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Alright so the subject of Ana being the source of the rift between Gabriel and Jack is starting to come up more.

And something that everyone talking about this issue should be aware of is that there is a HUGE miscommunication thing going on between all three Old Soldiers.

Jack and his team are LITERALLY in the middle of taking off.  He says that he literally has two second before they fly off.

People miss this panel A LOT, but here, Ana turns off her comms device.

So what does this mean?

Jack was trying to pull a retreat.  He had the hostages, the remaining members of their squad was safe, he was trying to get Ana to reign in whatever drive was fueling her to square off against this other sniper.

It’s not hard to believe that by turning off the comms device, Ana may have turned off her GPS signaling or any other way of pinging her location to Jack and the rest of their squad.  Whether this was intentional or not is debatable.

So do I think Ana was wrong?  Hard to say.  This fight of hers was irresponsible, even if it was motivated by purer feelings (”I failed my unit - I lost members of my family.”).  

The saying is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and this is a theme common to all three “Old Soldiers” (Ana, Soldier: 76/Jack, Reaper/Gabriel).  This is, arguably, “the theme” of Overwatch as a whole group too - as we saw in Uprising, Jack and Gabriel both made the call to send agents to London against multiple orders from multiple people (their director Petras, UN suspensions, and the UK government).

But going back to the issue of Ana’s “death”:

(It’s important to note that Reaper does not stay for Ana to give him any sort of explanation.  In fact, he doesn’t even stay to find out how she’s still alive.)

So, clearly someone thinks that Jack left Ana behind and abandoned her in favor of the mission.

And certainly, it looks bad on Jack’s part - to “force a retreat” with his own captain not on board the ship.  We don’t know if Jack tried to find Ana after and could not relocate her, or anything else.  But certainly, it seems that some people in Overwatch think he did not do enough to find her and bring her home.

But in Uprising, Gabriel and Jack still had decent communication occurring between them.  So what exactly happened?  Assuming that Jack tried to explain that he lost communication with Ana, why does seemingly his ex-best friend and companion of nearly 30 years not believe him?

We already know that stress was beginning to build within Overwatch by the time of the Uprising comic - Blackwatch was under suspension, Jack was under pressure to listen to Petras “and stay in line,” governments were beginning to lob complaints, public outcry was starting.

More importantly, if the new skins are anything to go by, Amélie was already kidnapped and brainwashed.

Which means Talon had already infiltrated Overwatch.

It’s not difficult to theorize that some “enterprizing” Talon infiltrator saw the miscommunication over Ana’s “death” start between Gabriel and Jack, and decided to use that moment to drive a wedge between them.  Perhaps Jack gets called into the UN Headquarters to explain how Ana died.  Perhaps the Talon infiltrator uses that moment to convince Gabriel that Jack “is lying to cover his own failures and that he actually abandoned Ana.”  Perhaps Gabriel is so caught up in his grief and confusion that he believes them.  Perhaps Jack gets a different (or even the same) Talon infiltrator trying to convince him that Gabriel is “behaving irrationally” or “refuses to listen to Jack’s explanation.”

This is a lot speculation, and without knowing more it’s hard to get any more specific.  But I see this order of events as pretty likely.  If we assume that Genji and Jesse leave soon after Ana’s death (Genji to find himself and Jesse out of stress and pressure), then Gabriel is effectively without a solid emotional support network to rely on.  If we believe that Gabriel was “emotionally isolated” by the conspiracy within Overwatch, it’s fairly straightforward to see how he comes to blame Jack and Overwatch as a whole for “leaving him behind to suffer” as well.

I think people are quick to sympathize with the different Old Soldiers, but fewer people seem to see the steps that could lead someone to become like Ana, Reaper, or Soldier: 76.  All it takes is a simple mistake or miscommunication moment, and those who are looking to bring Overwatch down could easily find an opportunity to chisel away at a solid foundation.

And after all - 

The best way to undermine something is to take out part of the base level foundation - the original founders of Overwatch.

