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Naruto ending...........

so what if i have tons and tons of work and responsability

do you think that will stop my weeb ass from watching the last episode of naruto and crying………….

it’s more than a show to me . it’s a complete 11 years of watching cheering and crying along side that one dumb blond kid .

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he followed me from childhood to my teen and now to adulthood

i won’t say the ride was all candy and flowers but it was one hella of journey…………..and it ends….yes it ends with that dumb kid turning into the adult we all long time fans are now

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it ended with the boy getting married while surronded by everyone he love        ( well mostly everyone…sasuke you little shit ) and i can’t see better ending than this

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and one day i too will have a family and when my kid reach the age i will pass him a 720 episode to watch like naruto passing his head protector to boruto

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Farwell naruto………………and thank you…………………..for everything





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Hi Jeff, I'm a Goku Gamer - that means I always believe in myself and win all the games. We are a community of hundreds and we Power Up our gameplay, as it were, to dominate the competition honorably and fairly. Would you like to joib our group and become a powerful Goku Gamer too? ps found this page by searching for "goku games" and you seemed like a perfect guy to join us! or if any of your fans want to become Goku Gamers :) we have a facebook group too! Thanks :)

I’m poopin

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I honestly don't understand all the hate. I mean yeah the plot is moving as slow as molasses (I blame that mostly on cartoon networks scheduling), and the animation can be a bit iffy here and there, but I don't think any of the problems are NEW.

they. are. not!

and you know why people didn’t said anything before in the animation? IT WAS NEVER FUCKING IMPORTANT.

We ALL knew (I mean season 1 fans) that it was part of the show’s charm, the show itself is a BIG “you don’t have to be perfect to be good”, I mean think about the first lesson they teach us in the show? “If every pork chop where perfect…”.

The animation doesn’t have to be perfect and on point, REBECCA ADMITTED its part of the charm being imperfect, the crew admitted they are proud of their imperfections, ALL the characters are imprefect and have done fucked up stuffs or made wrong choices, and they learn, they grow! because they don’t have to be perfect, WE don’t have to be perfect.

 IS THE SHOW BIGGEST LESSON TO KIDDOS, don’t be what people think is perfect, being imperfect is the real perfection! the pureness of the real world, just be good, and always try to be better, because even tho perfection is impossible, being better every day is possible!

And that mixed with the variety of representation (nonbinary characters with they/them pronouns, Polyamorous characters, plus-sized characters, big characters, wlw’s, feminine boys, poc/poc coded characters) and the big amount of heart the show has… is… a mixture of EVERYTHING I’ve ever wanted in a cartoon, good colors, good backgrounds, good animation, AMAZING characters, good plot, good background characters (JESUS FUCK THEY EVEN MANAGE TO HAVE GOOD BACKGROUND CHARACTERS THATS TOO MUCH DETAIL), villains that are NOT only “rawr i’m bad”, its huge! and yeah its not perfect, sometimes it focuses a way too much on things that shouldn’t have that much focus and Lapis at the beginning of her redemption arc was kinda all over the place (now she has more character since we are learning more about her and GOD BLESS), but gosh it has so much pros! 


My friend bought a Japanese magazine about ELP and she found some awesome comics. She has translated them into Chinese for me and some friends, then I translated them(roughly) into English and showed them to @auroreamethyste. We both think ELP fans here deserve a look XD  I have asked the friend who bought them for the permission. 

If there is any mistake, I’m sorry, my translation isn’t great. :p

Galen Erso’s ‘My Plans Will Go On’ !

If you enjoyed this, pretty please like & share and let us know! It was super fun to make and we’d love to do more!!

With love,
Liv and Xan

Super Junior’s Heechul reveals that fans have came into his house and stole his underwear

Super Junior’s Heechul shared about his experience with sasaeng fans on a new KBS2TV pilot program.

On the March 23 episode, MC Park Myung Soo talked about an excessive fan and said, “My manager looks very intimidating. But a fan of mine who really likes me struggled my manager. The fan asked my manager why he let me go on certain shows and wrecked cars and stuff. Ultimately, we had to call the police and we received a signed agreement from him.”

Heechul also shared about his fans, and said, “When I first debuted, fans intruded into my house and stole my underwear. That happened often for us and TVXQ.”

How to make a fandom go crazy? Be Toby Stephens and answer some questions :)

Drawing~Bts Jungkook Fluff

Bts Jungkook Imagine for @kukimunstur

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       It was the day Jungkook was to be coming home from his tour.Here I am drawing away on my sketch book, not paying attention to anything around me.  After months of not seeing my lovely boyfriend, I feel as if I am now desperate to see him. I miss his cuddles in the cold nights, or his small kisses when he found out I had a bad day at work. I missed everything about him. But most of all, the peaceful times when we draw together, just listening to soft music.

