we are nothing but strangers

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Okay I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea because I haven’t written anything that wasn’t an academic essay in my life, but here is my first drabble-thingy for Minato/Ichigo because I ship this way more than I ought to. I hope you enjoy it! Please excuse me while I die from embarrassment >_<

Life was out to get him.

Because Ichigo had no other explanation for how he went from fighting one of Aizen’s stray experiments to being transported and dropped on his ass in a completely different dimension where ninjas were a thing and could do strange shit with just hand signs. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it was just his luck that he got chucked from one war into another. Honestly, what had he ever done to deserve this? Fuck.

At least in this dimension, he didn’t necessarily have to get involved. But then again, he was never one to play the bystander, not when people were dying and he had the power to do something.

That was why, only a few hours after landing in this dimension, when he was met with the sight of a one-sided fight between a group of ten and a lone shinobi with bright blond hair he didn’t think twice about becoming involved to even the odds even just a little bit. Because for all Ichigo’s seen and experienced and matured in his relatively short 17 years of life, he was still an impulsive teenager whose blood boiled at the sight of group of people ganging up on another person. He’s been there and hell if he’s about to let that happen to someone else.

Minato cursed his luck.

He was already bruised and exhausted from his recently completed mission, and now to add insult to injury he just had to be ambushed by a group of ten Iwa shinobi. Gripping the kunai held in his hand, he was tensed to receive the blow from one of the Iwa-nin’s sword when a stranger suddenly appeared in front of him, parrying the blow with his own cleaver-like sword.

Resting his sword against his shoulder as though it weighed nothing, the stranger growled, “How about we even the odds a little?” And suddenly, he was gone again in something similar to a shunshin but faster.

Minato could do nothing but stare in shock as each of the ten Iwa-nin was incapacitated. Just who was this stranger to be able to easily handle ten jounin level nin? And behind his shock, or maybe it was wonderment too because the way the stranger moved was almost beautiful in all its efficiency and swiftness, he noticed that the stranger couldn’t possibly be a shinobi. The stranger didn’t have chakra—at least it didn’t feel like chakra.

Before Minato could do much more than comprehend what happened, the stranger turned around with his sword was strapped to his back once the last Iwa-nin was knocked unconscious.

And despite the multitude of questions swirling around his head, Minato found his throat suddenly dry when he finally got a good look at the stranger who helped him. There was no way someone could look so damn pretty with neon-orange hair and a seemingly permanent scowl on his face, but somehow the stranger did because that hair looked like it might just contain the sun and that scowl on that face looked endearing and Minato needs to stop because he sounds like a lovesick fool and—wait the stranger was approaching him.

“Hey, sorry about interfering like that. You all right?” the stranger asked as he stood in front of Minato, almost awkwardly like he didn’t exactly know what to say.

And maybe Minato is a lovesick fool because he couldn’t help but find it adorable how the stranger went from kicking ass to not knowing what to say to a stranger he helped. He might’ve also been staring in silence for too long as the orange-haired stranger began to nervously rub the back of his neck as a blush rose on his cheeks. Oh, Minato dazedly thinks to himself, I shouldn’t find that as attractive as I do right now.

“Pretty,” was all Minato was able to get out distracted by his thoughts as he was. He became further distracted as the stranger’s face reddened even further after hearing that, before his scowled deepened.

“Well if you’re fine, I’ll be on my way.” The pretty stranger made his way to turn around and leave.

With rising panic as he realized that the attractive stranger was leaving, Minato quickly grabbed the stranger’s arm and blurted out, “Namikaze Minato!” And yes, it was most definitely the stupidest thing he has ever done because who in their right mind gives out their entire name to a complete stranger, but he couldn’t just let the pretty stranger leave.

Confused, the stranger turned back around. “Wha—”

“My name. My name’s Namikaze Minato,” he repeated, trying to calm his rapid heartbeat due to his panic.

Staring down at the hand still enclosed around his arm, the stranger replied, “Kurosaki Ichigo.”

It shouldn’t make him so happy to know the stranger’s name but it does because he can put a name to the person who’s strong and attractive and who he may have a budding attraction to. He was pulled out of his thoughts though when he felt Ichigo beginning to tug his arm away from his grasp. And instead of being smart and letting go, Minato held on tighter and tugged Ichigo towards himself.

Not expecting to be pulled, Ichigo stumbled right into Minato and quickly Minato moved his other arm to his waist to hold him closer against himself.

