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weird how pharah is one of the best and most extensively developed characters in overwatch thus far and in 90+% of fanwork about she’s second billed to that character who has like 2 personality traits but is de facto a fan favorite because, idk, we get to make “mommy needs her coffee” jokes about her sometimes

Please leave the Skam actors alone

“Celebrities” get treated different here in Norway. We don’t have paparazzies like in the US and celebrities here have way more privacy than other places in the world.

The creators of Skam have done everything they can since Skam started to shield the actors from the press and from medias.

Most of the actors go to school and live a normal teenage life, please let them live. Don’t “stalk” them.

A lot of the actors haven’t even been “russ” yet. The russ period is a crazy time, but a fun time for most teenagers in Norway. International fans, please let them enjoy that when that time comes. The russ period is basically a period where we party 24/7 for two weeks straight. A lot of drinking, a lot of partying, a lot of hooking up with different people…. (I know this might be difficult to understand and weird to everyone out there who’s not familiar with this Norwegian tradition). Please don’t get so invested in what the actors do in their spare time, because you’ll ruin the russ period for them because they might feel like they can’t join in on everything because they’re being “watched”. 

The drama that’s going on with Herman right now is actually stupid. Yes, he shouldn’t have made that vine. But it was 3 years ago! A lot of us Norwegian Skam fans have known about that vine for a long time now, but we never made a big deal out of it because we know he has grown up. What’s even more sad is that he has sincerely apologized and people are still going after him…

Please leave the Skam actors alone. I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow them on social media etc., but don’t get so invested in their personal lives. What they choose to share on social media is what you get - don’t dig into their lives.

And one last thing: They’re actors. Don’t ship the actors. You can ship the characters. But don’t ship the actors.

I’m Saying Baby

Pairing: Grayson Dolan x reader

Word Count: 547 words.

Warning: Mentions of sex. I don’t know if that’s a warning, but it’s there now

Summary: You’re dating Grayson and you join them for a video where you have to read out dirty fan fiction. Then Ethan finds one about you and Gray and makes things weird. 

A/N I can’t remember exactly what they say in this video, so I made most of it up and just based it on the video idea. Also, I just want to put out that I have nothing against smut with them or the people writing it. This is purely based on their reactions to it themselves. x

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“We’re back!” Ethan yells making you jump a little. You were so distracted by your train of thought. You return to the moment looking at the camera. Grayson intertwines his fingers with yours and you squeeze his hand gently. 

“Today we’re joined by the lovely Y/N and we’re doing something that scares all three of us,” Ethan laughs. 

“We’re reading out dirty fan fiction,” Grayson adds and you sit quietly letting them do their thing. You like being in their videos, but you don’t say that much because it’s their YouTube and the fans are there to see them together.

“I’ll go first because I found an amazing one,” Grayson says with a smug smile making you laugh. As he starts reading out you notice Ethan’s face getting redder and redder. 

“That’s enough!” Ethan says covering Grayson’s mouth when he doesn’t stop. Grayson just laughs and they begin play fighting. You look through your phone to find a good story. Moments later Grayson has stopped reading out loud. 

“You got one, baby?” he asks in his raw voice. You nod starting to read one about Grayson. When you say the word “daddy” he steals your phone away. 

“No! Why do people say that?” he almost yells making both you and Ethan laugh. He probably hates that word more than you do. But he has the funniest reactions to it. 

“I’ve got you good, dude!” Ethan says starting to read out. 

“This one is for the both of you. It’s a Grayson x Y/N fan fiction,” he smiles starting to read out. You feel your face get hot. You never even stopped to think that people might actually write about you. Grayson looks at you and you can see the embarrassment in his eyes.  

“Ethan, stop,” Grayson laughs trying to grab his phone but Ethan continues. Grayson goes a little quiet until Ethan starts making sloppy “sexy” faces. 

“At least it’s well written,” you say with a laugh placing a kiss on Grayson’s cheek. Ethan is on the brinks of tears reading it out as he tries not to laugh too much. You guys finish up the video after reading out a couple more. You manage to find one about Ethan, which makes him shut up. It’s a funny video and you know the fans will love it. 

