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Those who use the name of the noble scholar Shaykh Rabī ibn Hādī Al-Madkhalī (حفظه الله), current teacher in the Masjid of the Prophet (ﷺ), former Instructor in the Faculty of Hadīth and former head of the Department of Sunnah in the Department of Higher Studies at the Islāmic University of Madīnah, one of the major scholars of our time, and a staunch defender of the Sunnah, as an insult (i.e. “Madkhalī”) are no different than the enemies of Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Wahhāb (رحمه الله). Following his efforts in reviving the Qur’ān and Sunnah upon the methodology of the Salaf-us-Sālih (Pious Predecessors) in the Arabian Peninsula, the adversaries of the Shaykh (رحمه الله) coined the term “Wahhābī” as an abuse and used every avenue to disparage his character.

May Allāh ﷻ protect us from the influence of those who use their tongues to slander the respected scholars of Islām while, in the same breath, defend criminals and extremists. And may Allāh raise the rank of Shaykh Rabī ibn Hādī (حفظه الله) for his sincere efforts in aiding the Sunnah, Ameen.

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what? nichu is incest?? usuk is probably more incest than nichu, and we all know how popular that is. —a rare nichu shipper

It all depends on how you look at it. Because some people also see Spamano as incest since Spain raised him. China raised Japan.

-Admin Jack

I’m not an authority on dwarfism. I don’t have dwarfism. I just think we as popular bloggers should become self aware of whether we’re spreading around posts that could make people with dwarfism feel bad about their selves.


“And I couldn’t do it.”

It kills me that “And I couldn’t do it” was to mean despite his hardest, Dean still couldn’t keep his brother safe. It was so cathartic to get to hear him voice that weight of being given an impossible task, but hearing him list all the ways he feels he failed to keep his brother safe broke my heart.

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie 


Spider-Man: Homecoming + Textposts (2/?)


Dramatic ™

idk what i’m doing, this took like a week and a half

Fanon Homestuck characters i experienced in fics over the years because i Love being in Pain: Beta kid Edition

JOHN: blank slate?? John “Can Be Whoever U Want” Egbert. sleeps with a nic cage bodypillow…..  uses :B a lot? Hello Naughty Children Its Nonstop Mean Pranks Time i hope u like ur hair dyed pink and half shaved

JADE: infomercial voice: Ever Needed an unnecessary antagonist to ur Dave x (character/reader insert) ship but didnt want to create a whole new character? Try Jade Harley for the low low price of $stop

ROSE: summons the power of every lovecraftian monstrosity to empower her ability to be ur wing-man in the up and coming ship of the fic. at exactly 12 midnight EST on a blue moon, during the Lost 29th Day of February, she may mention the tales of a wandering cryptid by the name of Kanaya then u will unlock her quest chain to later unlock this vampire to be a new playable character and gain an achievement

DAVE: 2 ¾ cups of all purpose Personality. 1 teaspoon of irony. ½ cup of apple juice. 2 eggs. 2 cups of white sugar. 1 ¼ cups of All I Do Is DJ. Then pour into a blender and sprinkle in 4 pounds of Popular Highschool Boy Tropes, force the lid closed, turn it on and pray

A Concept:

many people do not experience “romantic / sexual / platonic / sensual / aesthetic / whatever attraction” as being completely separate from one another, and creating a split attraction model that divides attraction into increasingly smaller sections and insisting that this model dictates who is oppressed and who is not, is ridiculous, unhelpful and doesn’t reflect how oppression works in a practical, material, tangible way.

oh man oh man i am so ready to see when jack introduces bitty to the entire providence team and they invite him to skate with them and he skates fucking spinorama CIRCLES around professional hockey players and when they actually get to playing hockey they realize that fuck he’s actually pretty fucking good for an amateur and he’s putting them to shame with his speed and *clap on shoulder* “you did good, zimmermann” and jack KNOWS, he KNOWS oh man i’m so ready


all my friends are stressed up to their eyeballs right now, and as it’s exam season hell in the UK, i made a ““helpful”” powerpoint about it. ft. shitty clipart. on a calming pink background b/c it’s pretty and i like it
Enjoy my friends, i hope this helps :)