we are t first memories dvd


Restored Yoongi  🖤🖤🖤 - revision

1. original whitewashed picture

2. first attempt at restoring without using references

3. second attempt at restoring with the aid of photoshop after seeing references

4. reference from bs&t making video on the memories 2016 dvd 

Like we always say, our goal is to make it as accurate as possible but, as you can see here, most often than not it ends up being lighter than it should be. And sometimes we cannot even reach the right skin tone due to how bad the whitewash editing was.

ps: friendly reminder, this is a crazy hd picture, enjoy ~

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Your favourite homin variety shows/interviews/documentaries?? Haven't watched much and I don't know where to start. Love your blog!:*

Hi~~ ^_^ Thank you so much for your nice words and dropping by ^_^

When it comes to Toho shows…there’s a lot, but i tried to make a list with a few I like and appreciate the most :) I’ve tried to find links with eng subs, but couldn’t for some, so I’m sorry ;;3;;


- Sanma no manma 2014

- Music Dragon 2014 [x]

- King’s Brunch - 2013 and 2015 - forever my fave❤️

- Lion no gokigenyou 2015

- Sukkiri 2013, 2014 [part2]

- Beatles Code 2014

- The Ultimate Group 2014


- KBS DO Dream

- We Are T - First and Second Memories

- Catch Me Production Note

- All Bigeast DVDs :) [winter 2015 here] - always so precious❤️

- TVXQ Documentary 2015

there are of course also dvd documentaries after every tour/PV shooting…but i think these things above are a pretty good start and this is already too many hours of footage to watch XD

I hope I could help ^_^

Watch on graphicabyss.tumblr.com

KちゃんNEWS 2015.04.01

At first I was a little disappointed the anniversary broadcast didn’t have all members but Tegoshi was hyper as always and very much made up for it.

In the opening Koyama said “I’m sorry but actually it’s the last episode.” Tegoshi was like o_O and Koyama admitted he lied. Don’t do it, dammit! Damn April Fool’s. Koyama then said it’s k-chan news’ 10th Anniversary and Tegoshi started randomly imitating Domoto Tsuyoshi. Cut to Mr. White.

Koyama asked about Tegoshi’s April Fool’s pranks.

T: Remember that time? I said I want to concentrate on my solo career.

K: It happened! Doing this to our band members is so evil! When you send that kind of stuff to me, I’m the one who’ll believe it all.

T: Well, I’m a prankster.

The first corner was “Tegoshi’s first experience” and someone asked if he ever held a baby. He said he held a newborn when one of his soccer buddies had a baby. He came to the hospital soon after it was born and it was exciting to see a new life born thinking “once I was like that too”. He then made Koyama impersonate a baby.

The next question was about getting unneeded clothing from friends. He said he did receive unnecessary stuff but not clothes. Then Tegoshi kept fooling around and talking in weird voice so…

K: What kind of character is this?

T: All-rounder. From overexcited prince to Tegoshi who lost his screws” ♥ Hello. I’m Tegoshi who lost his screws. If you require I’ll do anything. I can do a butler. I can do a maid. I can do anything.

Maid, please! Next was “Keiichiro no heya”. They talked a little about Nagoya concerts and then Koyama brought up the showers again. This is what? 3rd time? But Tegoshi was unapologetic as fuck.

K: There were 3 shower stalls. The water pressure was weak. I went into the shower, also Massu and Shige. While I was washing my hair I felt a presence behind me. I was scared. I was like “Ha!” and there’s like “This is Tego-chan~” So Tegoshi entered my stall completely naked.

T: Of course. Of course completely naked. (calmly as if talking to a child)

Koyama described the whole thing in such fine detail. Tegoshi apparently worked up an efficient plan of showering with detailed instructions.

K: He said while I wash my hair he’d shower and he kept giving unilateral instructions. At that time our butts would lightly touched and I think he did it intentionally.

T: *laughs* Well, well.. communication… (seriously?)

