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Please share your thoughts now on the line moving VERY fast at the ticket booth. I wondered what you wanted to add. I'm just super amazed she does it at all since the exchange is done after the standing ovation is done and people gather their things and head to the exit. Lol if it would have been me a would tops make an appearance wave and blow a few kisses and then be off in my town car to my hotel.

OK, well, I kind of went off on a tangent about this last night and then deleted it because I didn’t think it had a place in my happy post about seeing Streetcar. I want to emphasize that I think the majority of fans who go to Streetcar because they love Gillian are respectful and just excited to see her and be near her and watch her do the thing she’s so amazing at. And also that if she didn’t appreciate the fans and genuinely want to be generous with her time and show them that appreciation, she wouldn’t do it. 

I saved a draft of what I said last night so I’ll just dump it here: 

I possibly have a non-majority viewpoint on this, but I 100% do not feel that she owes everyone, or anyone, a big personal moment or personal attention or whatever, and maybe it’s just me but I sometimes feel this like, constant undertow of people being always disappointed because it’s always not quite enough or they always want to see her or talk to her just a little bit more or have her sign just one more thing or give her one more thing or talk to her one more time, and I’m sure I’m projecting quite a lot, but I find it kind of despair-inducing and I can’t imagine how it feels to actually be the focus of it. I think it’s wonderful that she will do this, it’s kind of crazy that it has to be organized and orchestrated by the theater people, but I think that’s DEFINITELY the way to go instead of just sending her out the door into the madness. The other actors walked by the line of people waiting for Gillian and like, basically no one gave a shit. I think someone yelled to Vanessa Kirby that she was pretty??!?!????(???)??!? So, you know, it’s clear where the obsessive attention is focused. So I think it’s wonderful that she pokes her little head out and makes a joke about hamburgers, and is so sweet and good-natured about it all, and even after doing that whole play continues to be “on” for however long it takes to get through that line. And I think it’s actually GREAT that they have all these rules like “she will only sign Streetcar stuff” and “only one thing” and “no pictures” so you don’t get people going “but please can I have a hug? I came all this way” and other stuff that makes my skin crawl, and again I’m very biased here. Because boundaries in situations like this can be very helpful and in fact essential for keeping the situation controlled so that everyone gets something of what they want.

Basically, when you buy a ticket to the play A Streetcar Named Desire, starring Gillian Anderson, you’re buying a ticket to sit in the audience and watch the play. You’re not buying a ticket for an autograph or a handshake or a photo. This isn’t a convention. Gillian must be ready to COLLAPSE after this play and it is VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY GENEROUS of her to not only say that she’ll sign stuff after the play but to have a formalized arrangement about it. It’s good for her because she gets to be slightly separated from people (via the box office window) while signing, and she gets to make use of the theater staff to wrangle people to have it be done in a more orderly way so she’s not mobbed, and it kind of releases that pressure valve of people who MUST TALK TO HER AND SEE HER so that, hopefully, once she actually leaves the theater she’ll be left alone. So I’m not saying it’s ONLY the goodness of her heart that causes her to do it that way, but at the same time I think it’s good of her to face that situation the way she does, and be practical about how to manage it, instead of being like “eh whatever, I can’t deal with these mobs of fangirls, just please get me to my car.” She could easily do that, and this allows her to control that situation somewhat, but at the same time, it is a BONUS of access that she doesn’t have to provide, and it is kind of her to do so. 

I have no idea what precipitated the thing she tweeted yesterday about how she can’t sign every night and also SOMETIMES SHE MIGHT NOT COME OUT FOR A WHILE, but it’s that second one that made me crazy – I have no idea if it’s the case, but if people are actually bitching that they had to STAND AROUND FOR TOO LONG while she RECOVERED IN HER DRESSING ROOM before she came out and gave them a FREE MF-ING AUTOGRAPH, then that’s where I switch over from “I know you were excited at the idea of meeting her and it’s disappointing that she didn’t sign tonight, so I’m sorry you didn’t get to and I feel you” to “OMG YOU ENTITLED ASSHOLES, GET SOME FUCKING PERSPECTIVE MY GOD.” It’s possible that it was just Gillian her sweet self who’s worried about disappointing people by not coming to them soon enough and nobody has complained about it at all, and if that’s so, I’d be much relieved about that and I would also like to say to her TAKE AS LONG AS YOU NEED, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO WAIT FOR 45 MINUTES OR WHATEVER THEN THEY CAN LEAVE FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. 

Anyway. Can you tell at what point this morning I finally had my coffee? Heh heh. Basically, I think the autograph line is a very sensible way to deal with the “people love Gillian and want to interact with her” thing as painlessly as possible for her/them, maximizing the number of people who get to see her while not completely sucking her dry after her performance. An unfortunate side effect may (or may not) be that since it’s more of a formal setup, people may start to feel like it’s part of the “package” and start to get grabby about it if they don’t feel like they got ENOUGH time with her or it wasn’t fast enough or whatever. And I’m not saying she doesn’t like meeting fans and doesn’t appreciate the support – it’s very clear that she does. But I’m also sure that she’s tired after the play and that the idea of meeting a bazillion starry-eyed fangirls afterwards, all of whom have waited for months or years for this moment and will remember it for the rest of their lives and are laser-focused on her, has got to be overwhelming. I think it’s very generous of her to do it, I think we should remember that it’s a bonus and not part of the price of the ticket, and I’m glad it was thought through so carefully and that they came up with this setup that seems to give everyone what they want.