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symphogear trill seems to be some dude's self-insert fic where he dates all the girls. which is dumb but not so bad that its really worth bringing up or being vague about? so idk

Oh, I see. It’s still a little surprising this series manages to get fic considering how virtually unknown it is over here… I hardly trust any writer for this show outside my friend circle though, so I’m not up-to-date with whatever weird stuff gets written. 

a lot of the people who seem to be not mad at supergirl are like “hey stop being angry we HAVE two queer girls on the show……..this is better than what we’re used to stop complaining” but like?

the f/f relationship on the show has been handled TERRIBLY and i dont know about you but? i dont? want to settle? for less than we deserve? i want the same respect hetero fans/ships get i want the same development, screentime, and attention that heterosexual characters get 

i want to NOT be openly mocked by the cast of a show for daring to believe in a ship

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You seem pretty chipper about being an espeaon, vic. Are you happy to get away from your icy heritage?

Victor “I am happy the way I am!”
Cass “C’mon Vic we’re gonna rest up a bit so we can go to – what is it , Melissa?”

Melissa “I’m calling that weird place Glacial Palace for now, it seems like one of those weird castle things of old legends, but it’s real!”

Cass “Glacial palace!”

Vic “Oh man! That’s such a good name! :O”

(( this one is guest art done by the amazing @skconcepts / @askkyubeon ,Thank you very much !!))

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Is it normal to have doubts about witchcraft?

This turned into a lot of ramble and personal opinion, so please keep that in mind when reading. Some people may not agree with what I’ve written here, but this is a matter of my perspective and views on things, and may not be relatable to all, and that is also fine. If anyone wants to share their thoughts or feelings on the topic, feel free to as well, or tag / mention me in a post if you want to do that.

I am going to do my best to answer this, because when it comes to doubting myself and my magic, I’ve just brushed it off and continued, so I don’t necessarily have all-encompassing experience on which to base my advice from. I am going to try to present as much as I can think of, but I can’t guarantee I’ll remember everything, or even know what to suggest if it’s outside of my perspective in the first place. 

If you were to ask this question to a handful of magic users, I’m sure most will tell you they have doubted witchcraft and magic at some point during their craft. Even still, for me, it sometimes seems pretty surreal that I can change the wind by untying a knot in string, or that I can change how people see and think of me with a random symbol. I think it happens to most of us, that we look at what we’re doing and go, “is this for real? Am I really doing these things or is it just coincidence?” 

So, I may not say it is “normal” to have doubts about witchcraft, but it is definitely common. I also feel it is important that we work through those doubts on our own as best as we can if we want to continue along these paths. It isn’t always easy, I know, but I feel it’s absolutely worthwhile. Who we are as magic users, where we stand in regards to our craft and practices, will be all the better off for it - stronger, more resilient to even other people trying to shoot us down for doing this or believing it works. And I know a lot of people say, “who gives a fuck what others think?” but sometimes it isn’t as easy to let go of as that.

When you take a look at other magic users who don’t have doubts about what they’re doing, who likely seem utterly comfortable and confident with themselves as witches and what they do with magic, it’s more than likely because they’ve already worked through those doubts themselves. Since each path and practice is different and unique to each magic user, so too would be if and when you start to doubt what you’re doing, and also the methods you use in which to work through that scepticism.

Of course, there are likely some magic users who never doubted what they were doing from the get-go, and honestly that doesn’t make them any less for not having to go through this sort of thing to strengthen themselves and their magic. Certain people just “fit” well into certain hobbies or lifestyles, without questioning themselves or what they’re doing in that place, and that is fine as well. There is strength in that on its own, but I also see there to be strength in having the self doubt and working through it too. 

I don’t know if I’m conveying the point I wanted to correctly here or not tbh… Basically - I don’t see it as bad if you doubt your magic; as long as you work through it if that’s what you wanna do to keep doing magic. I also don’t see it as bad if you don’t doubt your magic. Neither magic user is necessarily stronger than the other for doubting or not. They just go through different things at different times, but I don’t see it as those trials necessarily make you stronger, or you’re lesser for not needing to go through that particular scenario in the first place. Does that make sense? Idk, I’ll let that point lie for now, lol.

There are some magic users that believe that doubting your magical power or your spellwork can actually take an effect on how they work - in regards to this, I mean that doubt can be seen by some as “negative” energy, and it can clash with your original intent and energies, and nullify them. Belief is pretty key, though, so if you believe that is the case, that will likely be the case. If you don’t believe self doubt will take any role on your magic, then it likely won’t. However, it is still something I like to put out there for those that do fall into that line of thinking, just in case. Not all magical paths or paradigms require you to 279568% believe in what you’re doing all the time, or even a little bit, in order for them to work - like I said, it comes down to what you think and believe in the end, what sort of magic your’re using, etc.

