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Do you feel there was a lack of richonne in last season? I have seen complaints about this but, I thought it was a pretty good amount?

No, not at all. Of the many, many things wrong with S7, Richonne was not one of them for me. I mean, they actually had a storyline, which I wasn’t expecting, and it allowed Michonne to still be her own person. Plus, we got almost an entire episode of Richonne shenanigans. Of course I’m still waiting on my Richonne sex, but aside from that, I really loved their development last season. Like, that’s ALL that I loved about S7. 😄

Fandoms as of late!
  • Regular Show: curse you cn...curse you *which was said between sobs*
  • Adventure Time, patting Regular show fan's back: Welcome to the club, kiddo. We ain't alone for long tho
  • Steven Universe, raving it out: WHOOOOOO LOOK AT THIS LOREEEEEEEEEEE
  • TAWoG, raving it out as well: AYYYYY LMAO
  • Star vs. the forces of Evil: WHEN IS THE NEXT SEASON
  • Over the garden wall, coming back up from six miles underneath the earth: I LIVE YOU FUCKS
  • Voltron Legendary Defenders: (: soon
  • Kingdom Hearts: *has waited and ached almost a decade for KH III and is yet again teased with another game that fucks up the entire storyline...yet again* DAMMIT NOMURA WHY THIS BULLSHIT
  • Pirate101: *solemnly looks out the window, a tear shed as they realize kingsisle won't update them anytime soon* Fuck you, Valencia part 2, fuck you
  • Wizard101: *dabbing to the new dances emotes*
  • Gravity Falls: we are here there and there but still, we are d e a d
  • Wonder over Yonder: there's hope for us, right?!
  • Invader Zim, rising from the grave as well: yes, my child that was put down so early.

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Are there any list or compilation of characters making snide comments or subtle notice that there are something more than just a profound bond between Cas and Dean? Also, why did Aaron choose to flirt with Dean to hide the fact that he was tailing him? They never met, so what tipped him off, and that it worked so well?

Hi! well, a while ago I made this post.

So we have… off the top of my head:

Balthazar, Meg, Naomi, Lucifer, Charlie, Benny, Hester, Crowley, Amara, Metatron, Ishim, Nora, Bobby, Sam and Cain… basically MOST of the characters who either know them well enough individually or have seen them together for more than 30 seconds.

My favourites though are Crowley, Lucifer and Amara

Crowley because he knows them both so well. He teases Cas about Dean being his boyfriend, calls Cas a “love slave”, ‘saves’ Cas in order to make Dean human again because he knows he needs Cas for this, he teases Dean about their own escapades as demon!dean, with Dean it’s less about Cas and more about Dean/him as he is jealous, teases him about being able to shove the bomb where the sun don’t shine “well, you could…” etc.



Amara literally is the Anti-Cas throughout all of season 11, the bond overrinding his free will, but her bond is not as strong as Cas and Dean’s, despite being God’s sister, she has to use Cas to get through to Dean, she only appears when Dean is longing for Cas or when Sam mentions Angels for example. She also exposes that Dean REPRESENTS Humanity, a hark back to Metatron’s “Cas is in love with Humanity”, wow this story is so layered it takes YEARS for pieces of the puzzle to be made obvious, by which time the GA have probably forgotten, but we haven’t and when people rewatch once it is canonically acknowledged I’m sure there will be floods of people going “OHHHH I see now when they did THIS and THAT it was because they’ve been in love all along!”.

When she then is portrayed as caring about Dean, she exposes his emotions, his feelings of love and shame (as the love monster, but it still counts as it is her representation and the monster literally says “who I am is not important” ie. THE WRITERS SAYING LOOK AT WHAT THIS MONSTER IS SAYING BECAUSE ITS TRUE), of his self worth and his feelings for CAS, which have been the overriding theme of all of Dean’s story for the end of the season, which Amara USED to get close to him… I mean JEEZ exposition much? 

The whole season’s plot makes no sense if you don’t see Dean as so deeply in love with Cas that the big bad uses it in her own storyline, the plot for the WHOLE SEASON RESTS ON IT. 

