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At the end of my first season, we did a sequence where the Cybermen emerge from St. Paul’s Cathedral. We shot it on this most wonderful summer’s day, a Saturday afternoon, and everywhere were these huge crowds gathered around us, waiting for the Cybermen. I love stuff like that. I would go into work on days that I wasn’t scheduled to work, if there was something I thought was interesting. If the Daleks attacked a space station, well, I had to go in and see that. The only other choice is to go: “Oh, I’ll go home now. I’m tired.” It’s like being a little kid, you know?

Peter Capaldi on moment on Doctor Who he’ll remember the most. (x)

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  • Cyberman : We have five million Cybermen. How many are you?
  • Dalek : Four
  • Cyberman : You would destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?
  • Dalek : We would destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek. You are superior in only one respect
  • Cyberman : What is that?
  • Dalek : You are better at dying





Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Behind the Scenes (Part Three)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s behind-the-scenes article from DWM #370

First, a rehearsal run-through. When the Cyberman strides up to execute Don [Warrington, playing the President], this is the first time the cast have heard one speak. Most of them can’t help grinning through sheer glee as Nick Briggs’ Cyber-voice emerges from speakers. In one of the actual takes, there’s further hilarity when Don’s earpiece pops out, mid-speech. David [Tennant] nimbly catches it and hands it back.

“You do have to fight down any impulses you have to say stupid lines over the speakers,” confides Nick. “I feel those impulses the whole time! But you have to remember how distracting and annoying that would be if you were directing. If actors incessantly muck around when I’m directing audio plays, you think, “It was funny the first time, now stop it!”

Steffan Morris, the Second Assistant Director, gets an enthusiastic response when he asks for party guests to return for additional filming tomorrow. “I’ve got 13 volunteers,” he announces after a head count, “and we only need ten.”

Nick adopts his finest evil-genius tones: “Kill three of them…”

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Thank you to everyone who shares set photos!

So I wrote a Missy/Clara drabble

It had to come out. Also this ship needed some fic and when the going gets rough… Well I try to supply lol. I’m by no means a good writer, but I hope this hits some sort of spot. Anyhow, this drabble is somewhat dirty? But nothing graphic. Just thought I’d mention.

“What are you doing?!” Clara yelled, alarmed at the sight of Missy, donning a long simple night dress, her usual up-do undone and her soft, loose curls framing her face like a lion’s mane, climbing into bed with her and sliding up against her back.

“What does it look like? I’m going to beddy-bye.” Missy drawled.

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Thanks to Moffat I feel like today’s generation of Whovian’s dont really take the Daleks or the Cyber-men as serious villains anymore.

Like they’re so overused now that whenever I see them on screen now in their new Rainbow Colors I just find them cute and funny, not the death machines that they’re supposed to be.

I mean look at The Stolen Earth, when the earth gets kidnapped by the Daleks and all The Doctor’s companion’s literally start crying and mourning because they know. They know that were all going to die.

The Daleks as evil as they were used to have even some agency, they were a  more than plot device. Nowadays they’re just there to make The Doctor look badass good.

The Cybermen of course have less than no coherent rules to their mythos now, literally they used rain to bring back dead people and turn long decomposed into Cybermen. Oh and then wait! Then we beat the Cyberprogramming with the power of LOVE! BULLFUCKINGSHIT!

anonymous asked:

I get so confused about emotions like why the fudge do I want to punch a hole in a wall when someone flirts with my crush and why do I sob when I think about Enjolras and just ugh. emotions. WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST BE CYBERMEN

Because cybermen aren’t real. read a book

Peter Capaldi smiling in between takes in Cardiff, Wales 30/6/2014

We spent the whole day on the Doctor Who set with Cybermen and other familiar characters in Cardiff, Wales yesterday. The sun was shining, the fans seemed happy and excited and as always, the crew treated the crowd with an extremely friend attitude. Thanks, lovelies! All in all, it seemed like a very good promotional day out for the production. 

Oh, and Peter, Peter, what a darling. After seeing him do his thing on set for several times now, I can’t even imagine him not being the Doctor. So happy to welcome him to the family! 

We’ll be posting more photos soon. Check out our Instagram for a few teasers, too!

The Time of the Doctor Review by Claudia Boleyn

This was it. The Time of the Doctor. Our farewell to the Eleventh Doctor.

It should have been a fitting tribute to his incarnation of the Time Lord. It should have been a highly emotional, engaging, memorable piece of television that kids from today will tell their own Whovian children and grandchildren about.

But it wasn’t. And to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t surprised.

I went into this one full of positivity. Yes, I think the writing isn’t at its best at the moment, but I was prepared to look past that. Yes, there’s a lot of sexism happening, but I was willing to grit my teeth and sit through it. Yes, the heteronormativity and general feel of the show at the minute isn’t my cup of tea, but I sat excitedly on my sofa and tuned in all the same.

After all, this was Eleven’s final hour. His moment in the spotlight. And because I enjoyed him so much in Series Five, I am attached to him as a character. Of course I am. Maybe not as much as some of the other Doctors, but enough to care about him changing and to miss certain elements of his portrayal. 

Unfortunately, however, this episode fell flat for me. And for plenty of other Whovians too, it would seem.

