we are sacred


The Native Nations March is currently taking place through D.C. and at the White House, capping off a four-day protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. As indigenous groups from all over the country continue to call for a meeting with Donald Trump, news outlets need make sure the voices of water protectors and environmental activists are heard.


Media Silent as Company Behind Dakota Pipeline Steals More Land in Texas for a Different Project

But of course the media is silent and the government has probably put a media black ban on the story which would incite a mass public protest if the truth came out. And again money over rules rights and they steal our property ruin natural resources after getting away with what they are doing in North Dakota. Fuck America and all the corporations in the world!


Newest tattoo ^¥^
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Wes fant
Adorn body shop in west Portland, Oregon.
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The Platonic solids come out of Metatron’s Cube which is centered by the “Fruit of Life” of 13 concentric circles in a hexagonal configuration, a structure that forms the foundation to the Flower of Life, the field-patterning of the quantum vacuum fluctuations of the very fabric of space-time. 

Santa is such an icon,” he says, “and I’m frustrated, because if you trace his origins he’s based on an important and philanthropic Catholic Saint, yet we’ve ended up with this overweight, cartoonish guy who breaks into people’s houses. At our recent shows we’ve been throwing lots of inflatable Santas into the audience, and I don’t know if it’s indulgence or masochism. The truth is I can’t stand Santa.

"We’ve taken a very sacred time and commodified it, so that there’s a capitalist campaign to buy more, consume more, and then you have a conflict between the spiritual and the mundane. I don’t want to sound didactic, but that’s what I think.
—  2006 interview in The Independent: Christmas with Sufjan Stevens

“We are basically all one. We are one being, one consciousness, one whole. We are all connected to each other. We are all parts of the same whole. How we treat others are how we treat ourselves. If we treat others badly, we are really treating ourselves badly. If we hate others, we are really hating ourselves. If we love others, we are basically loving ourselves.” - Swami Dhyan Giten ~ artwork by Shawn Hocking Stream of consciousness