we are such twins

I want to commend Ethan on recognizing his mental state and not bottling it up anymore. As much as it pains me to know he’s feeling that way, I’m proud of him for being aware. It takes a lot of strength and courage to share that with the world. Luckily, he has Grayson, the rest of his family, friends, and all of us here to support him. We need to lift the boys up and be there with him every step of the way. As I have said in the past, you have to first move forward by inches to leap by yards.


This panel gets to me.

I’ve heard some people saying that our!Ciel was neglected or abused by his family, and while I don’t think that’s true (Vincent and Rachel seemed to care for both the twins from what we’ve seen) I think there was a definite power imbalance between real!Ciel and our!Ciel. I mean ‘I won’t be angry with you’? That sounds like something you say to a child, not someone the same age. 

His facial expression shows this too- he’s smirking, like he’s mildly interested but sees himself as holding the upper hand. He’s completely calm. The only time he shows any anger is when he turns to Sebastian. 

It would make sense for him to be angry at our!Ciel too, but he isn’t, and it doesn’t feel like it’s out of love. He genuinely doesn’t believe that our!Ciel had any agency in the matter because he looks down on him (literally, in this scene) and he always has done.

I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing. He was definitely overprotective of our!Ciel, who was weak and vulnerable compared to him, so it would make sense for him to take on a leading position in their relationship. The protector, so to speak. But because of this he doesn’t see our!Ciel as a person on the same level as him. We’ve seen throughout the manga that our!Ciel is capable of doing things by himself, and he’s grown more independent, but real!Ciel returns and it immediately leaves him terrified and lost for words. Even when real!Ciel says things so condescending that I doubt our!Ciel would let anyone else get away with it, he says nothing. 

It’s not just the fact that he’s being found out here that terrifies him, it’s how real!Ciel is immediately holding power over him, and he can’t fight back because even he views himself as the inferior of the two. That’s probably part of the reason why he took his brother’s name and identity on, in the hope of being seen as the superior one for once. And now that real!Ciel has returned this is all crumbling around him. He’ll have to back to being the sickly little brother, the one who will never inherit a title and isn’t as important, and that terrifies him. 


‘Game Of Thrones’ Home World Could Actually Exist, Says Science

“In order to build the world of Westeros, we just need to scale it up. Instead of having a small asteroid-sized object orbiting a binary dwarf planet, we could have an Earth-sized world orbiting a twin gas giant. If you had, say, a Saturn-sized planet with a super-Earth orbiting it close by, or a massive gas giant orbited by the rocky core of Jupiter, any moons of those binary worlds — even Earth-sized moons — would have that same chaotic, tumbling behavior. Night and day will still be a reality on a world like this, as the Earth-sized moon would still rotate rapidly with respect to the Sun, but the rotational axis would be wildly unpredictable. This would cause large variations in both the onset of seasons and in the length of night/day, potentially even leading to months or years of darkness on end for part of the world.”

Imagine a world where you know that winter is coming, but you don’t know when, or for how long, or how severe it will be. Sounds like fiction, doesn’t it? In our own solar system, where planets orbit a single star in elliptical, well-separated orbits, this is extraordinarily unlikely. But if a binary giant planet existed in the habitable zone, and a world like Earth orbited both of them like an inner moon, it could give you exactly the effects you’re seeking. A large, massive double planet would exert irregular, differential gravitational forces on an external moon, causing it to tumble, rather than stably and consistently rotate on its axis. It could create large variations in seasons, which will be unpredictable in duration and onset. And it could, at least for parts of the world, plunge some of the regions into incredibly long, cold, dark winters.

If you think the night is dark and full of terrors now, wait until you see what it’s like on a world where you can’t even predict the seasons!

bizarre kindergartner quotes

so i work at a summer camp and the 5 yr olds in my group say weird shit

“We never sleep. It’s because of the dreams.” (identical blonde blue-eyed twin girls, in perfect unison)

“My mouth is full of holes.”


“My mom tries to be as pretty as me but she isn’t.”

“Cats are like dogs but angrier.”

“They have to have butts! GIVE THE SNOWMEN BUTTS!”

“Our airport doesn’t need a McDonalds!”

“I wish I were a red panda!”

“I don’t want to move to the rainforest it’s full of snakes.” (We weren’t even talking about the rainforest or snakes)

“Feel this!!” *presses my entire hand to a hunk of Play-Dough*

“Miss Elena, can I tell you a secret? One time I washed the dishes and I really liked it.”

“These are my buttons. This button is for lasers, this button is for the sky, and this button is to turn into a horse.”

“You need to put a little more lightning strike into it.”

“Is ‘ah-men’ Spanish for Amen?”

Real Ciel, and where do we go from here?