And then the whole thing comes crumbling down.

Matty’s Interview with The Sunday Times Style

I wish I had a teenage daughter. Why? Because here I am with Matt Healy, the frontman of the 1975, who has just offered to take his shirt off in order to give me a tattoo tour. There’s the one dedicated to his nana; his mum, Denise “Loose Women” Welch, is on his foot; his dad, Tim “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” Healy, is on his arm; and his brother, Louis, on the back of a calf; there’s the one dedicated to William Burroughs, the author of his favourite ever book, Queer; then there’s the one on the inside of his left wrist… of his passport number. “I got bored of being constantly woken up by a woman offering me a landing card while my tour manager, who always carries my passport, is conked out somewhere behind me. I thought it would be useful. It’s really all I need on a plane.

Welcome to the world of the 1975, whose second album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It (yes, really), went straight to No 1 in both America and the UK last year, and who won the best band award at the Brits in February. They have just announced that their third album, Music for Cars, will be out next year, and when we meet they are about to go on tour, kicking off in Mexico and ending in July at Latitude Festival in Suffolk, where they will headline alongside Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons. If you’re not familiar with their music — think Pete Doherty mixed with One Direction, maybe — it’s probably because, like me, you’re too old. That said, Mick Jagger, whom the band supported when the Stones played Hyde Park in 2013, is a huge fan — so fond of their hit single Chocolate, he has been known to put it on after dinner for guests.

Yeah, I remember that gig,” says the 28-year-old Healy, with a faint Northern accent. “It was before I had my eyes lasered and I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Pointless. There were 50,000 people there and I could only see about four of them, but out of the corner of my eye I could just make out this gyrating figure and it was Jagger dancing to Chocolate. Mick Jagger — can you f****** believe it?

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Kylie Minogue’s (Likely) Comeback Single Was Produced By Sigala

Kylie Minogue’s pop comeback might be a lot closer than we thought with news that the likely lead single was produced by Sigala, the UK DJ behind club hits like “Easy Love” and “Say You Do.” He let a few details slip in an interview with The Sun, describing the song as having “a ‘Spinning Around’ vibe.” So far, so good! “I’m influenced a lot by the Nineties so it makes sense for me to work with her,” Bruce Fielder (his real name) revealed. “It fitted really well.” As for the sound? “It’s cool that it sounds throwback but it needs to sound modern as well to take Kylie’s career forward.”

It’s about waiting for somebody to tell you how they feel and being like, ‘Come on, let’s get it out in the open and stop messing around. Tell me what you’re waiting for.‘” The inspiration for the song could be the pop diva’s break-up with boyfriend Joshua Sasse. “After splitting from Joshua maybe that’s why she picked it because she wants people to be honest with her.” Sigala isn’t the only confirmed collaborator. Kylie has also been in the studio with Richard “Biff” Stannard, Xenomania producer Brian Higgins and Guy Chambers.

Interestingly, the album is rumored to touch on world issues. “It looks like her album could be her most political yet too, with talk of tracks covering issues like LGBT rights,” a source told The Sun. “Kylie just wants to make an album that will start conversations.” While we wait for music to arrive, check out Sigala’s breakthrough smash below.

So its confirmed, its Daesh behind the Manchester Arena explosion as well.

We already know Daesh is behind the invasion happening in Marawi

You have terrorists here targeting young people in the UK, and Muslim families in the Philippines. These losers are out to divide people, whether they’re young or old, non-Muslim or Muslim. 

We must not let these losers or the ideology that powers them win.

Steal my coursework? I'll steal your sports deal.

I knew this guy at university, lets call him Sam. Now we used to be good friends, he wasn’t the type of person you wanted to study with per se but he was a good person to party with. Unfortunately, his academic laziness caught up with him and he needed to ace some assignments to graduate with a half decent degree. This resulted in him going behind my back and submitting my 13 page assignment as his own, I informed the professors and academic committee who needed to look into the matter but it could take a few weeks.

