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Day 537 - Today was a hot day! My apartment heats up like crazy so I went outside for a bit to catch some Pokémon .

Do you believe in climate change? Whether you’re super pumped that we are putting ‘Americans first’ or you are absolutely outraged at the idea that we are taking yet another step backwards in dealing with a major global problem, the only way to solve this argument is to try and set your own agenda aside and see how this affects everybody. The only lie we tell ourselves is that we are more special than other life forms on the planet. Well, we’re not. Even if we weren’t responsible for any major climate catastrophes heading our way, shouldn’t we still do our part to preserve what we have left? The same way that we shouldn’t wait till our bodies break down completely to start doing the right things to stay healthy, let’s not wait till it’s too late to do something. I am not saying I am perfectly 'green’, but the first step is to keep an open mind and try to learn what you don’t already know.

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“ Dear Miraculeurs, season 2 is in good shape and on his way. As you know Ladybug and Black cat has been incredibly welcome all over the world thanks to all of you. This is the reason why we had to synchronize a global launching and launch major countries at the same time. It will be sept/oct 2017. Tx u so much for your love for the show. “ ~ Jeremy Zag  

May have been blocked or otherwise couldn’t reply to the comment, so I’m posting this. Also I want the world to see how dumb you look. “A race that owns the world?” SERIOUSLY?? We are actually as white people the MINORITY of the global population. In the United States we are the majority but with the global population involved we’re actually technically a minority. You should know your stuff before trying to come “call me out” or whatever. If you wanna ever call me out on something I’m willing to debate and listen to your side but at least be factual.

I don’t like using the terms ‘PoC’ or ‘WoC’ because it sets White as the default. It also lumps every single non white person together as if they are a monolith. Wouldn’t it be easier to specify people’s origins when talking about them bc as we know, the experiences of African Americans are completely different from that of East Asians or South Asians. If you NEED a term for people that aren’t white, use ‘Global Majority’, because that is what we are. The world has more of us than them, and we are not the ones that should be ‘othered’ by a term like ‘People of Colour’, a term they put on us. 

But I would generally encourage you to specify when talking about a member of the Global Majority, as their specific origins is often what leads to their unique experience. 

Desi and Arab people are the ones who are accused of being terrorists. African Americans are the ones being called thugs. It’s not the same.

If you are talking about us collectively, don’t use a term white ppl gave us, use the Global Majority. 

Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure-one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.
—  David Rockefeller

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what are the health reasons to go vegan? the "think of the animals" thing isn't enough for me, as animals eat other animals in the wild, and though American farms often don't use humane tactics, what would ultimately convince me to go vegan is how meat is scientifically unhealthy. that's the main thing that stops me, how it's often shown as a sympathy for animals thing rather than a true health thing

That’s fine animal welfare isn’t enough push for you to go vegan, everyone’s different. But, we’re not wild animals and wild animals eating other animals to survive in the wild has nothing to do with us, we’re not that badass not even close.

  • Disease prevention (Vegans have a lower rate of developing diseases like Heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, Colon, Prostate and breast cancer, Osteoporosis and more.)
  • There’s been many stories of a vegan diet actually reversing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. 
  • Diets high in veggies, fruit, beans and whole grains are responsible for lower cholesterol, lower saturated fats, higher levels of vitamin C, K, E and fiber. Plant protein is heart healthy.
  • Eating animal fat and protein the way we do puts us at risk of all the illnesses listed above and many many more. 
  • Lower risk of coming in contact with food poisoning. (and before someone says “Plants can be contaminated!” When plants are contaminated it’s the result of being sprayed with animal feces from being too close to slaughterhouses and feed lots)
  • Cows milk (and cheese) contains Casein which has been proven to promote cancer growth and is also very addictive. 
  • A vegan diet done right will give you more energy. Healthier skin, hair and nails, can even alleviate bad pms, migraine and allergy symptoms. 
  • Besides animal welfare and our health, veganism helps the planet and other humans as well. We waste so so much water, food and energy on killing animals when we could be feeding those who need it. We could feed more people globally if the majority of us were vegans. 

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-Forks over knives is a good documentary based on the health side of veganism.

To Hollywood, Men Are the Bigscreen Heroes

The theme for this year’s Oscars was “Heroes in Hollywood.” Although the show referenced the subject with clips of predominantly male heroes, best actress winner Cate Blanchett pointedly noted in her acceptance speech that audiences also want to see women-centered stories, remarking, “The world is round, people.”

It seems that everyone but those at the top of the Hollywood hierarchy has gotten the memo that the big-budget film world remains desperately behind the curve on gender diversity. In 2013, female characters comprised only 15% of all protagonists and just 30% of all speaking characters in the top-grossing 100 films, according to a study released last week by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film (see Variety.com for more on the study). Women of color were even less visible.

