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Someone I know and their friend started on that “spend money on travel/experiences not sneakers” wave today and I of course objected to it saying there’s a ton of Black folks who will not ever really be in the position to afford international travel so who cares if they buy sneakers only for them to say that’s a fallacy.

A bunch of college educated Black young people sitting in a 3k a month apartment who between us have won awards in our fields, worked at the White House, attended school in places like London, Florence, and Abu Dhabi, been awarded scholarship money and grants, and are building projects that put us in rooms with influencers and industry titans……saying it’s not hard to save to travel and “experience” things.



My babies, my OTP, my Eunhae. Whether they’re fighting or cuddling, it doesn’t matter. Their love brightens my darkest days and always makes me smile. I hope they can do the same for you :)

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Did I ever mention that, just like AI!Lance, Zero also has an alternate mode? Error appears whenever Lance goes berserkers, and Zero…well. It’s the form that “should have been”, from the start.

I call it the 100% mode.

The one good thing about the German crisis: We now learn what our President is actually capable of. Usually he is just the representing guy, like the Queen is. Now he actually has political power, because he is the one who has to decide what happens next. Merkel as a minority chancellor? New elections? A totally different chancellor? It’s up to him. He decides and he appoints. 


One Piece Creator Postpones New Arc & Drama Explained!! [ Sawyer7mage]

ARMY just drafted a ton of new members tonight. Be nice to them, guys, they’ll have to go through the same learning curve all of us did

Seriously, my dreams, especially when they’re B99-related, are becoming weirder and weirder. This time I was watching a new episode, where the whole squad + the families of Jake and Amy were having a huge “before-the-wedding” party, with games and all. It was fun and cute. Until at some point a criminal made his way into the party, and threatened to kill everyone. So Jake made a deal with him, saying that he could kill him if he let all the other ones go. Of course they all complained, especially Amy, who didn’t want to become a widow without even getting married yet. But it was too late, the criminal was there, with his gun on Jake’s head, and the TENSION there was omg it was horrible. There was no music, nothing, just silence as we were waiting for something to happen, because it’s B99, a comedy show – no one can die like this. But then everything turned to black, and we heard a gunshot, and I was so afraid this was the end of the episode, that we would have to wait another week to know what happened. But then there was a flashforward of a few minutes (hours?) to Amy, alone, cleaning the room, devastated. And then we were shown blood, so much blood. Still no music, a super heavy atmosphere. And even though I knew it wasn’t possible they killed Jake, I started to wonder because EVERYTHING was screaming he’s dead, all clues were telling that story. But finally we saw someone washing themselves in a tub that had curtains so that we couldn’t see who was inside, and then Amy opened the curtains and… Jake was there, trying to take the blood off his hair. So Amy took the shampoo and started to wash his hair herself (thank you Charles for this image, I suppose haha). And then it was the end – I suppose someone managed to kill the guy and free Jake?

So yeah, that was super weird, and I’m still shocked xD

> anton escaping the “shrussyhq gc, 2017″

waddup folks and egg yolks, it’s your third fave aussie, lilac, bringing to you straight from her batcave, smol lil anton van dalen !! (i s2g batcave isn’t a euphemism alright, i just hide in my room from the harsh rays of the SUN). click that readmore to learn more about everyone’s fave short meme boi.

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Backstory: We’re interrogating the leader of a group of cannibals. I’m a rouge, and I’m in a group with a gunslinger, a ranger, and a bard.

Mayor: I’ll die before I tell you anything!

Me: I slit his throat.

Gunslinger: We’re trying to get information.

Me: I slit his throat.

GM: Ire slits his throat.

Ranger: Why the hell did you do that you moron.

Me: I roll to compel the gods to put his spirit back into his body.

The entire party: what.

Me: *rolls nat20 plus 13*

GM: Jesus Christ, Ire somehow convinces the gods to gingerly put the guy back in his body and heal his wounds.

Me: What were you saying about dying first?

Mayor: What the fuck is wrong with you.


January 14th 2014. Detectives Peralta and Santiago conducted surveillance from a rooftop at 397 Barton Street. This is where we came the night I won our bet and you fell in love with me. The night you flirted with me for 20 seconds and I became obsessed with you forever.

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can you do like the top ten moments when taemin proved the straights wrong :')) ⭐

idk if im qualified to do this and i dont have 10 but here have some moments where he was acting a lil fruity:

1. “what does a woman do that makes your heart race?”

2. this was cute 

3. selfcest poster lmaoo

4. honestly the entirety of we got married

5. breaking stereotypes!!!

6/7. these in general

8. internet war ft gay dad jjong