we are the sleepless


Amren found no other Hybern assassins or spies during her long night of hunting through Velaris. How she sought them, how she distinguished friend from foe … Some people, Mor told me the next morning—after we all had a sleepless night—painted their thresholds in lamb’s blood. A sort of offering to her. And payment to stay away. Some left cups of it on their doorsteps.

As if everyone in the city knew that the High Lord’s Second, that small-boned female … she was the monster that defended them from the other horrors of the world.


“I will go,” he said. “I will go to Troy.”
The rosy gleam of his lip, the fevered green of his eyes. There was not a line anywhere on his face, nothing creased or graying; all crisp. He was spring, golden and bright. Envious death would drink his blood, and grow young again.
He was watching me, his eyes as deep as earth.
“Will you come with me?” he asked.
The never-ending ache of love and sorrow. Perhaps in some other life I could have refused, could have torn my hair and screamed, and made him face his choice alone. But not in this one. He would sail to Troy and I would follow, even into death. “Yes,” I whipsered. “Yes.”
Relief broke in his face, and he reached for me. I let him hold me, let him press us length to length so close that nothing might fit between us.
Tears came, and fell. Above us, the constellations spun and the moon paced her weary course. We lay stricken and sleepless as the hours passed.” 

(A table of contents is available. This series will remain open for additional posts and the table of contents up-to-date as new posts are added.)

Part Four: Writing Travel With Non-Humans

If a list were made of the top mistakes made by–particularly fantasy–writers, surely travel, travel times, distances, and the needs of animals during that travel would be right up there. Consider for a moment that Frodo and Sam’s journey took approximately 6 months to get from the Shire to Mount Doom. But Pear, you say, it’s not like they were walking that whole time! They stayed in Rivendell for two months after he agrees to take the ring! And of course, you’d be right, but consider that they are two days in Moria, and it takes the group 7 days to get from Bree to Weathertop, a time frame which was just travel, for the most part. Take a look at it on a map:

And now consider the entirety of the world map:

Taking into consideration breaks for eating and sleeping, difficult terrain, horses, boats, and walking, Tolkien did a fairly good job of making sure the travel times for his world were accurate or at least plausible.

Now consider that 30 miles is the maximum a human can walk in a day without stops and without considering gear, and it’s more accurate to guesstimate ~10-15 miles. It’s ~40 miles from Washington DC to Baltimore, Maryland and can be driven in ~1 hour. Now consider that roads and highways have turned difficult terrain into easily navigable areas, and that cars have drastically lengthened how far and how long we can travel. A team of horses pulling a carriage can expect approximately 50 miles over an 8-12 hour day. A horse will tire from a gallop after approximately 3 miles, but could trot 15 miles without too much strain as long as a few breaks to walk were interspersed. It’s been recorded that on one particular journey, a horse averaged 31 miles per day, though 20 is a more reasonable. (I haven’t put anything regarding companions with wings due to severe variability. Migrating Alpine swifts have been known to fly 200 days straight while other birds don’t even really glide very well. If your companion has wings, do very thorough research into wing bones and strength and do your best.) My point is: We don’t go as far as we think we do, and neither do our creature companions unless we care for them properly.

Long story short, distance matters.

When you’re trying to decide how long it takes to get from one place to another in your story, or attempting to figure out how long it would take an advancing army to reach their destination, consider that our modern view of maps and distances has become severely warped. “It’s not that far,” and “They could make it there in a couple of hours,” and “They’ll be here tomorrow,” are common assumptions for writers, but they might not take into consideration that our characters, creature or otherwise, cannot travel all day without pause, even on roads.


Remember to take terrain into consideration. Your creatures accompanying your characters have different physiology than your humanoid characters, so how fast can they travel? Do they have the body strength to be able to carry someone, specifically the spinal strength? Remember that the more people you add to the back of a creature, the slower the creature will travel, even horses. Additionally, consider what their feet are made from. A horse’s hooves are a dense material that takes long usage fairly well (rocks and terrain difficulties aside) which is part of why they (and other hoofed creatures) make good pack animals and “vehicles,” alongside other factors. We don’t go around riding creatures with paws because paws rub raw faster when burdened with weight and asked to go long distances. Creatures traveling on their own legs will travel differently over different terrain. Remember when I mentioned earlier in the series that you should be thinking about where your creature companions originate from? Their physiology will be tailored to travel best over that kind of terrain. If they’re from meadows, rocky mountains will slow them down. Obviously, travel speeds will change depending on the terrain, and the endurance of your creatures will, too. Horses will become lame if rocks or other materials become lodged in their hooves (think about having a rock in your shoe!). Consider how terrain could impact your creature companion in similar ways depending on the construction of their feet.