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Lucifer because he was inside Cas so canonically knows how he feels… Tbh I’m still waiting for this to come out at some point… probably towards the end of Lucifer’s story we should get some kind of reference to him using Dean to get to Cas or just coming out with it as he is a master manipulator , of course he would use this against them, he knows, he should do something with this information, I’M WAITING!

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Re: Aaron, Aaron was SMART. 

Tbh I think he just thought that Dean would be super uncomfortable and back off if he was hit on by a dude, as most guys would, it’s a great tactic. 

BUT Dean actually gets flustered and looks like he might actually be interested… so Aaron is like SHIT and basically then backs off himself, trying to tie up the conversation and move Dean along. Luckily for him Dean’s phone rings. But if you watch it, Aaron is hitting on Dean up to the point where it seems like Dean might actually be interested, then he completely changes to trying to end the conversation. 

He’s all “have a good night” instead of actually trying to get a date out of him as he would if he was really interested after Dean made the face he does when he says “is that supposed to make you less interesting?”.

source: @caffeinedeathwarrior


Aaron thought that last flirtation would be the nail in the coffin to make a straight guy get so uncomfortable he’d end the conversation and walk away, but Dean pulls that face and Aaron’s FACE! He’s like SHIT CHANGE TACTIC, ABORT ABORT! 

It’s awesome.

Same as most of my meta on Dean being bi, its often not actually about Dean himself or the top layer, it’s other peoples reactions to it (the Siren for instance), I LOVE this moment.

“be more patient, we still have 6 episodes left.”

don’t. please, don’t. we shouldn’t have to be patient.

imagine if this same treatment was happening to the mains of the previous seasons. imagine eva, noora and isak being robbed off their season, being robbed off the time that should be about them and about their issues and storyline and focus by everything and everyone other than them.

imagine being 4 episodes in, almost halfway into the season, and … not even knowing anything about isak, noora or eva, but knowing about everyone else and getting full clips dedicated to everything but them. on things that aren’t even relevant anymore, yet still, those things taking up more airtime and coverage than the issues the main is facing.

we were promised a sana season, i shouldn’t have to be patient, whilst i have to wait, 4 episodes in to HER season, for HER arc, for HER story, for HER time to start.

don’t tell us to be patient. we’ve been patient long enough, believe me. you don’t wanna know just how patient muslim poc have been, for years, for this.

don’t tell us to be patient.

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Was there any syndicated Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV that never got a proper conclusion that you'd like to see?

The 1991 Dark Shadows revival is worth a second look, because, among other things, it captured the weird, moody, gothic ambience of the original perfectly, and also because they brought back the creator of the original series, Dan Curtis, to be head writer/showrunner of the current show. It had great costuming, impressive special effects for 1991, the scripts were moody and interesting, and it had a great cast (including a young Joseph-Gordon Levitt). It was way past the standards of the usual TV revivals, chintzy nostalgia pieces like “Wild, Wild, West Revisted.”

The 1991 Dark Shadows was ahead of its time in two ways: 1) it was a reboot, before that was a common thing, and 2) it used the fact it was a reboot to go in a totally different direction. The finale ended with Victoria traveling back to the year 1795, where she found Barnabas was very much alive. By the end, she returned to the present and saw he was still around, so she knew he was a vampire. This was a totally new status quo, and since they already burned through the two most famous and obligatory storylines of the original series (the 1790s time travel arc and the introduction of Barnabas), we were now in Terra Incognita and anything could happen. 

I also thought that “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.” ended with Brisco’s quest for justice unsolved, too.The funny thing is, the creator of Brisco County Jr. was Carlton Cuse, the head writer on Lost, and I kept waiting for a callback to Brisco that just never came. 

The Serpent Or Me - Part 3 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

Part 1    Part 2

Characters/Pairings: Betty, Veronica, Kevin, (Mentioned) Bughead, Serpent!Reader.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1672.

Notes: Apologies this took so long! I’ve scheduled a day next week to write, going to get working on future instalments of this. I’m still sticking with the 3 POVs (Jughead, Reader and Betty) but I want to bring in the other characters’ storylines to create a fuller story. The plan is to release a new part every Friday. Fingers crossed all goes to plan.

