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Uta no Prince-sama Song Starters: Ittoki Otoya ver.

Trust☆My Dream

“Running late and nearly missing the last train!”
“Are you ready!?”
“Let’s join hands!”
“Trust your dream, a world for just us two!”
“Don’t be afraid, the sky is endless!”
“Is this impulse fate?”
“I fell in love after one measure!”
“The truth is, I want to treasure you even more.”
“This love of overflowing so much!”
“Feel the beat of my heart!”
“Come on, come along with me!”
“I’ll swear here, to surely become a melody just for you.”
“Let’s go towards a miracle just for two!”


“If I keep using the amp, I wonder if it’ll reach you?”
“This is a first.”
“At first, growing up seemed frightening…”
“Even if it can be called “love,” you’ve become my song!”
“I think my heart might stop!”
“For my own sake, and for your sake, I’ll softly draw power from my shoulders!”
“The forecast for the future, even after the metaphorical rain becomes actual rain, I’ll become your sun!”
“Let’s kiss!”
“Running as we are, let’s run together!”
“I love you! It’s amazing!”
“I’m so dizzy I’m seeing stars…”
“If I count then the magic will start.”
“Believe me, I love you!”

Brand New Melody

“I don’t want to let this go.”
“If you’re not here, even the things that lie before me are full of noise.”
“Let’s ask God to stop time.”
“I can’t turn away.”
“I won’t turn away from your eyes!”
“With a full throttle smile, let’s aim at tomorrow!”
“I’ll say it this time, that two word phrase.”
“My heart can’t help but fly!”
“I’m captivated by you.”
“Sometimes we smile, and sometimes we fight.”
“With the memories we’ve made, if it’s the two of us, anything can become a song!”
“Even if we’re clumsy, it’s ok.”
“These feelings… are overflowing.!”
“I’ll make tomorrow with you.”

Over the Rainbow

“Who on earth are you really?”
“One of these days, I want to become the sun!”
“We won’t lose our way anymore!”
“Ah, it’s wishful thinking.”
“But these days, I’m not alone.”
“Even on rainy days and windy days, I want to bloom!”
“Even if I’m sad, there won’t be tears.”
“Now, only for your sake, under the name of this love I’ll sing these feelings!”
“I dreamed, from that point on…”

Smile Magic

“With this warm melody, there’s no more sadness!”
“Tell me, tell me!”
“Tell me about this warmth.”
“Surely, my feelings are changing…”
“Hey, you’re not alone!”
“Soon those tears will drift up to the heavens and transform into the floating clouds.”
“I won’t forget, absoutely not.”
“Let’s look ahead unafraid!”
“So now everyone is moving forward, and painting their own stories.”
“Stumbling a little, wanting to cry sometimes, whenever that happens, I want you to remember this song!”
“Believe in yourself!”
“There’s no replacement for your own story.”
“Thanks to my friends!”


“I want to send out this pure sound!”
“More than any rival, I want to sing this high into the sky and into the distance!”
“Believe in myself!”
“There can be only one, so that’s why-!”
“Because of our mutual camaraderie, now I will not lose!”
“Isn’t this chance exciting?”
“I want to convey my own melody!”
“I want to run towards the shining world of our great big dreams!”

Komorebi Daimond

“You give me this love in my heart.”
“Ah, how can I describe it? It’s like this happiness is building up…”
“Why is it, I wonder? I’m this anxious about it…”
“Am I going to see you?”
“But today, I suddenly miss you!”
“What are you doing today?”
“I pray that you’re smiling.”
“Ah, I’m sure it’s probably more so for me than for you.”
“But somehow or other, it’s a little frustrating.”
“See, at least I’m acting like an adult.”
“I’ll always love you!”
“From the bottom of my heart, I love you!”
“I’ll see you in my dreams!”
“Both falling in love and being in love with you, from the beginning to the end, I’ll be together with you!”

Brilliant Days

“I want to deliver my favorite song.”
“How happy it is, my daily life with music and you!”
“I want to thank you!”
“Every time I sing is fun, so the world dazzles with overflowing dreams!”
“You’re always welcome to the place where I live.”
“On the film of my heart are too many memories to count.”
“Let’s collect them together from now.”

Wandering Hearts (4/?)

Fandom: Frozen AU. Set after shipwreck, but before coronation. 17th Century.
Pairing: Kristanna (Kristoff/Anna)
Rating: Very M
Warnings: Rape, blood, violence, angsty feels, opposite of Frohana.
A/N: I was going to keep sitting on this chapter till I finished writing Inevitable, but I feel like the fandom needs a distraction right now (not that my writing is any great distraction or appealing to the entire fandom, but if this helps even one or two of you then I am happy). So. Here. Have it and be happier.

[ part one ] [ part two ] [ part three ] [ part four ] [ part five ] [ part six ] [ part seven ] [ part eight ]

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A Defense of Tyrion’s ADWD Storyline, Part 6: Snarling in the Midst of All

Series so far here

Variation of tension is a vital storytelling principle. You need to pull back on the throttle every now and then, or the Big Moments won’t have as much impact. That’s not to say narrative oases have to be boring or one-note. Good storytellers use breather episodes to let the characters collect themselves and engage in some introspection, determining what’s been important about the journey so far.

Tyrion’s time aboard the Selaesori Qhoran is a classic example. After the orgy of worldbuilding on the Rhoyne and in the Volantene delta, GRRM knows we need some time with just ship and sky and sea, even lampshading the transition via Tyrion’s grouching: 

On the river there had been wonders to behold: giant turtles, ruined cities, stone men, naked septas. One never knew what might be lurking around the next bend. The days and nights at sea were all the same. Leaving Volantis, the cog had sailed within sight of land at first, so Tyrion could gaze at passing headlands, watch clouds of seabirds rise from stony cliffs and crumbling watchtowers, count bare brown islands as they slipped past. He saw many other ships as well: fishing boats, lumbering merchantmen, proud galleys with their oars lashing the waves into white foam. But once they struck out into deeper waters, there was only sea and sky, air and water. The water looked like water. The sky looked like sky. Sometimes there was a cloud. 

Without much big-picture stuff going on, Tyrion’s eighth and ninth ADWD chapters have a laserlike focus on character, and not just Tyrion’s. My focus here will be on the relationships he develops on board the Stinky Steward, and what they may hold for his chapters in TWOW. 

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you are just like an animal, you got a wild heart

clarke x lexa;
warnings: graphic depictions of violence, canon character death mentions.
summary: “ Lexa’s life can be characterized into two parts: before Costia and after. ” [ao3]

Lexa’s life can be characterized into two parts: before Costia and after.

It’s hard to remember before.

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