Unfortunately for me, Sam was acting like an arrogant twat. He kept laughing my face and saying I deserved it for not helping him, and that when he graduated he would be playing football for a top club. We are in the UK at the most competitive sports university in Europe, so some of our most talented students get picked up by premier league sides for their academies.

According to Sam, a number of big name scouts were coming to an exhibition match to watch the lads in action so of course everyone was very hyped. The match was between ourselves and a long time rival in a nearby city, coincidentally my boyfriend Rami studies there and plays for their football team. Now Rami knows of the situation between Sam and I and is very unhappy, but being the level-headed dork he is, he tells me it’s best to wait for the academic committee to come to a decision on Sam.

This would’ve been a sad end to the story, had Rami not encountered Sam trashtalking me at a local bar. Now Rami is one of those people who is either at 0 or a 100 when it comes to revenge, 99% of the time staying at 0 since he believes revenge to be somewhat meaningless. At this moment however, he was a 110.

Cue the day of the match, scouts are sitting pitchside with notepads and eager to watch stars like Sam impress them. Firstly, before I continue with the story I need to tell you their positions which they play so you understand what happens. Rami plays Left Back, so he plays at the very back as a defender on the left side. Sam plays as Right Wing, so he plays alongside the striker on the right side. This means when the teams clash, Rami and Sam would be continuously going head to head.

Now, in football legal tackles can often take multiple forms, usually they are precise and agile and target the ball specifically. Or, you can go the more aggressive route and smash through the player, the tackle is legal assuming you hit the ball first. Now unfortunately for Sam, Rami was not in a friendly and precise mood. Within 4 minutes of the game, Sam is making a run down the wing and Rami is waiting to greet him. Rami flies in, gets the ball away but positions his tackle so he smashes into Sam, making him somersault into the air. Timeout is called, people check on Sam to make sure he continues playing which of course he does, don’t want to disappoint those scouts now do we. So Rami goes in with hard tackle after hard tackle, at the end of the first half Sam can barely stand, his legs are bruised and wrecked from the assault. Breaking Sam’s legs isn’t what Rami wanted, he wanted Sam to force himself to keep playing in front of the scouts whilst trying to hide the pain from his injuries which Rami achieved. Needless to say Sam didn’t get called up by the scouts, and during the time his legs took time to properly heal he was replaced in the first team by a newer player.

As the icing on the cake, the academic committee suspended Sam from the university, forcing him to retake his final year with every grade capped at 40% which is the bare minimum passing grade. All because of his douchebaggery, Sam lost his near guaranteed sports deal and a university degree. I’m sorry if this story isn’t up to standard or is too harsh, but I just wanted to talk about this somewhere. Thank you for reading <3.

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What about Ethan teaching you how to play the ukulele? Thank you so so much!

I started writing this and then my laptop stopped working i got angry

•eth surprising you with a uke since you love his

•"i got you one so now we can do duets!!“

•eth sitting behind you and putting his arms around you

•eth gently placing his hands over yours to place your fingers

•eth cooing encouraging words from behind you

•"thats it baby, you’re learning so quickly”

•eth showing you a few chords and being proud of how fast you’re picking up on it

•learning basic duets together

•singing & playing with eth oh myyy

•eth calling you the uke squad

•"together we can change the world with our uke squad"

aw hes so cute

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I do feel for the people who put so much great effort behind the BLM movement, but it hurts more to see people absolutely cutting up Harry for not acknowledging it. IMO, he can’t be a spokesperson for everyone. He dances around with a rainbow flag EVERY night and it seems like now we’re taking that for granted and asking him to speak on more issues... at the end of the day, his concert is a concert, not a political/social rally. I dont know how it is in the UK, but here in the US, BLM is a (1/2)

MUCH more touchy subject than pride. I feel bad but I can’t blame him, in a way. I think he would lose credibility as an artist if he started vocalizing on every movement that was presented to him, no matter how worthy of a movement it is. He’s focusing on pride - which I think is beautiful - and, let’s be honest, is a movement that affects him the most, anyways. (2/2)//

I feel strongly that every person should feel comfortable and safe in a concert venue… as they should everywhere in life. Fundamental human rights are fundamental rights. It is up to every one of us to defend and provide the same opportunities for everyone, whenever and however we can.