With a rising blush, Ichigo began to struggle to get out of his grasp. “What the hell—let go!”

Minato grinned. There was no way he was letting this pretty stranger get away from him. “So Kurosaki, why don’t we get something to eat? It’ll be my treat as thank you for helping me earlier.”

Face scrunched up in preparation to refuse the offer, Ichigo retorted, “Like hell I’m going to go—“ only to be interrupted by his stomach growling. He flushed in embarrassment.

Minato’s grin only grew wider. “Looks like your stomach disagrees.” Pulling Ichigo almost completely against himself, he leaned down to whisper into Ichigo’s reddening ear. “I look forward to getting to know you Ichigo.”

And if the startled gasp that elicited from Ichigo made his grin change into a smirk, well no one would know. Minato was the cat that got the cream and he was most certainly going to thoroughly enjoy the wonderful present life decided to drop directly in front of him. Maybe his luck wasn’t so bad after all—not if he got Kurosaki Ichigo suddenly thrown into his life. And Minato wasn’t about to let him go because now Ichigo was his.

Baby, Don’t like it // Yuta

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Yuta was beginning to piss her off. On some days, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her, but there were days where he wouldn’t show any interest towards her at all; no eye contact, absolutely nothing. It would continue like this, on and off, for weeks.

Sitting down at a lunch table near the back of the cafeteria, she sighed to herself and shoved a spoon full of kimchi rice into her mouth “Damn him, and his stupid yet adorable smile.”

Little did she know, Yuta was smiling at her from across the cafeteria. Something about her just set him off, the desires and goals in his life were no longer important.

Now he only wanted, and needed one thing in his life, and that was her. Yuta knew that she liked him, that’s why he wanted to drive her absolutely crazy. Obviously, he knew that his behavior was beginning to make her feel impatient.

But that was his goal, to make her feel impatient enough to the point where she would talk to him on her own.

Oh but trust me, whatever he was doing to her was working. Her impatience began to grow and grow, until he took it up a notch and began to take over her school life. He went from being some random, mysterious yet sexy, Japanese man, to a man she couldn’t stop thinking about. He constantly invaded her thoughts, her goals, her dreams, and she almost couldn’t take it anymore.

Until she received a text from an unknown number “Meet me in the study room, top floor. Now”

Usually, when you receive a text from a number you don’t recognize, you’re supposed to ignore it.

But for some unknown reason, something was telling her not to ignore the text.

So she didn’t.

As she began to walk up the stairs to the 5th floor, she began to feel anxious. Having no clue who the person was, it was a given that she was feeling nervous. Finally she reached the 5th floor and slowly, yet hesitantly opened the door, stepping inside. It was silent, not a person to be seen. The lights weren’t completely turned off, but there was only the dim lighting coming from the small kitchen.

Then out of no where, the kitchen light turned off and it was pitch black.

And that’s when she felt a hand grab her arm, pulling her into their chest. ‘

“Now I’ve finally got you, you sneaky little thing” A soft, somewhat deep voice whispered to her.  

It was the man who had been invading her thoughts and dreams, the man who’s been taking over her life little by little.


The Japanese boy hummed to himself, she stepped right into his trap, and there was no way he was going to let her out of it.

Beginning to feel slightly overwhelmed, she slowly started to back away from him. Honestly, she didn’t really know why she was backing away, all she knew was that if he came any closer to her, she would launch herself into his arms and show him how frustrated he’s made her feel the past few weeks

“My name sounds absolutely beautiful coming out of your mouth,” Yuta growled slightly and began to walk towards her, as if he was the predator and she was his prey. “Why don’t you say it again for m-“

Scoffing, she cut him off “Actually, why don’t you say my name? I’d like to hear how my name sounds coming out of your mouth” the smaller girl finally decided to stand her ground and confront him. “You made me wait for the longest time, I thought I was going to go insane! I’ve been getting more impatient with you, Nakamoto Yuta! I have had enough of your little games!” and that’s when he quickly stalked towards her, backing her up against the wall with both hands on either side of her head.

Even though there wasn’t a lot of light in the room, she could see the way his eyes twinkled with mischievousness. “You’re getting impatient? Oh, darling you have no idea what you have been doing to me, do you?” he hummed, and leaned down so his face was leveled with hers.

