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Bellamy and Clarke have always been at the center of this show. It has always been the story of — on some level — Clarke and her relationship to Bellamy. And whether they were going to survive or not depended on how well those two human beings worked together — whether romantic or otherwise. (x)

sometimes i forget what a narrow worldview straight ppl have because ppl on the blizzard forums think hanzo can’t be gay because “his culture wouldn’t allow it,” “he’s too manly to be gay,” and my personal favorite “he’s old fashioned” 

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you think isak will find out about sana and even knowing each other tomorrow?

hiya anon! i don’t know honestly… look, right at this moment what we’re expecting, based on the conversation and this clip, is that sana is going over to isak’s to get some dirt on sara. which, i do think we’ll get. but i don’t think that will be the end of the clip, we need to be surprised. and here the fact that isak and even live together now finally comes to fruition: it’s not that hard to presume even will be there as well (isak could have stayed at kollektivet, it’s not as if we’ve seen kollektivet that often for noora to need her old room back). it’s been two (?) weeks since the fight, two weeks since even saw his old friends again, and we basically know shit about how or why it happened. if it’s going to be discussed – which the text from isak saying that he wasn’t punched indicates – i’m pretty sure we’ll get to know some information. finally. it’s a dramatic moment, waiting to happen. but if it’s gonna be about this connection between sana and even? i don’t know..

  • eren: what's up guys! i have jean's shoes!
  • armin: why do you have jean's shoes?
  • eren: look man it was 1am, he left them in mikasa's trunk, so i assumed they were mine

((OOC: This is Holly. Holly Buttrick. Holly is in Gryffindor - one year behind our beloved Marauders. Holly is very smart but does not have many friends. Holly has a slight lisp and manages to annoy every single teacher with her constant questions. Holly, on the other hand, thinks that everybody loves her and that she’s part of every friend group she approaches. Holly is being made fun of - not only because of all things above, but also because of her last name, but this goes straight above her head, like every other standard social norm.))


Speaking of having friends, Aria decided to invite Sam over after school. They were friends as kids and they’re working on a project together now

Yuki’s like “mmm yes, you dressed up for a ‘project’”


saeko-nee-chan (right) is the hot sister of tanaka that i’ve literally always dreamed of

From Arisha’s Twitter 25 May 2017


I will be appearing in “Tokyo Vampire Hotel”, an original drama written by Director Sono Sion

It will start showing on 16 June~ on Amazon Prime Video, so be sure to check it out!!

What a surprise it was to be able to take on two roles this time  (*^^*)

My appearance for one of the roles is so different that you might not be able to recognize me? haha

***Trailer for the drama can be found [Here]***

And one more pic for @bungee-gumu!!! I present to you, a “Positive Pancake”! See, I will start to give these to whoever needs a bit more happiness and smiles in their days! Thanks for everything! And here’s your pancakes! (Don’t forget to share with Skylar, June, and all the rest of your awesome OCS!!!)