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Are their doorways to the Elsewhere? I was just thinking about at my school theres this structure we call the Blue Link, its kinda shaped like an archway with blue metal pieces holding it together. its unfinished and theres a superstition that if you walk through it the wrong way (completed to incompleted) you won't graduate. but what if you get transported elsewhere instead?

There are absolutely some doorways that you don’t go through at certain times of day or certain days of the year. And there are a handful of other doors that always go somewhere Else, but they move around campus. Be careful, at night, finding your way back to your bedroom.

my mature reaction to “Not Today”

okay, Namjoon, you pretty, we get it, stop being extra over there, fudgin’ blue eyes and everything

i had no clue yoongi’s jacket would wreck my bias list

hell yeah, taehyung debuting on the dance line (finally)

backup dancers get naked??? hokay

cheese and rice can these boys have a concept where they don’t run I’m tired just watching them

don’t worry seokjin, you’ll get lines next time


how in the ham sandwich did BTS pull off lit and aesthetic in the same MV, I would like to have a word with BigHit because their main group is way too extra

can you please not shoot them, I’ll get enough of that when BAP has their next comeback

yo namjoon actually killed the dance, so proud, stiffnam is not present

can we talk about how cute it is that yoongi and hoseok match

“The Package” is Thel ‘Lodamee’s retelling of the event. Hear me out…

Everything is upped just a little (except for Halsey’s age). The weapons are more powerful, the lines more dramatic, and while Spartans are incredible, that was still quite the corridor they mowed through.

But consider it through ‘Lodamee’s perspective. He was the one who had captured Halsey in the first place (we learn this from The Fall of Reach adjunct), and after Blue Team had plowed through the entire fleet and ship, it was him who beat John-117. And he would have gotten the Demon too, if it hadn’t been for that meddling commander (so guys, his honor is totally intact).

Also… the Covenant that the Spartans so easily plowed through? Distinctly not Sangheili.

He doesn’t understand human aging, so that’s why Halsey looks frighteningly young. He’s somehow aware that a lot of human drama comes from romance, which is why you get the *shudders for eternity* flirting between her and John

And that’s why we also get John’s awfully cheesy line of “that Elite was strong, I have to be stronger.” Because of course ‘Lodamee left such an impression on the Demon that he was on his mind long after the battle.

“The Package” is totally a dramatic retelling that ‘Lodamee was certain he was going to carve into his family’s Saga.

Crazy Theory Time:  The Black Fairy Backstory

We have a filming notice for 6.19 which is for the same park they filmed Malcolm abandoning Rumple in Neverland and it got me to thinking about the origins of the Black Fairy and her Dark Realm and how that might be connected to Malcolm and Neverland.

First of all let’s take the one bit of history we have about the Black Fairy from 6.09:

Belle:  Why? I thought that all fairies were good.
Blue:  Well, she used to be good once.
Belle:  What happened? 
Blue:  No one knows exactly. Just that her heart blackened and she stopped defending the children that she was meant to protect.
Belle:  She started stealing them instead.

We also know that the Blue Fairy has the Black Fairy’s wand.  Given Blue’s rule in punishing wayward fairies (Nova and Tinker Bell) it seems likely she took it from her just as she took Tinker Bell’s wings.

We’ve been told that this:


So here goes my theory:

What if the Black Fairy, when she was a good fairy fell in love with Malcolm.  Blue (and or fairy society) reacted as we’ve seen them react before to fairy love.  They manipulated, punished or otherwise tried to stop her telling her fairies can’t be in love.  

Like Blue did with Nova and Dreamy in 1.14

Blue Fairy: I’m Nova’s teacher. And if the two of you run away together, it will not end well. Nova will lose her wings. But, if you return to the mines, and if you allow Nova to become the fairy that she was meant to be, the two of you will bring untold joy to the world. Nova can be a great fairy – if you let her. The choice is yours.

