we are not your slaves

  • Damian Wayne: Blasted thing won’t even switch on.
  • Jason Todd: Yes. It’s hard to believe pressing the same button over and over isn’t yielding any results.
  • Damian Wayne: It’s not my job to know how to operate a computer. That’s what the help is for. Drake, come over here and operate this computer.
  • Tim Drake: I’m not your slave, Damian.
  • Damian Wayne: Oh we’ll see about that…

For anon…reader is female as requested. Enjoy!

“Y/N,” her father called, “Come down here, darling. Your mother and I have a surprise for you.”

Curiously, Y/N peeked out of her room. Her little body toddled down the steps. Her tiny hairs bounced slightly as she did. She gripped the railing while watching where she stepped. Quietly, she stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

“Hello Papa. Hello Mama,” she greeted before grinning.
“Hello darling,” her mother greeted.
“Your mother and I were in town today, and we got you a present.”
Y/N only cocked her head to the side in curiosity.
Her mother stepped sideways. “We’ve gotten you your own personal slave.”

Y/N blinked as she stared at the young boy. He seemed to have been crying slightly. The little girl stepped forward.

“Hello,” she greeted, “I’m Y/N. What’s your name?”
“Please darling. You don’t need to know his name,” her father retorted.
“But I wanna know his name,” she replied.
“It’s Anakin,” the boy murmured.
Her eyes lit up. “Now we can be friends!”
Her mother sneered, “Y/N, please. He is your slave. Whatever you tell him to do, he’ll do it.”
“Then I command he becomes my friend.”

The two parents sighed in exasperation. Anakin, however, was smiling slightly. He was glad someone didn’t think of him as just a slave.

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That girl…
That servant girl. You know who I’m talking about.
Maybe. I can’t remember her name.
It’s Margrethe.
You’ve all had her. So, I want to have her too.
That’s easy. She’s a slave. We’ll just bring her to your bed.
She’s a servant. She’s not cattle. She’s a human being.
Now it is for our brother.
Yes, but we have to ask her.

  • When I say: I'm fine.
  • What I Mean Is: How could Molly and the rest of the Order Not check in on baby Harry as he is growing up. McGonagall even knew he was being left at an abusive home, with people she clearly hated, and yet she didn't drop in to check on Harry; even just as a cat to see how he's doing. Dumbledore was able to send messages to them, so why didn't he send warnings to have Harry treated decently. How hard could it have been to send a letter saying "Hey, put the boy in the spare room," or "He is not your personal slave, feed him, we are watching you." Molly, how could Molly not go mega momma bear and drop in on the Dursleys, she would have become Aunt Molly who visited every week to feed and nurture Harry at the least. Remus, one of his best friends' son, left him at the hands of the Dursleys, didn't even bother to see if he was alright after James' and Lily's deaths. Any of them, even from afar, could have done something with magic. Lasly, Molly, you knew Harry and Ron were the same age, how did you Not look for him at King's Cross knowing he would be arriving for the first time.

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Heathers: The Musical → Starters (pt 2)

❛ Fine, we’re damaged, but that does not make us wise ❜
❛ Sneak a beer and watch tv, we’ll bake brownies or go bowling. Don’t you want a life with me? ❜
❛ Don’t stop looking in my eyes  ❜
❛ The revolution came and went, tried to change the world, barely made a dent. ❜
❛ If I say the wrong thing or I wear the wrong outfit they’ll throw me right over the side ❜
❛ Your ass is off the team. Go on and bitch and moan. ❜
❛ Now we’re all grown up and we know better ❜
❛ So I’ll build a dream that I can live in and this time I’m never waking up ❜
❛ You don’t know what my world looks like! ❜
❛ Knock! Knock! Sorry to come through the window. Dreadful etiquette, I know! ❜
❛ Then I found you changed my heart and set loose all that truthful shit inside! ❜
❛ We were meant to be one! ❜
❛ Your society churns out slaves and blanks. No thanks. ❜
❛ Bring marshmallows, we’ll make s’mores! We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars! ❜
❛ I’m gonna count to three! One! Two! Fuck it ❜
❛ No one here deserves to die except for me and the monster I created. ❜
❛ Got no time to talk I’m a dead girl walking! ❜
❛ There’s a school that self-destructed not because society didn’t care, but because that school was society. ❜
❛ The only place Heathers and Marthas can truly get along is in Heaven! ❜
❛ I wish we met before they convinced you life is war! ❜
❛ I am damaged, far too damaged, but you’re not beyond repair.  ❜
❛ Hope you’ll miss me. Wish you’d kiss me. Then you’d know I worship you. ❜
❛ You look like hell. ❜
❛ I just got back. ❜
❛ I’d be honored, if you’d let me be your friend ❜
❛ If no one loves me now, some day somebody will ❜

Free State of Jones

Regarding the film, do you think it’s not a coincidence that Jones County along with counties that opposed secession like Cook County, Texas and the counties that made up West Virginia had the fewest slaves?

To add to your list, we could add Winston County, Alabama, pretty much all of eastern Tennessee, Searcy County, Arkansas, and western North Carolina. 

And no, it’s not a coincidence at all - where slavery was weakest, southern unionism was strongest and vice versa. 

America, listen to yourself! Listen to your contradictions! You call us lazy but you make us slaves. You call us dirty but we clean your homes. You call us uncivilized, but we raise your children. …think about that next time we’re talking about immigration.
—  Dr. Marc Lamont Hill at the University of Michigan MLK Symposium, January 19 2015.