we are so misunderstood

We have spent so much of our lives alone and feeling misunderstood. You write a song about an emotion that confuses you, or about something you’re scared of or excited about, and you release it and all of a sudden you’re making a conversation with millions of people. Then the final phase is when you look out into a crowd of thousands of people and they know every word. That’s an overwhelming feeling of camaraderie - which we’ve never felt before in our lives.
—  Taylor Swift about Ed Sheeran in his interview with GQ (X) - Adele may be Sheeran’s commercial touchstone, but Swift is his spiritual sibling, a kinship founded on shared experiences of past sorrows and present euphoria - before success and after.

person w bpd: i have bpd

people: wow. this is so brave. we are here for you. you. are. valid. im so sorry. life is pretty hard for you. you’re so misunderstood and hurt. we love you. you will be ok

person w npd or aspd: i have npd/aspd

people: how could you admit that? what are you, the second coming of lucifer? you’re trying to manipulate people into trusting you by being honest about your disorder. why are you so manipulative. why are you so abusive. everyone stay away from this person who is literally satan. god. disgusting. i bet you beat your wife 

the thing i love about skam is just how much POVs matter.

i remember when the “passe på meg” clip aired in s3, and we found out that even had seen isak on the first day of school, that he’d had an interest in isak since the first day of school, and that he’d gone to kosegruppa specifically to meet isak. up until then, it had seemed more like isak pursuing even, in the sense of isak being more captivated by even than even was of isak. and that was the point. because we saw things through isak’s eyes, not even’s. if we had seen it through even’s eyes, we would have understood just how much even had been pursuing isak since the very beginning (and when you go back and watch those clips with that knowledge now, it totally makes sense).

up until now, sana has been painted as this incredibly fierce, strong, unapologetic girl who doesn’t tolerate any kind of ignorance. she’s consistently portrayed as confident and outspoken throughout the past three seasons. then BAM. s4 airs, we’re seeing things from her perspective, and there’s this dramatic shift, almost instantly. 

she’s still the same sana. she stares down the woman on the bus. she snaps at vilde when vilde won’t shut up about how much sex she’s having and corrects her when vilde says “you can’t have sex”. she tells the girls that she thinks it’s their responsibility to tell noora about william’s new girlfriend considering william won’t tell her himself. these are all very sana-like traits. 

but now, we see just how much she has to put up with, too. it’s the more subtle things. the rushing to silence her phone when she was on the bus because shit shit shit, it’ll freak some people out. the fact that yes, her friends ordered another pizza without any pork on it, but the meat was still haram. but it was a kind gesture of them to think of it in the first place, right? so she doesn’t complain, she just silently picks the meat off, not wanting to seem ungrateful despite the fact that really, don’t they know by now?

and then we have the texts, too. the girls want to go out and get drunk, and we all know sana loves to party, that she doesn’t need to drink to have fun, but they were all going to the park specifically to sit around and drink all day. vilde, saying all of the other girls have had boyfriends except her when, okay, sana chooses not to have one (whereas vilde clearly desperately wanted a boyfriend), but it’s this subtle little exclusion. all of you have had boyfriends apart from me. well, no, actually. sana hasn’t.

and it’s so subtle. things that we would only get from seeing life through her eyes. but it’s chipping away at her, bit by bit, these little instances of being excluded, of her friends not quite getting it. and it’s so heartbreaking to see, but so, so clever, too. because suddenly i just feel like we - like the characters on the show - have misjudged sana completely. she’s still strong, she’s still fierce. but she swallows a lot down, too. she’s hurting more than we originally thought. she feels more misunderstood than we originally thought. and i am so impressed that in a clip that was less than 8 minutes long, we have already seen a completely different side to sana than we got throughout the last 3 seasons.

I sometimes feel like Pisces is blessed with knowing all the answers to the mysteries the world. After all, a lot of people will say that Pisces is one of the wisest signs. Maybe the answers to the world can’t be understood by the human brain, which is why many people will dismiss Pisces. Pisces can often be called be quite delusional and confused, but… what if we’re confused?

I feel that as humans, we can’t be arrogant with our brains. There’s so many things we don’t know about. There’s so many things going on with the universe that we will never know the answer to. Science won’t know. Astrology won’t know. No human study that is adjusted to human understanding will know all the answers to the world. That’s why Pisces is often so misunderstood. We don’t understand it, but it doesn’t mean that we have to dismiss it.

For example, having your Venus in the 12th. Yes, boundaries are essential to relationships, but having your Venus in the 12th may just imply that the answer to relationships is the fact that relationships can have no boundaries at all. Perhaps with Pisces, the answer to everything is having no boundaries. There “isn’t” a right way to love. There “isn’t” a right way to have a relationship. As long as you love in your own personal way, you love. Love, in your personal definition, is love.

