we are shining stars

celebrate the good SHINee times~

this is a sad, tragic, heartbreaking time in our kpop community- and to the whole world.

we lost a shining star today, but we need to remember the good times and smile in his memory because I know that’s what Kim Jonghyun would want us to do………..so here’s some youtube videos that might cheer you up and make you smile if you’re feeling down like me ✨

JONGHYUN 종현 ‘Lonely (Feat. 태연)’ MV

JONGHYUN 종현 '좋아 (She is)’ MV



SHINee Funniest Moments Compilation 2017

Jonghyun of SHINee Funniest Moments

SHINee 'Swap-Soul Among Members’

SHINee Over Flowers (EngSub)

Happy Together - SHINee vs Sunny

School attack with SHINee


shinee being memes

An Introduction to Jonghyun!

[A Shawol’s Guide to SHINee] Reasons to love SHINee

we did lose our shining star today, but you all know he’s high up in the sky looking out for us and reminding us to stay happy and to love with our fullest and smile our brightest ⭐

Ok but Kyungsoo is one dramatic hoe like his hair legit looks the same as it did a month ago only now its brown…

Like the 007 shit he pulled at the airport last month was…


last night, during the second day (physical) of the 32nd golden disk awards, lee hi paid tribute to jonghyun by performing “한숨 (breathe)”, which he composed and wrote for her. a direct link to the performance can be found here . before the start of the performance a short commemorative video was aired of jonghyun. below is a translation of the dialogue and text within it:

on a day an exceptional among of snow covered the world in white, the star that shined the brightest on stage because a star that shines the brightest in the night sky.

when you’re comforting someone, rather than comfort them by comparing to your situation or the situations of others, i think it’s best to comfort them about that person’s situation”. your words were comforting pats to us.

if there are people who are exhausted from reality, as you listen to this song, i hope they’ll know that there is someone here who is like them”. your music was a warm embrace to us.

jonghyunnie hyung who is the best artist of my life, friend, hyung and colleague - you worked hard. i love you so much” - shinee’s key.

i’m sorry i couldn’t embrace you enough. i love you and thank you. i miss you a lot and i want to hold your hand” - snsd’s taeyeon.

trust artist jonghyun sunbaenim, we miss you so much and we love you. we will remember you forever” - exo

life is a continuation of meetings and farewells. because of that process i believe that we grow. immediately, it’s regrettable. sadness and tears come, but we will meet again.

tonight, we say our greetings to the star that is shining the brightest in the sky. you worked hard. you really went through a lot. (last part, sung by jonghyun and implied) you are my pride. (source: sonexstella)

[note: the quotations that are not labeled are quotes from jonghyun himself, mainly from blue night radio. the quotes from kibum and taeyeon’s are taken from their instagram posts, and the quote from exo is taken from the message displayed during their concert dedicated to him.]

I would love to know what he thinks of me now. Does he say that we were something great, but it just didn’t work out? Or something, maybe, more poetic like: we were a star, shining bright, but like all others, we were doomed to collapse in on ourselves. Probably not. He never did enjoy poetry much.

Maybe he says that I was a mistake. Maybe that I was a hookup that never meant anything. Maybe I was just another name in a long list of girls that he could’ve loved.

Or worst yet, maybe he never speaks of me at all.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write


So, I’m sure everyone is still tired and down about Jonghyun’s death. I’m currently still trying to hold up. But I want to FYI some of you guys about something.

As we go out with the rest of the week, many people will be returning to their regular work/posting/life. And some idols will be going back to work and promoting again. Now, this is what I want to say: Please, with all my heart, do not misunderstand and/or hate those who will be doing this. Everyone and I mean everyone has been very respectful and caring about this situation. However, we all cannot be depressed/down forever. As time goes on, so does life. Idols need to go back to work and people need to move on. I know it’s gonna take a while (maybe even longer) for some of us to move on, but we shouldn’t be nitpicking at those who already are trying to move on.

I already have seen some people getting sensitive about some posts. For example: Monsta X’s upcoming Japanese MV. As a Monbebe I’m happy for the upcoming music, but I am as well apologetic on behalf of Starship and their Japanese record label. Not the boys since they’ve done nothing wrong. As a Shawol however, I understand that the boys and maybe the company cannot control when and how their promotion will be present. We all have to know that they need to work and that life goes on.