That said, I largely agree with you. There are many complex issues to consider here. The first is his personal championship of LGBQT equality, which comes from an extensive personal history of doing so, and clearly is deeply meaningful for him. Whether the GP identifies Harry as belonging to the community, equality has been his choice, his cause. He has championed feminism as well, and spoken out against Brexit. These are issues he has reflected upon and decided to take a public stand on.

Harry has expressed his wish for everyone to feel safe at the venues, and has praised everyone’s courage. He has been appreciative of all his fans. Politics is thorny and complex. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Expectations can be a slippery slope.

Tumblr tends to be very America-centric so can we just turn our eyes for a minute to the UK

Specifically to this woman. 

Earlier today, Jo Cox, a Labour MP in Northern England, was stabbed and shot at an event in a library. 

It has just been confirmed that she has died due to the attack. 

She was a great campaigner and humanitarian, and has left behind a husband and two children. 

This kind of event happens rarely in the UK, and so this is terrifying and destabilising that such a horrific thing has happened to such a compassionate person. 

Can thoughts on Tumblr turn to the UK today please, and turn to remember a woman who has been brutally murdered after a lifetime of trying to build a better country.

All You Had To Do Was Stay’s introduction speech has to be one of my favourite things in the world, because all last year I was dragged along behind a man who never planned to stay at all, but made sport of leaving me hanging and laughing about it with his friends. 

So, thank you Taylor, for saying to thousands of people each night what we are all thinking and what really needs to be said. 

You should either leave, or you stay.

Hey MTV, Welcome to (Nick’s) Crib

A few anons were interested in a masterpost of Nick’s house like we have for his old place (pour one out for the old flat - gone but never forgotten). I’ve put together this house tour based on what we’ve seen on instagram. I would absolutely love it if one day Nick was featured in some sort of interior design magazine bc he has such eclectic taste and his place is very nice imo!

OK hopefully I have the layout right - if you spot any errors let me know. Tour behind the cut.

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BTS REACTION: To you being a celebrity guest at the Mama Awards and you're from the west (UK,USA, etc...) and they have a crush on you

Rap Monster:

During your presentation…

And when you two are behind the scenes “So, my name is  Rap Monster and if you want I can spank your, oh I mean I can show you the city …”




While you present yourself on stage:

Behind the scenes, he would pass by you and said, insinuating:

"You should know who I am, but even so, I am Min Suga, and I think we could go for a walk and know each other better…”

But all in Korean…




When you are on the stage:

When he is on the stage:

*ADM Misso is dead because of this child*


“OH MY GOD! Hyung, we can talk to her  backstage before presenting ourselves?” He would ask for Namjoon excitedly “Can we?“

"You speak English?”

“Anyo …”

“I’ll have to translate?”




*Imagine Jimin as Rap Monster*


He would look at you with a mischievous smile while you present yourself on stage. “I’ll seduce her if she look at me…”

However, behind the scenes he can only look at you with admiration for some time "So close and you can not even say hi, asshole” He’d think.

“Hi!” He would force himself to tell when you pass and smile at him “Aish … idiot!” He’d rebuke himself silently.

Hey guys, I’m back with some reactions! 

ADM Cherry helped me ^^ 

~ADM Misso

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typical-atheist-scumbag  asked:

You're very misinformed. Why do you believe Trump supporters should be attacked? Like, I'm not a Trump guy myself, but damn. You can understand why people would be angry and turn to him. As far as I'm concerned, our political system threw us overboard sometime a century or 2 ago, and everyone involved is a puppet, but I'd never attack someone or belittle them for believing in any political candidate. Why should you?