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Betty’s POV

Sometimes you just need your best friend and a strawberry milkshake. Ronnie and I had arranged to meet up at Pop’s for a mid-week girls night. I needed to rant and I think Veronica needed to as well.

I sat in my usual booth waiting for Veronica, Pop brought over our milkshakes, we didn’t even need to tell him what flavour anymore. I looked around the diner and you could tell Riverdale was unsettled. First Jason Blossom’s murder and then Archie’s dad being shot in this very space, everyone felt tense. So much for the Town with pep.

The door chimed, Veronica finally arrived, only ten minutes late. She slid in the booth opposite me, her shoulders were slightly slumped.

‘I really needed this.’ Veronica started sipping on her chocolate milkshake.

‘You okay V?’ I asked, knowing the answer already.

‘Oh you know, usual Archie stuff. I’m not sure what else I can really do.’ Her eye contact was hesitant, she twirled her straw round the glass.

‘Has he opened up anymore? I’m really worried about him. In all the time I’ve known Archie, I’ve never seen him like this.’

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On ‘Why I Didn’t Want Season 2 Of Yuri!!! On Ice But Now I Absolutely Do Need It’

Alright, listen up guys. I believe we are all pumped for season 2 of Yuri on Ice! While that is obvious I also want to point out that at the same time the opposite is true, and I’m in fact super anxious about it!!!

Listen, I want all the good Victuuri content that could come and should come with season 2. I want it all the more considering that the ending of season 1 was… not much of an ending. With no marriage, although the thought was planted in our heads, and not even a gold medal for Yuuri, the story feels unfinished and incomplete.

Yuuri’s whole storyline is about finding strength through love. Naturally, we as the viewer, automatically root for the protagonist (especially when he is an endearing inspiring individual like Yuuri, LISTEN I LOVE HIM). But another reason for me was that he was supposed to win thanks to love, and it’s important to note that among all different kinds of love that Yuuri has finally found in his life, the one that propelled his development the most was his love for Victor. This is gay and so am I.

Throughout the series we’ve been told things like “I’ll prove it with a gold medal”, “love wins”, “we’ll get married once he wins a gold medal”. Even the gold of the rings alone could have been read as foreshadowing. And tbh TBH I wanted the series to end like this!! I wanted gold for Yuuri, lowkey hoped for marriage, the end! – no season 2.

I didn’t even think season 2 was a possibility as YoI was airing, not until the very last minutes of the very last episode. For many reasons like, you know, the mlm plotline! Or money - it was a low budget anime and we had no idea it would become this popular. Also, the structure of the general plot suggested a convenient way to wrap up the series with the GPF (and Yuuri winning gold ffs). Moreover: Stammi Vicino. 

Its last words are “let’s leave together, now I’m ready” so I assumed it meant both Victor and Yuuri leaving the ice at the end. (Which would be so romantic and good, at least for Victor, let him rest blease…!). The track list got leaked early on. With Stammi Vicino both at the beginning and at the end as a duetto, it was only logical to assume the story of the song is Crucial. There were just so many signs suggesting it would go like this, but.

The way the series ended was, to put it softly, surprising (Kubo’s favourite..) To put it less softly - unnecessary, even disappointing. I really really REALLY wanted love (gay love!) to win. It didn’t and instead it was Yurio who is a kid and has much more time to shine than Yuuri.

Now, the series is about a sport - unpredictable in itself, yes, however! a writer tells some kind of a story and has a power to give the events meaning. That’s what we expect! Yuuri not winning gold frankly has very little meaning. He did improve, became stronger thanks to love, however, from the perspective of narrative, it would be more logical to give the protag, who struggled so hard, the gold medal. 

But ok ok, if the writers really wanted to be so surprising and not do that, they could have at least give us the wedding to explicitly show that what Yuuri achieved is enough. I love my boy and he deserved as much.

