we are still waiting for a storyline

After (finally) finishing watching the latest episode I must say that I did love it. Everyone’s comedic timing was ON POINT and keyleth totally deserved the beautiful ceremony she got after all she went through. 


(and i don’t meant this as anything against the other characters, it’s just because well, i’m a bit biased as you know) 

i’m kind of bummed vex still isn’t getting bigger storylines? i know the feywild arc was supposed to be hers, but i sort of feel she has been neglected a bit after that? i mean, i know she’s got a huge personality so she (pretty much like grog and scanlan before) is always THERE even if she’s not the person who’s most involved; but keyleth ended her aramente and got that amazing feat, vax is getting more and more raven queen’s content, percy got an ENTIRE arc and he still has whitestone waiting for him. idk, i just wish we could explore more about vex. there are a loooot of stories there that don’t even involve percy and the title (the poachers, some trace of saundor?, the clasp guy who stalked her, more about syldor, the fact that she left her blood in opash’s layer, her promise to the raven queen, etc.) and then there’s also the title and her duties and the grey hunt. It would be cool to see her bonding with Cassandra like Vax with Keyleth’s dad. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS! 

matt, we know you’re the coolest, give vex some love this 2017. 


I am a huge supporter of the LGBT community. It means a lot to me that we have a storyline like this, especially when we still live in a world where young people are being bullied at school over their sexual identity. Playing someone who feels they can never really show their true self is heartbreaking at times. There is no one Patsy can talk to. Even with Delia, she still feels the need to be reserved. In the early 1960s it would have been impossible for Patsy to be open without losing everything, not least her job. Call the Midwife, above all, is a show about love, and I am beyond proud and thrilled that my character is in love with a woman.
- Emerald Fennell (x)

Right. Well I will not be watching until tomorrow, when hopefully they will have fixed this shit.

Okay. I’m still not giving up on robron. I know that a lot of you will think I’m an idiot for saying this (especially as i haven’t even watched the episode!) but I’m not. I’m still waiting for tomorrow when Robert realises what a mistake he’s made, tells Chas, and on Monday when he wants to confess to Aaron (even though I hope he doesn’t tell him at this point). So yes. It’s a soap, and honestly the amount of times the cheating storyline has been played is just crazy. But couples have come through. I know we’ve kind of held Aaron and Robert on this pedestal, but they are unfortunately very much susceptible to soap lore!

Like i said, there are probably a lot of you who want to slap me silly and tell me to wake up, but I’m not giving up on my ship. I hope some of you aren’t either.

I swear they’re trolling us with that Penny Dreadful finale. In ten months we’re gonna get season 4 when they’ll reveal Vanessa’s death was all a plan between her and Ethan to trick Dracula into leaving her alone, and then we’re gonna have a great Egyptian storyline, and all the characters will get their deserved developments and closures.
We will see more of Catriona, we’ll see Mr. Hyde’s transformation, we’ll see Ethan’s reunion with Brona/Lily, and we’ll for SURE Vanessa Ives in all her fierce glory. Also Sembene will come back from the dead.

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I was so happy to see a scene of Captain Snow! We don't get it very often (I think this is only the second time, that I can remember?) And we got the first glimpse of Killian's new jacket! I'm very excited what the CS storyline is right now, because we still get them! Thoughts?

I’m fairly certain this is the first full straight-on Captain Snow scene we’ve ever gotten on the show. There have been fleeting moments (such as after Emma rescues Killian in 5.14), but nothing as long or as meaningful as the scene we got from 6.14. 

I’m a bit sad there’s likely not gonna be an explanation about the new jacket. I’m hoping it comes up later (perhaps Emma says something about it when he returns?), but I’m not waiting for anything like that. Seems like they just decided this would be the new jacket and that was that. 

But yeah, I’m equally excited about this storyline. It was building up to them being front and center for 6.15 (which many of us suspected would be CS-themed in some way), and it’s put their story as a key part of the drama for 6B and I’m here for all of it. I’m here for seeing Killian make mistakes (it’s coming at a perfect time for me personally because lately, all if feels like I’m doing is messing up), I’m here for seeing them confront their feelings in arguments rather than it being brushed over. I’m here for Killian finally learning to reconcile his past with his present and accept that he is, in fact, a hero. Here for all of his past misdeeds coming back for him to face in such a grand sort of way like it seems to be building too. People were concerned about Killian getting sidelined - he’s certainly not now. And since 6.11 aired, I’ve excitedly looked forward to every episode each week. So yeah, this story is putting them front and center and it’s compelling and it’s engaging and it’s resonating and… I was gonna enjoy these remaining known episodes for all I could either way, but damn… if this is the end, I’m glad CS will be such a focal point for the final stuff to come.