“I can’t believe people write about the two of us,” Grayson says as you’re packing up. Ethan is already editing the video since it’s Monday night. 

“It’s a bit weird, but I guess it isn’t much different than fictional characters,” you say with a smile. Grayson nods thinking it over. 

“I love the fact that our fans love you almost as much as I do, but I don’t want to share our sex life,” he pouts making you walk over and wrap your arms around his waist. 

“I’d prefer if we didn’t share it either,” you laugh raising an eyebrow. He starts laughing as well when he realises how it sounded. You peck his lips but leans down for more. 

“God, I leave you for two minutes,” Ethan says and Grayson is quick to throw a pillow at him. Ethan runs off with a laugh making Grayson groan. 

“You can kick his ass later. Right now I want to cuddle.”

the overwatch fandom is not good but the weird artificial ‘media cycle’ on kotaku/polygon/wherever where we apparently feel the need to check back in on the Fan Zoo too see how the Fans are Hilariously Reacting to overwatch content every time some gay kid who likes overwatch makes a tweet is the worst and most unnecessary thing ever. can we all just agree on that 

I need to follow more TMNT 2012 blogs that focus on Mikey being a badass ray of sunshine in all aspects. He is not stupid, unintelligent, a screw up, or deserving of most of those hittings and yellings and eyerolls and being told to shut up.

I respect the Tumblr fandom’s dedication to Donnie because Donnie is the Science Boy. But Mikey knows things too, and if he and Donnie teamed up they could do all the things for the whole world.

I feel weird and sad when fans gripe about introspective analytical fans happily critiquing each season, noting likes and dislikes. It might seem like complaining and whining. But for us creatives who spent over half our lives in the fandom, picking apart episodes is how we have fun and learn things and write headcanons.

“If you criticize the show so much, why are you still watching it?”
Because I adore it, every flaw and problem that makes me yell, because it teaches me about good writing and bad writing. I will rant and stomp and grrrr argh over plotlines, while smiling. I will not abandon the franchise just because I am bothered by writing. I know the characters well enough. Critique is vital to delve into Story.

So I am a Mikey fangirl who has been here since the late 1980s. Now, I am a B-Team fangirl. If I am to love Donnie, it is in context of his relationship with Mikey. Same with the other brothers. And Donnie has been Flanderized. He began as the family engineer. Then he became the family everything else. The writers piled it on him. No writing Raph or Mikey as the medic. Just “Donnie is the best, he will fix it, watch him have nervous breakdowns, no big deal.” And we have Mikey, on whom the writers piled the comedy. “Mikey is the silly one, what do you mean he has emotional depth, he’s the comedian, he’s the goofy one, we don’t need to explore his potential emotional trauma, just make him act stupid.”
But watch Mikey in the back, subtly saving the world and the writers shrugging it off. Donnie was never meant to be a damn polymath and Mikey was never meant to be a class clown. To put them together and play off their neurodivergent minds has been a fanfiction pleasure.

I will not apologize for being blunt and assertive. We watch great shows that we see problems with, and we talk about those problems in these forums to learn what not to do as writers and artists. If you are not a creative and all you can say is “stop watching the show because your complaining annoys me” then I will ignore you and keep watching this wonderful show and make headcanons. Mikey may never be the hero we want and Leo will still be the golden boy and Donnie will still be the fandom darling and Raph will be the sexy bad boy. We write fanfiction to ease the mental voices crying “But but but what if this”.

I don’t understand the Donnie fangirls who are sad that Donnie isn’t getting enough screen time when we know he always gets screen time, but I sympathize. Because Mikey is reduced to poor jokes, catch phrases, butt monkey suffering.
Maybe the family never thanks him because it’s unspoken. Maybe they are perfectly aware of Mikey’s capabilities. But we’d like to see them hug him and praise him visibly. It would be great to show it.
This isn’t the Leo And Raph show featuring Donnie with recurring Mikey with special guest star Psionic April and her telekinesis.