And did they really need to give the gold to Yurio? Yuuri lost, and for what exactly? Maybe it’s true, that among those 6 finalists Yurio was the biggest threat to Yuuri idk. Buuut again, narratively speaking, Yurio is too young to be getting all the good stuff! Both the gold and the world record on his debut?? COME ON. Btw dragging Yuuri’s Eros in ep 11 so bad was just weird and cruel. Especially considering it was after the engaygment!! The scores in GPF were weird in general, that has been discussed enough. Gold for Yurio wasn’t too good for his storyline.. Imho pride and arrogance were rewarded.

But I don’t want to get into that too much. He is talented and hard-working just… not the one who deserved gold the most.

I realize a lot of this stuff has been said before but what I’m getting at here is that time passes by and I do not seem to be able to find my chill. The thing is, I would let it go more easily if that was any other story, but it is a beautiful happy mlm story and I invested A LOT of emotions into it.

I would probably appreciate this storyline more if it was immediately followed by some positive development, but it was the finale and now we are doomed to sit and wait, months are passing by and there’s still no solid promise of positive development that could come with season 2!! And anyway for someone who is so pumped for season 2 I’m so scared to be disappointed by the writers and the fandom both (and the latter is just bound to happen…) but I NEED it to go forward.

I just wish Kubo and Sayo were more careful with their writing. I think they do not comprehend the impact Yuri on Ice had on lgb people. They’re walking on thin ice (ha ha) with this representation and I may not be a skater but I do have a glass heart… “The story that never ends" better end, and in a satisfying way!!


Omg?? Can some of y'all shut the fuck up about this “the show isn’t about Bellarke thing”?? Because we have literally endured nothing but negativity for this entire hiatus and we spent half of last season with Bellamy and Clarke being separated. So excuse me but YEA IM GONNA KEEP GOING OFF ABOUT BELLARKE because we finally have a reason to be positive in this fandom.

I’m loving the season so far. I’m so happy about Ravens leadership storyline. I’m excited that Luna is back. I can’t wait to know more about Gaia and Ilian. Hell, I can’t wait to see what happens to Octavia. Last nights episode had NO Bellarke and I still loved the damn episode.

But Bellamy and Clarke love each other and it’s never been more obvious than now so fuck u I’m gonna scream about it.

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Honestly I'm not even that hype for s2 anymore..... like I still love the storyline and everything, and I totally get why we had to wait, but I feel like with zag dumping out spoilers here and there and the entirety of the wait before even getting a release date, my enthusiasm isn't there anymore. It kinda makes me sad (and I'm nervous about the movie for the reasons you said, too)

Yeah, I getchu. Honestly, the fandom is what’s been keeping my interest, All of you guys (minus the reposters and antis) have been so nice and creative. Y’all keep me going with this blog. 

And yeah I hate to say it but the movie is probs gonna be a shitshow. (But you never know maybe I’m wrong!)

On the bright side though, when it finally does come back and the fandom starts rejoicing again like the old days the hype and excitement will come back too :) We just gotta be patient I guess. 

After (finally) finishing watching the latest episode I must say that I did love it. Everyone’s comedic timing was ON POINT and keyleth totally deserved the beautiful ceremony she got after all she went through. 


(and i don’t meant this as anything against the other characters, it’s just because well, i’m a bit biased as you know) 

i’m kind of bummed vex still isn’t getting bigger storylines? i know the feywild arc was supposed to be hers, but i sort of feel she has been neglected a bit after that? i mean, i know she’s got a huge personality so she (pretty much like grog and scanlan before) is always THERE even if she’s not the person who’s most involved; but keyleth ended her aramente and got that amazing feat, vax is getting more and more raven queen’s content, percy got an ENTIRE arc and he still has whitestone waiting for him. idk, i just wish we could explore more about vex. there are a loooot of stories there that don’t even involve percy and the title (the poachers, some trace of saundor?, the clasp guy who stalked her, more about syldor, the fact that she left her blood in opash’s layer, her promise to the raven queen, etc.) and then there’s also the title and her duties and the grey hunt. It would be cool to see her bonding with Cassandra like Vax with Keyleth’s dad. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS! 

matt, we know you’re the coolest, give vex some love this 2017. 

OmeliaSource: The Video Library

Hey Guys!

So, today we are finally launching one of our coolest, much anticipated projects for this Hiatus. 

