we are so close its disgusting tbh

I find it interesting how the articles about millenials are phrased because in school you’re taught that the laissez-faire capitalist system is supposed to be a “survival of the fittest” type deal, where businesses fail because the people running them didn’t bring anything to market that the market needed badly enough that consumers couldn’t do without. Yet in every one of these articles, they phrase it as, “millenials are killing x industry,” both putting the blame squarely on young consumers rather than said industry’s failure to adapt to changing market demands, and implying that there is malicious intent behind that failure. As if people between 20-35 years old are making coordinated efforts to put Applebee’s out of business. As if the reality isn’t simply that the majority of us don’t have the money to spend on luxuries like overpriced restaurants because we’re underemployed and burdened with tens of thousands of dollars of student debt. As if we’re under some kind of implicit obligation to spend what little money we do have keeping whatever this baby boomer’s favorite chain store is open because it’ll make old people sad if it closes. Imagine being this out of touch with reality