recap (3.06):

annalise has had enough of everybody’s shit and is as ruthless as ever. especially to bonnie.

but bonnie is trying to prove she is still annalise’s a1 since day 1.

connor is pissed. like really pissed. especially at wes.

oliver goes on a date… because why not.

nate tells annalise he’s dating the wannabe and she reacts pretty well.

michaela finally said the four words asher was waiting to hear.

laurel finally says what we’ve all been wondering.

after years of anticipation and endless longing looks, they kiss. 

and then our prayers were answered and laurel and wes FINALLY have sex.

oh, and it turns out frank really is just trying to come home.

okay so basically, i was 100% here for this episode because wes and laurel finally got to prosper. and even though i still don’t like the baby storyline, i’ll let it go as long as the htgawm writers don’t ruin this ship. waurel needs to rise and be protected at all costs. thank you and goodnight. 

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There Is Still Hope For Olicity In 'Arrow' Season 5

It is so true that they rushed everything in the worst way. So much has suffered because of it. I just cannot wait for the boat to right itself. There has been other solid show content as well that I hope they continue to develop. Just go back to the small moments and Oliver and Felicity will figure it out.

I’d say probably my biggest regret is I wish we had allowed the Oliver-Felicity storyline in Season 4 to unfold at a more natural pace. We had set these tentpoles at the beginning of the season, and we were a bit too rigorous on how we hit them. That was a case where the planning overtook the storytelling. We didn’t do things as naturally and as elegantly as we should have.” -Marc Guggenheim

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Aaaww, you're so nice. And I completely agree that we'll just have to wait and see. But this whole thing is just a pregnancy storyline waiting to happen. I'd hate that! A child would ALWAYS stand between them and be a reminder of what R&R did.. Something I'd also find acceptable is if Robert wouldn't be able to remember and they'd handle it like Switched at Birth handled it (I hope you know what I mean..) Because if Rebecca was the drunk one everyone would react VERY differently..

<33.. I agree it’s the obvious route, but part of me is still optimistic that they won’t be stupid enough to go there. But I didn’t think they’d be stupid enough to have R&R sleep together so what do I know hahaha, & yess I know, the issue of consent here is.. prominent but I’m not sure ed will even acknowledge that tbh. 

This whole situation will be one I will not think about / rewatch / believe exists in the robron story, much like the lodge and the previous Robert nastiness at the scrapyard.

just why do they have to hurt me and my boys like this </3 I believe it will be okay in the end, I have to believe that or my heart will not recover haha.

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“Haven’t seen a sky-show THIS big since alla that uber-crazy Sombra stuff in the Crystal Empire. Reminds me of a pal who used ta live there. Wonder what she’d think o' THESE fireworks…”

The Shot Seen ‘Round the World”: a moment so monumental that ponies are even comin’ outta hiatuses ta pay tribute. An’ why NOT join the bandwagon? This event is entirely deserving of a traveling fanfare. Since 2012, @ask-king-sombra has offered lovable characters, gut-busting laughs, and strong storyline that always had us waiting for the next installment. Though we never waited long; its mod managed to keep consistent update schedules for over THREE YEARS. All that and more are why this is one of the greatest pony projects to ever grace tumblr. Which makes it bittersweet seeing such a fantastic tale come to a close. Still, we know there’s a little bit left to see before the end, and the artist has confirmed a new pony blog to come after the conclusion. That being said, it’s incredibly exciting to think of what they have in store for us with the rest of this and future Equestrian endeavors.

Thank you, @ask-wiggles, for the amazing world you’ve given us. We hope you’ll continue to provide quality entertainment for years to come. 


This is so awful, I am so sorry guys, I just wrote this in a hurry. I am so busy lately with school that I need to catch up to and homework and I’m organizing a few stuff, I also need to do some Christmas shopping for my friends omg, I need to find time to write in there, haha! But I still hope you will enjoy this! ( I’ve actually been inspired by an imagine I read on Tumblr I guess but I can’t remember which one so I am sorry if this is similar to something you’ve already read even though I haven’t copied the storyline or whatever, it is completely written by myself.  I just wanted you to know.)