Of course, this isn’t a post to promote abuse or anything like that. Of course, there is always a cost to having no boundaries… When there are no boundaries, evil can come in quite easily. This is probably where Virgo comes in. This is probably where reality hits… And this is probably where it is implied that we are not meant to know all the answers. We’re not prepared for the danger that comes with it.

Ignorance is truly bliss.

I believe it was @monstermonstre who said Isak and Noora were mirror characters. So I feel like maybe Sana and Even are mirror characters or at least similar to mirror characters based on what we know so far.

“Please don’t let me be misunderstood.” Even feels misunderstood about being bipolar and Sana feels misunderstood about being able to be both Muslim and Norwegian.

Even and Sana connect so far in scenes they have had together. Sana glares at Even at the Kosegruppa meeting. Even greets Sana with a kiss on the cheek at the pregame. Then of course the final scene of season 3 where they both give each other that glare that we all noticed and theorized about.

Then their are the connections to Islam. Sana is Muslim. Even we know has read the Quran, he has related pictures in his room, and he wants to make sure people understand that not all Muslims are terrorists.

The trailer solidified their connections for me as well. The domino effect ends/begins with Sana and vice versa with Even.

I’m not going to go into the spoiler stuff with the new characters because we don’t know anything about them aside that they went to school with Even. But given that this is Sana’s season, there is most likely a connection between him and Sana there.

Overall, I feel like Julie brought together two characters that no one would have probably expected when we were first introduced to Even. No other show, that I know of, has ever connected a Muslim character to an LGBTQ+ character in such a way.

I personally feel that they can understand each other and I think it’s really beautiful that Julie did that. Because that is reality. People may want to live in their own isolated worlds where everyone is the “same” or build walls, but that’s impossible. We live in this world together and everyone has a lot more in common than they think. If we can look beyond presumptions and stereotypes then maybe the world will look more like Sanas & Evens ❤

How come when somebody likes a character like Snape or Pansy or Tom Riddle or whoever, and talks about their troubled past (not in the case of someone like Pansy or Draco), you always get somebody screaming  “THAT’S NO EXCUSE AND HOW DARE YOU TRY AND EXCUSE THEIR ACTIONS”. 

Like, I like my villains and bad guys for their badness. Most people who like villains and bad guys do. Just because you acknowledge a bad life doesn’t mean you’re saying it’s a valid excuse to be bad. Sure, there are a few who are like “no, they’re just a misunderstood baby” or even invent an abusive background *coughDracocough* but those people are few and  far between. Most fans of the bad guys know the character is a dick, but that’s why we like them. 

It’s like literally any post about Snape that talks about the Marauders bullying him or his abusive father, there’s always at least one person crying “but he ABu5ed!!1! cHilDr3n!!!11!” even though the post didn’t deny the fact he was a mean teacher or even commented on that. I don’t know what antis think, that we sit around like “omg, Snape and Voldemort and Bellatrix and Lucius and Pansy all had such award winning lovely personalities and are just swell people, they never did anything bad, all so misunderstood” and that when we see their repetitive drivel we’ll be like “omg, were these bad guys actually maybe bad? I never considered that before”

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I was just thinking... so now we know the trailer was in reverse 'cause the things that happened there have actually happened the other way around. And the trailer's song said "don't let me be misunderstood", so we assumed sana would be the one being misunderstood through this season. But... what if she's the one who misunderstands instead? What if she's only making false assumptions because she's not communicating with others?


voldemort: we’re quite simmalr, hairy, both orphans, both dark hair, both misunder stood by your peers, both right handed-
harry: 90% of the population is right hand and the majority of the human race including muggles have dark hair as its a dominant gene in the chromosomes, and all teenagers feel misunderstood by society as a whole so we arent special you snaketurd remove that wand from up your ass

FAQs about INTJs, answered by an INTJ!

(Warning: BS ahead)


INTJs are very rare. We only make up about 3% of the population, so in a way, it makes sense that we can be misunderstood as ‘weird’. Our (often) intense way of being can be seen as strange or just uncommon. I don’t know many INTJs irl (just 1, in fact) and we understand each other perfectly. We’re both seen as particularly weird people by other types, but not by each other.


URGH! I can not describe how many times I have been asked this. Actually, for a long time, one of my biggest nicknames was “gelo” (ice in Portuguese.) I kind of understand why we might have this reputation, but we’re NOT cold people. We are just very socially selective and like to carefully select who we open up to.


