we are the haunted youth


I worked my butt off supporting Ghost Town leading up to last nights concert and it all paid off when I got to meet them all. My face is gross in all of these but I still had the pleasure to capture the moment.

I’m thankful to have been given the opportunity to promote by fueledbyramen! Thanks so much. :)


Ghosts In the Mirror

The past envelopes our memories
Tainted by the laughter,
Joyous moments of lovelorn letters
Written in pages,
Tear stained by saddened

The spirits remind us of lives past
As harkened, darkness comes
Through music heard in
Smoke filled bars
Whether lost in a note of a bent string
An off key singer
Or a beer chased by a shot.

The ghost’s past fill the streets
Of the town we grew up in
Every corner, an old meaning,
Snapped in our memory and heart
Where we ran to our best friend
After getting out of school
We were all the rulers
The dreamers and lovers
Our hearts were broken
Bodies laying close
We would be together
We promised while fading away.

The phantoms blow past
As sands flow away
Creatures of habit
Forgetting our names
Even as phone calls
Ring from the grave
Our backs are turned
From whence we came
Do you remember
Promises made
Blood oaths taken
Innocence lost
Love has gained

The ghosts of our youth
Lives we once lived
Here for us now
Haunting our dreams
Slowly getting older
One day will come
Where WE are the ghosts
Of those days long gone.

H. Murcia 5:19PM 5/6/2017

anonymous asked:

Hi! Just thought that I would let you know that I have re-read frat Harry and I fell in love with it all over again! You have a great skill with writing and I so badly wanna be your friend 😂 but I hope that your all good?!? But also I wanted to know what is your top 5 Harry outfits? Cause someone asked me the other day and I couldn't decide so I just showed a hole bunch... But I'd thought I'd ask you and see what yours was! Anyways love you and your writing S ❤️

S COME AND TALK TO ME LET’S BE FRIENDS! I’m only 75% weird, I promise.  Also, you’re too kind to me for saying these things thank you a whole bunch!! :’)

ONLY FIVE?! That boy looks good every day of the week.  *cracks knuckles* Okay here we go:

1. When he decided to haunt my teenage youth by looking like a troubled psychotic criminal who doesn’t give a shit about anyone and i am all about it.

2. Where he was literally a PRINCE.

3. Can’t forget the time he looked like a prince here either

And of course it gave us the hat too

4. Can this count as an outfit? Because this day is ingrained in my mind forever.


6. You see the perky nips?! Perky nips is all I see.

7. I’m sorry daddy but who gave you the right?

8. This outfit because @yves-styles-laurent​ and i got a glimpse of it in real life, plus he looks like a teddy bear boyfriend with an edge ;)

9. Also, what the fuck this candid looks like he’s starring in an indie film on two love-struck teens in a big city


^^ look at the lil tummy clothed in expensive satin!!!

11. This is fashion.  The scarf.  The hair.  His face is a look.

12. Oops, forgot his monogrammed shirt i want to wear the morning after (couldn’t find a pic so if you find one hmu)

13. This recent one with the willy wonka glasses and his mythic gucci shirt and boots. Because he would be adorable wearing these things.


Theory for Run MV by BTS

OK, so this is based off what an anon sent me. It honestly got me REALLY thinking as I watched the video again. Okay, so what if the video is not AT ALL about death. Well it is, but it’s not at the same time.

Focusing on the CD as a whole, it is about youth. The youth in pt 1 was the innocent, fun, beautiful moments in life. This one is a bit haunting and more about the hardships we face in youth and overcoming it.

What if in the song Jin is the one who doesn’t do something drastic in I Need U because he is the one who stopped and decided to face his hardships and obstacles while the other boys tried to take the ‘easy’ way out (death) when things got too hard. But then they realized they had each other to help stop from doing such things like that.

In Run though, they are remembering the times when youth was all about doing whatever you want. The boys do things like vandalize and drink and party and when things get tough Yoongi just got angry and tried to drink his way out of thinking about it, and Jungkook tried to stop him. V comes out of the water realizing that he can survive his hardships and Jimin and Jungkook wake up in the hospital after almost drowning and overdosing and they have each other.

Jin though, he is the one who stays in the car when the others are screaming and acting silly. He may be the one who decided he was done with his youth and grew up. That may be why he wasn’t in the picture anymore. Because he wasn’t ‘with’ them anymore as a child. He grew past his hardships. And Jungkook looks back and smiles at him because he understands that the boys will still be silly kids, and Jin is just going to be the grown up now.

Now I know, this doesn’t cover everything. I was just playing with the idea.

I still very much enjoy and agree with the dead Jin theory and the Peter Pan theory. But this idea just made me feel less sad LOL.

Anyways, let me know what you think and how I am wrong, because I am sure I am. <3

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Ghost Town: We Are The Haunted Youth - Episode 2

Watch the latest episode of Ghost Town’s We Are The Haunted Youth series featuring Bryan Stars, bowling with fans and the winners of The After Party preorder contest!