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In which Carmilla make a deal. Her total loyalty to her vampire family against Silas’ (and therefore Laura’s) safety.


The dust of dust.
We are the apple of God’s eye.
We are infinite as the universe we hold inside.

“Let there be light, let there be light, let me be right.”

With golden string
our universe was brought to life,
that we may fall in love
every time we open up our eyes.

Sleeping At Last - SUN


(sorry for the long post, and for my undecipherable handwriting)

Bed Friends Forever || Taehyung




SUMMARY: You and Taehyung (V) have been best friends since you two were children up to now. He’s become famous and you barely seen eachother. Then one day, he comes to visit you and things you never thought would never happen, happened.

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Happy Birthday Tom Holland! 💫

Happy Birthday to Tom Holland, the light of our lives. He is a caring man that deserves everyone’s attention. As much as everyone is scared of him becoming super famous, he deserves the recognition so we should embrace the new fans that will come in the future. It’s impossible to stop them from coming because he is an amazing man who attracts almost anybody with his talented acting skills, handsome face, and kind personality. However, he is more than that. I’m so happy he has grown up to be a wonderful twenty-one year old man. Tom is one of the most humble and caring celebrities out there and we all love him so much. We shall continue to support him and celebrate many more birthdays to come! 💫

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You might laught at me, but I was randomly listening to tetris piano theme and thought “man it would be fun having a slavic dr character” and then I remembered about Sonia being closest one to be called a “slavic one”

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yo prompt guy, can you make a random item super famous?

Of course we can!

Meet Bob. A hero. He has given life to many, many characters and stories. He gave it his all…until he ran out of ink. Out of respect, reblog this post. 

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heyyy just askin. i've been havin AU problems with UT too... how did you guys, ya know, make this AU like, super famous? (no offense intended, i mean, i love your au, we all do) it's just that, there's one au creator i know in the philippines who's starting to feel depressed about their au and i wanted to help them

Ahh omg, we don’t think our AU is super famous, but thank you!

As for your question…we actually didn’t do anything special ;v; When we started posting our art/concepts online we didn’t have high expectations-

Drawing a full colored comic with a regular schedule probably helped! Also we try to post pretty often so that people can have new content to see; keeping an organized blog could be useful too!

We hope these tips will be helpful, all you AU authors have our support! Stay determined!



Esquire Philippines - THIS ONE’S FOR THE DADS. To celebrate Father’s Day, we shine the spotlight on four famous new fathers and their super-famous kids, with four different covers for our June 2017 issue.

Also in our June 2017 issue: Gong Yoo, the man behind your woman’s K-Drama obsession, talks to @esquire.korea about life beyond Train to Busan and Goblin; and flexes in @louisvuitton’s exquisite Fall/Winter collection.

** Gong Yoo won’t be on the cover. His interview and his photoshoots will be included in Philippines’s June issue.

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You mentioned once that you took a screenwriting class (I think) where you learned about story structure and "beats." Is there anything quick & basic you can share from that class that helps you in your fic writing now?

Sure!  I took some playwriting and screenwriting classes my first couple years of college, back when I thought I was gonna be a super-famous scriptwriter. We were required to pitch all of our projects to the teacher and the entire class, and at that time, we usually had to have a “beat sheet,” outlining the plot.  If you use Au Cafe Pequod as an example, it generally ran as follows:

1. Opening/set-up.  Set the scene, tell the reader/audience where they are, start establishing the central conflict, and, usually, introduce the hero.  In this case it’s Mulder sitting in the cafe, watching Scully as she waits tables, thinking about the war and how miserable he is.

2. The kickoff.  Something has to happen that sets the story in motion- such as a German soldier harassing Scully, Mulder coming to her aid, and the soldier’s friends knocking Mulder out.

3. Rising action/rounding up the team.  Introduce side characters as they appear (so, in this case, Skinner, Maggie Scully, CGB Spender and his son, and eventually the Gunmen).  If you haven’t finished establishing the central conflict yet, get that wrapped up in this section.  If you’ve got a romance, use this section for your slow burn.  Typically, this section is full of hints and “reveals,” such as the pies, Scully pretending not to speak German, and her acquaintance with Skinner.  (And I’m gonna put the rest of this under a cut for people who haven’t read Pequod yet and might not want to know the ending.)

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Super Bloom Fail

We live about an hour and a half away from the Carrizo Plain National Monument and a few weeks ago we finally decided to make the trip to see the famous Super Bloom, unfortunately we were about 2 weeks late to the party! We made the most of it as we always do and took advantage of the beautiful sunset to take some product photos of our tshirts and caps for OutwardTraveler.com and HizokuCycles.com - Billie was happy to take the opportunity to play her ukulele after a long hiatus.

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socially speaking... pam have you noticed if some signs are more popular (celebrities) in one country other than in another? i imagine that because cultures are different people are glamorized by different reasons right? i started noticing it when i first got into kpop lol

I think so too! I mean to varying degrees of course because we could all name someone super famous of any sign but yeah I do think certain traits / signs / concepts are definitely more valued in certain areas

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i know banana dude is already the human in a suit character but what abt blue rasberry

that’s Blue berry’s pseudonym when he is on stage  CUZ HE IS THE IDOL OF EVERYBODIES DREAM!!!

because we fucking need a super famous singer in the harem

the shoulder and the stars

the shoulder and the stars, minkey, pg. 531 words. minho and kibum discuss alternate universes.