I yawned for the third time of the night, waiting for my lovely boyfriend to get done with his work so we can both go to bed but he was taking ages and I was exhausted. All I wanted was to fall asleep in his arms but it was too hard for me to keep my eyes open anymore longer. “Are you done yet?” I whined and Joe shook his head. “I’m sorry, love. I really need to get this done but I’ll join you in bed.” He said with a soft smile and I let out a sigh with a pout which made him smile wider. I got up from the couch and pecked his lips before making my way to our bedroom. I lay down under the cold sheets and quickly fell asleep without my lover’s arms around me.

I shifted when I felt the bed stretch, I rolled over to face Joe, finally joining me. I frowned and slowly opened my eyes. I rolled back on my side and reached for my phone on the bedside table. My eyes went wide as I saw the time. 3:45. Oh my god. I put the phone back on the table and I felt Joe’s arms slip around my waist. He kissed my temple and I couldn’t find the strength to fight with him about it so I simply sighed and relaxed before falling back into the arms of sleep.

I woke up feeling the sun warming my skin through the window. I blinked my eyes open and heard the sound of water dropping from the shower. I sighed before getting up and heading towards the kitchen to cook some breakfast. A few minutes later, I heard Joe’s footsteps getting closer and served ourselves the omelette I cooked and some juice. I soon saw him coming towards me, rubbing his eyes like a child. 

That was the Joe I had to deal with. The grumpy busy boyfriend who was obsessed with work. I loved him deeply but seeing how mad he was going for his job made me so angry. He spent his time editing videos or attending meetings or mostly filming and he was so incredibly tired. He just didn’t want to admit it but he needed some rest. He smiled and kissed my forehead and as I looked up to give him a small smile, he pecked my lips. He sat down next to me with his plate on the couch and I leaned him onto him, placing my head on his shoulder. “Why did you go to bed so late?” I blurred out. “I just started editing the 2 other videos I needed to edit.” He replied like it was almost so casual and I leaned up to look at him properly. “Joe.” I said, firmly but not rudely. He looked at me, confused. “Y/N.” He replied with the same tone and this teasing smirk on his lips. “You need to stop working, at least for like a day.” I admitted, looking seriously at him and his smirk turned into a frown as he put his plate down on the table. “What does that mean?” He questioned and I sighed. “You need to relax for a bit, Joe. You’re so stressed and tensed lately. You’re exhausted! Look at you, you’ve gone to bed at almost four in the morning and I can see on your face how tired you look.” Joe gave me warm smile and his hand went up to my arm, stroking it gently. I smiled at the gesture. “Love, I appreciate that you care and worry about me but I’m all fine, I swear!” He insisted but I knew he was lying to himself. “You’re not. You really need to-” I started but got cut off by his lips on mine. I couldn’t help but melt onto him. After 3 years of relationship, I still couldn’t resist that boy. I pulled away and was about to talk when he put one of his fingers on my lip. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another meeting I need to attend.” He said and quickly pecked my lips a few times before getting up and to the bedroom. That was it, he really needed some rest. I decided that when he would be rushing for his meeting, I’ll prepare him some good stuff he’ll obviously thank me for later on.

It was about 8 in the evening when I heard the front door close, I walked through the hallway and noticed Joe sighing and laying down on the couch, yawning. I was right. I walked into the living room and when he saw me, he tried his best to lit up and act like he was doing just fine. “Hello, baby girl!” He exclaimed but it all sounded so fake and exaggerated. I took both of his hands in mine and pulled him up from the couch. “I have a surprise for you.” I said, excited for him to see and I leaded him to our bathroom where his favourite candles were lit up and a big ol’ bath was running. The room smelled so good that even just stepping in made you relax. He smiled as he saw how the room looked. “Have you actually done that the whole day?” He asked with some sparkle in his eyes as they met mine. “I did.” I replied and he pulled me into a long hug. For a moment, I thought he fell asleep into my embrace but he pulled away and kissed me softly before he slowly started to strip off his clothes. “Please, tell me you are joining me.” He said with an earnest look and puppy eyes and I chuckled. “Sorry but I have to make dinner.” I said, sticking my tongue out at him and he pouted before I headed towards the kitchen, started cooking our dinner. 

After about 20 minutes, I was done cooking his vegan burger and put it on the table with the rest of the meal and smiled at how good it looked. At this moment, I saw Joe walking through the living room with a towel wrapped around his waist, I smirked to myself enjoying the view as he was drying his hair with another towel. He looked up and smiled as he saw the table and recognised the scent. “Oh my god, what have you planned?” He said with a teasing voice but I knew he was thankful for it. I looked at him up and down and smirked again. “A lot but I’m very tempted to go straight up to bed.” I said as he laughed and kissed me softly. “Let’s not waste this delicious food.” He teased, taking a chip from his plate and putting it in his mouth. I slapped him on the butt playfully as he made his way towards the room to get dressed.