Regardless, doubting witchcraft certainly can make it harder to practice it, whether you think the doubt will impact spell effectiveness or not. By that I mean, if you’re questioning if it even works or not, you’re likely wondering why you’re wasting time and energy doing the thing. The entire time you’re doing it, you could be going, “this is stupid, this isn’t going to work, why am I bothering?” And it can bring about negative connotations with witchcraft over time, or you could even end up just dropping the entire thing altogether out of frustration. And in the end if that’s what you wanna do, that’s also okay -  just because you start doing witchcraft, doesn’t mean you need to keep doing it forever, if you find you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you. 

But, if you wanna keep going with witchcraft, and you wanna work through those doubts, it is absolutely possible to do so. It may take some time and work, but if you want to keep working with witchcraft, I’d say it’s pretty important you work out those doubts for yourself. Like, I can try to explain and convince you all I want that magic is real, but if you can’t work through that scepticism on your own, you won’t believe me, what I say won’t matter, and your doubts will still remain. You have to let yourself be open to believing it works. 

Different things work for different people in this regard, but I will try to give some pointers or share some things that may help you.

Try to find out where the doubt is coming from, and try to work through it that way. Look for the stem, the source, of why you may be feeling that way. Is it just that you don’t think magic works in general? Do you think you don’t have enough power? Are you maybe just scared that it might? If you are able and willing, try to write down some of these thoughts, really figure out what it is that is causing the doubt. Having a better understanding of it may help be the key to working it out, because then you will know precisely what it is you need to work on, and the methods may be different for each reason of doubt.

When casting spells, try to ignore any of those doubtful thoughts. And yes, that can be hard, really hard sometimes, but when you recognize those thoughts, try to think “no, that is not the case,” and keep doing the spell. Draw your focus back to what you’re doing, repeat your intent over and over in your mind if you need to in order to keep the sceptical thoughts out of it. Sometimes it comes down to “fake it till you make it,” or, as one of my old roommates said, “believe it till you see it.” 

Why do I say to do that? Because, for a lot of people, seeing their direct success from casting spells and doing magic is enough to erase the doubt of it in the first place. If you can look at your life and say “this happened because of this spell, and I brought that about with that magic,” then it definitely helps you in seeing that what you’re doing is valid, is working for you, is real, and I feel that is where a lot of the doubt about witchcraft really comes from - that it doesn’t work at all.

Of course, with that there still might be problems of “well it was just a coincidence.” But how can you *really* know for sure that was a coincidence? Magic is not always screaming in your face obvious, it may not be instantaneous results. Sometimes it is subtle, gradual, takes some time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just because we may not be able to see a spell’s effects immediately, doesn’t mean it isn’t working. For instance, doing protection spells, it isn’t like I notice that I’ve just avoided a huge catastrophe; the catastrophe just never presents itself at all in the first place, because of the spell. It isn’t like I avoid anything that would harm me, there just wasn’t anything for me to avoid, nothing of danger had opportunity to present itself to me from the start. Does that make sense?

Honestly, yes it is scary putting so much trust into something that is so unknown as magic still is. As humans we like to know and understand, so of course we might get worried or scared or don’t know what to think when something comes into our lives with not a lot of solid explanation. How do we know what to think, if it’s real? Well, it comes down to finding faith to put in yourself, and also really trying it out and seeing for yourself the truth of it for you. Because, I don’t think there are any absolute truths, especially in regards to magic. It all comes down to you, what you decide to do, how you do it. Those things will also react in different ways for other people, manifest in different ways. So of course the doubts will be different too.

I feel like I left a lot out of this tbh. There is a lot to say on this topic, and I really am just one person. My view on this matter is largely shaped by the path I’ve had to walk, and I know that no two paths are identical. It is formed by my view on things, what I’ve gone through on my own, so it may not also be possible for all to relate to what I’ve said here. Like I said, this is such a personal thing, working through your doubts on magic, if you have any. I can kind of tell you what my help, but in the end, you really need to figure out on your own what to do about it - if you wanna work through it and then how, if you’re even going to try to work through it or just keep doing magic with the doubt still in place, or if you don’t think it’s worth the effort in the end and stop practicing altogether.

Because I’m not sure I answered this properly, or provided anything useful, I’m gonna give a couple of links to other posts that may prove useful as well. This was a lot to read, I know, but I think you should read the other links as well, to get other people’s views on the topic, because again, it comes down to being something unique to each of us.

I hope this helped you, or at the very least made sense, because I’m starting to doubt I did xD But yeah, if you have any more questions I’ll do my best.

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Hello, so... I've been checking constantly the news of MM in tumblr, everyone seems so excited, including me, but i'm kind of doubtful, I mean, lets be honest, Cheritz hasn't officially announced the "another story" as V's route, everyone has assumed it, but what if it's literally another story with a new character -love interest- (maybe other perspective how mint eye was growing or created) at some point we can prevent all the bad things to happen, meet and help V, and get treatment for Rika.

I mean, that’s not impossible…but I think it’s highly improbable. We are already familiar with all of these characters and their roles with each other, it would be crazy to introduce someone brand new, especially when they know that we have been begging for a V and Saeran route all of this time. 

They have been showing us more and more of V and Saeran, I don’t think that’s a coincidence. They read our email requests and look over what the fandom posts and talks about. They see what we ask for. 

