we are the milers


Sunday recovery runs are the best. I feel great today after yesterday’s 20 miler. We did just 4 easy miles, all in Zones 1 and 2, and my legs feel fresh. The gal with me is one of my best buddies and ran all 20 with me yesterday. 

I can’t believe my half iron is only 16 weeks away! I don’t have any time goals for this 70.3. I put it on the schedule so that I would make sure to fit biking and swimming into my schedule in a structured way. Every time I have done a 70.3 previously, I’ve been either training for an Ironman or training with the 70.3 as my main race. I won’t be having that type of focus for this race, but I’m still excited about racing and training. 

The rest of the day is going to be spent helping our rowing crew transport their boats out of storage and to our lakeside location. Of course it’s supposed to thunderstorm. Hope the lightning stays away when I’m walking with a 30 foot rowing shell over my head!

2 hour ride with my partner in crime. We stopped a few miles from home for a burger at the Minnetonka Drive In. I was a little flat after yesterday’s 17 miler, but we each took turns pulling so we still made good time. After an afternoon nap I spent 2 hours cutting grass. It was a good Father’s Day but I’m beat!

winter’s here


Winter’s definitely here, it’s 20 degrees out.  After a couple of days off the roads, went for an easy 6 miler in the cold windstorm we’re having as part of a cold front.  The suburbs to the south got pounded with a foot of snow already, while Buffalo proper got spared as usual.  We got a dusting, but the warmer temps of the previous few days plus the subsequent freeze-out iced up all the snow and rain that fallen.  It was a little treacherous going during the 6 miles trying to avoid or shuffle over the ice patches, reminding me of the hazards of winter running.

TNFEC50k Race Recap

On Saturday morning, we got up super early (3:45a). Matt’s co-worker Walter was running the 50 mi and doesn’t have a car, so we picked him up. I wasn’t sure how long Matt would take to run, so I brought a change of clothes and my iPad (books) for post race.

The 50 milers went off at 5 am. 

My race didn’t start till 7am, so I waited around and got my stuff together. I waited with my friend Abi, whose husband was doing the 50mi (he’s in the blue shorts and black shirt). She is super prepared for spectating. 

The biggest fear I had about the race was the heat and humidity, I was certain the heat would be the thing that got me. The night before, I checked out my age group winners, the girl who got first did it in 6 hours. I was pretty sure I could do it sub 6, so I decided to aim between 5 and 6 hours for time. Ideally, I would like to do a 50k sub 5, but knew it would not be in the cards for Saturday. 

I was in wave 1 and at 7am off we went. Lots of guys in the back half of the wave were very vocal for the first few miles.

Parts of the course are single track, and there were a few bottle necks. I managed to pass one girl, and I think she was making snake hissing noises. Weird.

Before the race, I had tried going the bathroom but couldn’t.  I found a nice tree about mile 7. So thankful I bring toilet paper on long runs. 

Hill around mile 5 I walked up. I walked up all hills. 

Around mile 10 there was an aid station and a guy was shouting bib numbers. Even with going to the bathroom, I heard him call out my bib number and that I was lead female. That got my adrenaline pumping. A guy behind me asked if heard correctly, and I was just as surprised. I think his name was Dave…we ran together for most of the race. 

Dave behind me.

I think I was lead female for only a few miles. Around mile 14 one passed me. During the 12-13 mile mark Dave and I ran into another guy, Jim, who does a lot of ultras. The 50k was training for a 50miler next week….He commented that we were going pretty fast for an ultra and he thoughtfully slowed us down and talked about running. I mainly listened in. Both cool guys. I kept wanting to call Jim “Scott” because he looks like Scott Jurek. He also said he was vegetarian and was wearing Brooks, so who knows. 

Up at Great Falls we did an few little loops and saw a lot of the 50 milers. I was super excited that I might see Matt. Going up and down a hill we saw him and our friend Zach who was pacing him. 

The 50 milers do the loop 3 or 4 times. Matt tynz1986 will tell you. I was glad to be done with it once. In this section I heard someone call out KATEBIKERUN. I felt like a celebrity. 

Great Falls was a nice little motivation boost for the spectators, I saw our friend Kris, Tara, who was volunteering, and some other folks I knew running the 50 miler. I did lose Jim and Dave when I stopped at an aid station.

I felt good all the way up until about mile 22 when I started really feeling sore in my hips. I caught back up to the guys I had been running with. 

At one of the aid stations I noticed the appx mileage there was way off from what I had on my watch. I asked Jim what he had, and my watch was a whole mile and change off. Which kind of relieved me, since I didn’t have as far to run, but also annoyed me because my watch wouldn’t say 31.07 at the end. I think on the map you can see where the red line just goes straight instead of curves with the trail.

Matt and Zach passed me with about 6 miles to go. This was the hot humid marshy part of the trail. My vocal chord disfunction thing kicked in and made it super hard to breathe in. I was really stretching out my walking times then. 

After mile 22, just holding on to finish!!

I had passed Jim at the aid station, and Dave had ran off, but I later caught up to him. I think he got hurt. I’m a bit disappointed in my second half splits, but the heat caught up to me and not being able to get enough air in also hurt me. I’m not sure if slowing down any in the beginning would of had any effect. 

I’m not sure how I look good…I felt like death. I staggered around the finish area.

Our friend Kris was waiting at the finishers shoot, he said Matt was right behind me. The 50 milers do a little extra loop around the field. I was very relieved to have to not do. I didn’t have to wait long for Matt to finish. 