I have the power to voice my complaints and my love at the same time. I will watch every episode with fervor and purpose. Maybe you should stick to your method and stop poorly dragging mine through the mud.

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In all honesty I still find it a really weird felling whenever I see people draw TY. It’s super cool but it never feels real - Like why are they drawing my characters? I never would have thought when I was sitting down to come up with the designs for some throwaway demo we wanted to do that it would still be around 17 years later or be the most popular thing I’ve been involved in creating (Not counting Star Wars obviously - that’s a whole other ball game).

So thank you little orange rat. And thank you TY fans for keeping it alive in your hearts.

(Oh yeah those are the original pages of doodles I did to nut out Ty’s design. It pretty much clicked by the third page and then it was just working out the details.)

the thing is that tumblr people had been talking about meetups since 2009 or 2010. there were a series of popular posts that went around in 2010 and 2011 of tumblr university. most of the people on the website were in high school, so we talked about it like a weird boarding school/university mashup where all the weird fans would go and find community. 

people made manips about what it would look like:

they also created tumblr prom. people would ask other tumblr users out, and they’d post photos of themselves in fancy outfits. for some people, it was about connecting long distance. other people would say things like “the only prom i’m getting invited to.”

they announced the convention in 2013 (though it didn’t happen until 2014). and by that time, conventions were popular. even youtubers were having gatherings. vidcon existed. geekycon (then leakycon) did too. but a lot of the culture from that time had disappeared (look at the post i just reblogged). a lot of people had grown up. we were awkward and immature in 2010 because we so many of us were in our early to mid teens.

anyway, by the time dashcon rolled around, the people who ran it didn’t do their research and didn’t know what they were doing. i think because they saw all of these tumblr trends, they also expected turnout to be a lot higher. but, again, fandom had shifted gears, and most people who wanted to go to similar fandom cons were planning on going to the ones that already existed. it was all a mess and like the last, most disastrous remains of the culture i grew up with.

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Hi dear akumadeenglish! Thank you so much for your translations, you're an asset to this fandom. I hope you don't mind my question: How do Japanese fans talk about Toboso Yana? In the international fandom, almost everyone just calls her "Yana" and it seems a bit weird to me (because of my cultural background) to talk about a respected person with just her first name. Even if it's just a pen name. Are they addressing her as Toboso-sensei?

Hi there, thanks for your kind words!

Yes, most people call her “Toboso-sensei” or just “Sensei” (the standard way), and sometimes people also say “Yana-sensei” or “Yana-san”(the more familar way). We usually refer to manga artists with the “-sensei” honorific, but there are also some exceptions, e.g. people call Hiro Mashima (author of “Fairy Tale”) “Hiro-kun” instead of “-sensei” and people call Hideaki Sorachi (author of “Gintama”) just “Sorachi” without any honorifics for some reason^^;

When I first joined the Western fandom, it was a bit strange to me, too, because everyone called Yana just “Yana” (that would be seen as rude in Japan), but calling her by her first name doesn’t mean people in the Western fandom don’t have respect for her, it’s just a cultural difference, so I’ve got used to it quite quickly :D

My favorite Whouffaldi fanfics

Whouffaldi is what introduced me to the wonderful and weird world of fan fictions. While most of them can be gratuitous and self-satisfying, I found some fan fictions that were better than some “respectable” romance novels I have read. The characters are so well written that you can understand that this could’ve happened. The writers of these fanfics, whoever they are, have a real talent for writing. Following are my picks and links on AO3.
Basil & cleopatra
We’ll marry our fortunes together
Under the knife
And all that remains
Hold on to me
What lies beneath

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for sobi-fans | sabé x obi-wan

During the Imperial era, Obi-Wan Kenobi was forced into hiding on the remote desert planet Tatooine, exiled, where he went by the name of Ben. Watching Luke from afar, he was still an active Jedi knight despite being listed as one of the eight most wanted criminals in the Galactic Empire.

Sabé joined the House of Organa, employed as an envoy to establish resistance cells across the galaxy, gather and spread information, and handle the distribution of matériel to said rebel groups. She also tutored the young Princess Leia Organa, in matters of court etiquette, security and diplomacy.

