we are poor and on the other side of the world to be able to enjoy such concert

If you think about becoming a Monbebe you might want to read this and rethink you choice

(pls read until the very end)

First off, I wasn’t that much into Monsta X’s music or into the members themselves before (after facing a lot of problems) I decided to go to the Monsta X Beautiful first world tour concert in Berlin with two of my friends. I even asked people on tumblr for something like a Monsta X starter-kit (shoutout to @princechaewons ,@nooshpresents , @stanmonstaxandnct for telling me what to watch)

A K-Pop group in Europe? In my home country? Only a one-hour flight away from my hometown? That’s a RARE occasion and I had to take this chance even though they are not one of my bias groups. I didn’t pay THAT much for the tickets (45€/53$(US)) so I didn’t expect too much from it.

We finally stood in front of the Tempodrom (the concert hall) like half an hour before we were able to enter it. The queue was all over the place and after almost 2 hours of waiting I got impatient but I had such great conversations with other Monbebes (great fans tbh 10/10 would talk to again). Everything went smooth after getting in and finding our assigned seats and the actual view was shocking, as I already said I didn’t expect much but do have some sort of expectation.

We sat on the outermost row, slightly more on the right side. With 3500-3800 people in there you would think that your only friend will be the screens on the side to somewhat guess what’s happening in front of you but I was totally wrong, we had such a f*cking great view. I was able to pretty much see every single facial expression and the acoustic was also kind of impressive.


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The Summer In Prague

My gift for the lovely @caren-ortensia for the @emimikeweek exchange thingy!
I sent this gift privately for the giftee to enjoy beforehand, so now it’s time to show it to the world, too! 
Because of the wonky format I decided to make this at, I had 0 idea how to publish it, but, here we go :D 

Dear Mila,

We’re finally in Prague! But the ride was terrible. The AC in the bus stopped working shortly after we left and the weather is crazy here. Is it so fucking hot in Saint Petersburg, too? It was like 36 °C all day, Mickey almost fainted at one point.

But we’re finally here and that’s important! The hotel is bomb. I was angry at first since Mickey chose a really expensive one, but after the ride we’re so glad to have such a comfy room with GIANT beds and an ENORMOUS bathtub! Mickey is soaking in the tub right now, so I have a bit of time for myself here, unpacking and stuff. You know, this girl’s dresses have to hang!

We’re having dinner in the hotel restaurant tonight and tomorrow we’re starting our adventure! I booked us a guide because I’m pretty sure we would get lost here in no time. Prague has so many back alleys and side alleys, it’s insane. Besides, we don’t want to spend money on overpriced stuff and the guide should help us with that!

But I’ll tell you more tomorrow. Super sleepy now. Talk to you soon!

Love you,

Sara <3

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Replace VI Novel Ch 1 : 結成!チーム「Strky」(Formation! Team Strky) English Translation Part 1 of 4


This is the last main chapter that needs translation for the last replace novel (along with the bonus about the coaches). This chapter features Team Strky! Though Kasamatsu and Kaijou fans will probably appreciate this part more for now XD

Kasamatsu, Moriyama, and Kobori are in university now. Kasamatsu has been feeling like he should try doing something besides only basketball and consults Moriyama and Kobori for advice, which may or may not be a good idea.

Next Update: Team Strky Part 2! It’s shorter than part 1 so I’ll try to get this done soon ;u;

Other Replace VI Novel Chapters already translated can be found here!


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Baekhyun's Personality & Possessiveness

Anon-dream said:

Hi, it’s me again, the annoying anon who had submitted her dream! ^^ I will refer to myself as anon-dream if that’s okay with you :) So, I saw you answering a question about ChanBaek’s possessiveness and apparently, you had asked Baek-stans to share their opinion about the latter’s personality which I would gladly do, if you allow me. First of all, I totally agree with your statement about Baekhyun being the more jealous and possessive one between ChanBaek. If you keep a sharp eye on Baek, you will notice that it’s not really hard to spot his jealous face whenever Chanyeol’s attention is on someone else. From what I have observed, his typical reactions are:

  • smiling in a very forced way by pressing his lips together
  • looking away from the scene that makes him feel uncomfortable
  • rolling his eyes + looking away
  • staring intently at the scene

Having watched him very carefully, I can somehow conclude that Baekhyun often reacts very strongly to Chanyeol interacting with others, that he dislikes it when Chanyeol gets too close with other people and most of all, when he ignores Baekhyun (EXO ST EP 3!) Now, in order to understand his feelings, I think it’s important to think about Chanyeol’s role in Baekhyun’s life. All romantic stuff aside, Chanyeol was the first person who approached Baekhyun and made him open up his heart to the group (Baek’s words!). Chanyeol protects Baekhyun, Chanyeol is the one who laughs at his jokes and tolerates his bubbly personality (which I think many people cannot deal with well at times). Chanyeol is his soulmate, that one person who understands him without words. To sum it up, Chanyeol is special to Baekhyun, no matter how you decide to define ‘special’ here. I can tell from experience that a person like that, I mean a real soulmate, is very, very rare to find. Chances are that you will encounter such a person only once in your whole life. And they become so precious to you because it feels so damn good to have someone who truly understands you and accepts you. It feels so great. Consequently, it is very understandable that Baekhyun is so possessive of Chanyeol. I love Baekhyun for his bubbly, bright personality, his amazing sense of humour and his endlessly yapping cute mouth. However, the more I look at him, the more convinced I am that this is just one side of Baekhyun’s personality. He surely is confident about his skills but I don’t think that he is very confident about himself, that he needs a lot of recognition - does that make sense? Baekhyun comes from a loving household. He was adored and pampered a lot by his parents and his brother and had a lot of friends at school, too. He was always cared for and was never really left to himself until he entered the idol world, where he received praise yes, but also a lot of hate and criticism. And I think that Baekhyun had a hard time dealing with this because he wasn’t used to it. He was used to being loved and adored and not to being bashed - and we all know how often Baekhyun got/gets bashed for things he says/does. I think the BaekYeon scandal really hurt him most, especially when I remember how he cried during both, his musical and Exo’s concert after it came out. So I really think that Baekhyun is the type who cannot stand being “not loved” - and it’s not out of arrogance. It’s not like “I am so fabulous, how can you not love me? Please!” but more like “I did nothing wrong, did I? So love me, please love me a lot.” I even remember Sehun saying in an interview that Baekhyun is sensitive and gets hurt easily. Plus, Chanyeol also once said that he thinks that Baekhyun is a “small” person - and I am sure he wasn’t just refering to his outer appearance. Speaking of outer appearance, I feel like Baekhyun is a bit self-conscious about that, too: Nowadays, he keeps emphasizing how “bad” his skin has gotten since debut and how uncomfortable he feels without make-up and such (although to me, he always looks great tbh). And that’s where Chanyeol makes an appearance imo, because Chanyeol is like a rock that Baekhyun desperately needs, a person who will accept him, remind him of his worth (Chanyeol keeps praising Baekhyun in public) and care for him and love him the way he is used to. Not to mention how he is always by Baekhyun’s side most of the time. I really think that, personality wise, Chanyeol is much stronger than our Baek. He seems more laid back as you have already said and more confident about himself, which is why I think that these two complete each other so perfectly. Thus, I believe that, although Baek has gotten much more independent and stronger compared to before, he still needs Chanyeol and appreciates his company. Therefore, it’s only natural that he doesn’t like feeling deprived of the attention Chanyeol gives him or that he gets jealous whenever someone else tries to “take him away”. And since Chanyeol is not only very attractive but also very social and friendly to everyone, it happens quite often - poor Baek, lol.

Ok, so these are my thoughts. I hope I don’t annoy you with these long submissions, if yes, just ignore them & I am sorry for hurting your eyes haha :(

Anon-dream! I absolutely love, like with a passion, reading your submissions, because I just cannot disagree with them.