Thanks to a collaborative effort, we bring to you OMELIASOURCE: The channel. Now, everyone can easily watch and rewatch many times over every on screen moment of Owen and Amelia. 

This includes not only their interactions, but also every scene they’re in that’s relevant to their relationship.

OmeliaSource contains scenes from seasons 11, 12 and 13. The Library is currently complete and you can subscribe to us there and make sure to stay tuned for when season 14 begins, because we will be updating the channel after each episode airs.


And if you are an Amelia Shepherd/Omelia fan, you will DEFINITELY like what’s coming up!

Originally posted by im-devastated

We know that, even though Amelia has been on Grey’s Anatomy for a few seasons, a lot of the fans are still unfamiliar with her background story. And we know her past is specially relevant for the current storylines and well understanding of the character. 

With that in mind, we announce our second project for the Hiatus: The Complete Amelia Shepherd Video Library.

During the upcoming weeks, we will be posting on OmeliaSource every single moment Amelia has lived during her days in Private Practice. Make sure to subscribe to our channel to either relive those intense moments or even watch them for the first time. 

The first scenes are coming this weekend, so hold our hands and embark on this journey with us! 

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Criminal Minds 12x21 Thoughts
  • I have never trusted Shaw. Ugh.
  • DANG LUKE. What happened in Yemen? Backstory, backstory!
  • The freaking toothbrush shank. I was so worried he was going to hurt someone, but somehow this was more painful to watch. He’s losing it. 
  • Team “the Prosecutor is Terrible and Has No Heart”
  • Garcia broke me. My heart. Ohh my heart. It made me think back to the scene in Revelations where she tells JJ “if you stop being affected by things, you lose parts of yourself.”
  • Okay that reunion has put my heart back together again!! Don’t mind me, I’m just over here crying. 
  • And still crying, because he was waiting for someone to unlock the door for him. Oh, he’s going to have major PTSD from prison, isn’t he? 
  • I K N E W IT. Cat Adams.Cat freaking Adams. 
  • Garcia: “We have to deal with Cat Adams again?” Same, girl, same. Except I love Aubrey Plaza and this storyline is finally getting interesting, but, still. Y’all have been through enough.
  • Emily Prentiss is queen and I love her. “He’s been through too much. We’ve been through too much.” YASSS. Preach. What a leader. What a unit chief. Emily Prentiss for president. (Let the record show they have been through too much and deserve happiness gosh darn it).

I can’t wait until next Wednesday! I need answers. The explosion makes me think someone’s dying next week. Cat has a blonde wig - why? Disguise? Or is she trying to pass as JJ maybe for some reason? Also still trying to work out how Maeve will fit into this mess.

Arrow 5x19 “Dangerous Liaisons” Review: Girls Rule The World

Oh my goodness. This was such a good episode.

The fandom touted this episode as SMOAK VS ARROW—but it was more like Team Smoak (Helix) vs. Lyla (ARGUS) with Team Arrow assisting. And really this episode was about the women. Felicity and Lyla. Meanwhile their rather befuddled hubbies watched on and wondered if this was going to ruin any future chance of dinner parties once Digg’s OTP gets its shit together. (Digg is still waiting to try Oliver’s cordon bleu.)

Felicity’s involvement with Helix came to a head in this episode. We all knew it was coming; even if her storyline with Helix was rather slow going at the start. I knew it was too good to last and too good to be true. Frankly, I’ve enjoyed watching Felicity take control over how she wants to be a vigilante if only because it’s the kind of experience that will reaffirm for her the kind she knows she should be. For me this experience is much more about Felicity exploring herself than just a means for Oliver and Felicity to mend fences.

I am absolutely not here for anyone bad mouthing Felicity Smoak for what she did with Helix. There isn’t a character on this show that hasn’t done things equally as bad or worse. I still find a way to love Oliver (when he’s really Oliver) and Diggle. I root for Thea. I don’t need Felicity to be perfect—though to me she’s perfect the way she is—to love her. So if you’re of the mind that Felicity was wrong or out of line then please do us both a favor and click the X on the tab.