Because Trump is the biggest threat to the western world for over 70 years. I live in the UK so thankfully he isn’t my president (we have our own political problems but that’s a whole different issue). He stands for pure misinformed hatred, he spreads lies and his narcissism is unmatched, so excuse me for not liking the people who support him. I stand for equality and for the people, and when you have someone who is so against that and people rally behind him, yeah, you start to think those people don’t deserve to walk safely. The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi, and it blows my mind that there is anybody that disagrees with that.

Ramble 001 // Saor Alba

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, announced today her intention to bring about a second referendum on Scottish independence. If, Sturgeon, guides the nation to the polls at her earliest proposed date (Autumn 2018), then Scotland would have tackled the question of independence, and everything else that comes with it, twice in four years. Given the turmoil of Brexit, the same voters as a few years ago will have greater influence on Scotland, and Scotland’s future, than they did last time around.

A lengthy and long post could be written on the mandate for such a referendum alone, in short, I believe there have been significant enough political changes to warrant the nation being asked once more about independence. The nation’s vote to remain in the EU is reason enough, given the seismic changes it will inflict upon Scotland going forth.

The future is at the core of this second proposed referendum. Nicola Sturgeon, rather bravely with aplomb, showed that Scotland have little hand in their own future. When Sturgeon pointed out that even though she is the First Minister of Scotland, had no idea when article 50 would be triggered, which was rumoured to be tomorrow. As the elected head of the Scottish parliament, Sturgeon should know this scant amount of information. In one example Sturgeon pointed out a dark picture, one that citizens in Scotland should pay heed to. If the most powerful politician in the land cannot even secure the knowledge of the date of article 50s triggering, how much influence do you suspect this person, their government and their nation will have in the ensuing negotiations on exiting the EU. None. It is likely the UK government will respond by stating they will further bring Scotland into the negotiation fold, if they do, we would be stupid to believe them, even more foolish to forgo a referendum, as the UK government have proven themselves to be a two-faced overlord to Scotland of late.

A Scottish referendum will undoubtedly thrown a spanner in UK government plans. Articles have already highlighted that the civil service is stretched thin, and when EU exit negotiations begin, the civil service will be worked to the bone. Another referendum will only enhance this workload, so much so, that the UK government may find it in their favour to push for a post-exit referendum. Indeed, it could be spun quite well, offering citizens in Scotland the chance to sample post-exit life, before throwing away the union. It’s how I would spin it.

Sturgeon has struck first, because she had to, but can independence be secured. The key issue is how many no voters in Scotland’s first independence referendum were also Brexit supporters? This referendum will largely be asking one question of voters, how much does the EU and membership to it mean to you? And the lines here are not clear, staunch pro-independence supporters can abhor the EU just as much, and vice versa.

The weight of this referendum is huge. Before it was big, but there was an element of safety. Before, we had the security of landing back into the union and EU, now we have no safety net. Last time we were asked to jump and believe, now we’re asked to jump and believe or fall back and believe. This referendum will offer no status-quo, which is were voters will invariably head to when they’re unsure. We’re being sold two unknown quantities, as such a belief in ourselves as a nation is key, and this counts for both sides. We have to believe we can march into a post-Brexit world and succeed as an independent nation, or we have to believe we can forge forward as part of Britain in a post-Brexit world. The issue is, one of those options is driven by those who wish to give a voice to Scotland, the other by a force who would gag us. How confident can we be remaining part of the United Kingdom, when our masters blind us, gag us and expect us to march behind them, deaf to our words on where to tread next. If they can overlook us so easily in this momentous time in British history, they can overrun us when they secure their Brexit and turns their sights on Scotland and a centralisation of power. Leaving the UK is the only way to safe guard what we hold dear now, and it is the only way to at least have a vain attempt in forging our future. If you hold dear Scotland today, and tomorrow, then it is evident that a yes vote is the only option.