Please stop asking this. We might not admit it, but lots of times it hurts when people call us cold. We’re not emotionless robots. After getting to know us, you might be surprised at the depth of our feelings.


Dat intellect.


I have actually developed a theory on this. At schools, we are usually taught to have a 'group mindset.’ What I mean by this is that we encourage group work over individual. Nowadays, at most schools, students sit in tables in groups and are taught to share their thoughts. This puts introverts like us at a major disadvantage. I’ve always been taught to go talk to others outside over to stay in class reading, which is what I would rather be doing at all times.

I think that INTJs probably make up more than just 3% of the population, but that other INTJs choose to act like a different type to avoid the relentless bullying and stigma we sometimes face. For a long time I tried to act like an extroverted feeling type, to stop the 'cold’ label usually associated with me. It took a while to accept the way I am, and I doubt that I’m the only INTJ to ever feel this way.


We’re probably plotting our next scheme. Or calculating how long we can socialise before our next recharge.

You’ll never know.
(JK. We’re introverts, no wonder we’re quiet.)

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! Keep in mind other INTJs might have different answers and that we’re a whole group of people, who think differently, act differently and feel differently.

Don’t group us all into one bubble.

(P.S: don’t ask an INTJ these questions irl unless you want to receive our signature Death Stare™)

Letting go and moving forward

It’s crazy how fast time goes by, many of us spend our years working hard to live life, feed our families, and even just make it to the next day. No one knows your story…we sometimes forget what it is to be human, to take a deep breath only to enjoy the process of air filling your lungs. We forget how to say hello to another person, our day to day interactions become play by play text in real time but without the emojis we so heavily send… gratifying a false and misunderstood sense of emotion. As we get older we start to look back on our lives; some of us just take a glance while others look further into the dark recesses of thier minds to better understand where they are. The milestones come and go in our lives but it takes patience and self awareness to remember and be humbled by the big or small events or people that got you where you are including yourself. My father always says: “dame una palanca y muevo el mundo” - “give me a lever and I’ll move the world.” Sometimes we think that we have to carry the world on our shoulders, perceiving our reality and our dreams to be impossible, unattainable, and not practical, but if we live our lives consistently trying to come up with solutions rather then dread the current outcome our mindsets change, if we started to eliminate words/phrases like “maybe”, “I don’t know”, “possibly” and replace them with “when this happens” , “ I don’t know but I will know”, and possibly to “yes I can” then what starts to happen is your world, aspirations, desires, and wants slowly start to come to fruition of course lead and fueled by your actions. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. So, sir down and ask yourself what you do with the 168hrs we have in a week. Then look in the mirror really look at the person you are the man or woman you have become and allow yourself to start thinking of your desires and dreams as facts, soon to be reality and continue to do this everyday and I promise with action, conviction, sacrifice and belief no matter the odds against you will prevail.


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iiat if u gotta explain every single thing abt something bcus ur afraid the other person might not get it?

Yes, that seems to be a fairly common autistic thing. I think it is because we are generally used to being misunderstood, so we over-explain things in an attempt to prevent being misunderstood. 


what she says: i’m fine

what she means: Hermit crabs are highly misunderstood creatures that are far more complex than people give them credit for. Despite their name, they are social creatures who display complex behaviors such as curiosity and memory. These invertebrates display individual personalities and habits, likes and dislikes. Yet people buy them as simple souvenir pets and expect them to live for maybe a year, when they can actually live a decade or more in proper conditions. All hermits sold are taken from the wild, and are often forced out of their natural, fitting shells into toxic-coated painted shells just to get kids to buy them. With their clueless owners they are given just enough resources to survive on, but over time will succumb to health issues such as deteriorating gills and buildup of molting hormone, or simply loneliness from being kept in isolation from other hermits. It’s just so unfair that these cute critters are so misunderstood and so abused and we really need to do something about this.

Otherkin For Non-Kin

Hello! If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the otherkin tag or on an otherkin blog. Assuming you are otherkin, please feel free to skip reading this, because, well, you probably already know it.

So, for those of you still reading, you’re probably here for one of a few reasons. You’re genuinely curious about otherkin, you think you may be otherkin, or you are hoping to be able to mock this post. For the first two readers, you’re in the right place! As for the third, we’re gonna ignore you for now.

Let’s start with the most common questions, concerns, and misunderstandings.

● I heard people think that they’re animals and I’m a little concerned?

Understandable. However, most otherkin don’t actually think they are physically an animal. Many otherkin are what we call spiritual otherkin! This means their otherkinity ties into their spiritual beliefs, and is usually explained by reincarnation, parallel worlds, souls meant to be animals mixed up in human bodies, etc. However, no small number of otherkin are mentally ill! They may use it as a coping mechanism, or have delusions leading them to believe they are physically non-human. Many, if not all, of these kin already see a psychologist on a regular basis, and many of them have been told by their doctors that it is not a problem!

