we are spending the weekend as tourists in our own city

REQUEST: Surprising Dan on his birthday

Request: “Dan x reader imagine where she surprises him by flying out to Vegas on his bday :)? <3″- anon 

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Dan’s p.o.v

I missed y/n.  Now at 25 I sat here in this glamorous hotel lying on a strip promising good times through gambling and excessive alcohol. Sure, I was looking forward to spending the night with Phil but when you love someone so intently and they are not there on a day that is meant to spend with loved ones, you do feel slightly void.

She had texted me this morning this quaint little message wishing I had a beautiful day (like she said everyday) and put in some twat of a comment linking me to a retirement home website. Although she was 25 herself she pulled it off effortlessly. Not that being in your mid-twenties made you ‘old’ but she was this woman you would admire when she walked down the street in implacable fashion and had a wonderful career going for her. When we weren’t together so she had told me she felt slightly lost as if something was missing from the big picture. She would never full out go and say the typical ‘my heart is whole when I’m with you’ thing but she would hint it at me time and time again and my birthday wasn’t any different.  I re-read her texts numerous times throughout the day when I was able to maintain my sobriety and although we had wanted to call, she had work. I couldn’t have expected her day to just stop for me. But in complete truthfulness all I wanted to do was wrap my arms around her again and just hold her but this time in complete happiness and not with tears muddled into the whole equation like had happened in April at Phil and I’s place just as I was about to go to the airport.

“Dan, you ready for ‘Dan and Phil take Vegas 2.0’?, Phil was just buttoning up the last section of his top as he looked at me with excitement all beaming from his face. An expression that had not left him in the 12 hours that we had been in the city.

Laughing at the slight hilarity in his comment, I nodded in agreement and went off to my own room to grab my phone. Luckily drunken dialling wasn’t a skill I had obtained, but unlike Phil if a time called for it I would just be able to put myself together without being a complete alcoholic mess if we ever got into serious trouble.

Grabbing it off the charger I noticed it illuminated up and from only one number

y/n y/l/n

see you soon loser x

y/n p.o.v.

Re-reading the text Phil had sent me earlier, I recited the exact directions and where I should surprise Dan as I muttered under my breath. I would have to turn my phone off to avoid any temptation to text Dan back after my little spoiler for what was to come. I had never been to America before and you’d think that I was excited but more was I nervous. It’s strange because Dan is my first proper long-term relationship so I have never felt this degree of anxious nausea.

Is this what you get when you really love someone who you haven’t seen in months?

As I finally reached the beginning of the customs que, the border officer signalled for me to go over to her booth.

“Hi ma’am what is your reason for entering the United States?” as I handed over my passport I explained in very brief detail that I was surprising my boyfriend and that I would only be here for a week, a few days with him in Vegas and then the rest of the time catching up with a friend from university who now lived in San Diego.

As I collected my things, she wished me a good time even able to pass a smile through her shiny cheeks from the humidity of the whole place. God, I must of looked like a giddy over excited teenage girl to her going off to spend the weekend with her boyfriend for the first time. But in reality, I guess that’s what Dan and I were like. Back in London, we would spend weekends making pizza and laughing at how ridiculous we were when we were actually 16 or 17. Both of us had unfortunately tried to conform to the emo Myspace popular kid but had failed terribly upon realising that we didn’t really have the personality and the looks to pull it off.

God this was making me feel all nostalgic and just wanting to see this big goofball right now.

Being organised, back in London I had already arranged for a taxi to pick me up from the airport and make the drive onto the strip because knowing my luck I probably would have ended up waiting for hours on end as Tour groups would get top priority.

Handling my suitcase the driver secured the boot and after reading out the hotel address we were on our way. The lights were intoxicating, drawing you in with not only the lust they emitted from them but they would leave you in this state of euphoric trance. You felt almost as if you didn’t need cocaine or LSD to release dopamine into your system and instead you would become addicted to the neon the lights let engulf walking tourists and strip workers.

As we pulled up to the lobby area, I said my thanks and picked up my suitcase as the concierge smiled at me as he must of noticed how my eyes became these big orbs of not only elation in that I would be surprising Dan but how everything was so alive. As I checked in, I insisted on myself bringing my bag up to the hotel room to save time and not have to wait for an employee to do so and truthfully it did feel morally wrong to have to pay someone to do something that I could easily do myself.

I threw on a burgundy dress that made my butt actually look existent for once and complimented my legs well as the hem stopped just mid-thigh. The dress didn’t scream “fuck me” but it would allow the mind of a now 25 year old to wonder to a place of desire.

Reaching for my phone from my handbag, I turned it backed on and noticed immediately a half a dozen texts from Dan becoming more illegible as they went on.

Dan Howell

see you soon? wat

Dan Howell

y/n are you in vegas

Dan Howell


Dan Howell

lets gt marry

Dan Howell

i lv u. u r greatttttttttttt

The last one made me think he was really 15 and not 25 at all. I smiled and put on my heels making sure that I wouldn’t tower over him (it really was the only issue with me being 6”1) and proceed to make my way down to the hotel casino where Phil had said they would be and were definitely there from a drunken text I had received only moments previous.

Going down the escalator it gave you a perfect bird’s eye view of the whole floor and literally almost immediately I spotted Dan over at some slot machines attracting some attention with me assuming that he was actually winning at it.  As I walked over to him it was almost as if every drop of anxiety had just evaporated away with the feelings of exhilaration that floated around everywhere in the city.

Making my way through the small gathering, I tapped my fingers on my boyfriend’s shoulder and never had I seen this boy that hopefully one day I would marry and continue to laugh at bad jokes with so happy.

Still drunk, he stood up and pulled me into a hug smelling of sweet cocktails and cologne. Breaking away slightly he met my gaze and smiled even bigger letting the alcohol wash over him in a way that was not distraughtly  to look at all.

“Y/n, you’re here. Here in Vegas and that means I can finally do this”

He placed his hands around the dip of my back and let our lips meet again for the first time in months. I savoured it so much and he did too. For a moment, all the watching gamblers and loiters just stared at us with a degree of romance being projected from their eyes as Dan and I became so transfixed into the idea that here we were actually in the same room again.

“please don’t leave me for so long again” he laughed

“leave you? I don’t think I’m the one whose currently on tour mr. bigstar and all”

Although still drunk, he cringed at the idea of me even calling him a star or referring to his fame at all. Soon though he was smiling again almost as if all other emotions had been erased from his capability and that feeling giddy was the only thing he could do.

“y/n, you knowwww what I meannttttt” as he pulled me in for yet another hug , I started to feel almost  tipsy off his exultation as I relished feeling this teddy bear of a guy hug me once more

We both loved each other in this silly stupid little way (that certainly was not always put together) that only we would know, and I would always cherish him for that.