We were now watching one of Joe’s favourite films on the couch. I looked up to him and noticed how hard he was trying to not fall asleep. I got out of his embrace and took his hand leading him to the room. He frowned but followed me. “I have one more surprise.” I said and he smirked as I took off his shirt and he let me do it. I turned his body so I was facing his back. “Lay down.” I spoke and he laughed. “What are you up to?” He asked, glancing to me over his shoulder and I laughed to myself about how dirty-minded he was. “Just shut up and lay down.” I said in his ear and he did lay down on his stomach, crossing his arms on the bed resting his head on it.  Joe glanced back over his shoulder as I shift onto the bed, straddling on his lower back and bum but my weight was mostly on my knees. I moisturised my hands with massage oil. “What are you- Oooh.” He whispered, before feeling my hands slowly run up his back and move apart to his shoulders and I instantly felt him relax completely. My hands moved back down his back slowly with a good pressure. I watched him close his eyes, enjoying the massage. “Is it okay?” I asked and he nodded as I smiled. I ran my hands to his lower back and down his sides before moving back up, stopping at his shoulders, I squeezed them. “Y/N.” He said dreamily. “Can I just pay you to do this everyday?” He asked and I laughed. “Maybe, only because it’s you I might do it for free.” I said, lent over and whispered into his ear, before kissing under it lightly and he chuckled. “Lucky you.” I teased. “Mmm-hmm.” Joe laughed, my hands on his shoulder blades and moving back down his back, repeating the movements. “Feeling less stressed now babe?” I asked while I watched him drifting off in pleasantness. “Oh my god, yes. This has been the best evening I’ve ever had. Thank you so much, love.” He replied and I stopped my movements and got off of him, laying by his side. 

He tilted his head to look over me again, putting his weight on his elbows. “Don’t thank me.” I spoke, passing a hand through his soft hair and he took hold of it, kissing its back. “No, I’m serious, Y/N.” He intertwined our fingers and I smiled at his gesture. “I am so sorry for going to bed really late and lying to you about how tired I was. I am actually exhausted and deep down, I knew that even If I lied, you’ll notice.” He started and shifted to lay on his back, opening his arms so I could cuddle up close to his chest. “I know you all too well, Sugg.” I admitted, soothed by his his heartbeat. “I know. That’s why I love you so much and thank you for today.” He started, playing with my hair. “The bath, the meal, you watched Taken with me even if you hate it and now the massage. I love you.” He said, kissing the top of my head. “I love you too.” I said before lifting my head up and pecking his lips before we both fell asleep for a good long night.

lil things i loved on my 2nd viewing of suicide squad
  • “that’s a killer app”
  • the fact that the joker’s entire storyline revolves around his love for harley and not the other way around
  • killer croc and el diablo bein bros
  • the “we’ve all lost someone so this is our new family” trope
  • all of harley’s joker paraphernalia gradually disappearing until she’s essentially just left with, “daddy’s little monster” shirt
  • deadshot calling amanda gangsta
  • “I’m beautiful”
  • Harley having a joker flashback at the top of the stairwell and when she “comes back” deadshot is still waiting for her when the others have gone ahead
  • “you’re my friend too”
  • Harley pretty much having complete autonomy and never once being sexually objectified by the guys
  • “wanna get a drink sometime?”
  • deadshot being protective of harley in general
  • i just love this movie a lot okay like i love things about misfit pals with killer soundtracks

I think the most unsatisfying outcome at the end of season seven for me would be having no closure on some of the long term characters we’ve been waiting forever to find out about. For example Jenna, Lucas, Garrett, Melissa, Noel, Mike, Wren and even Eddie freaking Lamb have all been shady but their actions have never been explained. These are all characters we have been lead to believe are important yet it’s been years and we’re still waiting on some sort of explanation. Even if the storyline was changed or dropped for whatever reason, tell us that, don’t leave us waiting and anticipating. These were all characters who deserved to have their stories told too.

4. Mikey’s On Top

Everything’s coming up Mikey! Whoops, misplaced the comma. It’s more like, Everything’s coming up, Mikey! VOMIT VOMIT VOMIT.