In other words, I agree with you 100% 

I agree with you on how you say Baekhyun is not all that confident in himself, especially with him not having much experience from the hate and stuff, he needs someone to lean on, which as you had mentioned, and behold, he found someone, that is Chanyeol. And Baekhyun had once said how Chanyeol had opened up his heart in an interview maybe in 2013, so Chanyeol was the one to actually get to know him, and guess what? Chanyeol seems to enjoy every bit of it.

And the fact Chanyeol wanted to protect Baek, as you said, makes you wonder if Baekhyun had told Chanyeol about his insecurities and troubles, or if he was already able to sense it.

Yes, these two are soul mates, no matter what anyone says, it’s hard to deny, how linked they seem to be, how they complete each other and, how they opened each other up, they’re so lucky to have met each other, I wonder, how would Baekhyun have handled it if Chanhyeol wasn’t there to help? Would he be different or the same? Questions~ questions~

Wow, you pretty much took everything from my mouth, I can’t even like add anything else XD

Thank you for this lovely submission anon-dream~

Please, your submissions never hurt my eyes, they bless it hehe~

I’ll be putting this in my chanbaek analysis section now~

Matsui Rena interview in Weekly Playboy 2014 No.11 (out 2014/07/28)

Will Bukiyou Taiyou be SKE turning point?
Will the group ever get a proper tour?
Will the juniors ever dare challenge front members?
Will Rena become producer someday? (/me says odds are rather good ( °w°))
Will she get a  role in a big name drama before graduating?
Should I book a ticket for Barcelona?! (((o°^°o)))=3

You tell me!

Q - What was your initial reaction when you listened to 「Bukiyou Taiyou」?
Rena - I was surprised 「Eh? A ballad?」 . It’s the sort of song we never had for an A face before so it felt refreshing too. As for what it evoked, I personally would say the end of summer, with some passages feeling somewhat cooler…

Q - It’s true that until now passionate dances and fiery performances have been SKE48 trademark.
Rena - Hmm. And I don’t think it will change, but in order to touch a broader range of people I for one think this kind of “curve ball” is necessary. This song might well become a turning point for SKE48.

Q - Turning point?
Rena - I’m currently in concurrent position with Nogizaka46 so I’ll take an example I’m familiar with if you allow (laugh), but I wonder if this release won’t be similar to what has been 「Kimi no Na wa Kibou」for Nogizaka. With 「Kimi no Na wa…」 Nogizaka opted for a completely different approach from the typical idol songs they had released until then, making it a turning point in the sense that they made themselves known to a much wider range of people. Thus I hope「Bukiyou Taiyou」will reach those who didn’t listen to SKE48 before.

Q - I see.
Rena - And I also expect this song to present us as stars!(laugh) Some time ago one of our concert director told me 「After performing several cheerful and energetic songs, singing a more quiet song brings out a star aura」. If that’s so, we will definitely bring upon us that star aura if we were to sing 「Bukiyou Taiyou」 last during a live, don’t you think?!

Q - Certainly, I can perfectly picture the scene, with member dancing in a sea of penlights. On a side note, during the elections last June you proclaimed 「I want SKE48 to perform a nation tour」, exact?
Rena - I did. (laugh)

Q - Having inquired Imamura-san (SKE48 theater manager) afterward it  his reaction was something like「She got us」. (laugh)
Rena - I impulsively said what came to mind when I got up on stage.(laugh)  I guess it’s actually a question of timing to implement it, but to make up for all the time fans have been waiting, SKE48 won’t lose to any other group and should be able to present them the greatest of all show!

Q - Even if you can say 「nation tour」in a breath, concretely there are thousands of ways to conduct one. How do you picture it?
Rena - Starting last fall, SKE48 had a solo tour in 3 cities, Kobe, Yokohama and Nagoya, which lasted until February. But as far as I’m concerned, 3 cities is far from being enough to call it a tour. What we need right now is to hold as many lives as possible, to convey to the charm of our group to as many people as we can around the country. That’s why even if it’s not in big venues, or rather medium ones would even be best, I want spectators to closely feel the burning ardor of members. This way the audience could get fired up together with members, and isn’t there the most basic way to enjoy idols? That’s at least what I think as an idol wota myself.(laugh)

Q - I’m sure that thanks to the time you’ve spend with Nogizaka or by mean of your solo career, you’ve gained an objective view of SKE48. So allow me to ask, what opinion do you have of SKE as of late?
Rena - I think that when it comes to dance or theater performances, our individual skills are on the rise. But in the other hand instead of challenging new things I have the feeling we give a strong image of being passive and cautious not to perturb the pre-established order. It’s not something new, it has been so for the past two year, hence I think it’s normal if seen from outside people think 「there are no change (in the group)」.