       It was hard to have those moments together, considering that both of our places are occupied most of the time; his with his members, mine with my family. And we couldn’t go out a lot do to his fans not knowing about us. But i was content. I was happy drawing with him when we got the chance to. He doesn’t really like  drawing around others so I feel somewhat special when he draws with me.

         It was around three o’clock in the afternoon when I got the call that jungkook wouldn’t be home until late. His flight had got delayed, so I would be stuck her alone for majority of the night. But I was ok with that, knowing that no matter how late it was I would be able to lay in his arms again soon. I had made it my mission to stay awake until he got home, so that’s what lead me to drawing.

         Usually I would be aware of what is going on around me, but today I wasn’t. There was no one here for me to be bothered by, no music to keep me occupied. Just my drawing. My family left this morning, knowing jungkook would be coming back, so they wanted to give us space for a while, knowing how hard it was for me when he wasn’t around. I was grateful for that. But also grateful for the quietness I could have while drawing.

           I would have heard the light knock on the door or the door opening and closing if it weren’t for my being so concentrated. It wasn’t until someone plopped down beside me on the cold, hardwood floor that I noticed their existence. When I looked up from my drawing, I smiled. “I missed you,” I said almost above a whisper, not wanting to the quietness to end just yet. “I missed you too” He whispered back before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on my lips. Oh did i miss him so much.

        As he pulled back he glanced down at my drawing before moving slightly so his back was against the couch and pulling me close to him. “I missed this,” he mumbles as he starts to draw on his paper. I smiled, enjoying the fact that he missed this just as much as I did. I cuddled into him, continuing to draw with him, for the first time without music. We didn’t need it, we had each other in this moment and that’s all we needed. We didn’t get much sleep the rest of the night, to busy drawing and exchanging I love you’s every now and then. Moments like this remind me of the reason I don’t fuss about him always being busy, because moments like this are the ones that count.

                                                      The End~

I hope you liked it~ This is my first time in a while writing an imagine so I might be kind of rusty! Please give me feedback and request are always open!

Can I just say something real fast? Everyone who is commenting on Patrick’s weight and whether he is back to a certain time period…stop it. As fans, we all came together because of the music, and then fell in love with the people who created it. I don’t care if anyone looks a certain way for my own personal headcannon or pleasure. What I care about is if they are HEALTHY and HAPPY. Pre-hiatus Patrick was sad and unhealthy, he’s said so himself. Post-hiatus Patrick was healthy and happy, so I’m glad of that! But I think we all know he’s not the kind of person who is just naturally slender…so he has to WORK at it to keep slim. If he can’t put in the work right now because, oh I don’t know…He has two kids and a family and a life and maybe can’t make it to the gym as often cause he was up late with a teething baby or up early with a sick toddler? Then WHO CARES. As long as he’s happy and healthy, I am overjoyed for him. I’m just happy and thankful he is still singing and putting himself out there for us. No more shaming.

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How do we send you fan mail? To Disney XD headquarters?

Send me fanmail? Me personally or Dan and Swampy? XD

Either way, you would not send it to Disney XD, but to the Walt Disney Company address, which is 500 Buena Vista St. You have to be specific at where it’s going because the company is huge. It wouldn’t hurt to say which department too, like Disney Television Animation. Disney XD would not be the right thing to put down lol (Dan and Swampy have answered a similar question on their twitters, and I THINK the address is the same. Just be sure to specify which person it goes to and adding the department wouldn’t hurt either, in this case its DTVA)

Awwww isn’t it sweet, Sasuke always got sooo little appearance in actual anime or movie despite the trailers or poster or preview 😢
-Note the sarcasm.

JYP Entertainment announces GOT7 Jackson’s return from break | 170323

On March 23, JYP Entertainment made an official announcement regarding Jackson’s schedule. The announcement is as follows:

“Hello, this is JYPE.

Jackson will be taking a break until Friday the March 24th and return to his regular schedule on Saturday the March 25th.

We sincerely appreciate all the fans who’ve waited and given support. We will continue to consider our artist’s health first and foremost for future schedules.

Thank you.”

Jackson has been taking a break due to poor health conditions ever since GOT7’s comeback with “Never Ever”. This Saturday will be the first stage with all 7 members of the group.

Welcome back, Jackson!