I seriously couldn’t help but retch at this “Mikey’s the best” storyline they threw at us this week. Look, they even show the guy WALKING ON WATER:

Bleh. Wait, we all don’t like Mikey, right? I mean, I know a bunch of you superficial bitches would fuck him knowing full well that you’d be ashamed of yourself after, but that’s still different from liking him.

Word of warning, to would-be Mikey-fuckers: Mikey has crabs. Just look at that big one on his ear. (Such a fashionista!)

Mikey is a 26-year-old who never progressed past puberty. He’s into modeling for the pussy. He’d rather top a model than be a top model. It doesn’t take much to see him getting kicked out of a runway show for sexual harassment behind the scenes.

During Tyra’s makeup advertisement music video, Mikey got showered with praise for being “good in motion” (probably because he’s constantly on the run from the law) but this week his good fortune reached unbearable heights. First he gets handed $2,500 for having what might be the worst business idea I’ve ever seen. Then he gets to cuddle with Mamé despite being sleazy about it. Then the judges shit themselves with the joy over his facial expression that we’ve supposedly never seen before.


A quick retrospect of Mikey’s previous photos will show that he looks straight into the camera with his mouth slightly agape every damn time. Admittedly, his cheekbones are killer, but as far as serving up something new late in the competition, that’s bullshit. This is the same old face.

Tyra admits that earlier in the competition she thought Mikey would be gone around the midway point (you and me both, sister!) but she’s really proud of how far he’s come. Oh he’s come all right. Come so many times that there’s no salvaging his duvet.

When all is said and done, Tyra hands Mikey best photo of the week, telling him that “the cream is rising to the top.” Tyra, don’t say the word “cream” to Mikey unless you want him to get him a boner.

This Mikey redemption arc better be over by next week. I swear if Mikey wins this show, I will make them wish they cancelled this shit ages ago!

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 13

sigh re-reading the timeless klonnie classic Bewitched by nicola de lenfent after almost 3 years (which, if you’ve ever had an even passing interest in klonnie I recommend reading this ASAP) and feeling nostalgic for the days when (not just) klonnie fandom was thriving and full of excitement and just overflowing with creative storylines that pushed the characters in exciting directions. And [warning: a bish about to get melancholic up in here] i really think the fanfic that was coming out of the Bonnie fandom circa S1-3/early S4 (klonnie yes but also bamon, stefonnie, tonnie, bilas etc) was reflective of the tenor of the show and its fans. Back then, Bonnie fans had already tasted the bitterness of our favorite character being marginalized but we still had hope. Exciting characters and plots were popping up, witchcraft was becoming increasingly high-stakes, and Bonnie’s future storylines seemed full of promise. And so we waited. And waited. And waited some more.

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TVLine: Matt's Inside Line

Is there any way you can get any scoop about Once Upon a Time’s Belle? Her fans are dying for news. –Betsy

Your long wait for Belle goodness will end as soon as possible, because she gets the first line of dialogue — “Well, I see you still have your temper” — once the ABC drama returns to Storybrooke in Sunday’s Season 4B premiere. “And yes,” co-creator Adam Horowitz notes, “we haven’t forgotten that she’s still in possession of the Dark One’s dagger. That’s going to come into play pretty soon after our return as well.”

Any hint on the surprise related to Emma’s Once Upon a Time storyline for the second part of the season? –Frances

You probably got a taste for it from the new promo that debuted during the Oscars and hinted at Miss Swan’s dance with the dark side. As EP Horowitz explained at a Tuesday screening of the Season 4B opener, “One of the big themes for the second half of the season that we want to deal with is what makes someone a hero and what makes someone a villain — what the differences are and what the common ground is. Emma has spent a long time on the series being told she’s a savior and being told she’s a hero. Now she’s going to have to face that it’s not black-and-white.” (x)

Y’know what’s actually a comfort to me as we’re winding down to Clara’s goodbye?  The fact that I don’t see this ship sinking anytime soon.  I mean that.  The TenxRose shippers are still going about, what, eight years after Doomsday?  And she only had one season with their preferred Doctor.  We’ve had two, with an amazing pair of actors and the child-ships like Tuckwald have already launched.  Clara’s storyline alone provides a font of fanfic material and I honestly cannot wait for the amount of AUs that will spawn by the end of the season.

Just think of the fanfics, my dears, and rest assured the ship will sail on.

For the love of the maker this season makes no sense if Beth is really gone for good. I spent today rewatching season 5 up to this point and I’m still left wondering wtf even happened. We find out where Beth is, she almost escapes and helps Noah get out. Then when Daryl and co. come to get her and C@rol, she “dies”?! Really Gimple? THAT’S the incredible storyline for Beth we’re meant to “dig” so much?!

