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Sentence/dialogue prompts for a demon attempting to impress and flirt with a human?

“Hey, check this out. I can crawl around on the ceiling. Impressive, huh?”

“If it makes you feel better, you’re my favorite fleshy meatbag.”

“I can’t blame you for being overwhelmed. I mean, look at me! Beautiful, stunning, strong. All things you could ever want wrapped up in one gift. The gift of me.”

“I was hoping you’d fall for my natural charms by now.”

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Don't you think that 6th house, especially if there are planets in it, is very important because it's basically a person's every day life. For example, if we have Uranus in Aquarius in 6th house, wouldn't that make you have a strong Aquarius influence overall?

the 6th house is really, really important! i read a book by robert glasscock on the 6th house alone and he highlights the emphasis this house has on our development and response to daily life, now mentally we respond to the immediate environment with the 3rd house, but how we apply these skills, where we do, how we do it, and with how much heart is in the 6th house. and people sadly haev to go to work (6th house) more than anything else in life, they spend more hours of the day at work so this expression is activated a lot!!

Just to let everyone know:

✨ We are very stressed trying to sort out somewhere to move to so are probably going to take longer to reply to messages and asks than normal, we aren’t ignoring you! ✨

I will try and keep on top of things but the house search is taking a lot of brain power as well as being very unsettled and anxious.. not just my own anxiety, but everyone inside’s as well. As always there are queued posts but we may not be on here as often as normal, depending on what may or may not happen for us tomorrow or Saturday. (Sorry I’ll explain properly when I can).

Hope everyone is well 💜

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I’m sick of it. Sick of acting like I’m treading on glass because of KS haters. Are they too stupid to distinguish fiction from reality?? Are you going to go bash Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King now for creating such controversial pieces of Literature???
Listen folks, even If people are fetishizing or shipping Sangwoo x Yoonbum they don’t obviously support such relationships outside fiction, because IT IS WRONG. Everyone realizes that, we’re not stupid impressionable 5 years old. We understand that’s why we are in this fandom.
Such pieces of Literature and art are very important because they make us think and understand so much.
We can understand how mental disorders work, how emotional manipulation and gaslighting works, and as a writer and an artist it is very important to be versatile and open minded about even such concepts.
Fiction is all about creating and exploring situations. In case of killing stalking we learn what goes in the mind of a murderer and how trauma affects people.

You know who is really committing crimes here? YOU HATERS. By threatening murder and telling someone to kill themselves just because someone likes killing stalking. By demeaning and using vulgar language against us WHICH IS AGAINST CYBER LAW.

You talk about us supporting bad things and here you are actually trying to talk someone into killing themselves. You know what, we can actually get you persecuted for saying that.

Because I’m done with being afraid for liking Killing Stalking which is a marvelous work of fiction.
You won’t find me giving a trigger warning for my killing stalking posts.

Please spread this tag #NoTriggerWarningKS in support of the Killing Stalking fandom, even if you aren’t in the fandom but know it’s okay to like any form of fiction and being part of a fandom.

What’s been said and widely spread so far: he liked a fatphobic comment. He’s blocking people thus he believes in it. 

What isn’t being said: He didn’t say the comments himself. He unliked the comment. He has received death threats. 

It’s so easy to judge from the surface level. We all joke about our anxieties and the mistakes we make on a daily basis; but take those same mistakes you make as a person, and imagine them being blown out of proportion and then spread at lightening speed on the internet (not to mention, now those originals comments are now all distorted and out of context) and then, you are deemed “trash” because of it. And I’m also talking about the lili=homophobic and cole=racist rumors that have been circulating as well. I didn’t want to speak about it because I don’t care for them, I don’t ‘stan’ them. But at some point this mob mentality is fucking ridiculous. We aren’t born enlightened or woke from the moment we come out of the womb. If you consider yourself at all slightly educated in societal issues, you will know that unlearning prejudices is a process. it doesn’t happen over night. And whether you are 13 y/o, or 18 y/o, or even 40 y/o, you are constantly unlearning oppressive behavior because you are becoming more exposed to it. My mom, for example, she didn’t understand the nuances of homophobia even though in her heart, I whole-heartedly knew she supported LGBT+ rights. Now that she is having more conversations regarding my cousin and the fact that he’s gay, she will admit to you that her previous thoughts were wrong and uneducated and now she’s a little more educated on these matters. And she’s 56 y/o. Don’t put an expiration date on people. If you decide not to support a person, that’s fine. But spreading hate just for the sake of it in unnecessary. 

