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Join GOOB today!

So you all know that post I made about making a discord group? Y'know, the one for people who want to do stuff as late bloomers. Like drawing, singing, playing/composing music, etc. Well, it’s a bit of a rough start so far because I’m still trying to figure out how I want to organize the channels, but otherwise, the server is set up.

It’s called the “gathering of old beginners” aka GOOB. In this discord group, folks can pick up new skills or get back into something they used to do without worrying about their skill level being ‘too low for their age.’

So far we have…

Drawing/digital art/etc
Writing prose and poetry
Instrumental music and composition
Voice acting
Sewing, embroidery, knitting, etc.

It’s never too late! Learn alongside other goobers by sending me an instant message or an ask and receive an invite link!

It’s a zero judgement zone where we all exist to encourage each other, so please be careful about who you share the invite links with!

THIS IS A GROUP OF ADULTS. I am sorry younger people but this is an 18+ group! I am definitely considering one for teens who feel like they should have learned things at an earlier age but for now this is purely an adult group. 

anonymous asked:

Thought you should know that Dean wore a We Bare Bears shirt at the summerslam meet and greet!! Lol

Thought you should know that the WBB bros saw it and fully support Dean and hope he kicks butt tonight!!!

Btw, thank you anon, @zombie-lyzi, @ladymoxley, and @lchimelightgoddess for showing me that video of Dean lol He’s doing God’s work.

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I hope this doesn't come off as rude but I have a question: How do I know whether I'm aro\ace or I'm just not interested in love and relationships atm? I'm asking because I've been confused about it for a while and again I don't mean anything bad! Love you <3

Don’t worry, you didn’t come off as rude :)

That’s… a really tricky question. I can’t really describe it.

What I can say is, if you feel ace/aro describes you right now, call yourself ace/aro. If you figure out you aren’t, you can always change it later. Some people figure out their sexuality in their 30s… some even their 60s. There’s no set time where someone goes “Oh, I’m [sexuality] and that’s how it’s always going to be.”

Sexuality is fluid like that :)


highlights from our first dnd group sesh i need to share:

@icaruspoes @decidueye-thrussy @officialclarkkent

  • chloe’s character (lena) and I (juniper) having a buddy cop dynamic
  • our dm having the BEST accents (twangy bartender named greta, lil old toothless librarian gertrude, new yorker dwarf blacksmith) 
  • phoebe’s character being the sole sane one and voice of reason
  • jordan’s character (kam moonstone) getting lit from one drink and being the only one to successfully flirt with the half orc bartender
  • shirley temples
  • somehow my lil druid gnome is able to intimidate the HELL out of a dwarf blacksmith
  • said bartender shooting down lena and juniper’s flirty advances BRUTALLY
  • said bartender picking up lil juniper by her robe and placing her on the bar “i’m scared but honestly also a lil turned on” 
  • [demon fiery dwarf voice] who you???


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The Love Orthodontist

When I was young
they wanted to fix me -
they saw I was wrong
so they asked all these questions -
how did I eat and how did I sleep
ah yes there is the problem
and they will fix it!
I screamed and I cried
No! this is how I am
but my voice didn’t work
and neither did their ears.

They tied me down
and they banged around
inside my head.
They moved things
I didn’t want moved
and took things
I didn’t want taken
and sent me away
with metal bars inside me.

When I was older
she wanted to fix me -
she saw I was wrong
so she asked all these questions -
how did I feel about her and what did I like
ah yes there is the solution
and she will fix it!
I didn’t scream and I didn’t cry
I thought she’d love me
but I wasn’t broken
and I didn’t change.

She tied me down
and she banged around
inside my heart.
She doubted things
I thought were true
and hated things
I thought were good
and sent me away
with metal bars inside me.

Now here I am
I want to fix me -
I feel so wrong
so I ask myself all these questions -
who am I and what do I want
and I don’t have the answers
so how can I fix it?
I don’t scream and I don’t cry
because my voice still doesn’t work
and neither does my heart.

I want to tie me down
and bang around
inside my soul.
I want to know things
for sure, for once
and change things
that have always been
and set me free
without any bars.

As for the Renji discourse, Kubo intended for Byakuya and Renji to be the bad guys, but changed his mind halfway. He ended up changing them and turning them to the good guys. Renji’s “apology” was during his fight with Ichigo, and then trying to save Rukia, and running with her. But he never did apologize like Byakya did. 

Renji did abuse Rukia, his character changed and so his motivations. He became a nice guy simply because Kubo changed his mind. The ending wasn’t planned that far as some keep saying.

You can hate Renji, for what he did. Personally, I started liking him after he changed, but it’s none of my business if others hate him and the pairing. He’s simmultaneously both the bad guy who tried to kidnap Rukia and hurt her and the guy who was her childhood friend and apparently liked her since then.