we are so misunderstood

We have spent so much of our lives alone and feeling misunderstood. You write a song about an emotion that confuses you, or about something you’re scared of or excited about, and you release it and all of a sudden you’re making a conversation with millions of people. Then the final phase is when you look out into a crowd of thousands of people and they know every word. That’s an overwhelming feeling of camaraderie - which we’ve never felt before in our lives.
—  Taylor Swift about Ed Sheeran in his interview with GQ (X) - Adele may be Sheeran’s commercial touchstone, but Swift is his spiritual sibling, a kinship founded on shared experiences of past sorrows and present euphoria - before success and after.

I sometimes feel like Pisces is blessed with knowing all the answers to the mysteries the world. After all, a lot of people will say that Pisces is one of the wisest signs. Maybe the answers to the world can’t be understood by the human brain, which is why many people will dismiss Pisces. Pisces can often be called be quite delusional and confused, but… what if we’re confused?

I feel that as humans, we can’t be arrogant with our brains. There’s so many things we don’t know about. There’s so many things going on with the universe that we will never know the answer to. Science won’t know. Astrology won’t know. No human study that is adjusted to human understanding will know all the answers to the world. That’s why Pisces is often so misunderstood. We don’t understand it, but it doesn’t mean that we have to dismiss it.

For example, having your Venus in the 12th. Yes, boundaries are essential to relationships, but having your Venus in the 12th may just imply that the answer to relationships is the fact that relationships can have no boundaries at all. Perhaps with Pisces, the answer to everything is having no boundaries. There “isn’t” a right way to love. There “isn’t” a right way to have a relationship. As long as you love in your own personal way, you love. Love, in your personal definition, is love.

Of course, this isn’t a post to promote abuse or anything like that. Of course, there is always a cost to having no boundaries… When there are no boundaries, evil can come in quite easily. This is probably where Virgo comes in. This is probably where reality hits… And this is probably where it is implied that we are not meant to know all the answers. We’re not prepared for the danger that comes with it.

Ignorance is truly bliss.

person w bpd: i have bpd

people: wow. this is so brave. we are here for you. you. are. valid. im so sorry. life is pretty hard for you. you’re so misunderstood and hurt. we love you. you will be ok

person w npd or aspd: i have npd/aspd

people: how could you admit that? what are you, the second coming of lucifer? you’re trying to manipulate people into trusting you by being honest about your disorder. why are you so manipulative. why are you so abusive. everyone stay away from this person who is literally satan. god. disgusting. i bet you beat your wife 

voldemort: we’re quite simmalr, hairy, both orphans, both dark hair, both misunder stood by your peers, both right handed-
harry: 90% of the population is right hand and the majority of the human race including muggles have dark hair as its a dominant gene in the chromosomes, and all teenagers feel misunderstood by society as a whole so we arent special you snaketurd remove that wand from up your ass

Letting go and moving forward

It’s crazy how fast time goes by, many of us spend our years working hard to live life, feed our families, and even just make it to the next day. No one knows your story…we sometimes forget what it is to be human, to take a deep breath only to enjoy the process of air filling your lungs. We forget how to say hello to another person, our day to day interactions become play by play text in real time but without the emojis we so heavily send… gratifying a false and misunderstood sense of emotion. As we get older we start to look back on our lives; some of us just take a glance while others look further into the dark recesses of thier minds to better understand where they are. The milestones come and go in our lives but it takes patience and self awareness to remember and be humbled by the big or small events or people that got you where you are including yourself. My father always says: “dame una palanca y muevo el mundo” - “give me a lever and I’ll move the world.” Sometimes we think that we have to carry the world on our shoulders, perceiving our reality and our dreams to be impossible, unattainable, and not practical, but if we live our lives consistently trying to come up with solutions rather then dread the current outcome our mindsets change, if we started to eliminate words/phrases like “maybe”, “I don’t know”, “possibly” and replace them with “when this happens” , “ I don’t know but I will know”, and possibly to “yes I can” then what starts to happen is your world, aspirations, desires, and wants slowly start to come to fruition of course lead and fueled by your actions. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. So, sir down and ask yourself what you do with the 168hrs we have in a week. Then look in the mirror really look at the person you are the man or woman you have become and allow yourself to start thinking of your desires and dreams as facts, soon to be reality and continue to do this everyday and I promise with action, conviction, sacrifice and belief no matter the odds against you will prevail.


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Headcanons of the guys watching The Goonies! 😆

Dally— steve do that milkshake dance shit
Steve— I would but I’m solid muscle ;);)
Soda— that’s me steve don’t get confused
Pony— aww he’s so misunderstood
Johnny— we’re like the goonies
Tim— how ? ^
Darry— don’t be rude
Curly— stfu I’m watching

Spotting Mistyped Bloggers

Some people just can’t believe that they’re a different type than they are.  To overcompensate for that, they will blog about how great their type is, when in reality, it isn’t even theirs.  Here are some tips to spot these imposters.

INFJ”: Probably the most common, since they’re so rare.  They will often say things like “As an INFJ, one of the rarest, most special unicorns on this planet…” or “Another INFJ on Tumblr! We are so rare!”.  They blog about how INFJs are misunderstood or psychic.

