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so @parkminhyvks​ and i were discussing how this looks like promo for a drama…..

the chaebol!au featuring

- rich boys eunwoo binnie and rocky

- class clowns + matchmakers myungjin

- cute naive transfer student sanha

- all going to the same elite school, where binu+rocky are considered “untouchable”, myungjin dont care, and sanha is clueless

- socky

- cute socky

- lowkey angsty socky

- fluffy socky

rainintothesea  asked:

Hi, Cassie! 1) Thank you x 1000 for sharing your stories with us! Your books helped me through the worst time of my life, & I'm more grateful than I could ever explain. Truly. 2) I freaking love Diana as a character! She's fascinating! Could you give us any more info on her? You mentioned her secret having to do with her brother & Thailand. Is her brother really dead? Is the warlock she visits somehow connected/related to her brother? Is the person she's visiting really a warlock? Thanks! ❤️

Diana is one of my absolute favorite characters and she has, I think, an interesting backstory for a lot of reasons. She will give her backstory in Lord of Shadows and I feel like I should leave it to her to do that in her own way. But I promise we spend some quality time with her, and you’ll find out a lot about her and the story of her family, and her friendship with Caterina (who she is often visiting.)

i feel like whiskey is the kind of person who like, finds a kitten on the side of the road or something as he’s going to class and just picks it up, takes it with him. and so he sits down in the classroom next to his best friend & sets all of his books down and he just goes “hey, hey tango. tango look.” and then he just opens up his hoodie pocket up a little bit and a lil baby kitten head pops out 

and then like tango shouts for a split second and then he just gets the happiest face like “oh my go d???? what???? where did you find it???? is it a boy or a girl???? have you named her???? what’s her name???? can we keep her????”


Matt Bomer + photoshoots

Sailor moon
- Until the day we finish our duty… Do you think we can protect this planet together ? - Of course. - Can we live together ? Forever ? - I promise. ( I’m sorry for the quality )

What if season 2 starts off with Laura talking to the camera by herself, like in season 1, and she goes “Well after Laf saw Carm and I having…quality time in the barn..we promised we would keep it PG-13.” but you slowly start to see someone sitting up behind her and it’s carmilla and Laura has actually been sitting on her lap the whole time and carmilla wraps her arms around her and says “PG-13…how incredibly dull.” and then she starts kissing her cheek and neck and pulling her back down with her and Laf walks in and goes “AGAIN WITH THE HORMONE BOMBS???”

Okay so I spent three entire minutes on this but other than that this is legit. Mutuals pls like this post if you are okay with the following:

Me tagging you in things that remind me of your muse
Me being able to IM you with ideas and plot out of the blue
Me being able to come into your inbox
Me tagging you in random starter (probs rare but you never know)
Me tagging you in those chain posts
Me wiping my swaggy lil’ mittens all over your face in the sweet sweet initiation of friendship 

pjimns' sixth follow forever

hi! so I’m here with a new follow forever bc I can’t believe I reached 5k in like less than a year of restarting this blog ;;;; thank you lots for following me and I hope we stay together for a long time! ❤️💝💗💖💞💜💘💕💓 I promise you good quality content from now on (jk I can’t but ily)

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Hey so RWBY ladies who are thinking about applying to Beacon Broadcast

Please apply. Our male applicants are great but right now we only have male applicants and Id really love to have more lady fandom folks. <3

Just have energy, be prepared, and have decent mic quality (we have people who use laptop mics. As long as youre audible and listen over your stuff to make sure youre not too quiet/loud you should be ok quality-wise).

I cant promise we will accept everyone but Id really love to get more ladies applying.