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They know what they are doing. They saw us all rally behind Louis and get JHO to number 2 in the UK all by ourselves! He literally did no promo in the UK. They know we are his biggest supporters, and we will always be here for him. So they announce the signing and throw him in more shit so we once again rally behing him and promote the hell out of him. And they dont have to do much, just stunts, which is what they know how to do. We do the rest.

Will we?


I’ve been a little behind in class when we’ve been doing integration so many new concepts, so I made it my priority to get the part of the integration chapter that we have covered at school done 🤔. Now I’m starting to understand it a lot more 🙌🏽🙌🏽

13/02/2017 | 31/100 days of productivity

My Ten Year Old Brother Watches Teen Wolf 2x03 - “Ice Pick”

Back by popular demand, my brother is more famous than I am! He loves Teen Wolf, but he is sitting his SATS (we live in the UK) exams soon so he’s been too busy, so that’s why we’re a little behind. Episode 5 will be missing because he viewed it without me present.

“I do love Allison, but her Dad’s still an idiot.”

“I think Scott should have a tail.”

“Scott’s a werewolf Allison, she’s so funny! They are so cute!”

“Stiles was fast, he’s not a werewolf…!”

“Who is Greenberg?”

“Girl, don’t climb without teachers!!” *turns to me* “You had fits when you were little, like her?” *I used to have seizures when I was 9 to 13, my brother remembers this* “Well you wouldn’t climb without being held!”

“Derek’s being weird again!”

“Don’t hurt Lydia!! Jackson, I don’t like you anymore! You made her cry, I hate you!!”*Eden will make someone very happy one day with how kind and nice he is. Btw, I think I accidently made him a feminist*

“How can a bite do that?” *He blushed, he totally blushed…oh my brother has another Teen Wolf Crush*

“Lydia doesn’t like you Stiles…….she’s too cool.”

“I love the Mets too!”

“Libby, are you putting this on Tumblr? Stop using me for followers!”*He knows me too well*

“Oh, Scott…..”

“Scott! Glass! Scott!”

“I love Allison & Scott.”

“What is Lydia????”

“Allison & Scott forever…..wait no, Scott & Stiles forever…I can’t choose.”

“Jackson the weirdo….wait, he’s becoming Derek 2!”

“Can we buy a Jeep?”

“Scott should be an alpha…not Derek.”

“I hate Derek now…never hurt Scott!”

American Gods – 10 things we learned about Neil Gaiman adaptation at London premiere

Ahead of upcoming fantasy series American Gods, airing on Starz later this month, Amazon Prime Video screened the show’s pilot and hosted a Q&A session with the cast in London recently. Apart from being completely baffled about what the overall plot was after the first episode had finished, audience members certainly learned a lot about what to expect from Bryan Fuller and Michael Green’s visually stunning adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s award-winning novel.

Here’s all that IBTimes UK took away from the event, including some behind-the-scenes anecdotes and tidbits from future episodes…

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So, what’s the show about?

Mixing themes of old American Westerns with modern fantasy and ancient mythology, American Gods sees ex-convict Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) meet a mysterious man named Mr Wednesday (Ian McShane). The latter, in turn, introduces him to a dangerous world of good and evil and enlists him as his reluctant bodyguard-turned-errand boy.

In Gaiman’s novel (and presumably, the series now too), Wednesday is actually Odin, the Old Norse god of knowledge and wisdom, who has used his abilities to become an extremely successful con artist. More recently however, he spends his days trying to recruit other gods to join him in the inevitable war between himself and his kind and the New Gods; beings who manipulate their followers with promises of wealth and fame.

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You won’t necessarily understand the pilot, and that’s okay…

“Well, I’m sure I speak for everyone, my mind was blown. I did not know what the hell just happened. Whittle candidly told the audience, when asked what were his thoughts upon watching the pilot himself. "You enter this journey through Shadow’s eyes and obviously at the beginning, you’ve not got a clue what’s going on but that’s okay because neither does Shadow. And as Shadow learns what’s going on, you’ll learn with him.”