Behind the scenes, women accounted for 6% of directors and 10% of writers working on the top-grossing 250 films in 2013. These percentages are actually lower than those recorded in 1998. For all of the talk about gender diversity on various blogs and industry panels, little has changed in more than a decade. How can this be?

The fact is, there has been a profound lack of leadership and action on the issue by film studio heads and union executives. Typically, when journalists question studio execs about the dearth of women directors, they politely sidestep the question, listing the four or five such women they have ever worked with as proof that no such underemployment problem exists. So when Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal commented in a Forbes magazine article last year that “the whole system is geared for (women) to fail,” it seemed like the acknowledgement that many who had cited gender inequality — from both within and outside the industry — had been waiting for. By making that statement, Pascal publicly recognized the systemic failure of the studios and unions to institute practices that would enable women directors, writers and those in other behind-the-scenes roles to work more.

The community’s reluctance to right the skewed gender imbalance is curious given the fact that movies with female leads and women working behind the scenes are a win-win for all involved. As Blanchett pointed out, women are not a niche audience. They purchase 50% of all movie tickets and comprise 52% of moviegoers, according to the Motion Picture Assn. of America. Films featuring females in leading roles interest boys and girls, men and women. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” had the biggest November debut of all time, and grossed $864 million worldwide. To date, Disney’s animated feature “Frozen,” headlined by a female protagonist and co-directed by a woman (Jennifer Lee) has seen its box office fortunes surpass $1 billion. “Gravity,” starring Sandra Bullock, has earned $703.3 million globally. We need leaders working at the major studios and unions who are willing to establish clear guidelines and practices that will result in greater numbers of women working behind the scenes and on screen.

Every indicator suggests there are plenty of talented, well-trained and ambitious women ready to work. When one considers film genres and venues that are more welcoming of women, gender balance — and the talent of women — becomes clearer: Women account for 39% of directors working on documentaries screening at high-profile film festivals around the country, according to the Center’s latest Independent Women study. Compare that with the aforementioned 6% directing top-grossing films produced and marketed primarily by the larger studios.

The lack of women on screen and behind the scenes is a big problem requiring big leadership and big solutions. We need some heroes.

Will Water Be Your Next Printer Ink?

by Michael Keller

For office workers concerned about cutting costs and environmental impacts, clicking the print button triggers an ongoing internal debate. Many people find reading words on a printed page to be a hard habit to break when the only alternative is reading them on glowing screen.

But given that up to 40 percent of office documents are printed for one-time use, the desire to take in paper-based words versus ink’s relatively high cost and the waste that is generated is an area ripe for change.

Chinese researchers say they may have come up with just the thing to ease the conscience and lower the cost of reading documents on paper. They’ve created a jet printer that uses water instead of ink and a complimentary reusable paper that changes color while it’s moist.

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-.- wtf seriously. sm doesnt have control of woolim like that.. stop spreading weird things putting down sm when you don't even know what's happening. im worried about woohyun but why bring up sm?

Hi there im sorry but you seem to be the one confused. SM and woolim “merged” back in 2013. Here are some articles regarding that, as well as the SM Ent. wiki page and the Woolim Ent. wiki page where Woolim is listed as a subsidiary company to SM. 

SM described stated “ S.M. Entertainment will run Woollim Label’s global music distribution and additional businesses while S.M. C&C will take charge of the label’s functions. In terms of business structure and scale, we will acquire international competitiveness and will stand as Asia’s premier music group which can compete with global major music groups. We will take our place as the first global major music group in Korea.” (SM Ent. Wiki)

If that isn’t enough for you, their recent posters and promotional marketing items all contain SM’s logo.

If you look closely at all these posters, SM logo is there. Why did you think the Woohyun/Key collab was possible? Toheart only happened because both Key and Woohyun are under the same label and don’t have to fiddle with rights and ownership.

Infinite also appeared at the SMTown Coex opening this January.

TL;DR Woolim is SM’s bitch and if you think the Infinite, Tasty, and Lovelyz members get to escape SM, you’re being deluded by SM’s nice words and false appearances- something which SM stans are regretfully familiar with.

So I hope this has been a valuable lesson in the power of Google and how easy it is to search up facts- something I’d recommend this anon and the one before them learn how to do. Have a wonderful day/night.

Global White Supremacy is a threat to the world, but keep in mind that we are the majority in the world. The white man is the real minority. It’s only through lies, tricks, recruiting from our own, and cowardly violence that they are able to maintain their power. They call us minorities to make it appear that the odds are against us, but those of us who think beyond America and look at the global scale know that we are the majority.