K: I was like “wah!” when our butts touched. He was laughing the whole time. And sometimes… I will say it up to here…

T: “Front side”

K: The front side would be like “don!”

T: That’s right. Once.

K: It was really weird.

T: No, no. I mean, lately we spend a lot of time together, at rehearsals and such. You really like me! Thinking about it deeply. Like if we were opposite sexes you’d confess to me.

K: *laughs really hard*

T: If we were opposite. BUT we’re the same! But we’re the same.

K: But I entered the shower stall first so if anything it is you that…

T: When you turned around I noticed you had a happy face.

K: I DID NOT…. *giggling*

T: You totally did… I thought “so this person really”…

K: I didn’t. You misunderstood.

T: *laughs loud*

K: But we do get on well.

T: That’s right.

AND THIS IS WHY YOU NEVER GET INTO ARGUMENTS WITH TEGOSHI. …I CAN’T… Shige had almost the same complains of harassment on the last tour and look at him citing it as his fondest tour memory now.

After that there was a bit of promotion for 4 vs X and Tegomass DVD. Tegoshi said Massu agreed to backstage filming which is rare. After another song they talked a little about the upcoming concerts.

At the ending Tegoshi did a little skit for those who can’t come see the concerts complete with a chuu~♥

THIS MAN. He transcends gender and sexuality and giving fucks.

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[‘i can show you the world, shining shimmering splendid’]

here are the basic things you need to know when you’re starting out in the fandom.

1. their history in general, kinda irrelevant but it helps you understand how much changmin and yunho has grown as tvxq on their own (aw aw chest swells with pride). also because baby!changmin spazzing over yunho was adorable af but that’s not the point (it really is)

2. there are 5 albums so far, with lots of singles in between so yeah. tvxq promotes in korea and in japan, mostly in japan because you can release a single and get the dollars without actually promoting as vigorously as you do in korea. this sounds so serious i don’t want it to be serious let’s have fun i’m a cool mom wink wink

3. usually when they release a korean track, it’ll be remade (recycled) into a japanese version and vice versa. so for example, keep your head down was remade into a japanese single. chiching chiching.

what to watch (google/youtube them up)

this is kind of tricky because there are so many videos in between each album, japanese and korean since they usually promote in both places at the same time but i’d honestly suggest that you start out with japanese dvds since they’re much more personal and you’ll get to see them a lot more than i’d say in /korean/ variety shows. if you want to get to know them, just go for the japanese stuff since they’re usually less scripted and they’re focused more on the guests than the whole variety aspect.

*If you’re wondering why there are usually part ones and part twos in each DVD it’s because there’s a disc 1 and disc 2, not two different series.. just to clear things up.

DVDS: We are T ~First Memories~, Tone Tour, Time Tour

as for japanese variety shows, make an account here [x] and watch everything from the beginning. ontama, music japan, meet tvxq, pv offshots are the ones that you should watch first~!~! but protip: just watch all of them.

and when you’re done and when you’re basically in love with changmin and yunho and you just can’t get enough, start with their korean stuff.

start from kyhd and watch:

-the basic dvd/photo jacket/album making

[i wouldn’t recommend you to start with whatever i’ve mentioned below]

-korean variety shows (i’d say these ones are sorta unimportant since they are /variety/ shows but here are some just to guide you along: running man 27, happy together 182, strong heart 63, cultwo show, guerilla date, tvn’s taxi, 50 other radio shows)

-honestly just search up fancams they’re a lot more relevant and personal

what next? their fanmeetings in 2011. google up tvxq fanmeeting 2011, go to the video section and start crying.

that is all i have so far. if you’re that far into the fandom, after watching all the dvds and all that, i’m pretty sure you’ll find your way into the little missing snippets in between on your own.

here’s a timeline that i’ve created for u to make things easier and psst open the slides in new tabs for a bigger view.

good luck.

(p.s. fanaccounts are fun to read too.)

(((p.p.s fanfictions are pretty fun to read too.)))