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Hyia! I started watching xena a few weeks ago (bc of you xP), and I was wondering if you had any fic recs? there's a lot of them on ao3, but there seems to be a lot of weird crossover stuff...

Yay, you’re welcome :3 (ps. we’re starting s2 today in the rewatch so jump in if you want whenever you catch up!)

you gotta realize tho that xena fandom came almost before the internet and certainly before the sites with fanfiction were here so they usually had their own directories and websites (pretty sure xena fans invented au (aka uber) fics). I know of a few here, here, and here. You’ll have most luck there even if newer fics are posted on ao3 but like you said, it is mostly crossovers and it’s hard to find good ones. 

‘Yo, you know what we need more of? We need poc fans of rock/metal/hard rock/punk  to be more visible! Everyone can love the passion or drive of the bands they like right, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone!! I mean when I found MCR, TDG, even P!ATD, most fans were white, cis and straight, I mean music is for everyone no matter what but it just feels weird that people of color are viewed a certain way if they like music that isn’t what they’re grouped with. Even now I feel weird saying this because i’m kind of scared what the visible fans would say. I mean, i’m a person of color who likes metal/rock/hard rock/punk, as well as R&B, Hip-Hop, and even trap music. I just wish there was more recognition of the types of fans most bands have, that aren’t just white cis, and straight people. Which is why i might start a tag for people of color to take a selfie, post their fav album or song from a rock/hard rock/ punk band they like, even if it’s just one song! Feel free to reply to this with suggestions for the tag or if you wanna do it!’ 
My suggestion for a tag would be P.O.C Punks.
But please feel free to reply with questions or message me questions, or even inbox me if you can’t message! Sadly i must let you know anon is off for safety reasons! Let’s do this babes!- Topaz/DJ GB ((Gemstone Beats)) 
((please reblog or reply if interested!)

we live in such a weird time of celebrity? it’s this weird contradiction where they’re further away from us than ever (huge amount of security, paying thousands to go to meet and greet, them being so unimaginably wealthy that we can’t even conceptually begin to understand their lives) but we have this simple interaction through social media that makes them feel like any other user? you get people like taylor swift who is inconceivably wealthy and super famous, but shares cookie recipes on tumblr or mark hamill who is the star of arguably the most popular movie series of all time who spends his social media life replying to fans about the most inane of things? it’s such a weird disconnect and i find it super interesting idk

Elaine Judges Fandoms

Best fandoms I’ve been in (no particular order):

Sense8 (hate? What is hate?)

Lucifer (we’re all satisfied with how things are going and love ALL the characters, even the assholes)

Shadowhunters (badass sci-fi/fantasy LGBT+ show. Show is going in a weird direction rn, but fandom is SUPER supportive and friendly. Unless you ship clalec. In that case you should just stay out of the fandom)

Worst fandoms I’ve been in (no particular order):

Once Upon A Time (“fans” driving cast and crew off of social media and harassing actors in person and trying to get other actors on the show fired)

The Flash (the most toxic fandom I’ve ever been in. If you have mental issues or are sensitive, stay FAR AWAY. Just read fanfics and STAY THERE)

Superwholock (either the fandom is completely consumed by the blatantly obvious queerbaiting or are so far up Moffat’s ass that they don’t see how terrible and problematic the show has become/is. Don’t point it out unless you want to spend awhile making a long ass post about why it’s terrible to write a lesbian throwing herself at a guy, dying, or being forcibly kissed by a man)

I want this thing to resonate with our fans, because that’s really the only thing I see as a future for us is a connection with them. Obviously, we want new fans, but that’s even weird to say. The people that are there and sticking in there? We want them to grow with us, to accept changes, because we’re going to constantly be changing, just to make this interesting for us. I think that’s kind of hard for people to understand sometimes, but for the most part we’re making this music for ourselves, and choosing to share it with people. I do want them to get it, but at the same time, if they don’t, I’m not a quitter. I’m obligated to be creative for the rest of my life, and this is the path I’m on.
—  Brooks Nielsen, on The Growlers’ upcoming album “City Club”

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And that video of Vince hilariously and strongly telling everyone to shut up brings me to the problem with WWE today: Faces are being booed and Heels are being cheered, no one gets over in the end (not saying everyone does that but most of the guys/girls, it happens). A Heel must not let the crowd chant for him/her, he/she must acknowledge the situation and take control, shit on the crowd, make fun, anything, don't let those people get over you, work them, play with them. Just my two cents.