● Okay, but dragons don’t exist, and neither do mermaids, elves, or hellhounds?

Very true! On this planet, none of these creatures have been proven to exist. (To the best of my knowledge.) However, according to the multiverse theory, creatures like them most definitely could! Essentially, many people who are kin with these creatures believe that a similar creature exists in another universe. Alternatively, some kin do have religious or spiritual beliefs that state these creatures can exist.

● Alright, makes sense. But what about fictionkin? Are you saying they make sense?

I most definitely am! The reason being that the same things apply to fictionkin. According to the multiverse theory, there could most definitely be a world in which Naruto is real, or at least something very close to it. Thus, having the soul of an anime character isn’t too far-fetched. Same goes for book characters, video game characters, TV show characters, etc. Multiples of characters can be explained through parallel universes, multiples of characters existing in the canon of the show, etc.

● Okay, what about divinekin, planetkin, voidkin, spacekin, etc?

As far as my personal beliefs are concerned, gods die constantly. Many gods have been lost altogether when their believers died out. Could be the god died with them, we’d never know. Should you worship them if they ask you to? Probably not, but up to you. (And not all of them do this.) Your reasoning is your own, but I’d say they aren’t doing any harm, so leave them be. Planets, the void, space, maybe they have souls. Who the heck knows? Live and let live.

● So are otherkin a religion?

No. I’ve addressed this issue at length in another post tagged as religion on my blog. Feel free to check it out if you’re interested!

● I’ve gone through the otherkin tag and seen otherkin treat non-kin rather poorly in response to asks?

First and foremost: this is a terrible thing all kin should strive to avoid. But if you’re wondering why this happens, let me explain. I started this blog about 6 weeks ago. In that span of those 6 weeks, I’ve been told to kill myself no less than four times, been told I’m an imbecile, a child, need to get some friends, need to go outside, and generally mocked and jeered at more times than I care to count. Unfortunately, I’m not an exception to the rule, but someone who experiences the average amount of hate for a member of the community. I’ve got a thick skin, but sometimes it does make me angry or sad. Generally I get off my blog and calm down before I continue, but with experiences like these it doesn’t surprise me that members of our community sometimes lash out without regard for who they’re lashing out at. I am in no way condoning this, simply explaining it.

● Are otherkin trying to be part of the LGBTQA+ community?

Otherkin are not part of the LGBTQA+ community simply for being otherkin, but many of us are a part of the community because we are trans, nb, pan, ace, etc.

● Do otherkin just want to mock trans and nb people?

No! We are in no way a hate group. Many of us are trans or nb, as stated above.

● Do otherkin use their kintype (kintype refers to the type of being that the kin in question was, ex a wolfkin’s kintype would be wolf) as a gender identification?

This is a lie spread solely by trolls. No, we do not believe our gender is cat, or dragon, or werewolf. Some of us use what are called neopronouns, meaning quite literally new pronouns. These are solely for the use of people whose gender identity falls outside the range of female or male. You may have seen them before, such as bun/buns/bunself. I don’t see a lot of real kin using these, but occasionally we do. Again, these aren’t for cisgendered otherkin. Being otherkin does not grant you new pronouns. Using myself as an example, since I am cis, I do feel comfortable using she/hers/herself, despite being dragonkin.

● Isn’t being kin with a disabled character inherently ableist, and being kin with someone of a different race inherently racist?

According to two people, one of whom is POC and the other of whom is a disabled woman, not inherently. Claiming to understand the difficulties faced by either of these groups while not belonging to the group in this life, however, would be. I have an excellent post on this if you feel like continuing research.

● Are otherkin oppressed?

No, no, and no again. Bullied? Yes. Oppressed? No. Anyone claiming to be oppressed is a troll or incredibly misinformed.

● Why are there so many kin positivity based blogs, informational blogs, and blogs dedicated solely to otherkin?

Well, a few reasons. As discussed above, we are regularly bullied. Trolls and anti-kin also love to spread false information, leading to informative blogs. Finally, we’re a relatively small and misunderstood group, so we like to stick together. This isn’t to say that you aren’t free to follow an otherkin blog, however. If you like the aesthetic and don’t send mean spirited messages, most of us don’t care in the slightest whether or not you’re otherkin.

I hope you found this helpful, and if you have any questions feel free to drop them in my ask box, whether anonymously or not!

Spotting Mistyped Bloggers

Some people just can’t believe that they’re a different type than they are.  To overcompensate for that, they will blog about how great their type is, when in reality, it isn’t even theirs.  Here are some tips to spot these imposters.