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It’s SUPER blood-soaked

Before the pilot began, the audience was greeted to an introductory video message from Gaiman who thanked everyone for attending… and then apologised for “all of the blood”. After the episode had finished, his final comment certainly made sense… Be warned, American Gods is not a show for those who suffer from haemophobia.

Laura Moon gets her own episode… and backstory

“Laura is a pivotal role in the book, in the sense that she’s the reason for Shadow going on this journey in the first place,” Emily Browning, who plays Shadow’s wife Laura in the show, explained. “But you don’t really get to see much of what’s going on with her. In the book, she kind of came in and out, but in episode four of this series we meet Laura before she meets Shadow and we get to know her story.”

Yetide Badaki was into Neil Gaiman’s work before coming aboard

“I’m a huge sci-fi and fantasy geek, so, I actually think when Neil first met me that he thought I was a total weirdo. They introduced us and all I could do was shake his hand, turn around and scurry away. It has been beyond a dream-come-true.”

“There was a moment where Ricky, Emily and I got to watch a couple of episodes and we were just sitting there like little kids in a candy store!”

Ricky Whittle put Pablo Schreiber in the hospital during filming

Orange Is the New Black’s Schreiber stars as Mad Sweeney, a king from an old Irish story, in the show and it’s safe to say, the orange-haired character makes quite an impression in the opening episode alone. In the pilot, Sweeney and Moon get into a brutal bar-room brawl and according to Browning, Whittle sent Schreiber to hospital…

“So,” the former Hollyoaks star said, “In that scene, there’s several headbutts but he missed time on one of them. It wasn’t my fault. He grabs my shoulders and sinks his 6ft 5in frame into my forehead so I just flick back and sell it, but he caught me and [he] hit the floor. When he came up, his head was pouring with blood. He burst his forehead wide open.”

Technical Boy is King of the Jazzy Hair Do’s

“[Technical Boy] is indicative of our relationship with the internet and social media; constantly updating so every time you see him [he has] a completely new look, completely new hair. I got to know the hair and make-up girls very, very well,” Bruce Langley, who portrays the character, teased. “We’re close.”

Browning even went on to joke that Langley even sports a grill at one point during the season. “Watch this space,” he confirmed.

It has deeper themes than just 'gods’

“What really hit me was the whole immigration story and all of the ancient power and how [these figures] are trying to find their way in the modern world.” Badaki stated when asked about the show’s different subject matters, before Whittle clarified: “It touches on some very sensitive topics; immigration, religion, sexism, racism.”

[It could have] been relevant at any time,“ McShane added. "What it deals with, which is all the issues we don’t like to talk about in life. It’s a story of coming to America… faith… Don’t lose faith. What Gaiman is saying is, 'Whatever your faith is, it doesn’t matter… as long as you have faith, you need something – otherwise you’ll just be a boring cynic.”

Female characters play a much bigger part in the show than they did in the book

“Bryan said in another one of his interviews, the book was 'kind of a sausage party’”, so it’s really great that they decided that they wanted to make the female roles more interesting and more present in the story.“ Browning told the audience.

'You ain’t seen nothing yet’…

There’s no denying that the overall theme of the evening’s Q&A was that fans – regardless of whether they’ve read the original novel or not, are in for a treat with this one. Almost every cast member at some point told the audience to 'get ready’ in so many words… so chances are, you’d better do so.

Also starring Orlando Jones, Kristin Chenoweth, Crispin Glover and Gillian Anderson, American Gods is set to premiere on 30 April 2017. The show will arrive on UK screens, via Amazon Prime, on 1 May.

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Netflix has added Season 3 of Rick and Morty!

The Rickshank Rickdemption is on there, but I think that means that we’re gonna be a week behind each US airing. My idea is watch the new episodes online, and then go back and watch them on Netflix again (either the same day they upload em or a few days later) so we can keep their ratings up in good numbers.

But legit fuck off if I’m gonna be an entire week behind in a land of spoilers just because I’m from the UK