No blisters or chafing at the end, just extreme soreness! We found ice baths and sat in them for about 10 minutes. 

There was a results tent and we both found out we placed in our age groups!!

I was not sure how many females passed me, but I ended up being 14th female…My time was 5:48 and change. Not as great as I’d like, but good for my first ultra!

Since it was my first one, I didn’t know really what to expect as far as organization. Matt and Zach both ran it last year and they both said it was put on well. Everything seemed pretty organized, and they had a wave start which was smart. I don’t think I would have changed much…maybe a better shirt :D

Also mad my GPS got off track and didn’t get to 31.07 miles. But for once my pace from the race results is better.


Fun Weekend

Last night we went to fundraiser dinner and were instructed to wear our ‘Summer Finery’. Apparently that doesn’t mean my newest race shirt. We left early because this morning we ran the MN State Fair Milk Run 5K.

Yesterday’s wet 17 miler left me sore at the starting line and I started too far back so my first mile was a little slow. The second and third mile were good enough to get me 9th place in my age group. Surprisingly, my time would also have been good enough for 9th in the 25 yr old age group.

After the race we wandered around the fair, ate some junk food, met a goat and even watched draft horses barrel race (spoiler alert, they’re slow).

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Minty “i took a bunch of free condoms from health services just because i could and they all fell out of my bag at once and now you’re staring at me weirdly” AU

“She was a total bitch, Blake,” Miller groaned, sidestepping a group of oblivious sorority sisters as they pranced down the main path.”I come in for her to check out my damned sprained wrist and all she does is ask me whether I’ve been checked for STD’s lately or not.”

“You can’t blame her, you do look like someone who might be getting a lot of action,” Bellamy replied, a giggle erupting along with his words from the other side of the line. Miller wasn’t quite sure who was next to Bellamy (it certainly hadn’t been him who giggled), but he had a strong feeling it was probably Clarke so he didn’t much care.

“What does that even mean?” he exclaimed. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to feel offended or complimented.”

“Nothing, continue on with your story so I can stop being a supportive friend and go back to making out with my girlfriend,” Bellamy stated. Definitely Clarke then, Miller acknowledged.

“In retaliation,” Miller began, ignoring his friend’s sharpness, “I stole a shit ton of their free condoms.”

“How many exactly is a shit ton?” Bellamy questioned, his interest suddenly piqued.

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Marine Corps Marathon training is going pretty well! I haven’t been running as many miles as I have for my other marathons this year, but I’ve been biking quite a bit and rowing 2-3 times a week. I think my total volume is fine and I’ve been enjoying mixing it up a bit.

I got my 14 miler done today as we are doing a community ride tomorrow, the Tour de Tonka. It was much cooler here this morning and am so glad to have the long run done!

Even though we’ve lived in the Land of 10,000 Lakes for 12 years, rowing has been my first experience of being out “on” the water. I am absolutely loving it and feel lucky that there is a rowing club just a couple miles from my house that is teaching me and has all of the equipment. I mentioned to my coach that I was in the market for a used single shell, and just this past week one popped up for sale.

I’ve never owned a boat or thought about owning a boat before, but I think the first phase must involve convincing yourself that it’s an “investment”. I don’t know what the next phase is or how many phases there are before I get to “writing a check”, but I’m super excited to look at the single on Sunday and am hopeful that it will work out for me. If not, I’ll keep looking and using the club’s equipment and hopefully I’ll find one by the end of this season or during next season.

Looking forward to riding with Mike tomorrow!


So much happened today! I apologize it took me this long to post about everything. Kait met me for a fun run hosted by a running series we did, and then we mostly speed walked/kind of jogged another 4.5 miles. At least the first part was solid! Our half marathon is only two weeks away (!!!) so cross your fingers that we dominate our planned ten miler next weekend. Remember how I mentioned we had a high of 81 degrees here in Denver? Holy moly! Blue skies and gorgeous. I was responsible and put on sunscreen, but STILL got burned.

After our run, we got lunch at a place called Illegal Pete’s. They offer free guacamole if you opt out of cheese and sour cream. I never get those anyway so this made me extra happy. Very delicious and fresh!

Since it was so beautiful, we ended up walking to REI because they were hosting Scott Jurek to speak! I sadly don’t read as much as I’d like to these days, but his book is one you all need to check out. I read it last summer in only a couple of days and will read it again someday. It still baffles me that he has run 100+ mile races and went from McDonald’s to a vegan lifestyle. Definitely amazing to meet him and hear him talk about his experiences.

Although today was very go-go-go, it was pretty grand. I’m looking forward to a lazy/productive Sunday at home though!

Boston Wk 11 Sunday

The second 12-miler of the weekend. We have a mini heat wave going here, so a lot of snow has melted since yesterday morning. I took my run out into the side streets of various neighborhoods so I could run on clear pavement away from the cars.

I was feeling rather tired and fatigued in the first few miles. I was debating whether I was wimping out or legitimately not trained enough to do these runs back-to-back. Just as I was thinking I’d turn around at 5 instead of 6, I told myself “Man, stop being a wuss and run like you know what you’re doing”. Arm swing increased and knees higher. Before I knew it I was moving a lot faster and feeling a lot better. Funny that running faster is easier sometimes. Maybe it’s just extra endorphins.

I swapped my Nike Flash jacket for last year’s Boston half-zip. Equally obnoxious in color but not as warm. Anyone coming up behind me was hopefully thinking “look at that well-coordinated gentleman”: