we are so damn smart

I'm sure they know.

I’m sure Sean knows he’s a wonderful inspiration and and the cutest green bean ever, he’s been on the internet and popular for a while. He’s heard it before.

Same goes for Mark. I’m sure he knows we know that he is so damn impressive and smart in everything he does, he’s heard it before.

And surely Felix, by now, knows that his audience is there for a reason, and that he’s got a good head on his shoulders.

Ethan must know that he’s wonderful and can do almost anything at 20, and we support him through that.

I’m sure they’ve been reassured that they’re beautiful, too. Hell we make art of them daily.

They know.

But does Tyler know HE was the actively saving my life? Not Mark? That he is a walking miracle of a human in the way he acts, and WE KNOW IT.

Does Robin know that when some of us see a really funny part in a JSE video, a close up or a few pop up things. We think of that funny Swedish dude that we barely see but god we love him. (Additionally hes so impressive? Like??? Antisepticeye is part jack but also a HUGE part Robin go dude)

Does Katherine know, as the resident brown haired woman with glasses in teamiplier that she makes me accept myself as the brown haired girl with glasses because she is so damn beautiful

Does AMY know, that she is so passionate about what she loves and that drives some of us everyday. I want to be like Amy Nelson! And FUCK NO, when I say that I do not mean I want to date Mark. I want to be loving, passionate, and talented. And she’s a fucking good inspiration. (Even though she has a channel, still saying this, because it’s true and it might not have reached her yet)

Does Signé know she makes some of us feel not so alone anymore? That woman dealt with depression and anxiety and still deals with some today. She’s creative, she’s wonderful, she’s beautiful and when I say I want to be like Signe Hansen I don’t mean Sean’s girlfriend because I want to be creative and I want to fight off my depression and I am, with her help. (Even though she has a channel, I’m still saying this)

Gods sake, does MARZIA KNOW she is a sweetheart and smart and talented and not just Felix’s girlfriend because just a little scroll through the comments on her channel saying she’s using him for views makes me sorta insulted. Marzia is loving, and sweet and beautiful and when I say I want to be like Marzia Bisognin I don’t mean Felix’s girlfriend I mean a kind, loving and sweet woman with an impeccable fashion sense. Do all these people get left slightly behind and never told this, only getting indirect praise because it’s targeted at Mark? Or Sean? Or Ethan? Or Felix? I want Tyler, Robin, Katherine, Amy, Signe and Marzia to know they’re just as important as their friends/ significant others to some of us. Reblog with your own thoughts on these guys! Spread the love!

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you and whit are at the same beach sitting right fucking beside each other omfg... think yall can hide LMFAO

YEAH BC THATS THE PLAN!! Omg you fucking caught us. I posted a picture on the beach and then a second later she did … Because if we were trying to fucking hide it that’s exactly what we would do.
God damn it .. How are you so smart!!???😭 #caught #handcuffus #dumbassmf

I like to imagine that Kise is smarter than Aomine at least when it comes to things outside of school, like common sense and things of the like. 

So him and Kuroko often get together and talk about what there idiotic boyfriends have done lately. 

“Aomineicchi spent the better half of Saturday-night opening and closing the refrigerator slowly to see when exactly the light would go off, if it even did.” Kise sighs.

“Kagami-kun might be to blame for that, he stated once that the refrigerator would use less electricity if the people who make them designed it so the light would shut off when it was closed.”


Aomien and Kagami are playing one-on-one in the park.

“Dude thought you was joking when you said the light in the refrigerator didn’t shut off when closed. It really doesn’t!” Aomine stated.

“I know we should write a letter and complain. The more we save on electricity the more money we’d also save. Man we are so smart!” Kagami declared.

“Damn straight.” the other agreed.    

twins, twins

Why does he say it’s never twins?! 

Remember this scene in TSOT

JOHN: “My husband is three people.” It’s interesting. Says he has three distinct patterns of moles on his skin.
SHERLOCK: Identical triplets – one in half a million births. Solved it without leaving the flat. Now, serviettes.

Okay, okay…It isn’t technically twins, but come on. It’s the same theory! So it makes no sense for him to say it’s never twins. 

Going back to TAB.

The fact that Sherlock thinks (as John) that it could be a secret twin and then quickly tells himself that it’s never twins makes me think there IS a twin.

WATSON: A secret twin? Hmm? You know? A twin that nobody knows about? This whole thing could have been planned.
HOLMES: Since the moment of conception? How breathtakingly prescient of her!

Sherlock is shooting down John’s idea (or his own idea of what John might say) because it isn’t clever enough. It’s like he’s arguing in his mind if this could be a possibility. It isn’t brilliant enough for him. It isn’t the answer he wants to hear.

Yet later in the episode we get confirmation that Sherlock thinks John is pretty damn smart. 

WATSON: So what’s he like? The other me, in the other place?
HOLMES: Smarter than he looks!
WATSON: Pretty damn smart, then!
HOLMES: Pretty damn smart.

We have seen Sherlock miss the obvious before because it’s too simple. What if Sherlock dismissing the twins is just him dismissing the obvious, which although simple is the most likely to be true. 

MORIARTY: I knew you’d fall for it. That’s your weakness. You always want everything to be clever.

So yes, i think twins are going to be involved in series 4!

Moriarty or Sherlock.
One of them has a twin. 

Want to Engage with Fandom from the Outside?

Great! I mean, we’re not going to stop you. It’s not as if fanwork isn’t publicly available on the internet for anyone to see. It’s a bit hidden because we keep it in places outsiders don’t tend to look or even know about. We’re not trying to be in anyone’s face. We’re trying to be available to the people who are looking for us, and only them. We’re quite happy to stay hidden from everyone else. But you want to write an article/book/run a course/write a dissertation all about us and what we do? Well, great! Go for it!

Don’t think you’re doing us a favour. People have been writing about us for years and years now. There are books, there are articles, there are documentaries. There are courses. There are degree programs. You can’t even imagine how many graduate theses there are on us. You aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last. But I agree: we’re very interesting. I understand the appeal. So go ahead. Write about us. Spotlight us. Introduce us to the world!

But there are some things you should understand.

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I know we are saying this all the time but they are so damn smart. The fact that the biggest messages come through settings that are not permanent like: location, icon changes, that one time favorite… and really no trace is left behind but we all have our screenshots and that is to it really. Plausible deniability at its finest. Probably there’s gonna be a group of people arguing if those screenshots are real or not and that’s the whole point. It’s like a mini see-saw, it was there, it was left there until the message was delivered and processed, job was done, mission completed then boom un-favoriting it, changing locations and changing icons. Leaving up and available the not so aggressive clues which really “just” show two bears in rainbow gear. Bloody brilliant.

So I feel the same about people deriding those who are mourning Bowie. I don’t care if you don’t care. More fool you. For some, a hole has been ripped in the universe and we are lost, and we will be for a good while yet. We are afraid. For he was so damn smart and yet formed in the laboratory of creative social mobility, which we fear is also gone now. If we cannot reconstruct it, we just don’t know where the new visionaries will be grown.

That’s the social part, but the personal part is well … not just his life. We have his life to replay over and over. But his death, the turning of his ending into something full of awe and humanity, is breathtaking. Most people in the last days of cancer cannot get dressed, let alone produce sounds and vision that sear our souls. You see, we are troubled by what we now feel he was telling us and what we chose not to know. We are troubled by the fact that, in talking of his death, we are talking of our own. He once said: “I think ageing is an extraordinary process whereby you become the person that you always should have been.” Yes.

“Ain’t that just like me,” he sings. The last line of Lazarus. How many of us ever know what we are like or how to die?