too.

Seo Kang Joon Receives Food Truck From "Roommate" Co-Star Lee Guk Joo

Seo Kang Joon Receives Food Truck From “Roommate” Co-Star Lee Guk Joo

External image

It looks like Seo Kang Joon and Lee Guk Joo’s friendship is still going strong!

On October 19, Lee Guk Joo sent a food truck to the set of Seo Kang Joon’s upcoming drama“Are You Human Too?” (working title). The actor shared a proof shot on his personal Instagram alongside the caption, “We were filming all night, and this food truck came to us like a sweet surprise. Thank you, we will enjoy the…

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Is there meaning?

Josh Dun x Reader 

AN: Surprise! I wasn’t planning on writing this, but this is a quick drabble, where the reader is questioning the meaning of things. Josh sort-of explains. 

Warnings: None. 

Originally posted by chemicalkitten

“Hey Josh?” My voice sounded loud in the stillness of our surroundings.

“Hmm?” he replied beside me, eyes still fixed on the night sky. 

I glanced over at his profile, the moonlight highlighting his sharp features, before returning my gaze to the stars. “Do you think, there’s a meaning to all of this?” 

He shifted, the grass rustling beneath him, “What do you mean?”

I gestured vaguely around me, my arms flapping about in the darkness. “This. Us. Life. All of it really. Do you think we were put here for a reason, or are we just some sort of fluke? The right elements coming together at the right time?” 

“Why are you asking about this?”

I didn’t reply right away, collecting my thoughts. Josh was patiently silent beside me. He grasped my hand gently in his and rubbed his thumb along the back of it, which was…distracting. 

“I don’t know it’s just- like- look at the sky. It’s so big and there are so many worlds out there, maybe even other living things. We’re so small, and yet, we worry about all these things that seem huge at the time, but really it’s all so insignificant.” I sighed with frustration. 

He brought my hand up to his lips, placing a kiss firmly to my palm. “You think this is insignificant?” He asked, a slight rise to his voice. He was playing with me.

I turned my head to look at him, the grass tickling my ear. “No, of course not. But like, taxes, and jobs, fitting into society’s rules, and whatever else we put on our shoulders that stresses us out.”

He kissed my fingers, “Does there have to be meaning in everything?”

“Can you not do that?” I asked, heat rushing to my cheeks.

He ignored me. “Can’t we just enjoy what we have in the moment? Sure, we stress about finding the right job or whatever, but once you find something you like doing, shouldn’t you just enjoy it?” 

“Well that’s easy for you to say,” I quipped, “you’ve already found your purpose.” 

Josh brought our hands back to rest on the grass between us, his other arm bent to prop up his head. “I wouldn’t say that.” 

I rolled to my side, losing interest in looking at the stars when he was right beside me. “What do you mean? Drumming is your passion.” 

He laughed gently, squeezing my hand. “My passion yes, but maybe not my purpose.” He rolled on his side then, his eyes looking deep into mine. “Maybe my purpose is to marry you, raise a family together. Maybe our children will be the ones to make a difference in the world.” He used his free hand to brush a strand of hair off of my cheek. My skin burned where he touched. “Or maybe there’s no reason for anything, and we just live our life, falling into things we enjoy. I don’t think it has to be one way or the other, honestly.”

I scooted closer to him, resting my forehead against his, our noses squishing together. He chuckled at the action. “But this feels like it was meant to happen. Or that I’m just incredibly lucky,” I whisper. 

“I’m the lucky one.” He corrected, before giving my lips a quick peck. “So then, believe that. Let that meaning that you feel bring you joy. I don’t think it has to be more complicated than that.”

“Do you think we were meant to be together?” I asked him, my voice wavering slightly. 

“All I know is that I met you, I fell in love with you, and now I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you. Whether it was fate or a fluke, it doesn’t matter. I’m happy, here, now, with my fiancée. I don’t need to know any more than that.” 

We fell into a comfortable silence, a small smile tugging at my lips. I suppose he was right. Perhaps I was thinking too hard about it, and I should just enjoy this moment with him. 

We both returned to watching the night sky, our legs entangled and my head resting against his chest. The rise and fall from his breathing soothed me, and I felt myself relax. My mind quieted, and I felt myself begin to drift off. 

Josh’s chest rumbled beneath me as he spoke, breaking the silence. “It would be pretty sick if aliens existed though.”