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Okay, so do you guys know the scene in TST when Mary is about to give birth? We have John driving and Mary in the backseat with Sherlock.

And then I realized. During setlock, we saw glimpses of that scene but with a difference:

Sherlock was the one driving as you can see in these pictures:


So, what’s going on here?

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People acting like “The Final Problem” title gives away the plot. Hellooooo. We’ve been analyzing Sherlock for years! We saw Andrew Scott at Setlock. We know about the plan to burn Sherlock’s heart. We know about the 3 Garridebs. We know Mary is a baddie (have you seen HLV or TAB??). We know Sherlock will have an opportunity to let John in to help him defeat Moriarty (TAB). We’ve read ACD canon. Knowing “The Final Problem” is the title gives us nothing new. Solving Moriarty’s final problem has been on the agenda since he mentioned it five years ago. Johnlock is endgame. TJLC is real. Love conquers all. We’ve known that for ages.

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Culverton will kill Sherlock’s business

So as we have seen from setlock, Culverton Smith has some sort of reality-tv show called ‘Business Killer’.

Sherlock has a business, his business is detective work and consultancy. He figures out Culverton is up to no good and decides to come on this show.

A famous Sherlock Holmes quote is : “My name is Sherlock Holmes, it is my business to know what other people don’t know”. Culverton Smith is a ‘business killer’, therefore he will kill Sherlock’s ability to ‘know what other people don’t know’, AKA he will seek to harm Sherlock’s deducing capabilities as much as he can. I’m not sure how he will do this, perhaps a drug? but in any case, Sherlock won’t be able to just go to his mindpalace and use his deduction powers.

At this time it will be absolutely crucial to have John’s guidance and help in order to defeat this evil man.

In my head, the fandom Sherlock looks like this:
  • Fan: Damn it! I can not wait any longer!!!
  • Johnlock Shippers: Kiss. kiss. Elephant. kiss. kiss. TJLC.
  • MorMor Shippers: No Moran. Too bad. Good. We'll see in three years. Maybe more ...

Guys. I understand the enthusiasm about potentially having a new episode on 29 January, but the chances are pretty much zero. As one of the three setlockers who was around for all of ep 3 filming, there is really just no evidence for it. When you consider the fact that they didn’t do filming in London, the amount of time on it was pretty much exactly the same as the other two and we know Ben and Martin were out and about doing other things directly after. It’s a nice thought and all and I wouldn’t be mad if it did happen, but as it stands from what we witnessed, there just does not seem to be enough proof for it to happen. Obviously I could be wrong, but chances are pretty good I’m not.

I know we already have a few setlock things that supposedly never made the cut, especially in TST, but I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE WATSON DOOR AND MOLLY and SHERLOCK and possibly the baby WERE DOING IN ENDSLEIGH PLACE, LIKE was it for the ‘anyone’ deduction sequence, LIKE WHAT WAS IT FOR

honestly, how much of this episode t6t is going to be in the mind palace?

we have the window from setlock. we’ve got the fake railing in the sky now:

and then we have these people’s faces in an explosion of color, no idea who they are, any guesses?

and then, most interesting of all, we have this bit here:

this is directly after sherlock tells mycroft to keep him informed in the series 4 teaser, and mycroft says “Of what?” and Sherlock replies “Absolutely no idea”

but in this new czech trailer we have the same shot, but mycroft and the wall behind him explode?

It almost feels like they’re indicating that Sherlock’s mind palace is crumbling, which would make sense in accordance with the theories of sherlock being sick or poisoned or hallucinating etc.

idk this just seemed relevant to me. any thoughts?

I don’t have a huge following on here but I just have to say that the lost episode theory is beyond unlikely.

1. We saw no additional setlock scenes (aside from some involving Mary giving birth) that were totally thrown away or could have made for an additional episode’s worth of material.

2. Sherlock is one of the BBC’s most popular shows. They would NOT just give up the opportunity to market a fourth episode and lose all that viewership. It’s just not a smart move.

3. Apple Tree Yard, while having a sparse IMDB page, does involve real actors and definitely seems to be a real show. Again, it would be a waste of money to lose the Sherlock audience by marketing something completely unrelated.