INTJ”: Like the INFJ, there are so many fake bloggers out there.  These “INTJs” often brag about their lack of emotion, or their intelligence.  An easy method to find them is to criticize a small mistake that they made.  Instead of using their “INTJ logic”, they will become extremely butthurt and start raging at you to come off anon.

ENFJ”: “We are so amazing - not only do we have psychic powers, a quality of all Intuitives, we make friends easily!” This is the mantra of fake ENFJs, and they will use it to their advantage.  They will sometimes attack INFJs, claiming that their extroversion makes them superior.

ENTJ”: After religiously reading the entire description of every personality website, the fake “ENTJ” will try its best to adhere to the stereotype of the ENTJ.  They will unsuccessfully try to get everyone to do what they want, and when no one complies, will rant on their blog for more notes.

INFP”: Fake INFPs post deep, but meaningless, quotes about life.  They will also create sad stories for attention.  Wait, those are real INFPs.  It’s hard to tell them apart.

ENFP”: These mistyped bloggers will also try to adhere to their stereotype.  They pretend that they’re fun and happy, posting positive quotes about living life to the fullest.  I pity these the most, and they don’t annoy me as much, as they’re sad potatoes inside.

ENTP”: Fake ENTPs pick fights for no reason, and like to “trick” other people.  This is neither clever nor funny, and they basically annoy everyone.  They will behave in a similar manner as INTJs, so when someone calls them out on BS, they will rage in the form of a very long, incoherent post.

INTP”: Fake INTPs pretend to be much smarter than they actually are.  They always have a Wikipedia tab out in case they need to prove their intelligence, and often post informational posts that make them look smart.  “INTPs” will also reblog every single post about INTP superiority.

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: Hermit crabs are highly misunderstood creatures that are far more complex than people give them credit for. Despite their name, they are social creatures who display complex behaviors such as curiosity and memory. These invertebrates display individual personalities and habits, likes and dislikes. Yet people buy them as simple souvenir pets and expect them to live for maybe a year, when they can actually live a decade or more in proper conditions. All hermits sold are taken from the wild, and are often forced out of their natural, fitting shells into toxic-coated painted shells just to get kids to buy them. With their clueless owners they are given just enough resources to survive on, but over time will succumb to health issues such as deteriorating gills and buildup of molting hormone, or simply loneliness from being kept in isolation from other hermits. It’s just so unfair that these cute critters are so misunderstood and so abused and we really need to do something about this.

Reblog If You Are Part Of The Octavian Protection Squad

He was so misunderstood and we hardly knew anything about him.

He needs to be protected.


As a person with sun, moon, rising and midheaven in all of the mutable signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo and Gemini, respectively) I find that no one really knows who I am as a whole. I’ll unknowingly pick out pieces of myself to show people, without ever giving my whole self out. It’s impossible to show my whole self anyway, as I don’t even know who that is…

I think that mutables will only really understand who they are when they realise and accept that they are not one thing set in stone. Our adaptability makes us fluid- able to seep into others skin, influence them, but go away and be something completely different. It’s like we can never stop changing. We get so misunderstood because of this. 

No matter how introverted or shy the INFJ, they still highly value having a small community of trusted individuals to go to for their social needs. This is because their Extroverted Feeling seeks harmony and love from a bonded community. Everyone gets lonely, INFJs are no exception. They often crave love and acceptance even more from others because we often feel so misunderstood. It is important for INFJs to obtain and maintain social ties to ward off the sting of loneliness. 

I truly want to thank everyone for being a supportive and loving community of Pagans, Wiccans, and Mother Nature’s children. It’s hard in this world we love so much to be misunderstood and I thank the Gods everyday to have all of you. Blessed Be brothers and sisters )O(

Nothing is more annoying to me than someone who has no knowledge on our people, history, different cultures, and our affairs, but wants to add their commentary about middle easterns and the Middle East. Y'all speaking for us and over us is the reason why we are so misunderstood and why misinformation about us is spread.

There are 7 billion universes in existence. Every human being is a universe, filled with lights and colors and mysterious wonders yet to be discovered. We all have a galaxy of problems no one knows about because we display our biggest planets. Our planets are our personality traits, that’s why we have so many. And they orbit around our sun, the strange beauty that is in each of us that makes us who we are. That’s why sometimes some parts of us come out at unexpected times; each planet has a different orbit. One of these planets is our Earth, with all the life and flowers and the cool rain and vast, calming ocean and just the right amount of sunlight- we just have to find it (it’s not necessarily the biggest) Just like the universe, we’re easily misunderstood. Each of us has parts of us so deep and hidden that it takes light years to reach, and anyone who does put in the effort to get there probably won’t be able to breathe. But we all have stars. Our stars are left behind by the people who impact our lives. Some stars are bigger than others; that’s called friendship. Some stars will forever shine brighter than others, and some people call that love. Everyone we meet gets a star, and without even knowing it, we form our stars into constellations and I don’t know what that’s called, but oh, do they shine. Just like the universe, we are vast and important and scary and unknown. Just like the universe, we are forever changing and growing. Just like the universe, we are beautiful.