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Dinosaur tail trapped in amber sheds light on evolution of feathers

Amber is often prized not just for its golden beauty, but also for the tiny creatures it contains, many of them millions of years old. Now, a chunk of this fossilized tree sap found at a market in Myanmar has turned out to contain a very rare treasure indeed: a slender piece of feathered tail that belonged to a small bipedal dinosaur that lived about 99 million years ago.

“Since Jurassic Park came out, paleontologists have joked about finding dinosaurs in amber, since it would contain so much extra information. And now we have a piece of one,” says Thomas Holtz, a vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Maryland in College Park who was not involved in the study.

Researchers aren’t using ancient blood from the belly of preserved mosquitos to recreate dinosaurs, as in the movies. But the finding does reveal a feathered dinosaur tail in 3D for the first time, and offers a unique glimpse into the early evolution of feathers. Amber is a uniquely useful fossilizer, notes Michael Engel, a paleontologist and entomologist at the University of Kansas in Lawrence who was also not involved in the study. “It preserves things in lifelike fidelity.” Although it’s rare to find larger animals preserved in the sticky flow, researchers have found everything from frogs to lizards to ancient bird wings, likely entombed after death.

Youtube Rewind
  • Yes I'm sure you're sick and tired of hearing it, but hear me out. It upsets me very much that youtube (that we know of) didn't ask Leafy, Keem, Pryo, or any of the "cancer" side of youtube to be in the rewind. Reason being probably because all the drama that comes along with them. They're like a package, and YES they fight, YES they aren't the nicest people on the internet, YES they ARE the people who think they are too good for anyone else. But over all, they definitely made a mark on youtube this year. Now I know a lot of them are losing subs now as we speak, but not one person can't deny that their growth during the past year has been outstanding, and one of the fastest anyone has ever seen since Felix himself. With that, youtube gains money through popular youtubers and views. Youtube had to have made money with the cancer gang, not just leafy, but all of the creators together. Now I know that even if they were asked, a majority of them would say no, but part of the group actually might say yes. Either way though, youtube should have asked. They were a big part of all the viral videos that were made this year, and even infested other social media sites too. They deserve everything. Xx

I am deeply fascinated (and in love) with language. Any career that I choose that allows me to play with it (to be its best friend) will make me happy. I know that.

I thought I had made my decision (one that makes me happy). However, in the beginning of school, in my first class of Portuguese Literature, my teacher asked us to write a text about the importance of words.

I questioned my choice again, but I didn’t question it in the right way.

I thought about pursuing Literature; I didn’t think about pursuing Linguistics (also, did you know that you can specialise in Forensic Linguistics?).

Law or (an academic career in) Linguistics: that’s the point.


“Already had one of those”


“Also had that”


“I’m…. not quite sure if I had that, my mask was always on, but you had that”

“I’m Wolf!”

“And I’m Lamb”

“We are the Kindred!”

“Pleasure to meet you”

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Reah: *singing* We once were as one,but now nothing remains ~ Only the void of words we fail to convey ~ Even the distance between lies without revival... We once were as one, but now nothing remains~ Even in twilight, the colors have all changed~

Naila: *listening, sitting against the wall* It’s a pretty song~.

My hands are covered in paint and dye rn but here’s our final practical. i did the entire centerpiece myself by hand and I want to die but now u know why i haven’t been able to work on comms lmao

Healthcare as a woman
  • Me: No, there is literally no way I could be pregnant. I do have actual lifestyle risk factors to consider, but pregnancy is not one of them. It's simply not possible for me right now.
  • One hour later
  • Nurse: We ran a pregnancy test, but it came back negative.
  • Me: ...Are you billing me for that test?

I’m so happy YoI is the way we end this fucking terrible year.

I’m so happy Viktor is Russian and openly gay and so in love with his fiance.

I’m so happy we get this beautiful relationship between two men in such a normalized way.

I’m sure a lot of you already know Spain is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to LGBT rights, and yeah it is, I’m Spanish but. The thing is there’s so much hatred in the world right now. It gets to the best of us sometimes.

So I’m just really happy that we get this. Even if it can’t single-handedly change the entire world, it’s like a beacon of hope and the world we could one day become.

I don’t know. Now that I’m not fangirling about the episode I just have this nice warm feeling inside and it’s so nice.

Born to make history indeed.

I’m more excited than I should be by the fact that we have a wireless printer now. The whole ordeal of having to plug a computer into the printer to print stuff irritates me to no end. And since our last printer broke (most likely due to the fact that I spilled orange juice all inside it) I figured we’d just get a wireless one. Now I can print all the boring paperwork that adult life requires without even getting up from the couch!

Oh god, Farage AND Will Self on Question Time tonight. What a voyage to the very limits of contempt that would be to watch.

They’re trying to top that Boris Johnson episode where Russell Brand died in terms of pure PainTelly, aren’t they? That alone can be their goal.

“What’s the point of Will Self?” is a question this blog has often asked. At least now we have one possible answer; Making a situation that involves Nigel Farage even worse.

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Perhaps a red shade used the INKlixer, would they be purple? If so, then making an orange shade should be easy. * This person clearly has a different mindset on how to use the INKlixer... *

( u3u) Let us NOT be judged by the color of our INK but by the CONTENT of our character!

( °3°) I’m not sure if @besmirched would want to be called a red shade. I mean, he’s got shades of red but… Besmirched are kind of their own thing. And the one we have here right now is kinda…
m u r d e r y.  

( n3n) If you want a shade of blue potion I can help ya, but if not… Maybe you’d be happier adopting a nice tabby from a shelter. Boy are kitties affectionate!