I know that many of us are all eagerly anticipating the reunion of Olicity and we definitely are on that path and next week will be even more instrumental to that. But what this episode did, which we’ve sorely been lacking for over 19 episodes, is it had them communicating. Those trust issues were brought back to light in this episode.

Olicity and Dyla

Felicity is convinced that she needs to do whatever it takes to get the tech from Helix that will finally pinpoint Adrian Chase so that he can be thrown in jail. Alena tells her that the never heard of before now Cayden James has the capability of tracking someone’s heartbeat to their location. Cayden James was imprisoned by ARGUS eight months ago and has been held in a Black Site ever since. Alena wants to break the founder of Helix out of his prison.

Felicity attempts to convince Lyla to release Cayden in exchange for the tech. Lyla won’t budge because Alena killed an ARGUS agent (supposedly an accident) to get one of the necessary keys to free Cayden James. Not to mention another agent was nearly killed too. Also because she says this mysterious man is bad news—and even compares him to a loose nuke. I personally didn’t think it was a coincidence that a nuclear weapon was mentioned. There are a lot of implications with that for Felicity—Havenrock and something that she worked to stop with her estranged father. (Who I really think might be Cayden James.)

That showdown in the Bunker was a really strong scene and went a long way towards Felicity’s motivations. In many ways Diggle and Oliver both have held Felicity to a higher standard than themselves. They said from the beginning they were going to protect “this girl” and I think in part that meant shielding her from making questionable choices. They’d been through real ugliness in the world; they didn’t want to expose her to that.

Except that she was faced with it anyway—in fact she came already prepackaged with a history of pain. But since S1 she’s been through four terrorist attacks; she’s been shot twice; paralyzed; gassed twice; kidnapped multiple times and lost several people she cares for. Meanwhile she fell in love and then lost the love of her life. For the last four years, Felicity has mainly been trying to make the right choices—and trying to lead her guys to those choices too. But she also respected that she couldn’t (for the most part) make the choices for them.

Her goodness and faith in Oliver allowed him to believe there was still goodness in him. She helped him to harness his light. But there’s been little reciprocation here and that’s the journey in 5x19 and 5x20. Felicity was making all the right choices and the pain kept coming, for her and her loved ones. It’s easy to see why she’d start to think that the only way to get something done was by taking the moral shortcuts.

In the Bunker when Felicity proclaims that they have no right to not let her make dubious moral choices. They are a team—OTA. And she wants to be considered equal in all parts. They’ve left her out of some of the darker parts of vigilantism but it has done little to shield her from the overall consequence and suffering that comes with it. She’s tired of watching her friends take that burden alone. Especially when, as she sees it, if she makes those choices they lead to results.

Originally posted by mariaslittlestuff

Felicity tells Oliver (and Lyla) that they have absolutely zero ground to stand on for telling her she’s out of line. She’s not wrong. Frankly, Diggle doesn’t have much of a right either. It was only a handful of weeks ago that he was torturing a man in Russia. Not to mention he shot his brother. So for me, it was all rather hypocritical for anyone to judge Felicity for her association with Helix.

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The 100 Fic Rec

I know we all have a need for content, here’s my personal fic rec list of Bellarke separation stories.


This one is mine, set during the black completely compliant with the ending bits of the episode. I will be working on a second part because of the high demand from readers. You feed my muse.


This one has a less happy ending, so watch out, but it’s well written and fills the needs for content.


All the feels, so many feels and it is amazing. Set just after Bellamy gets home. So good.


The only fid on the list rated E, for good reason. Whew, I needed a cold shower.


In this version, the whole space crew hears Clarke’s transmission. Another great fic.


This one is eight chapters so far and rather heart breaking by itself. I hope there will be more of it.


Nicely written, very epilogue style with a sweet happy ending to the whole storyline of the show.

Those are the ones I’ve found so far, and they are all amazing. Add more to the list, keep the goods coming in, people. We have fewer days than Clarke had to wait, but still quite a few of our own.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 11

Another week I wouldn’t want to be Gook-doo. Poor guy found out his ex is being stalked by a serial killer/kidnapper because of him, that his childhood bestie is dating said ex-girlfriend and he got utterly friendzoned before he could even say a word about his newfound feelings to Bong-soon. Ouch!