I’m really sorry, I’m so so sorry, but I would not get my hopes up for a secret episode. I disliked TFP as much as all of you, but I don’t think they’re redeeming themselves this way.

raesthetsaand  asked:

wait, so (sorry i havent really been invested in setlock since like series 3 was filming) when did they film in niagra falls?

Hi Lovely!

It was actually never confirmed that they did film in Niagara Falls, but there’s speculations that they did since we have some setlock evidence for it. Niagara Falls was recced in April by Tom Guy, one of the location managers. Then, in June, Arwel tweeted this pic of Niagara Falls.

We haven’t seen Niagara Falls at all in the show, and before S4 aired, me and a bunch of my followers got into some exciting discussion as to what it could mean. To summarize: Niagara Falls is famous for two things: it is the honeymoon capital of the world, and EVERY SINGLE NIGHT it lights up with a rainbow, 365 days a year, and you can walk behind the falls as well. I think in the summer, they even do fireworks every night. Canada ALSO was one of the first countries to legalize gay marriage

So. You can kinda fill in the blanks as to what we all were hoping it was all about. 

It’s just REALLY bizarre, because the only scene where we saw multi-country scenes was in T6T when Mary was on the run, and it was just flashing little bits. I do not recall seeing either Niagara Falls OR Toronto (which Rachel tweeted she was in, but I can’t find it right now) in the episode. So either they recced to see what a waterfall looked like (WHICH DOESN’T MAKE SENSE), or there’s something we don’t know about. 

As far as I know, as a Canadian, I have not heard about them filming up here in Canada, and a couple people from Niagara Falls have told me that they don’t recall hearing about filming in NF at all. 


Shit gets filmed up here ALL THE TIME and we never know about it. It’s a bit easier in a city like Toronto or Vancouver which have filming studios, but yeah, if you send a small crew, you could easily get away with not being noticed. 

ANYWAY THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST WTF things for me that they went through the trouble of getting us excited about NF and then it NEVER HAPPENED… as far as we know… AHHHH.

Missing Stuff

I’ve been thinking about the stuff we saw during setlock, but didn’t see in the show. 

I keep forgetting my full list of stuff, but hey, I can start:

+ Teen Sherlock

+ Did we see kid!Myccrft?

+ 26-pg scene

+ John’s solo scene

And there’s stuff from TAB:

+ Walking with the dog

+ The bed scene inside the church (or maybe that was just a false rumor).

I’ll keep adding to the list as I remember more stuff. Feel free to help me, too.


Setlock: 102 & 104 Cyncoed Road

During setlock we had already speculated that 102 (the first home above) was probably Mycroft’s home and that the white house (104) was probably the scene of a crime due to the biohazard suits, so this is just a post to confirm!! that we were right, and to show a comparison of the 104 garden to what was seen on film, along with a comparison of 102′s kitchen with the wallpaper remodeling Arwel did.

We were confused at the time why Mycroft was maybe at a crime seen and why they were filming at two houses (Ben, Rupert, and Mark were all seen in costume)…turns out they were completely different scenes but filmed on the same day, Ben and Rupert at one and Mark at the other.

Wait, were there people who watched The Lying Detective and didn’t realize that “Faith” was the same chick John had an affair with?  Was that something we just…knew already because we’d followed setlock?  Like I just kind of took it for granted that everyone knew the minute she appeared on screen, but now I’m like…did people not know???

Holy shit, I just had a thought. I don’t know if anyone has brought this up before. So we know that during setlock for TFP, there was a scene where Sherlock was filming with a little blonde girl running around him in circles and he reportedly called her Mary.

At the time, we all thought it was mind palace, or having to do with the other one. But what if it’s Rosie? We know they have to do a time jump at some point, and the girl was young, about three or four years old. And Rosie’s middle name is Mary. Holy shit you guys what if it’s her????

Doesn’t eliminate the possibility of it being mind palace, if something does happen to the baby and this is Sherlock imagining what she would be like, or even just mind palace of what she DOES look like at that point if nothing happens to her, but it’s very possible that it really is John’s kid.