Q - What do you think you need most right now?
Rena - For me what’s the most important for an idol is “to show we’re giving everything we have”. I’m not saying that because I’m still a poor dancer after all this time (laugh), but it’s not about being able to dance or not, singing right or being tin-eared, what really matters is to show we’re giving it our uttermost. Looking at plenty of idols I’ve reached the conclusion that it was the most important.

Q - As expected from an idols enthusiast like Rena-san.
Rena - And then I’d be good for members to venture to self-appeal more. Much like Akarin (Suda Akari) and Umechan (Umemoto Madoka), showing off their personalities and characteristics without holding back. In public, no matter the circumstances, everyone is turning into a “good girl”, but when you’re standing in front of an audience there is nothing more boring than good girl. The idol industry in a “niche” (laugh), the spotlight will only turn toward those who have something other don’t. That’s why I want them to think harder about how to attract the attention to them and step forward with more force.

Q - Now, in 「gift」the movie actually showing in theater, you play the role of a cabaret girl who has been proposed 100 hours of her time against 1 million yens, a character differing markedly from the image of the idol we’re used to.
Rena - True. The character I play, Saori, has given up any hope she had in the society. She has a repelling mindset toward everything, convinced that  「this world is rotten」. But hasn’t everyone experienced this rebellious phase around the time of middle school? (laugh) I perfectly get this feeling too. My co-actor Endou Kenichi-san told me 「you can’t lie when acting」, so not only did I immerse myself in the atmosphere of the location and felt the words of my partner, but I spoke my lines like they were my own words.

Q - Your next goal?
Rena - I want to play in a serial drama showing nationwide! I also want to appear in more movies and get a role in a play. I yearn to act, in all possible ways. I also want to travel abroad, see this world I don’t know for myself. I’ve a special interest in walls (laugh), so I’d really like to visit Spain where there seem to be so many funny buildings!(laugh)

Okay I'm sorry but I really have to write this down.

It’s been inside of me for days now and I have to get rid of it.

I still see different tumblr and twitter posts about how you guys want to keep them their little secrets and how you have new fans and how you call them ‘fake’.

And it fucking hurts actually because I never thought that I was a 'fake’ fan, but after reading some of your posts I felt really bad.

It’s not my fault I was born in Europe and not Australia and didn’t know about the boys until one direction. Yes, I found them through 1d, then what?! It’s not like I was a fucking crazy obsessed 1d fan you see everywhere. I haven’t even been at one single fucking concert and I’ve known about them since xfactor. I won’t ruin 5sos’ fame.

This fake fan shit hurts, because I don’t know shit about the boys but I love them with all my heart. And you know what, I don’t even want to know anything about them. I don’t want to know how tall they are, in which hospital room they were born what their blood type is or any other shit. If we don’t let them have their privacy and let them keep these things to themselves and their families we will turn into a fucking justin bieber fandom and that would be the worst ever.

I’m only here for their music, the fun and all the positive and good things I can get from liking them.

And I can get a lot. I mean I finally feel that I fucking found myself. I’ve been struggling to find who I am and what I want in life and after finding 5sos I feel that my life is finally going the right way. I don’t even listen to 1d anymore and it feels awesome! I still like the boys though. With 5sos I found so many great bands I can like, whose music I enjoy much more than I’ve ever enjoyed 1d’s music before. I finally found out who my real friends are.

I finally start to find myself.

And then I see this fake fan shit and it feels horrible because I always wonder 'Am I fake fan?’