Food & Water

The most common trope for feeding our humanoid characters on their journey is that they have rations in their packs: dried fruit, tough bread, hunks of cheese, dried meat jerky, etc. What’s often forgotten about is sufficient and appropriate food and water for creature companions. Water retention and metabolism rates vary widely across creatures. You can’t assume that they’ll function like your humanoids do.

When you were planning your creature companion and where they came from, I asked you to consider what kind of eaters they are (herbivore, carnivore, omnivore) to get a good basic idea of what your companions eat. They’re likely not going to be carrying around their food like your humanoids might, so you need to plan for your characters to either be hunting for the creature or to allow the creature to go off and hunt. But don’t just say, “They went off to hunt, returning three hours later with a bloody maw.” You need to know if the area they paused in has the types of foods your creature eats available. Know the environments they’re traveling in; know what’s around and what’s not. It’s okay for your creatures to go without a meal now and then, but it’s not going to make them happy or pleasant to be around the longer they miss out on food. Be aware of how their personality, their travel speed, their fighting capability, and their focus will be impacted when they are forced to go without food.

For emergency water supplies, it’s recommended to carry 1 gallon of water per person per day while cats and dogs generally need 1 gallon each per 3 days. These measures are not taking travel into account, which would raise the predicted amounts. We almost never think about having that much water hanging around our characters for their trek across wherever, but giving our creatures the breaks they will need and the water they’ll need often gets entirely forgotten. Take breaks. All-day travel is hard, hard work on anyone, car or not. Make sure your characters are traveling between places with potable water, whether that’s sources like rivers or cities with wells.

Stress, Sleep, and Special Care

Travel isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a long, grueling journey, filled with difficult decisions and dangerous encounters. There’s socializing and surviving, and it’s not as simple as going out to do the thing. Stress is going to come into play more and more the longer your characters and creatures travel. Think about how this increase in stress will effect your creature companions. Do they know what’s going on? What’s their perspective on the trip? Have they perceived themselves in danger yet? How will they react when they do? How do they deal with being forced to spend a prolonged amount of time in close quarters with others? Is that normal and welcome to them, or is it strange and not preferred? Will they seek out their own space or stick close to the others?

Remember that sleep is not going to be ideal. It may be few and far between, after long days of intense activity, interrupted by attacks, unfulfilling because of discomfort or anxiety, or any number of other things. You still need to consider how your creature would normally try to sleep, and then think about how they could if they needed to, because, trust me, they’re going to need to. Similar questions to those above should be considered including how your creature will handle going some sleepless nights. How will its mood and ability to handle changes in plan be impacted by lack of sleep? How about appetite and willingness to perform? All the problems we encounter with sleep, sleeplessness, interrupted sleep, and less-than-preferred amounts of sleep will need to be considered for your creatures, as much as for your humanoids.

Some creatures will need tending to when travel ceases, whether for a break or at the end of a day. They may need special attention like horses having their tack removed and a nice rub down, or creatures that traveled in a backpack or on a shoulder may need to wander a bit and stretch the legs. Please, please, pay attention to these things. There’s nothing worse than reading poor animal care from a farm boy going on their first big adventure. Casual mentions of the care and attention are sufficient, but completely ignoring this facet leaves out a big part of what travel is with a creature companion. If your creature is a mythical beast, break it down to its root characteristics to determine how they may need to be bedded down for the night. Are your dragons more lizard-like and likely to seek out warm places for the evening, perhaps burrowing for a nest in the ground? Are your hippogryphs able to find enough materials to nest in or do they take more to the horse side of things and sleep standing? Break things down and determine appropriate care for your creatures, then make sure your humanoids are performing those actions they need to ensure comfort for their companions.

Look. Just don’t forget you’ve got another character who has different needs. Don’t pass them off, don’t forget about them, don’t gloss over them. If you’re going to have a creature companion, you need to make sure you’re treating them like any other character and paying attention to their wants and needs the way you do for humanoids. Make sure you’re not asking them to go too far, too fast, without appropriate access to food and water. Take care of your creatures!

Next up: Contributing abilities!

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Here's hoping phil will be jetlagged when he gets back from Florida so we can have a sleepless night with phil in the duplex

sleepless night with a dan sized lump in the bed

When I was young, I thought love was an uncontrollable urge. I thought I felt it in her eyes. I was convinced it coursed through us, when we fell into eachother on sleepless nights.