Kibum rests his cheek against the broad slope of Minho’s shoulder. With a contented sigh, he draws as close as he can. Minho feels him shiver, which startles him. 

“Kibum,” he frets, “You’ll get sick!”
He discards his long white coat and wraps it around Kibum’s shoulders. Kibum revels in it, appreciating the warmth, and cards his fingers over the red stitching on the right breast: DOCTOR CHOI, DPT.
“Thanks,” Kibum whispers, breath wreathing in front of their faces.
“It’s no trouble,” Minho assures him, snaking an arm around his waist.
“You wore it to keep warm,” Kibum observes, “so we could sit on the roof and look up at stars.”
Minho gives a nod of agreement.
“And yet here I am wearing it.”
“Because you dressed too cold, that’s why,” Minho sighs. “You are always doing this.”
“Okay, okay,” Kibum cuts across. “It was sweet and now it’s nagging.”
Minho kisses Kibum’s temple in response. “Love you!” he chirps.

“I love you too.”
They sit in silence for a while, Kibum occasionally pointing out constellations to Minho. Nearly thirty minutes pass in which they occasionally whisper to each other about the cosmos but largely marvel at the sky. Minho stares at the way they light up Kibum’s eyes more than anything else.
“Do you think there are alternate universes, Bummie?”

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One time my junior year my friends and I thought it would be hilarious to dress up this kid as Sasquatch and take a bunch of photos of him in the woods and somehow we ended up filming a movie and then one of the photos ended up in the yearbook and we go to this super famous and fancy arts boarding school and now I just kinda sit in my room and wonder what I’ve done with my life.

Black Ink - Part One (Tattoo Artist!5SOS Series)

A/N: This is part one of this one shot series. The main character’s name is left as Y/N so you can imagine her as yourself if you’d like, she’s also a POC. Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts! :)

2k+ words

Black Ink Tattoo & Piercing was scrolled across the windows on the front of the shop, causing a bit of anxiety to build up in your stomach because you were actually doing this.

Not getting a tattoo, you had plenty of those already, but you were going to apply for an apprenticeship and get a job here. You’d spoken on the phone to one (seemingly) very nice man named Ashton, and he said he and the rest of the crew would be expecting you today. One last shaky, deep breath, and tucking some of your black hair behind your ear you stepped inside of the shop.

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Because I clearly have nothing better to do than come up with shitty AUs
  • My public bathroom stall was out of toilet paper so I had to ask you to pass me some
  • There’s only one more pair of these shoes left in this size and we both want it
  • You’re a street artist and I think you’re cute so I blew like $500 on your art as an excuse to talk to you
  • My rival just walked in so I need you to hold my hand so I can make them jealous
  • We were bffs but then you got super famous and I doubt you’ll even remember me but then you come visit our hometown and take me on a date
  • (counterpart to the above) We used to be bffs but then I got super famous and when I came back to see you again you kept avoiding me and now I’m worried you’re ashamed of me or something
  • I went to throw my drink at my cheating ex but my ex ducked and my drink landed on you instead
  • I tried to toss my banana peel into the trash can but I missed horribly and before I could pick it up to throw it away properly you slipped on it and fell and I had to take you to the hospital
  • You accidentally stepped on my foot in a crowded area and I cursed you out
  • I sat next to you in a movie theater and grabbed your hand when the movie got intense because I forgot I came here alone but you just grabbed my hand back and now I’m thankful but also extremely embarrassed

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Is there any evidence that Tobin and Press is a real thing? Or could it possibly be nothing?

Okay so clearly they haven’t come out and said anything about being together. So technically, yes, Tobin and Press could be nothing. However, I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Preath and let you come to the conclusion yourself, if T and C are together. 

Example A: Tobin and Press started to hang out a lot 

Example B: Tobin went to Seattle to watch Chicago play! 

Example C: Tobin wearing Christen’s shorts. In the first pic they are training together and was one of the first big PREATH signs. The 2nd pic is much more recent, thus why it is 12 because that pic is from a week and a half ago and Press is # 12 now. 

Example D: Preath on the bus. Everyone knows Talex are bus buddies. But…. now Preath are. :) 

Example E: THE BODY ISSUE. Now okay, you can always argue that Tobin was just there as a friend to support Christen but lol I’m sorry I would never invite my friend to come see me pose naked, over my dead freakin body. So ya, you get why people freaked out. Also look at how they look at each other and Tobin is holding Christen’s hand :)

Example F: The famous insta post. I love my friends. We are SUPER close. Like I sleep in a twin bed with them and I change in front of them and all that but in a group photo, I wouldn’t pose like this with anyone unless they were my significant other. I mean Tobin is sitting on Christen’s lap and they are holding hands while C wraps her arm around Tobs.

And then yesterday a snap video had preath hanging out which I won’t post because it is a breach of privacy, IDK who found the video or how they got it, but I feel it is rude to post. 

So ya this was my long answer to your “is preath real” question. I would like to say that I personally think they are together and that is great but anyone can think anything else about them. The most important thing is that we don’t go on instagram or twitter and tag either T or P in anything Preath related. We don’t harass them about it AT ALL. To me preath is real but it stays on tumblr.