But say the Black Fairy choose her love for Malcolm and perhaps in an attempt to escape the fairy rules took him to Neverland.  We know the fairies somehow were getting Pixie Dust from Neverland once and perhaps that was the Black Fairy’s job.  But unfortunately for her Malcolm was the charismatic manipulative fucker we know him to be and he saw power in Neverland and broke her heart.

And she turns black (expect cheesy color change from like white to black tutu).  Now she hates love and she hates the fairies and she decides to do her own kind of twisted “protecting” of children.  We know she lives in a Dark Realm where time runs differently.  Gideon’s rapid aging suggests that it is a place where children rapidly age/grow up.  Which sounds to me like it’s a photo negative of Neverland.  Instead of a place where time stands still and children never grow up under the influence of Pan we have a world where there is no childhood because she forces the babies she snatches into being adults who never know love (and therefore are never hurt by love).

From 6.10:

Rumple:  But it’s a place of immense dark power. Time runs differently there. Nothing makes sense. Anything’s possible.


Gideon is able to fight this because he already had contact with his mother and knew Belle’s love.  But that wasn’t enough to stop the Black Fairy’s little “man up” boot camp realm from totally screwing him up.

I’m just going to lead with this image of Lance and his “WINNER” flag because I hijacked an ask about Lance to talk about Allura, but Lance is a gift, okay.

My model before I’ve started to swing in favor of Black Paladin Allura was Keith becoming Black Paladin and Lance shifting to Red temporarily, and this causing the characters to explore themselves in greater depth, but now, I think it’s actually important that Lance comes to understand himself where he is as the Blue Paladin.

Because we still don’t know Blue’s specific stated virtues. That’s still up in the air. And having Lance shuffle towards any of the other Lions, with their explicit, stated virtues… he isn’t going to be more of a Red Paladin than Keith, or he would have bonded with Red initially, and I don’t know if Lance would necessarily make progress in that manner.

I mean, I still have a warm spot in my heart for the idea of Red being Lance’s aggressive pep talk coach but I think at this point, especially with the idea of Allura taking up the Black Paladin role, Lance isn’t particularly in a place to move Lions. It also makes sense practically that they’d probably want to switch Lions as little as possible to minimize the amount of people going “oh god how do I” at the same time.

That said, though, I’m going to do some rambling on what I think the Blue Paladin virtues actually are.

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I trace your words with my fingertips
as I would trace your face
under orange blankets
warm cocoon of sunset
we are quiet in each other’s eyes
your blue somehow darker
two troubled seas
I would calm with my lips
this feathered language
we speak
like breathing
there is only yes
as we make our canopy of stars
the same sky
where we kindle
this flame
warmth like home
where you touch my skin
come closer
I will teach you
the words I long to say
whisper my secrets
in your patient ear
I know
you will keep us

Let’s Go Back

In which you and Simon decide to move back to England.

Requested? No.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever felt so tired before,’ Simon said with a husky voice as he let himself fall on our bed, landing on his back amongst all the pillows. I climbed into bed as well, sat on top of the sheets and watched as his tired blue eyes struggled to stay open.

We had just put our little daughter to bed, and finally had some time to ourselves.

Simon loved being with me all the time, and he loved being near my family in my home country. He loved that everyone spoke a different language to him, and that wherever he traveled, the accent always sounded different. He liked that people were always curious as to where he came from, since he could only speak a couple of sentences in my language which I had taught him before we moved here.

Thing is, the language barrier can be a little difficult sometimes. Especially for our little baby girl, who was growing quickly and would be going to school for the first time soon. Simon was still doing extremely well on YouTube, gaining followers and interest from new people everyday, which he was so thankful for. He loved his job and he swore he would never quit.

'Si, you look awful.’ I told him in a soft voice.

'Thanks,’ He scoffed, followed by a small chuckle.