I was wrong.

Love isn’t abandoning oneself to emotion. It isn’t following your heart; your heart is a selfish creature that thrives in hedonism.

I discovered that love, true love, is going to dinner at that Italian place you hate, because you know she loves it.

It’s rubbing her back ‘till your fingers ache, when yours is a knotted mess.

Love is getting her coffee ready before you leave for work.

It’s holding her when she’s balling her eyes out about something you don’t think matters.

Love isn’t a soft touch, a deep kiss or a restless night of passion.

Emptying the god damn dishwasher; THAT my friends is LOVE

The moments in-between, when we’re so close we can’t tell eachother appart; that’s the wake left behind, the ripples that become tsunamis when you create enough of them.

Now, go make tidal waves.





Do you remember that summer?

Where we danced upon the rivers edge of oblivion, dipping our toes in, numbing them in cold cocaine water? You were older and should have known better and I was young and just glad to belong somewhere other than the nowhere I’d become engulfed in. You left fingermarks on my forearm, dragging me along - but I was happy to be a part of something that made me feel alive. We thrived on sleepless nights filled with liquor and whatever party favours you could hook up, did you know that I looked up to you? I thought you were some untouchable goddess - people flocked around you like moths to the flame and I was just happy to be warm by your fire, feeling the sunrise caress my shoulders on your back porch; birds chirping as you told your stories with your sunglasses reflecting me - transfixed. You made me a place that felt like home for a while, filled with unfamiliar faces flowing in and out that just wanted in on part of the fun. I didn’t realise that you were coming undone, unravelling in this chaotically entrancing fashion, you just seemed like fireworks to me - all colour and vibrance and glow. I should have known that fireworks like to explode.

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HEAR ME OUT: Abby’s Not Dying, She’s Pregnant


Consider this.


@brittanias and I have been hashing this out and here are some thoughts.  All the symptoms we have seen Abby show so far - sleeplessness, tremors, anxiety, hallucination - could actually be symptoms of something completely different.  Such as, for example, pregnancy. When Abby’s on the radio with Kane, what we see of her does not actually appear to present as a seizure; it presents much more like an anxiety attack.  She’s restless, pacing, her jaw is clenching, her hands are shaking, and then when she hears Marcus she calms down.  What we have NOT seen yet: weakness, collapsing, fainting, sweating, bleeding from the nose or mouth, foaming, rage/mania, or a scan of Abby’s brain.

THEORY: The reminder about Abby also getting fried with the EMP, just like Raven was, and the link of Abby’s symptoms with Raven’s symptoms are a narrative misdirect (perhaps its purpose is to give a reason why Abby’s contraception chip was fried and she didn’t know it); otherwise all the attention paid to the idea that this brain thing could present very differently in different people wouldn’t actually matter, unless it was so they could show us symptoms of something that was not a brain tumor and convince us to believe it was a brain tumor.  So we see Raven hallucinate and then have a seizure, we have Abby explain why, we have Jackson say “but the same thing happened to you, I should check you,” and then we have Abby being stubborn and insisting she’s fine and refusing to let him check her.  So it’s possible that the reason we see Abby’s first symptom - the hallucination (of her child, btw) in the same episode as Raven’s is to make sure we, the audience, are going “oh shit” and immediately assuming they are the exact same kind of hallucination.  Even though hallucinations are a very common symptom of extreme sleeplessness and sleeplessness is a common symptom of a whole huge range of things.

[Edited to add, per Brittany’s suggestion just now: we don’t even know that it was a hallucination. She was alone in the lab; she straight-up could have been dreaming.  (In that fancy bed.)  Just a regular ol’ extremely vivid dream - another common pregnancy symptom.]

Another, slightly more extra, possible indicator that pregnancy is a possibility: the editing of the sex scene.  We didn’t see leadup/cut to black/afterglow like the show usually does; we saw Kane finish.  It’s possible the writers and directors are just plain old Kabby trash like we are, but it’s also possible it’s plot-relevant in some way that we have concrete proof that Kane came inside her.