And yet we know Emily was still on set during filming for 5b.

We know she did a concert in Atlanta after 5x08 which Gimple and Nicotero attended, at which she talked about how they were the “best bosses”. Emily is a sweet girl but who talks like that about someone who just fired you? Especially considering how distraught she appeared on TTD (I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a ruse by Gimple to get everyone to buy into her reaction and also a clever avoidance tactic at talking about leaving the show).

We also know that Beth being given any scar on her face at all couldn’t be without purpose. Lots of people wake up after being knocked unconscious with their faces still unblemished, but Beth had a deep cut across her cheek with stitches, a wound which would clearly scar. Foreshadowing for the next time she’d be waking up with a scar on her face? Later in the episode Beth is beaten by Dawn and the biggest result of that is the scar on her forehead. These scars perfectly mimic those of comic!Andrea. This is not an accident. Robert Kirkman would have taken one look at Emily after she’d been in make-up getting it done and would have seen what we all see. She is comic!Andrea come to life and they wouldn’t do this unless it had a purpose.

Beth and Daryl and their matching ying and yang shoelaces. So much intertwines these two and what is the point if not because they have yet to reunite?

Beth paralleling the fuck out of Rick in 5a and now Rick paralleling the fuck out of Beth in 5b. 

Scott Gimple having yet to come forward to address the Team Delusional theories and just say “Sorry, but Beth is really dead.” We get trolled by Chandler, and what we accept as sneaky hints from Erik and some shady grady cops but no plainly stated confirmation of death.

Still no funeral. We didn’t see what happened to Beth’s body. If we haven’t seen a funeral for a character, it is always confirmed on-screen or otherwise where they are buried or at least what happened with the body, like with us seeing the walker who had fed on Lori in S3. Beth is the only character whose “death” still has that sense of ambiguity. We’re just left to assume and guess unlike with others. For Beth in particular, the character who advocated the most for human emotions and goodness and hope, someone who felt strongly about putting walkers out of their misery but not being cruel to them, about showing respect for the dead, the complete lack of a funeral is a big point in the direction of something-is-shady land.

The complete lack of closure for her “death”. I think Beth has been mentioned and referenced to either by the characters or by the show itself in imagery and character symbolism than any other since she “died”. Even Tyreese, who got killed off only an episode later; he’s been spoken of and we’ve seen Sasha’s mourning, but barely and especially in comparison to Beth. Why do they insist of reminding the audience of her if they aren’t going to follow that up by showing her alive. They can’t give us closure to the Beth storyline because it isn’t over.

The heartbreaking thing about skam is that when you get to the end of a season you really are coming to an end. The show is never going to focus on this storyline again or these characters. Sure we’ll still get to see Isak and Even, but not in any real detail. So we’ve given our hearts to these characters, waited impatiently for updates, and followed their journey, but now it’s all coming to an end. I know the show isn’t finishing and I’m sure the next season will be just as good, but I think it’s okay for us to be upset as if it is all ending because in a way it is.



First off, Shay didn’t have to answer that question about Emily and Ali. She went out of her way to literally say to us, “wait for it”. With a happy face. I think this is the most solid glimpse of hope we’ve had in months. She outright told us to be hopeful, because she knows we’re going to get what we want. Reminder: When Sasha did those interviews, they were back when she was still filming the earlier episodes in the season. They don’t get the scripts for each episode until days before they shoot. What they know now is different from what they knew a few months back. And, Sasha has to promote Lorenzo so we take her storyline seriously.

Marlene was on Twitter last night too. Bless this one girl for asking questions about the endgame couples (though wouldn’t it of been nice if they were more specific!) Marlene said that a) at least a few of the ships (if not all) that we saw hugging at the end of 6x01 are endgame. I’d say it’s all of them, because Marlene’s said before that there are certain scenes that have/will foreshadow the endgame couples. Which means, Sara and Lorenzo can’t be apart of that. For Emily, it’d either be Alison or Paige. But going by this tweet, knowing that the end of 6x01 is one of those foreshadowing scenes, that narrows it down to one person. Ali.

Then she said that the most popular ships will be endgame. Marlene knows what’s up. She saw that literally every tweet that followed was about Emison. She knows it’s the most popular ship, probably even more so than Ezria if not close to it.

I really don’t think the writers could avoid Emison at this point. I’m really positive about how they’re going to bring them together. It’ll be a frustrating road to get there, but Shay told us to stay tuned. We’re going to be happy in the end.