So a lot of us who supported the 2CT from the get-go (around the Campania arc and after) were calling for the return of the Real Ciel after the message on the wall was seen in our Ciel’s bedroom. He’s revealed himself at last, and the lies are beginning to crumble. 

We’ve been given answers, but now we have a lot more questions, too. 

Where do we go from here? 

It’s clear real Ciel’s return has changed the very foundation of Kuroshitsuji. The boy we knew as Ciel Phantomhive is not who he says he is, he’s pretended to be his thought-to-be-deceased identical twin since the day Sebastian saved him at the cultist’s manor. He views himself as his twin’s “spare”, a less important extension of the true heir of the Phantomhive name. 

The real Ciel Phantomhive is probably not truly alive, having his soul consumed by Sebastian. He’s likely an advanced form of bizarre doll or something similar, as noted by Sebastian. Tanaka knows the truth, and Lizzy does too it seems, along with the servants. Real Ciel has killed the butler of questionably Ciel’s only true friend, who is now out for vengeance. He’s returned to the manor, home, promising never to leave our Ciel’s side again. 

First, we need to know Real Ciel’s goals, what it is he wants, and what he intends to do next. Admittedly, I’m finding him to be a bit of a “wild card.” The way he speaks to our Ciel is like speaking to a much younger, troublesome brother. He talks to him condescendingly, playing on the role of a caring brother but with a hint of anger behind his words. But is he really angry with our Ciel? Can we really consider him to be a “villain” if he doesn’t really mean our Ciel any harm? Does he just want his title, his birthright, all that was promised to him, to be his again? If he has a vendetta against Sebastian, how is that going to play out if he’s intending to protect his twin? 

So far, I’m not getting the vibe that he wants revenge on our Ciel at all. Of course, he might just be that good of a manipulator. Maybe he truly does want to wreck our Ciel’s world down, but he’s doing it in such a way that he’s appearing as a “concerned older brother” in the meantime. 

But it all comes down to if he wants revenge against his twin or if he’s just there to take back what’s his. If he is intending to claim his birthright, though, how is our Ciel going to deal with this? 

Our Ciel, even if he isn’t who he says he is, has become Ciel to us. It’s all we’ve ever known him as. That reason is why so many deniers/haters of the 2CT don’t like the fact that there are twins. In spite of that, even if Ciel is not his name, he’s accomplished everything that the earl, the heir, the guard dog should. He’s stood on his own two legs and made a name for himself, even if it’s his brother’s. With the revival of the twin, all of that goes down the drain if real Ciel is intent on claiming his identity back. 

Our Ciel is going to have to stand up to his twin at some point, he’s going to have to make a terrible choice. Either he’s going to let his brother take back everything, or he’s going to fight back and if he does, this will probably lead to him having to lose his brother a second time, and this time, for good.

This arc and here on after is going to be essential in developing our Ciel’s character for who he truly is, and what transpires is going to shape him for the rest of the series. 

What are you guys making of this? Is real Ciel out to get his brother and is just biding his time, or is he wanting to protect him, but also take back what’s supposed to be his? 

anonymous asked:

In retrospect, it's kinda weird how we always knew Ciel, some having him as their favourite character, or just liking him in general, whatever the case is. But we like Ciel, we don't even know who he is, in a symbolic way, because we only ever knew him as Ciel, he's still overshadowed by his past and his brother. Not in the obvious, "he was just the second son." but in a more subtle manner of "we have known him for years, but we still don't know him, because we know him only under a false name."

Yes, that’s true. And that’s one of the reasons why I was never so fond of the idea of a twin. We know little about who our Ciel truly is but more his impression of his twin. Though there were still signs of his past self occasionally, I think. And maybe the appearance of the twin can now initiate a development for our Ciel to accept his past self again so that we’ll get to know the real him better now.

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what are you hoping for the ending?

i hope we get soemthing similar to rave. Id love seeing a canon moment between Nalu and i want to see their kids :^[ im jealous on gajevy fandom but i bet if they get twins we get one too! id also be excited if mashima made a ft next generation because boruto is really good

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Is your exo bias sehun? Cause if he is THEN WE ARE TOTALLY TWINS! Same birthday, height AND BIAS?! I need an anon name...



haha also im drunk bc i went to my brother’s work (a bar) to hang out w/ him and have some drinks and he introdcued me to his coworkers and they all kept roasting him

the one girl was liek “oh i thought you just had a really awesome date”

and then , upon telling another one that we’re twins, said “Oh she’s the better looking twin for sure” 

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i really wish one of the liars were A or AD. there was so much potential. it would have been devastating. way more so than a twin we'd never officially met before..

Yeah. I was still a big advocate for it being Ezra/Caleb/Toby because even that would have been devastating. Devastating but exciting. I still get so impressed thinking about Toby’s reveal and Ezra’s reveal. It’s a shame they were for nothing in the end.