So this is my prediction.  I don’t think either of them are going to die.  I think for Raven, the narrative purpose of the “oh no you have a brain thing” is not the possibility of death, it’s the seizures.  It’s to put Raven in a situation where we know there is a danger she could completely lose control of her physical body, with all of humanity on the line.  They made a big point of Raven having to switch the rocket to manual, which now means only Raven can fly it.  They made a big point of how they needed all those barrels of hydrazine for the rocket and now they’re down one; what if they can coast on only the remaining fuel as long as the rocket is only carrying the weight of one passenger and they strip out all the unnecessary internal workings to make it lighter?  Then Raven is in space, alone, with all the Nightblood, with brain that could go into seizure at any moment when she’s over-stressed.  We also have Luna’s ability to soothe Raven with her words, and we have Murphy being in the room for every one of Raven’s failed flight simulator drills (playing with a toy car whose controls are very similar to the rocket). I don’t think it’s outside the bounds of possibility that they’re setting us up for Raven to have a seizure as the rocket is landing and even though it’s in manual, Murphy has to figure out how to land it himself while Raven’s incapacitated and Luna is trying over the headset to soothe her out of her seizure.

As far as Abby, I think the narrative purpose of “oh no you also have the brain thing” could very plausibly be to set us up in the only conceivable situation where Abby would have to consent to let Jackson give her a full medical scan. If there wasn’t a chance she was seriously sick, she’d never allow it.  There’d be no point.  But if she got pregnant in Polis, then she’s less than 2 months along, which means she might not be showing and most of her symptoms might easily look like something else, especially if she already thought there was a chance she did have something else.  So my guess is that she’s going to end up pushing herself and pushing herself until she has some kind of a meltdown or collapses from exhaustion or something happens where she finally has to face the thing she’s been trying not to have to face, her fear that she might also have what Raven has.  But she’d never say “sure go ahead give me a full physical” unless she had a very good reason and Jackson had reached a point of no longer being willing to be talked out of it.  Exhaustion, anxiety/tremors, and lack of sleep could all very easily be a combination of stress, overwork and pregnancy; hallucinations or lucid dreams sometimes are as well.  Especially given that the content of the dream was her child, in danger.

In terms of the narrative purpose to be served by Abby possibly being pregnant, there are a couple possibilities.  One important thing to remember, which I had forgotten until an anon just reminded me of it, is that all the Sky People are universal blood donors, while the Grounders are not.  It’s possible that the “disappointing setback” the episode description for 408 mentions with regard to the experiment on the Grounder redshirt is because maybe a Grounder can’t take another Grounder’s blood if they aren’t type-compatible.  So that means they can’t go to space to manufacture Nightblood synthetically, and they can’t use Luna’s bone marrow to save all the Grounders; they could save all the Sky People, and they could save Grounders compatible with Luna’s blood type, but that’s all.  But if they had, oh, let’s say, Nightblood embryonic stem cells from a baby of two Skaikru universal-donor parents, then by the magic of television science (I DON’T THINK ANY OF THIS IS REAL, I JUST MEAN BY THE RULES OF HOW THIS SHOW WORKS), that could crack the code for a vaccine that could save everyone, as Clarke always intended – not just the Sky People.  

Another factor is that a number of people have tossed around the idea of long-term cryosleep and the theories about a five-year time jump in the finale being connected; that is, maybe one of the “lifeboats” they come up with to save some portion of the group is related to putting people in long-term stasis.  @knowlesian has a fantastic theory I’ll be making her elucidate when she guest-hosts Meta Station next week about how it’s possible that Cadogan’s secret “thirteenth level” was not merely a fancier bunker, but pods for long-term space travel in cryosleep similar to the ones we learned about in that story about the asteroid miners for whom Becca invented Nightblood in the first place. It was to protect them from solar radiation while in cryosleep for long space journeys.  (One factor to consider here is the constant reiteration that Raven’s brain could heal itself if she just took it easy, which of course she never fuckin’ does; however, a five-year nap in cryostasis is probably enough time for her to wake up rested and ready for the writers not have to keep writing seizures into her storyline for Season 5.)  Again, using the magic of Television Science, something something handwave handwave the Nightblood in the placenta keeps the fetus safely in stasis while Abby goes under so they don’t have to deal with the fact that she’ll still only be 2 months along when the death wave comes.  This also makes room for the most crackpot of my crackpot Pregnant Abby theories, the idea that the season’s continued thematic parallels of Abby with Bellamy (up to and including very literal moments like Abby napping on the couch and dreaming of the 100 vs. Bellamy napping on the couch while Clarke drafts the list of the new 100) are actually clues as well.  There were 100 spots on the dropship but 101 passengers, because Bellamy stowed away.  If Cadogan left 100 cryosleep pods, there would be 101 passengers if Abby’s pregnant.

