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The Barbecue - Jai Courtney (SMUT WARNING)

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Word count: 1535
I wrote this really quick and it was so easy to write. I love moments like that. That picture (above) is how he looks in this. Enjoy. I would love Jai to fuck me like this though..

“Okay, so how about this one?” You held up a baby pink dress and your boyfriend scrunched up his face.

“God, no. What the hell was wrong with the dress that you said you were definitely wearing? The navy one? You know, the one that was about six dresses ago.” He wasn’t joking. You wanted to make a good impression on his family, even though you had met them many times before. “My mum and pop love you, okay? Just put on the first dress and let’s go?”

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(omg you know APH) I can all too easily see one of those child-drawing style factskits with you and Arthur about how the UK has a peculiarly morbid side when it comes to storytelling

seriously though