Other things will be going on and we cannot help it. Many have notified that a lot of idols will be cancelling schedules and promotions on behalf of Kim Jonghyun. However, they will not be delayed for long. It’s almost impossible for idols to cease so much work all at once. They may be inactive for a few days, but do not expect any longer. Especially since it is with so many idols. Many people are presuming groups and soloists are going to cease schedules for the remaining of the week or for another week, it’s possible but not highly. It’s going to hinder sponser schedules and businesses. Their work is their life-line, so it cannot be stopped for too long. I understand with many of Jonghyun’s close friends and SHINee themselves. But, other idols need to get back to work and continue with what they’ve started. Some may even start tomorrow. Hence, I pray no one tries pointing fingers and calling out idols as “inconsiderate”, “rude”, “horrible”, etc…

Also understand that some of us fans are trying hard to move on, so there are gonna be a few jokes and smiles. This does not mean we are being inconsiderate or rude. We are trying to bring the positivity back and reassure everyone that there will be better days. We are also following what Jonghyun would’ve wanted us to do: be happy and not let our emotions control us. Do not and I mean DO NOT, go calling out people and calling them inconsiderate. They are only trying to continue living and move on.

It’s been very very very tough. Tears have been shedding, hearts breaking, and minds shaking. But we shouldn’t be pitying ourselves, others, and Jonghyun for too long. It’ll only hurt more. In due time, things will be okay, not the same but okay. And maybe with this, I am sad to say, many people will learn a lesson that those with depression/mental illness/suicidal thoughts, are not to be taken lightly. Instead of mourning our hearts out in sadness, let us mourn with strength and newborn mindsets. Jonghyun has done a lot for people. Let’s do the same and bring back positive energy and understand that Jonghyun wanted us to know and believe that he did amazing and we too can do just as much.

For those who are still struggling or feel the need to vent out your sorrows, feel free to talk to me. I’ll listen to you and try my best to comfort you. If you don’t want comfort but just wanna vent, go right on ahead. I’m here to listen. I know depression, I know the feeling of losing someone you love, I know loneliness, I know betrayal, I know sadness. I’m not gonna judge you. Not at all. But understand this:

No one can be happy all the time, however, no one should be sad all the time.

Let us use time to allow us to move on. Others may be faster than others, but it doesn’t mean we don’t still feel the emotional pain of losing Jonghyun. There may be others who weren’t familiar with him but respected the situation and are going back to regular living. Some who were huge fans but are trying to let it go and move on. Whatever the case please don’t blame them and misunderstand. As I said, we all can’t be sad for too long.

This was long but I hope many read this and understand. I’m hurting too. But I won’t let my sadness consume me. Let’s all do the same and allow Jonghyun to move into the Heavens without regret. I’m sure he’d rather see you all smiling than constantly mourning in sadness for him. ^^

Please reblog if you’d like to share and tell anyone who is still mourning that it’s gonna be okay. We lost a shining star physically, but not mentally and emotionally. Jonghyun is forever embedded into our hearts and memories.

Shawol’s Hwaiting! SHINee Hwaiting! Everyone, Hwaiting!

Today, it’s Christmas and one week since Jonghyun left this world. I still think about him, but I feel like I am slowly healing. I know he’s looking down at Shinee and us, Shawols. 

I know that every time I see moon, I see Jonghyun sitting there. 

But I also know that Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin, are still mourning. All want is for them to rest and heal. Shawols please take care of yourselves, please.

Rest in Peace Jonghyun, you did well.  


Once, mankind accepted a simple truth: that they were not alone in this universe. Some worlds man believed home to their Gods. Others they knew to fear. From around the cold and darkness came the Frost Giants, threatening to plunge the mortal world into a new ice age. But humanity would not face this threat alone. Our armies drove the Frost Giants back into the heart of their own world. The cost was great. In the end, their king fell, and the source of their power was taken from them. With the last great war ended, we withdrew from the other worlds and returned home at the Realm Eternal, Asgard. And here we remain as the beacon of hope, shining out across the stars. And though we have fallen into man’s myths and legends, it was Asgard and its warriors that brought peace to the universe. 


i really like this scene in the stage play.

when hanamaki says “do we really need him for that?”, you can see oikawa is about to defend himself, but iwaizumi speaks up first.

and based on everyone’s initial reaction, no one expected iwaizumi to speak up for oikawa, not even iwaizumi himself. it’s also clear that it’s not something iwaizumi does often based on oikawa’s overjoyed reaction.

this is one of the rare instances where iwaizumi openly shows (albeit accidentally) that he cares for his trash of a boyfriend best friend