I wish I could say my heart breaks for him but I never truly connected with the character on a emotional level. He just came across as nearsighted, dense and even controlling at times, and I think that’s all blowing up in his face right now. I do feel sorry for him because I know he is a good, decent and honest guy, so I wonder what the screenwriter is planning for him in the long run. What will be his character development other than realizing his feelings for the leading lady? I mean, come on!, you got Ji-soo playing this character so you might as well give him something to work with.

And what is going to happen with the mobsters from now on? Is the show putting them aside now theirs boss resign from the organization? Say ain’t so! These guys, along with the neighborhood kids, have been the running joke that keeps on giving. They are comedy gold and I still want them in our lives. Even if they show up through a different storyline.

Now, moving on to what we all really want to fangirl about: Min-hyuk and Bong-soon. *sopreciousguys* *mustbeprotected* *sodarncute*

I was worried for a minute there when Bong-soon seemed unsure whatever or not to start a relationship with Min-hyuk because she was worried about how her powers could affect their potential relationship if they started dating. I would like to highlight that Bong-soon never wavered in regards of her feelings, on the contrary she seemed to be very sure of with who her heart was. So, it wasn’t much a decision of how strong her feelings were for him but how strong she felt in order to involve Min-hyuk in her life, powers and what those entitle.

Thank God, Min-hyuk is the kind of leading man I love to watch. He talks about what’s troubling them and looks for solutions with the leading lady, as a team, instead of making all the decisions by himself and ultimately having them gone wrong. I love he always gave her a choice, even when he was taking the lead by asking her to take his hand or talking about how her powers are not a negative factor in his point of view. But that’s the thing: he asked her. It was always her choice to make whatever or not she would take his hand (literally and metaphorically). And he behaved like such an Oppa around her by taking care of her. When she felt uneasy, he reassured her. He clearly adores her and I’m happy Bong-soon isn’t shy about her feelings either, even if she still has to get used to his open displays of affection.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s episode, and the others to come, because now that several storylines have been closed (mobsters, the romance, etc.), we only have the serial killer/kidnapper case to solve.

Bong-soon has been training in order to do good in the world, and Min-hyuk has supported her through it, now they are a (power) couple I want to see them work as a team in order to achieve these goals…. wouldn’t mind a kiss or two, or a thousand thrown in the mix either. Can’t wait!!

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I’m really enjoying how Wynonna Earp is layering its overarching storylines with various antagonists this season. In just three episodes, we’ve got:

  • Black Badge Division – Lucado & Art (I can’t remember Kevin Hanchard’s character on this show. Sorry)
  • The two women (?) in black
  • Gooverly maybe
  • Whatever the hell crawled out of that seal!
  • Donald Tru…er, I mean, Tucker Gardner – who seems to have it out for Wave and Nicole

And let’s not forget there are 62 revenants still at large and God knows what else. Can’t wait to see how all these threads come together during the rest of the season!

Why I LOVED Felicity Smoak’s Storyline in Season 5 So Far

Season 5a

I loved how she showed her pain, so subtle throughout all of 5A. You could feel her ache. She didn’t act like herself because she was not okay. Emily Bett Rickards was outstanding. She was doing everything outwardly to say she was okay aka getting a boyfriend, but if you caught when no one was watching - the ache was there.

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But in 5b Felicity was able to grasp onto a purpose - Pandora. She felt less helpless, less adrift - but she’s still not okay.

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And we know we used Helix to help John, Susan and Oliver.

I can’t wait to see Felicity’s storyline in 5C - in my opinion this has been awesome season for Felicity Smoak! It has been dark but I’m sure it will lead back to the light and she will be a stronger person.

I realize that many disagree with me - but I just wanted to put it there as one of the great things about our fandom is we have different opinions :)

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You’re Everything I Want (And Nothing I Can Keep) - Chapter Eleven

“Prove it. Bring her along this weekend, and prove it to everyone.” After a little white lie, Hiccup has to do something drastic to avoid embarrassing himself at a family reunion. Lost for any other ideas, Hiccup asks his best friend to pretend to be his girlfriend, just for a day. What could possibly go wrong?

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