On a thematic level, of course, a baby symbolizes hope and possibility and the future; it’s a nice narrative device to tie the theme of hope which has always been primarily centered on Kane and Abby’s relationship over the course of the show and make it literal.  The first Skaikru baby being born to the Chancellors feels right, and it ramps up the emotional stakes for both of them to stratospheric levels because everything is more risky for a pregnant woman. It’s also a nice way to set up a long-term possibility for Season 5 where we get to see Skaikru emerging from the wreckage, trying to rebuild a home, and a radiation-immune Nightblood baby as a sign that the human race will continue is a nice sort of thematic illustration of that sense of possibility.  



h/t again to @brittanias and @knowlesian, as well as to @reblogginhood who occasionally feeds my tin hat conspiracy theories with things like “Vesta was a fertility goddess I’M JUST SAYING”

We have a new season of The X-files, people! Season 11 is coming! We will have shooting days with candids, fake call sheets, many-many gates, hundreds of theories, huge press tour, interviews, photo shoots, tonnes of fuckery and of course sleepless nights. We will have months of new experiences to share and 10 new episodes of our favourite show! 10! Not 6, but 10! Just think about all the crazy good things we shared after Season 10 was announced. On the road leading up to the new season, new people joined the fandom, new friendships were born and people were here to discuss all type of topics. It can always go a bit too crazy, but hey, this is a fandom. We are weird, so there is that. Tumblr is a sanctuary to everyone. 

Or it was, until a couple of months ago the fandom has been divided and not because of the ships, but because of egos and personalities. Out of a sudden, we had a Tumblr police going around policing & bullying people. They were yelling at people about respect while attacking them why they live in a fantasy world and calling them names. People deleted their blogs, because of this! I’ve never seen so much hate in this fandom before and I don’t want that darkness in my home, again.

Now, they want to come back, ‘cause The X-files is back, and pretend like nothing happened. Well, I’m sorry but  “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.” You called people stupid, delusional, crazy - to say the least offensives - you created a blog for the sole purpose of mocking people, you hated on David, you said Gillian would never do X-files again, you said Gillian and David’s relationship is toxic. Feeling superior, bullying and mocking other people’s hobbies, making fun of their obsessions and enjoying all of this is not okay. I don’t think this behaviour should be forgiven, ‘cause if you did it once, you’ll do it again.  So, please just stop creating another drama the deeds are done. 

The two sides could exist next to each other, you just have to stop obsessing about the other side. You clearly stated your beliefs, your interest, stick with it. At least have the guts to stick with what you preached for months! I made the choice to have no interest in some topics and bloggers, you should do the same. Everyone should do that, instead of debating why people treat them the way you do. (Hint: not because who you ship, it’s never been about that)  

I’m not gonna ruin our - probably - last chance to enjoy the crazy ride, this new season will bring. I only follow bloggers who don’t go around judging people, who treat each other with respect here. I have my happy place and I’m perfectly ready to lose our shit together, fangirl and not sleep once August comes. I advise all of you to do the same! This place can be the best, I promise you!  

This blog will stay drama-free from tomorrow - cause let’s be honest, I might have to reply to some messages 😂 - and will only concentrate on joy, positive energy, love and a good spiralling is really overdue, don’t you think? This is what I’m here for. Bring on Season 11! ❤️❤️

  • Kuroko: Are you sure you're getting enough sleep?
  • Kagami: Sometimes I close my eyes when I sneeze.

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I do loved the Webbys fuckery-so much more than I'd hoped for! But I fear this may be the last of it for a while😩 I really hope the air S11 in Jan, I cannot wait any longer for any of their joint promo!

Oh no anon! You don’t get it. We had the Webbys and the Upfronts, and now all the interviews will be distilled during the next few weeks or months.

Then, it’ll be July, and they’ll both start to tease us about filming starting soon. That’s when we get them to tweet kinky stuff about Scully and dorky pictures of Mulder. 

Then it’ll be August really fast. Not to mention their birthdays fuckery, because they’ll spend them together, we will be gone for 5 months and a half of craziness and sleeplessness. Did I mention it was 5 months and half? Because it’ll be 5 months and a half. More than 160 days. And nights. 

Then there’s will be the promotion tour, with some Kimmel-like late show, and photoshoot, and interviews, and there’ll be the TCA again, and cute anecdotes from their costars who won’t be able to tell if Mulder and Scully are together only in the show or also in real life. 

Then, there’ll be the premiere, with some red carpet interviews when they forget the acknowledge the interviewers while staying in their own bubble. 