“You think you can tempt me like that and get away with it? That’s cute, really cute..” slowly, his fingers grazed her cheek as he looked into her brown eyes; “Why do you seem so calm? We’re practically strangers, aren’t we? You know nothing about me, yet I know so much about you, so shouldn’t you be at least a little afraid of me?” he leaned forward, and slowly took her bottom lip between his teeth, pulling away ever so painfully slow.

“Because I want you just as much as you want me,” finally gathering up the courage, she gripped his shirt in her small hands and tugged his body closer to her own. “I guess we both have been impatient,” she whispered and pressed her lips against his.

Yuta barely, just barely let a moan escape past his lips at the feeling of her soft lips against his own.

Needless to say, the study room of the 5th floor was temporarily unsafe for wondering students.

I won’t give up on Destiel until the very last episode of Supernatural airs. You guys can all jump ship, but I will go down with it.

Nothing but strangers

We were nothing but strangers

Through the nights where we forgot the world
In the days where sunshine was our blessing alone

How could we ever be more?

We were nothing but strangers

When the rains were the symphony around our dance
As the springtime flowers smiled for us

How could we ever be more?

We were nothing but strangers

In love we wore a cleverly concealed veil
And screamed through deviously disguised masks

How could we ever be more?

We were nothing but strangers

Somehow, in 2.3 seconds we managed to go from being something to being nothing.

However, the truth is that we aren’t nothing.

We are just two strangers who now share forgotten memories.

—  Sarn Corbin

Someone said your name. I did not flinch.

You are stranded in an airport – always forward, sometimes returning home, but never staying in the same place for very long. Your patience is limited to the miles between Point A and Point B: the point where we learn to force goodbye, the point where hello is a hollow sound best inferred through silence. You see, after years of pretending that I don’t look for you beyond baggage claim, I have stumbled into a growing, hungry truth.

I am shoving this suitcase full while still expecting someone else to unpack it.

We move through life as strangers connected by nothing more than adjusted boarding times, and still your name is nothing but metaphor tucked neatly inside of a poem. It is an airport; it is shoved inside a suitcase. Your name is brimstone or honey. Grit or laughter. I search for you still unable to name this hurt – this open wound, this pulsing absence, this phantom limb.

If I say it again (your name) does that make this more real? Tangible? Will you find me?

Someone said your name. I did not flinch.

—  Unnamed, Jenn Carmen

tumblr is kind of wild cos? i have all these acquaintances/friends but i know zippity zap about them?? like maybe their gender and face but probably not their name. just their URL. “oh hello drumline-jesus! i know you for your jokes and being a pretty good person but nothing else! irl we would be strangers!! how is your day?”


Favourite Colour (Original Song)

I shared the lyrics when I wrote the song, but I’m excited to let you hear what it actually sounds like! It’s one of my favourite songs ever written!

Lyrics under the cut ^^

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Three heartbeats

Three Heartbeats



A sudden realisation leads to an important introduction

Three Heartbeats

I truly cannot believe I have been so stupid. In fact the gravity of my stupidity leaves me breathless.

Because I just assumed that he would know.

That he would recognise this tiny new life inside of me for what it is – a part of him.

A part of us both, a miracle amidst the heartache, a piece of him left behind and one which, truthfully, allowed me to carry on without him.

To carry on when I thought all was lost.

I wonder if he had known before, whether it would have made a difference – would he have returned to the woods that night?  Because I know now that he went instead of me because he truly felt he had nothing left to lose. The recent knowledge that he was dying had pushed him towards the only logical conclusion.

A finality for him that was born out of hopelessness.

And I can’t help but wonder if he allowed himself to be taken to spare us both the indignity of his death; A slow and insidious death that would bear witness to the destruction of his beautiful mind, knowing that I could never turn away from him, that I would be there until the bitter end, watching as he disappeared from me, piece by painful piece until there was nothing left of the man I knew.

Was his final wish to spare me that harrowing journey?

Did he truly believe that for me, missing would be better than dead?

That eventually I would find a way to simply move on with my life, as the memory of him faded like a shadow to be replaced so easily?

And the knowledge that he couldn’t share his pain with me, the fear he must surely have felt during those frightening months before he was taken continues to cut in to me like a knife.

That he bore it alone.

For all the times he had held me in his arms, whispering soothing words of comfort to me and yet he felt undeserving of it for himself.

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isnt it great how at the end of stranger things how barb was totally alive and got rescued. and nancy realised that she was actually in love with barb and that both steve and jonathan were both kinda creepy if u think about it. and nancy and barb skipped off into the sunset

wasnt that such a good ending

wasnt it