Yeah, it’s fucking weird. When I recall The Attitude Era, the parts that I love the most are how fans treated the wrestlers. Not the whole “take it off!” and “we want puppies!” shit, but rather that there were clearly defined roles. People didn’t cheer someone no matter how good they were, if they were a heel. If they were a babyface, it was RARE that people completely turned on them. The most clear definition of this was when Rocky Maivia became The Rock due to fans shitting on his happy ass.

I really, really, really hope that Roman Reigns beats The Undertaker at WrestleMania. I wish even more that the Lesnar victory hadn’t happened and that Roman would be “the guy” (heh) to beat Taker for the first time, because the way that the fans have shit all over him would make his heel turn SO easy if he wins at ‘Mania. Wrestling needs that level of hatred for someone. It simply doesn’t seem to exist anymore, and it’s easy to tell why. Heels aren’t just wicked bastards. They’re funny at times. I’m guilty of it, too. That doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Sometimes, heels need to just be fucking assholes and to do everything possible to piss people off. I wish there was more of that.

johnny’s fans are so hardcore because a lot of us don’t even speak japanese properly but we can remember the lyrics to all the songs in an album as well as the dance moves that go along with them and most of us have never met them in our lives and we live off translations and subs knowing that we probably wont be able to see them for another few years and when we fangirl/fanboy we get called “weird” for liking “asian boys who look like girls.” we pay for overpriced merchandise + shipping costs and we have to wait a few days for a kind fangirl/fanboy to upload a tv performance/show for us and sometimes the quality’s so bad that we cant even see our bias’s face but even then we’re grateful to the uploader and our hearts do the crazy thing when we feel so happy. and despite (probably) being one of the most diverse fandoms, i feel like we’re also one of the tightest. 

There's something weird happening in the world of Harry Potter

On March 14, the most popular Harry Potter book you’ve never head of, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, will come to its conclusion. It has been running online as a fan fiction for the past five years. It is 600,000 words long and contains 112 chapters. By the end, we’ll be looking at a grand total of 700,000 words and 125 chapters. This will put it somewhere between Gravity’s Rainbow and Route 66 in terms of length.

It has over 7,000 Reddit fans, 26,000 reviews, and a fan-made audiobook.

There will be worldwide wrap parties to celebrate its culmination; throughout its pages there are cameos from its readers as Hogwarts students, little walk-on roles that make them feel alive. It’s similar to the furor that surrounds a Murakami release and celebrated with a passion we only see these days for things like Netflix posting a new series of House of Cards in its entirety.

Much like all things these days, this came to me through word of mouth. Most people agree that it’s brilliantly written, challenging, and—curiously—mind altering. HPMOR (as it’s known by its fans) is categorically not your average piece of fan fiction.

Heathers and more.

After a not very nice weeks, I’ve found another incredible musical. Well, Thomas Sanders is an youtubers/viner who i like so much, so some years ago he said that he was acting as the most important male character in a musical and I had no idea about musical at that time, but two days ago, (i think i know a little about musicals now) I found the film Heathers in youtube( which it’s weird but it’s cool tho) and by now I have seen Heathers, the films and the musical, two times and a lot of animatic vids (thanks we-killed-the-dinosaurs aka you are amazing). I know that here in Tumblr a lot of you are big fans of Heather so I want to talk about JD because i think it’s maybe quite difficult to analyze, (but but but i love the heathers and Veronica). I think that he is so toxic with Veronica and with all the people because no one in his life has taken care of him. In Freeze your brain you can see the fight inside his head, also the character in the film, the original, has less emotions that the theatre JD. Meant to be yours is my favorite because you can see that JD is just a scared boy who completely trust in Veronica.

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