Then it’ll air. During 10 weeks. 10 weeks!!. Gillian will be all tingly, and David will be all about red speedo jokes. 

Then the bloopers will come out. The Bloopers!! Is there anything more Gillovny than some good xfiles bloopers? Probably not. 

Then it’ll be the 25th anniversary, and we’ll hopefully get them together on a comic con, signing, paneling, and taking awesome dual pictures.

Then the DVD will come out, and we’ll get all the BTS and they’ll be commenting on another episode, giggling and breathing loudly for 42 minutes. 

And then, maybe, MAYBE, it’ll be over, but it doesn’t matter, because this is when they come out.

So no, really, The Webbys are not the end. It’s the beginning. 

“Seven Stages of Love” by Ipshita Sengupta

On Sunday, we self-destruct.
Monday: with a confession on a sleepless night, we plant the seed of an empire of affection. .
Tuesday: Strategically, we wrap our bodies around each other - building our first tower of passion. .
Following day: We gather fresh flowers matured with love to store them in the darkest corners of our universe. .
Thursday: Soundlessly, with half open lips, I revere you by writing stories on your eyelids. .
Third day from last: You undress my bodily garb and worship me by making love to my soul. .
And on Saturday: In delirium, we poke holes in the ideas of each other. Twist and turn in our bed, chasing sleep in the small hours between dusk and dawn.
But on Sunday, we self-destruct.

Closing our eyes on each other’s dreams, we die undiscovered, uncertain; defenseless under the moonlit sky.

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We are Strong
We are strong black women, proud and true
A fact not disputable.
We are strong black women,
Through it all, we have conquered,
Through the hurt, we have remained solid,
Through the pains, we are not beaten,
And the wounds, do not ooze,
Not any more.
Because we are,
Strong, Black, Women.

Although they call us niggers,
Don’t they know our names?
They lie on us, hurt us, and frame us,
We are not shaken.
We are proud of who we are,
Black, a beautiful color to behold,
That withstands all odds.
Should our color define who we are?
We are not ashamed,
We walk head high,
Because we are,
Strong. Black. Women.

Why so quick to judge?
When you really don’t know us?
We are not different,
You may call us single mothers,
You may define us as lazy,
You may term us as promiscuous, loud, ignorant
Or people from ghetto,
But we will not bow,
To your ridiculous perceptions.
We may be ordinary black women,
But our uniqueness is beyond measure,
We are ambitious, broad-minded, intelligent,
With astounding personalities.
Because we are,
Strong. Black. Women.

Through the sleepless nights,
Through the hungry days,
We have always found a way,
We are powerful now,
You can hate us,
You can praise us,
But we will not bow,
To what, to how, you define us.
Because we are,
Strong. Black. Women.

We come in different shapes
We are strong, but delicate,
We stand on our own,
Depending on no one.
We are black women,
Unique, strong, beautiful and survivors,
We are irresistible, seductive and voluptuous,
Yes we are!
We stand out, just like skyscrapers,
Stand strong, similar to houses built of bricks.
We get kicks from challenges,
But nothing holds us down,
Because we are,
Strong. Black. Women.

We are defined by our mind,
Our beauty is also exceptional,
A single look into our eyes,
Our strength and dedication is mesmerizing,
Always striving to survive,
We allow no one to stray us from our ambition,
We fight our battles,
Many wars we have won,
Because we are,
Strong. Black. Women.

We have gone through many struggles,
For equal treatments in society,
Although they may disregard our plea,
We grow stronger, day after day,
Perpetually remaining queens in our thrones.
We are proud of our origin,
We are proud of whom we are,
Strong willed, independent and flamboyant of our style,
Because we are,
Strong. Black. Women.

We are fighters,
Women, that do not bow to malice.
Solid like a rock,
We are Strong. Black. Women.
The three words, together like blue oil
And sizzling hot combs,
Symbolizing strong African women,
As uniquely strong, and perpetually tough.

We say no!
We refuse to be molded,
We refuse to be shaped,
By the world around us.
We refuse to yield, to expectations set before us,
We refuse to limit our potential,
We refuse to be advocates of statistics,
Or follow the path to destruction,
We refuse to live our lives through dictations of destroyers,
We refuse to stray from the course we have taken,
Of breaking the stereotypes,
We will pursue tirelessly,
The path to changing their perceptions.
They will not be the basis,
For defining our future, and that of our children.
Because we are,
Strong. Black. Women.