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  • Otayuri fandom: Overly-dramatic Otayuri!!!! Yuri’s super Extra™ and WON’T HESITATE, BITCH!!!!! Otabek is a DJ with a stoic face!!!!!! Yuri’s the more impulsive and assertive one while Otabek's more responsible and makes sure everything’s under control!!!!!!!! Otayuri has a strong friendship and actively supports one another!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kubo-sensei: Those are some nice headcanons you got there, children..... Hope you guys don't mind if I casually........ make them canon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m not saying this is a sign, but Alex is in the UK as filming for the Christmas Special is about to begin. It starts the first week of June… um… yes she has family there and it IS summer time, which means, well, you know, travel and fun, but but but but … if she’s not in the special at least let her be doing more big finish :))))))))

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would you give some musical recommendations?

Tbh if you haven’t watched Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper idk if u can even call yourself a true musical fan

I’m still not over louis filming his video in Doncaster, including all of his friends, people he had in his life since he was a kid! And (as it looks like for now) Bebe being completely fine with it, supporting his choice, travelling to donny herself to film the video, tagging herself in his home town, bringing her own friends too. This is going to be amazing, i can feel it! And I’m so pleased by what little we’ve seen (so far). I cant wait to hear the song and see the video ☺️

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SHE’S THE BEST!!!! Her url is @nicarette and her art is so so beautiful??? SHE’S BEAUTIFUL???? We skype as much as we can bc the distance is HUGE (Poland and New Zealand, why must you be so far apart??).  She’s so kind and lovely and she makes me all happy whenever I think about her.

Supergirl Robbed Us

A 30 second half assed proposal for an episode where we saw maybe 1 minute overall of Sanvers interacting is the cherry on top of an awful second half of season 2 for our favorite canon couple.

From a distinct lack of screen time to little to no shown interaction outside of DEO/police work. Lena and Kara are shown on more “friendship dates” than we ever get to see of Maggie and Alex. The valentines day episode, the cheating episode, and the kidnap episode had the most interaction (of a personal nature not work related). In all of those there was some large issue that they had to overcome with a very quick resolution shown at the end.

I wanted to see Sanvers be cute and romantic. The good morning wake up scene in the very first episode was the first and last time we saw that this season. I wanted dates and wake up cuddles. I wanted hold me because I’m scared after being kidnapped and you don’t have to be strong with me brush the tears away caresses. 

Where was Sanvers going to the dog shelter to get Gertrude? Or moving in together because they were ready for the next step in their relationship?

Maggie who runs from all sorts of commitments is smiling ready to marry someone she dated for less than a year? That’s fine, but dammit show me the in between scenes that have led her character to evolving from being a runner and pushing Alex away less than a year ago to ready to get arried and commit the rest of her life to this woman.

So this? on top of a season of let downs? Was the largest upset of them all.


God today has been a good day but also really exhausting bc a lot of stuff and walking going on (or well, more walking than I usually do haha) but!!! I have great life news that you can find in the tags below haha

Okay, but being the cautiously doubtful one over here, we still didn’t get to hear Maggie say yes to the Alex’s proposal. Like she smiled all big like that, but at the same time, we don’t have verbal confirmation yet. So until then, I’m not saying Sanvers is actually engaged