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Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File is the ultimate interactive history of one of the Doctor’s most famous foes. Every version of the Cybermen is brought to life using clips, photos and in-depth information. The interactive ebook also includes a brand new exclusive story written by Joseph Lidster entitled Cybermen: Status Update, which is narrated by Nicholas Briggs, who has been the voice of the Cybermen since Doctor Who’s relaunch in 2005.  

The Cybermen Monster File also features galleries and the real-life story behind the metal monsters. There are interactive sections on the world of the Cybermen, where everything from Handles to Cybermats and the CyberKing is investigated as well as quizzes about the Time Lord’s old enemies.

The ebook is out right now and retails at $9.99 across all platforms (including iTunes, Android stores, the Kindle Fire App and Google Play) in the U.S. 

The ebook will be available for free to license fee payers in the UK only for 30 days, after which it will be available on iTunes, Android stores, the Kindle Fire App and Google Play priced £6.99

I love how the male supporting cast of Moffat era Who actively engages with the concept of masculinity through rejecting it. We have a nurse, Rory, who becomes a hero not through blowing up Cybermen (though that was cool) but by supporting his wife for thousands of years and a soldier (as macho as it gets), Danny, who regrets what he has done and loves working with kids. People may argue that we need a pacifistic male hero in the form of the Doctor as an argument for him remaining male, but Danny and Rory are far better at illustrating that than the Doctor ever could. I love these characters.

welcome to where i try to logically analyze the next time trailer shot by shot without breaking down myself
NOTE: i don’t include spoilers in here beyond what can be concluded from the trailer. i know a little more (from filming photos and videos) but i tried not to show it.
(not that the trailer makes much more sense to me even with the spoilers i know)
(anyway here goes)

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lorox asked stfu-moffat:

Has anyone noticed how all the series’ finales since Moffat are about his monsters and characters? With RTD we had Daleks, Cybermen, The Master and Timelords, but with Moffat it’s Silence, Angels and the Moffat brigade consistently. I’m getting tired of him smashing his foot into the show trying to leave a mark.

Moffat’s always focused on his characters instead of the companions (e.g. Sally Sparrow rather than Martha Jones, River Song rather than Donna) so it doesn’t surprise me, but as with most of Moffat’s flaws it’s been magnified with his increased control over the series.

I think new monsters in Doctor Who are a great thing and I wish the Daleks and Cybermen would go away unless there’s a really amazing storyline for them, but Moffat’s also overusing and ruining his own creations (I have no idea what the rules are for the Weeping Angels are anymore, for example). He bends his rules if he gets a cool idea, but it means that there’s no coherency or predictability, which makes the monsters less interesting and less scary. You need to establish rules for a fantastical world, otherwise none of it makes any sense. And his characters don’t react like normal people (because he doesn’t write them as people), so there’s nothing to ground the audience in the rules of the world. Monsters just show up and do cool special-effects things, then they go away again. 

He also falls into what I call the Greek Hero problem. Basically, the tension is inversely proportional to how many of the enemy there are. I call this the Greek Hero problem because the Iliad has hundreds of Greek (and Trojan) heroes fighting each other and it namedrops every hero Homer could come up with. But they’re all Heroes, so they can’t be killed by each other! Then they wouldn’t be Heroes! So instead they just kill random characters, which shows that they’re badass heroes but doesn’t have any tension. But when it’s just Achilles and Hector fighting each other, that’s when the tension increases and you’re too scared to read on because you know whatever happens is going to be emotional. A single opponent is far more terrifying than the armies of the earlier chapters.

Similarly, the scariest Dalek episode of New Who is Dalek, when there’s only one Dalek. Every other episode has tried to increase the number of Daleks, but that makes each individual Dalek less scary and you end up with all of them being defeated by about three people. It’s far more terrifying than Asylum of the Daleks, even though logically that should be the hiding-under-your-sofa-and-never-leaving episode. The scariest Weeping Angel episode had only four of them, one of the scariest Cybermen episodes only had part of a Cyberman, etc. But Moffat always increases the number of monsters until you know they’re all really easily defeated, because hundreds of them are defeated by one or two people.

(In Moffat’s defence - which I don’t say a lot - this is a VERY common trope, which most fantasy and action plots suffer from. But it still isn’t effective storytelling.)

- C


On August 4, 2013, Peter Capaldi was announced as the next Doctor Who on a live TV broadcast. My British friend, Paul, was in the audience, but you can only see him in the full version of the video. YouTube only has highlights. I just made a few gifs for today, or some of the stage views I really liked. They range in size when some were less frames.

As Peter is waiting to walk out, the camera did a brief shot of him nervously flexing his fingers. I like this angle for one main reason. Look off to the left and see what he’s facing: a Weeping Angel and a Cyberman. It’s almost as if it’s foreshadowing events to come for his Doctor. Well, we know he encounters Cybermen, but it’s uncertain if we’ll see him go up against those nightmarish statues. I’m kind of hoping he and Clara will since it’d make for an interesting storyline, plus it’s one of Jenna’s favorite monsters.

The wide shot of him standing in front of hundreds of people with the laser lights going off is awesome. To boost the awesomeness further, he grabs the lapels of his jacket and stands in an iconic First Doctor pose. For Peter to be channeling William Hartnell, everyone should have known at that point the Doctor was in good hands. :)

I can’t believe it’s been two years now with one season of the 12th Doctor on the show. I’m really loving Peter’s Doctor, and looking forward to Series 9 on September 19th. Easy date to remember, that’s my grandfather’s birthday! :)