So please stop with this. We can’t fall apart, we have to stay strong and have to stay together for the boys. They have to see that we’re here for them no matter what, because they’ve been working their asses off just for us! They know that (other than 1d) we are the ones who got them here and they couldn’t be any happier and more thankful.

And for the new fans: as long as you are respectful for us and the boys and you truly support them, you are welcomed. Actually from my side you are welcomed any way, because even if you just support them for 3 months then you feel that it’s not for you anymore, then that’s perfectly fine. People change, their music taste change. Just please don’t be a fucking bitch after you leave. If you are only here because you saw them on tv and think that 'wow they’re hot’ then come and watch as many pictures and videos you want. After a while you will start to like them even if it wasn’t your first intention, or you’ll just get the fuck away because if it wasn’t your cup of tea then it will never be.

About keeping them their (our) secrets. You know this is no good. They want to get big, they want people to hear their music. They enjoy doing shows and travelling. We should support them by liking their posts, reblogging stuff, telling to our friends about them. We should be the ones who advertise them because we are the biggest platform they can use to reach other people!

And oh my god, it’s just about new fans and music, what will happen when they get a girlfriend? Will you go and search for the poor girl (who may I say only did what everybody in this fucking world want to do; fell in love with the right boy) and hunt her down with a goddamn machete, or what?! We also have to be there for them. They’re teenage boys, living their lives. They have to learn from their mistakes and feel that they’re special because they have a huge FAMILY behind them that supports them.

(And don’t even start me on that Hayley and Kendall shit, because I adore Hayley and it’s a fucking bullshit what some people say and I fucking hate Kendall (sorry if somebody likes her) and I wouldn’t be able to say one nice word about her)

So guys, let’s go and get our shit together becuase this is not fucking normal.

Under the Hood: Delivering the First Free Global Live Stream of an NFL Game on Yahoo

P.P.S. Narayan, VP of Engineering

On Sunday, October 25, Yahoo delivered the first-ever, global live stream of a regular season NFL game to football fans around the world, for free, across devices. Our goal was to distribute the game over the Internet and provide a broadcast-quality experience. Leveraging our focus on consumer products, we worked to identify features and experiences that would be unique for users enjoying a live stream for the first time. In other words, we wanted to make you feel like you were watching on TV, but make the experience even better.

For us, success was twofold: provide the best quality viewing experience and deliver that quality at global scale. In this blog, we will talk about some key technology innovations that helped us achieve this for over 15M unique viewers in 185 countries across the world.

On the technical side, the HD video signal was shipped from London to our encoders in Dallas and Sunnyvale, where it was converted into Internet video. The streams were transcoded (compression that enables efficient network transmission) into 9 bitrates ranging from 6Mbps to 300kbps. We also provided a framerate of 60 frames per second (fps), in addition to 30fps, thus allowing for smooth video playback suited for a sport like NFL football. Having a max bitrate of 6Mbps with 60fps gave a “wow” factor to the viewing experience, and was a first for NFL and sports audiences.

One special Yahoo addition to the programming was an overlaid audio commentary from our Yahoo Studio in Sunnyvale. It was as if you were watching the game alongside our Yahoo Sports experts on your couch. This unique Yahoo take gave NFL viewers a whole new way to experience the game.

Figure 1: High-level Architecture for NFL Live Streaming

Quality Viewing Experience

Our goal was to deliver a premium streaming quality that would bring users a best-in-class viewing experience, similar to TV–one that was extremely smooth and uninterrupted. This meant partnering with multiple CDNs to get the video bits as close to the viewer as possible, optimizing bandwidth usage, and making the video player resilient to problems on the Internet or the user’s network.

Multiple CDNs

In addition to Yahoo’s own Content Delivery Network (CDN) and network infrastructure, which are capable of delivering video around the world, we partnered with six CDNs and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The NFL game streams were available across all seven CDNs; however, we wanted to route the viewer to the most suitable CDN server based on multiple factors – device, resolution, user-agent, geography, app or site, cable/DSL network, and so on. We built sophisticated capabilities in our platform to be able to define routing and quality policy decisions. The policy engine served more than 80M requests during the game.

