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Do you listen to music while you play or/and work with your dog?

Hell yes! Always - in every time!

This one is our favorite (just listen that refrain, bietch!)

“ For the king we will ride
Through the dark galactic skies
To defeat the foes
When the Chaos Wizards rise
Now the universe will burn
Evil sorcerer returns
Tragic fate rages tonight
Chaos Wizard rise “

When I heard this song first… “Holy fuck, it’s me! I’m the dangerous cultist of Slaanesh, the Chaos Prince/God.

Otherwise Bonnie’s favorite the Dubstep. Sorry, It’s my fault. I’ve always listen DBs.

Divided We Fall (OUAT - Peter Pan x Reader) Part 3

Requested by @ajakral

Synopsis: Who said there were no girls on Neverland? Who said Peter Pan ruled over this world on his own? On the other side of the island, far from the mermaid lagoon, the echo cave and the skull rock – that’s where (Y/N) and her girls lived. Because behind every great man there is an even greater woman, what would the king be without his queen?

A/N: Doesn’t star any OUAT characters apart from Pan, Felix and Wendy.

Word count: 2.4k

Part 2 <<<


The first rain drops began to fall from the sky and Peter knew in his bones that he hadn’t anything to do with this for once. It was her, whether she did it on purpose or not, it was (Y/N). (Y/N) who kept her feelings, be them positive or negative, bottled up until the cork popped and a storm broke. Peter feared the day she would channel all of her anger and sorrow and direct it all at him – a tsunami of unleashed emotions she had little to no control over would wash over Neverland and destroy everything in its wake.

That was the cost for breaking a girl’s heart. He didn’t know how he’d done it but he felt it. In the air, in the earth, in his chest.

“Here,” Peter called to Felix who he sensed was looking for him. The thinking tree appeared to the Lost Boy. “I recall asking you to leave me alone today.”

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me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack


you: ‘lord of shadows’
me, an intellectual: ‘kit’s ongoing narration about how he finds ty beautiful’