'No, I mean, you look exhausted, and I’m sure your followers have realised it, too. You’re not happy, I can tell.’ I told him. He looked at me with slightly brighter blue eyes, showing his interest in what I was saying. He rolled onto his side and brought me closer to him, so that I was lying down and cuddled into his chest.

'What do you mean I’m not happy? I’ve got you, I’ve got our little girl…’ He asked, stroking my face gently and then wrapping his arm around my waist.

'I know, I just feel like we’re in the right place at the wrong time. I don’t think we belong here, Simon.’ I played with his necklace in thought.

'Y-You don’t want a divorce, do you?’ He stuttered, and I could see his bottom lip tremble. I felt a wave of sadness watch over me, and it pained me to know that he even thought about that.

'What? No! Of course not, I wouldn’t leave you for the world!’ I laid one hand on his chest in attempt to calm him down. I could feel his heart beating quickly. I looked up at him and flashed him a quick smile, then leant up to give him a peck on his soft pink lips, which he gladly returned. 'I’m just saying, maybe it’s better if we move back to England.’

'Really?’ He suddenly looked a lot more alive, a lot less tired, and most importantly; he looked a lot happier. I knew that the idea of him being back with his friends, known as the Sidemen, and being closer to his family this time made him look forward to each new day. And the language barrier would disappear, too.

I bit my lip and nodded at him. 'I was thinking, I don’t know, we could find a little flat somewhere in London, for the three of us. I’ll find a job, and our little baby, that we made,’ I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw Simon’s smile grow, strengthening his grip around my waist.  He leaned down for another quick kiss. 'She’ll start school in England, too. That way she only has to learn one language.’ I proposed.

'I think we should do it,’ He smiled, pressing another loving kiss to my cheek.

'Me too. I’m excited,’ I told him truthfully. I could hear little footsteps making their way down the hall, and then towards our room. Our bedroom door creaked open slowly.

'Dada? I can’t sleep,’ Our little baby walked into the room.

'I’m coming, darling.’ Simon sat up and peered down at her. She was standing in the door way with just a diaper on, as it was far too hot in the summer for her to wear something else.

Before Simon stood up, he leaned down to place a kiss on my forehead, and then followed our daughter down the hall back to her room.

'Why did you kiss mommy? That’s gross!’ I heard her exclaim.

'Because I love mommy very much,’ Simon chuckled at her. The smile on my face was so big, my cheeks began to ache. I fell asleep happily, feeling excited for what the future had in store for our little family.

My Bughead opinion:

I think than Jughead have a crush on Betty (idk the time) but  you could clearly see that since 1x02 like in the last pop’s scene when betty’s saw archie and jughead look at those two and he’s response for archie, and even when he was talking about the three (the blond girl,etc) i think he was saying that archie’s luckie more for betty  (he only know’s veronica in that moment)

In 1x03 betty convince him so easy about to help her with the blue & gold (and we know jughead personality like he is so closed with people or hard to convince)

1x04 convince me more when he take betty’s option on his last night on the twilight

the other it was when he told archie’s that betty could never do anything to hurt him, you can take that friendly because they grow together as friends but idk.

And for the promo photos from the 1x06 you clearly see that he care about her when she becomes  nervous about see polly.

and the other leaked things on the 1x08 when they finally have a relationship shows that when archie tells betty the truth about his father he was worried about betty’s opinion about him.

Well, i don’t really ship bughead (just as a friendship and a short relationship) because i think their like puckelberry (if you saw glee you understood) and their going to have a cute relationship but i don’t think the’re endgame, actually i see a incredible and strong friendship whit them after that <3 and I’m sure that betty still have feelings for archie (i know because that crush whit your bf had happen’s to me and it’s not easy to move on so fast whit that) Other point it’s that I’m sure that Archie’s going to be jealous and i know he’s going to development feelings for betty  (btw that’s another post) I think jughead belongs to another girl <3 and idk but this is a square not a triangle lol we have to see what happens in future because the show is really new! my opinion, you could agree or disagree <3

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