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@lexanationuniverse asked for my opinion on the kids’ music tastes

Rose listens to classical music sometimes, and also alternative rock, mostly like what they had in the 90s/early 2000s. She likes Simple Plan, and Green Day. 

John says he doesn’t like pop, but isn’t aware that a lot of what he listens to is totally pop. He pulls a lot of his music collection from movie soundtracks, the really good shrek soundtracks being some of his favorites. 

Jade likes that weird kind of cheery music like The Front Bottoms and Noah and the Whale, that are definitely rock music, but a bit off from the normal stuff.

Dave listens to a lot of hiphop, rap, and electric sounding music, but as he gets older, it moves a little away from what his brother liked, and he starts to make softer songs than he had previously. They’re quite nice. 

Jane likes pop music, primarily. She liked early 2000s stuff, and what recent stuff played on the radio. Additionally, she likes a lot of soft pop, like Norah Jones and Natalie Merchant. It’s good to bake to. 

Roxy likes a lot of pop from different decades. She loves Madonna, Spears, Fergie, and ABBA. Also, she and Jane share a lot of music tastes, since she would take recs from Jane.  

Jake likes acoustic music, as it reminds him of his grandmother, who would play songs for him on her guitar. 

Dirk likes boopy stuff and rap. He also listened a lot to the soundtracks from his brother’s movies. 

the reason i love this idea (and beta ot4 in general) so much is bc…every other group of teenagers in homestuck suffers from this intense group conflict…like the beforus trolls hate themselves and each other, the alternian trolls literally murder their friends for petty revenge, the alpha kids is self explanatory theyre written to be the definition of teen angst bullshit. 

the beta kids dont have that and theyre kind of the healthiest friendships in the comic before anyone even starts figuring out their personal issues. their group relationship development throughout the story is rarely in the spotlight, but unlike everyone else its exclusively positive. we see misunderstandings solved immediately, light hearted and affectionate ribbing thats never taken too seriously, and they all balance each other out and play off each other really well.


You thought you could escape homestuck….. But how could you escape what is (almost)…. ALREADY HERE?!??!?!!? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH WATCH THE FUCK OUT TUMBLR WERE BACK

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infernalshards  asked:

Does that mean that Calliborn came back to his original universe as LE to destroy it? And if so did he exist twice in that universe as he grew up?

well we don’t know for sure

we know Caliborn and Calliope’s egg was laid on post apocalyptic Earth so many years into the future from Earth’s perspective

but since we’ve seen people captchalogue earth earlier in its history, and since its still technically being lived on in the not epilogue with all the kingdoms and stuff

we don’t know where/in which universe Earth the planet technically ends up in by the time it ends up being Caliborn/Calliope’s nest

my thought is that whatever universe they are in is neither the Troll’s nor the Kid’s universe, but it’s own seperate Universe not attached to any other universe we’ve seen

because we know Caliborn’s an Calliope’s communications with the alpha kids was separate timeline wise, something we’ve seen before when the Trolls contact the Beta kids from outside their universe, as well as post apocalyptic Caliborn/Calliope earth not encountering any Red Miles as far as I remember

we do see their Parent Cherubs destroy planets (that are not Alternia/Beforus) that look like they contain trolls on them, but I don’t see that as necessarily indicating that their planet is in the Troll universe by the time they are born on it, since Trolls are a known space and probably universe faring race and The Condesce is known to travel between universe for conquest reasons as well

so yeah what Universe Caliborn/Calliope were born into is as of yet unknown

but even then, I don’t see Caliborn going back to destroy his place of birth quite yet, if even just for the fact that Cherub biology/culture dictates they leave their place of birth and only come back to the nearest Sun when they’ve found a mating partner to battle over it with, and that has yet to happen, so I’m assuming wherever they were born, remains untouched for now

i literally fucking hate homestuck because since the first fucking pesterlog it’s been teasing all of them meeting up, when they were running around their respective planets it was teasing all four of them meeting up, when they were split up on the ship and the meteor it was teasing all four of them meeting up, since all of act 6 it was teasing all four of them meeting up and they NEVER. DID.

we never got a fucking reunion page with actual dialogue focused on the four beta kids meeting up and hugging and meeting each other in real life. we got them talking on a person to person level but since jade was asleep we never actually got that beta kids reunion. it’s 10,000 pages and no fucking reunion even though that was the goal since like act 1. jade hasnt talked to rose since rose went grimdark. thats the only fucking thing id need in an epilogue is just the 4 original kids talking and hugging and crying. i need a fucking epilogue i know its been like 155 years since homestuck ended but im still so mad

they did it, they’re free :’)

happy late 4/13, thanks for the lovely hectic tearjerking memorable sporadicly updating comic hussie


So, we know that there were the four beta kids on Earth, and the twelve beta trolls on Alternia, right? (As well as the alpha kids and trolls.)

And most of the time we think that those four and those twelve were the only ones to play Sburb/Sgrub.

But there’s one thing we forget a lot. 


Aka, the “company” that distributed the beta copies of Sburb.

And we know that there were more than just those four copies. Bro Strider had one, and besides, a “company” that big wouldn’t just exist just to distribute four copies.

Presumably, there’s something similar on Alternia as well. Some kind of way that other people would get Sgrub.

But what this means is that there were other teams of Sburb and Sgrub players, who played their own sessions, defeated their own enemies, and created their own universes.

Who are, more than likely,

your fan characters.


-We never had a retcon, although the beta kids did start the scratch (from what I heard)
-I never dated Meenah, or control entire armies with Aranea
-I had a ship of me, Doomed Terezi, and sometimes Aradia and Sollux would join.
-When I opened the treasure to fight English, it exploded into a very painful white, killing Doomed Terezi and my ghost. I’m not sure what it did to the rest of the universe, or English himself.
-I wore my god tier outfit a lot
-When I went 8lind on one eye, I colored in the corresponding glasses lens with marker



Hello there guys!!!

I’ve seen a lot of *insertship*week and *insertsinglecharater*week this year in the HS fandom, and just couln’t help myself make a Beta Kids Appreciation Week!

We wouln’t be the without them, right? So let’s give those kids some love! <3

Daily Prompts:

August 29th - Day one: Ouside trips! (ex: City tour, Camping, Beach weekend)
August 30th - Day two: Group games! (ex: Boardgames, Sleepovers, Sports )
August 31st - Day three: Holydays! (ex: Xmas, Halloween)
September 1st - Day four: Fancy Dresses! (ex: Gala, Prom)
September 2nd - Day five: Free Spot! (Whatever you want there, baby)
September 3rd - Day six: AU’s! (Open for any AU of your will!)
September 4th - Day seven: Post Game! (While waiting for the epilogue…)

The prompts have been setted general to give all of you even more freedom on the subject, so you can have  lots of fun!

Any media is accepted, Art, Fanfiction, AMV, Fanmusic, anything that comes to your mind!

The tag for the week is #hsbetakidsweek, Everything under taht tag will be reblogged here and tagged

For any comment / imput / question, feel free to drop an ask, and I’ll be replying ASAP!!

Can’t wait to see everything taht you can do!!