Policy rules to routes were adjusted based on CDN performance and geographies. For example, we were able to reduce the international traffic to one underperforming CDN during the game and the changes were propagated in under six seconds across viewers. Such capabilities delivered a near flawless  viewing experience.

During the game, we served on average about 5Tbps across the CDNs, and at peak we were serving 7Tbps of video to viewers globally.

Bitrates and Adaptation

Viewers of video streaming on the Internet are all too familiar with the visual aspects of poor quality: the infamous “spinner,” technically termed re-buffering; the blockiness of the video that represents low bitrates; jerkiness of the video, which could be due to frame drops; and plain old errors that show up on the screen.

Since we had nine bitrates available, our Yahoo player could use sophisticated techniques to measure the bandwidth (or network capacity) on a user’s home or service provider network, and pick the best bitrate to minimize buffering or errors. Such adaptive bitrate (ABR) algorithms make the viewing experience smooth. Since we supported 60fps streams, the algorithm also monitored frame drops to decide if the device was capable of supporting the high frame rate. It then reacted appropriately by switching to the 30fps stream if necessary.

Figure 2: Player ABR reacting to CDN that had capacity issues or errors

Testing and simulation

Manually testing adaptive video playback is very difficult, subjective and time consuming. So we built a network and device simulation framework called “Adaptive Playground” that brings automation, integration and a more scientific approach to testing and measuring video playback performance.

Figure 3: Adaptive Playground Tool UI

Another tool we developed is a “Stream Monitor” that was used to constantly monitor all the streams across CDNs, check the validity or correctness of the streams, and ultimately identify ingestion or delivery problems. During the game, the tool detected issues, helped to identify the exact problem and take action.

Yahoo broadcasts live events, news segments and concerts regularly. So these types of tools are continuously used on these events to measure, test and analyze our infrastructure and partner systems.

Player Recovery

The video playback must be smooth even if the connection to the streaming server is lost or if there are Internet connectivity issues. So, we introduced seamless recovery in the Yahoo video player. Under problematic conditions, the recovery mechanism is automatically activated, and the player reconnects to our backend API servers to fetch from another CDN. In essence, this replaces a user reloading the page or clicking the player when problems occur–an otherwise manual action that is incredibly frustrating.

During the game on Sunday, thanks to the seamless recovery of our player, many viewers automatically switched CDNs when their current CDN or ISP had issues. This resulted in a smooth watching experience. In one severe case, we had up to 100K viewers automatically switching CDNs in less than 30 seconds, as seen in the graph below.

Figure 4: Player Recovery per 5 second interval


Broad Audience Reach

We wanted to make sure that our global audience could watch this stream anywhere in the world, on any device so we delivered it on laptops and desktops, on phones and tablets; and finally, we wanted to reach the ardent fans on the big screen TVs, game consoles, and other connected devices. 

Our destination page, which provided a full screen experience of the game on web and mobile web, was built on node.js and React, and extensively optimized for page load and startup latency. In addition, we decided to launch the NFL experience on our key mobile apps: Yahoo, Tumblr, Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Sports Fantasy. 

Pure HTML5 on Safari

We brought users a pure HTML5 video delivery on the Safari web browser. There is currently an industry-wide move away from Flash, and Yahoo is no exception. As the first step toward achieving this goal, we deployed a “pure” HTML5 player on Safari for the NFL live stream. Making this leap had a positive impact to millions of viewers during the game.

Connected Devices & TV Experience

Our objective was to create a connected TV video experience better than cable/satellite TV. In just a few months, we were able to develop and deploy on nine different connected device platforms and on 60+ different TV models.

We wanted a large percentage of our big screen viewers to experience the 60fps streams. However, we soon realized that even on modern devices this was not easily feasible due to memory, CPU and firmware limitations. So we conducted hundreds of hours of testing to come up with the right stream configuration for each device. We developed automation tools to quickly validate stream configurations from various CDNs, as well as created a computer vision (camera automation) test tool to monitor and verify video quality and stability across devices.


