we are occupy united

But blind loyalty to political party at face that’s corrupt and refuses to reform is asking for failure later in the future.

It’s time to let the Democratic Party sink under the weight of #ignorance since they STILL refused to accept the consequences of giving Clinton the nomination through a rigged primary. And since the party won’t change their attitude as to who’s to blame then they deserve to have Trump as president.

As we approach the 2020 primaries, are party insiders going to rigged the primaries so they can give Clinton or another corporate Democrat the nomination? If this happens then they deserve another 4 years of Trump in the White House (because it wouldn’t be surprising that they’re this stupid).

Former Governor Bobby Jindal once called the Republican Party “the stupid party”. The same can be said about the Democratic Party since it has become the stupid party in the last few decades. Even more during 2016 primaries and choosing Tom Perez as chairman of Democratic National Committee.

Hardcore supporters for the Democratic Party hated the Iraq war yet they voted for Hillary Clinton (who happened to be a warmonger). These are the same people have forgotten that corrupt politicians are beholden to Wall Street who wreck the economy. So this party loses support in the supporters in the long term it won’t be just about corruption. It’s people refusing or forgetting why a crisis happens in the 1st place or the kind of solutions can be implemented by our political leaders or politicians.

Since Nancy Pelosi has already declared “we’re capitalists, that’s just the way it is” then we should assume that the Democratic Party is prone to repeating the reckless mistakes which lead to another recession.


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Hate For Republicans Doesn’t Mean Support For Democrats

This is the big problem we with the Democratic Party. They seem to think criticizing Trump unite the party. But beyond criticism, where’s the alternative solutions to address the problem that we face everyday?

Democratic politicians are starting to remind me of the teacher in Charlie Brown cartoons because their criticism of Trump amount to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.