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"Ashlee is a good influence for Camila and I'm sure that keeping her near helps her with her anxiety, Ashlee seems like a great friend" For real anon! With Camila's anxiety & OCD she needs people around her to trust and to watch out if she is falling into bad behaviors. With Ashlee being closer in age, and a musician, she can relate to Camila in a different way than Sinu. Plus...didn't we hear somewhere that she has training/studied in the mental health field? A great friend for Camila to have.

evetorresgracie: Raeven finally let me finish @officialajmendez #CrazyIsMySuperPower (Every time I read it he would steal it, grasp it in his arms and say AJ. AJ. AJ. AJ. He also says it any time he sees a brunette now). Here’s what I thought of it. I’ve always known that AJ is witty and talented, but I have never seen such a raw expression of her skills. I laughed (out loud), I cried, and I learned so much about someone who I shared the ring and the road with. Seriously, go read this. Everyone in the world benefits when we learn to understand mental illness, as likely, we or someone in our lives has or will experience it.
After reading this I couldn’t help thinking that I wish I had read this book at age 19. AJ’s ability to see past others’ expectations of her and only follow her vision for herself is something I actually envy, and can still learn from. Every young person can learn so much from her story… and it’s so well written, REALLY funny, and super entertaining. Go Amazon it up peeps and read this one!

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i just dealt with someone who says that we're (mentally disordered peeps) are selfish for saying that neurotypicals arent allowed to reblog our posts. for me, its very invalidating and annoying, how should i handle it?

Try and explain in in terms of what the terms mean. If someone who says they’re NT reblogs a post made about a mental illness then that’s a few likely situations

1) they misunderstood the post and think it’s being overdramatic for comedic effect, and they relate to the non-dramatic version (e.g. if a post said “when someone leaves you on read and you cry for an hour”, and they see it as being over dramatic and they themselves get annoyed when left on read, so reblog)

2) they, for whatever reason, show that symptom. Perhaps they have the disorder itself

3) (and this is rare) they’re spiteful, saw a post that said “don’t RB if you’re NT”, and reblogged it

So; basically to sum, it either means they misunderstood it, aren’t even NT, or are mocking us. None of those are very god (altho the 2nd is slightly better i suppose)

Also it’s invalidating af to see a NT “relate” to our symptoms causer it makes us wonder if we’re even mentally ill 

My relationship feels best when:

- I am not dwelling on its past or its future, but living in the present moment

- I am worrying over preconceived notions of what it should be, but appreciating what it is

- I don’t let myself get caught up in unfounded and irrational thoughts

- I keep a positive, upbeat, and grateful attitude

- We are discussing things we are interested in, things that are mentally stimulating

- We are both working very hard (but not so much to the point of exhaustion)

- We give each other time to do our own thing, so that when we are together it feels refreshing and lovely

(Please do not reblog)

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Based on how many articles on TvTropes describe everyday things like they're a twisted, terrifying evil, I am convinced that most people on TvTropes would shit themselves at a moment's notice. The wind slightly changing direction would cause them to void their bowels.

I think there’s also a tendency for TV Tropers to exaggerate things for the sake of including a trope - there’s definitely “the more we’ve written on this page, the better this work of fiction is!” mentality on the site, so a lot of the bad things on it stem from people wanting to make a work sound cooler by writing about it a lot.  It’s also why trendy tropes end up getting put in places where they don’t belong.

Looking at you, Eldritch Abomination.

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Also, its very fair how sasuke gets excused for behaving kinda problematic because "he had it tough so he got mental problems we have to understand that" but hinata gets bashed for being weak mentally. okay.

Hinata does not get bashed for being mentally weak. the criticizm is directed towards the people who say she’s always been by Naruto’s side when it’s clearly not the case.

And did you just honestly compare the state of a mentally tortured and traumatized boy who’s also affected by the curse of hatred to a shy girl? Kudos to you. not.