Because NFL games are traditionally viewed on television, we wanted to provide viewers an easy way to watch the NFL/Yahoo Live Stream on their big screens. In addition to connected TV apps, we built Chromecast support into apps for iOS and Android, allowing viewers to cast the game on big screen TVs from their mobile devices.

To ensure a high-quality, uninterrupted cast, we also built a custom Chromecast receiver app with the same improved resiliency through robust recovery algorithms. Judging by the engagement on our Chromecast streams, we consistently matched or surpassed the viewing times on other experiences.

Global Scale

Yahoo operates multiple data centers across the US and the world for service reliability and capacity. We also have dozens of smaller point-of-presence (POPs) located close to all major population centers to provide a low latency connection to Yahoo’s infrastructure. Our data centers and POPs are connected together via a high redundancy private backbone network. For the NFL game, we upgraded our network and POPs to handle the extra load. We also worked with the CDN vendors to setup new peering points to efficiently route traffic to their networks.

As part of running “Internet” scale applications, we always build our software to take advantage of Yahoo’s multiple data centers. Every system has a backup, and in most cases, each backup has another backup. Our architecture and contingency plans account for multiple simultaneous failures.

During an NFL game, which typically lasts just under four hours, there is a very small margin of error for detecting and fixing streaming issues. Real-time metrics as well as detailed data from our backend systems provide a high fidelity understanding of the stream quality that viewers are experiencing.

Yahoo is a world leader in data, analytics and real-time data processing. So, we extensively used our data infrastructure, including Hadoop, to provide industry leading operational metrics during the game.

Player Instrumentation

The Yahoo video player has extensive instrumentation to track everything happening during video playback. And, this data is regularly beaconed back to our data centers. The data includes service quality metrics like first video frame latency, bitrate, bandwidth observed, buffering and frame drops.  

The beacons are processed in real-time, and we have dashboards showing KPIs like the number of concurrent viewers, total video starts, re-buffering ratio by numerous dimensions like CDN, device, OS and geo. These real-time dashboards enabled our operations team to make decisions about routing policies and switching CDN(s) in real-time based on quality metrics.

In terms of scale, our beacon servers peaked at more than 225K events/sec, handling about two billion events in total, which equaled about 4TB of data during the game.

Backend APIs

Prior to the NFL streaming event, we had designed the backend APIs to deliver at scale, with low latency and high availability. During the game, we served 216 million API calls, with a median latency of 11ms, and a 95th percentile latency of 16ms. The APIs showed six 9s of availability during this time period.

Our systems are instrumented exhaustively to obtain real-time feedback on performance. These metrics were available for monitoring through dashboards, and were also used for alerting when performance breached acceptable thresholds. 

The Take-Away

Pioneering the delivery of a smooth 60fps live video experience to millions of users around the world was a significant undertaking. Huge thanks to the team for executing against our vision - it was a coordinated effort across Yahoo.

While much of our technology and infrastructure was already set up to handle the scale and load–one of the reasons the NFL chose us–in preparation for the main event, we designed a new destination page and enhanced our mobile applications. We also enhanced the control and recovery mechanisms, as well as expanded our infrastructure to handle the huge traffic of the game. We worked hard to ensure that the experience was available on every Internet connected device. We tuned our video players to deliver the optimal video stream, taking into account device, connectivity, location and ISP. Behind everything was our massive analytical system that would measure and aggregate all aspects of quality and engagement. We conducted comprehensive tests with our partners so that game day would be successful. In the end, the game exceeded our high expectations, setting a bar for quality and scale for live Internet broadcasts to come. We’re thrilled and proud of the experience we delivered, and further, the reception and accolades from our community of users has been gratifying.  

Looking to the future, we expect live sporting events to be routinely streamed over the Internet to massive global audiences. People will expect these broadcasts to be flawless, with better than HD quality. October 25th 2015 was a significant step towards this vision. Yahoo, as a leading technology company and a top destination for sports, is proud of our role in setting a new standard for sports programming. We look forward to making other global scale broadcasts like the NFL game happen in the future.

Want to help? Email me at ppsn@yahoo-inc.com and we can talk about opportunities on our team.