INFJ”: Probably the most common, since they’re so rare.  They will often say things like “As an INFJ, one of the rarest, most special unicorns on this planet…” or “Another INFJ on Tumblr! We are so rare!”.  They blog about how INFJs are misunderstood or psychic.

INTJ”: Like the INFJ, there are so many fake bloggers out there.  These “INTJs” often brag about their lack of emotion, or their intelligence.  An easy method to find them is to criticize a small mistake that they made.  Instead of using their “INTJ logic”, they will become extremely butthurt and start raging at you to come off anon.

ENFJ”: “We are so amazing - not only do we have psychic powers, a quality of all Intuitives, we make friends easily!” This is the mantra of fake ENFJs, and they will use it to their advantage.  They will sometimes attack INFJs, claiming that their extroversion makes them superior.

ENTJ”: After religiously reading the entire description of every personality website, the fake “ENTJ” will try its best to adhere to the stereotype of the ENTJ.  They will unsuccessfully try to get everyone to do what they want, and when no one complies, will rant on their blog for more notes.

INFP”: Fake INFPs post deep, but meaningless, quotes about life.  They will also create sad stories for attention.  Wait, those are real INFPs.  It’s hard to tell them apart.

ENFP”: These mistyped bloggers will also try to adhere to their stereotype.  They pretend that they’re fun and happy, posting positive quotes about living life to the fullest.  I pity these the most, and they don’t annoy me as much, as they’re sad potatoes inside.

ENTP”: Fake ENTPs pick fights for no reason, and like to “trick” other people.  This is neither clever nor funny, and they basically annoy everyone.  They will behave in a similar manner as INTJs, so when someone calls them out on BS, they will rage in the form of a very long, incoherent post.

INTP”: Fake INTPs pretend to be much smarter than they actually are.  They always have a Wikipedia tab out in case they need to prove their intelligence, and often post informational posts that make them look smart.  “INTPs” will also reblog every single post about INTP superiority.

Reblog If You Are Part Of The Octavian Protection Squad

He was so misunderstood and we hardly knew anything about him.

He needs to be protected.


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I think the reason why Cancerians are so misunderstood is because we are so nurturing to others and so secretive about our internal lives nobody really knows the fascinating fullness of ourselves? we'll at least me, I was the Mom Friend my entire teenagedhood, and have only recently begun to think about me and what I want, and figure out where I fit into the world, besides the "mom friend"

I think that’s true! :’) Cancer is a really private sign and there’s more to them than the stereotype of being an emotional motherly crybaby, you know? It’s a lovely sign, and I really like learning about its intricacies.

No matter how introverted or shy the INFJ, they still highly value having a small community of trusted individuals to go to for their social needs. This is because their Extroverted Feeling seeks harmony and love from a bonded community. Everyone gets lonely, INFJs are no exception. They often crave love and acceptance even more from others because we often feel so misunderstood. It is important for INFJs to obtain and maintain social ties to ward off the sting of loneliness. 

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RE: Cartoon porn discussion post. It is also a tactic to target vulnerable groups to bring them into the alt-right fold. The post talks as though its all just mere exposure, which certainly helps quite a bit but doesn't touch the fact that targeting out-groups (see also: gamers, geeks, furries) and aggrandizing their sense of marginalization and giving them a comforting place to belong is a huge tactic for the alt-right. It's like saying 'you seem weird but r misunderstood, so are we! join us!'

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((same swap anon)) n maybe kuroo as dr. sweet bc they're both science nerds?? i also feel like kuroo's and oikawa's dynamic suits dr. sweet's and milo's

I actually have thought of Kuro as Dr.Sweet possibility too! But since I decided to make Mole as Nishinoya and Vinny as Tanaka I wanted Asahi to be Dr.Sweet to keep the trio together. Just look at them :”D

Sweet is very loyal, since he was the first member of the crew to stand up to Commander Rourke when he turns on Milo and the Atlanteans. That reminded me of Asahi very much, even though he is rather quite, he has self-confidence and a strong will of being the Ace of Karasuno and has no intention of letting anyone take that position from him. He cares for his teammates alot. I think Asahi would stand up for Oikawa like how Sweet did. 

With Kuro, he would be an Atlantean Warrior in Iwaizumi’s hunter team. But also, he and Kenma own a resturant inside the city~ 


Like this is how I envision the first meeting between Oikawa and Asahi in the Atlantis AU. After coming out from the shower, Asahi’s hair is down and starts carrying his Doctor Saw to examine Oikawa… 

But is actually the sweetest child ever!!