True, Cheritz hasn’t officially stated that it’s a V route, but I think all signs are pointing to that being the case. 

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I have trouble writing and characterizing Plagg. Any tips and insight on his role ?

hehehe.  I love this character dearly.  Mainly because he seems so simple to write, but he’s got just a bit more than meets the eye.

At first glance, we see him the way Adrien does, a mysterious magical being who is really, really, really hungry and seemingly a little silly.

Seems sleepy (though he just woke up from a several hundred year nap, so we can’t judge here)

Seems a bit sarcastic

And hungry.  XD  As he zooms around the room, deciding what to eat, he seems to be equally carefree, only noting his own needs and agenda.  (and I honestly think he’s having fun with Adrien here because of how often the boy has to try to catch him, but I digress.  X’D)

(look at how confused this child is. X’D  You can’t tell me Plagg wouldn’t find this at least a little funny)

Now Adrien’s just scurried up a wall, aimed, and caught this guy from midair and demanded answers.  Plagg’s answer?  Look as unimpressed as possible and give short and succinct answers which really only serve him, as Adrien is immediately confused after Plagg’s ‘explanation’.  As soon as Adrien asks for clarification, this god of destruction asks for, as you’ve guessed it, something to eat.

So far, we see a self-serving, curious, sarcastic snot of a kwami who does things at his own pace for his own reasons.  He’s already teasing Adrien (and barely knows the guy) and pushing him to see what exactly he can do.  This is the main characterization of Plagg and it’s what most of us know at first sight.  But this is his ‘light’ side, as I’d call it.  Plagg’s more three dimensional than that, as shown a few moments later.

Upon thinking that Adrien would tell anyone, Plagg effortlessly escapes from the boy’s grasp (showing he was just too lazy to get out of there when it didn’t suit him) and raises to eye level to set the kid straight.  While Plagg doesn’t do anything that he deems an inconvenience of a bother, he is willing to expend the energy on things that need doing.

Also, personal space?  What is that?  X’D

Here, we see Adrien being dramatic (we love him for it) and Plagg being…  well, Plagg.  (I honestly love Origins because it shows us so much of who Plagg is as a character.  XD)  Here, we see him entertaining himself with whatever he can find (in this case the toilet paper) and also subtly pushing Adrien towards a choice.  He doesn’t sugar coat things or say “you can do it if you believe in yourself!”  He says “Well, you aren’t going to do anyone any good if you just sit there and monologue like a shojou anime girl” (sorry, had to. X’D)


Plagg never goes into the ring willingly.  He always finds some reason to not want to do it.  Whether it be that he wanted popcorn (Puppeteer), was eating his cheese (I think this was Pharaoh), or wants a nap (Stormy Weather), he generally doesn’t go into the ring happily.  Now, we can either see this as a form of comedic relief (and you can totally take it this way), but my headcannon is actually cemented in another episode.

Everyone knows this moment from Jacakdy, right after Adrien has a touching moment with his father, then has to break it due to keeping his secret.  Even before then, Plagg stays on Adrien’s shoulder while he reminisces about his missing mother.

Additionally, in the Christmas episode:

He stays there and listens when Adrien really needs someone he can vent to.  He’s not in the background, scavenging for cheese as his initial flippant nature might suggest, he’s not entertaining himself with something cute, he’s by Adrien’s side, allowing his kid to express himself in a world that seems to only repress him.

Plagg:  still and respectful and, while it seems Adrien isn’t noticing, empathetic.  At this point, it’s so painfully obvious that this kwami cares for his charge, and I’d venture to say that he’s cared for every one of his charges.

But Plagg isn’t just ‘silly and cryptic’ and ‘serious and quiet’.  We can generalize those as two sides of him, but that’s not all he is. 

For example, from Volpina we’ve got Plagg doing things his own way again.  We as the audience know that the book is important, and that it’s important to get it from the house, but Adrien doesn’t know that.  The thing is that Plagg does.  He chooses the book specifically to throw at Adrien and get out of the house over the peacock brooch (I have a theory on that, but I digress).  He looks silly, but he’s doing his own thing with his own reasons.

In the Christmas special, we go from Plagg complaining about hunger (which he always does, but this time makes Adrien worry a crud ton) to 

Wishing him a merry Christmas.  It may be nothing, but I think Plagg was being an overdramatic cat in order to get Adrien the rest of the way out of his anger and depression over the holiday.  Adrien feels better afterwards and Plagg kinda hides out after that.

In short, I think Plagg does his own thing at his own pace when it suits him best.  His goals seem to be to protect the miraculous and its holder, and his sub goals are to have fun, be a little snot in life, and eat as much good food as he can.  He seems to genuinely like his gullible and kindhearted charge and loves to mess with him, but is also a mentor of sorts that guides him in his own way.

Basically, if a stereotypical cat could talk, it would be Plagg.

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope it helped!  *^_^*

Now that we have confirmation that Groot doesn’t remember anything from during or before GOTG vol 1 can we talk about the emotional impact that losing his best friend must still have had on Rocket?

He seemed totally depressed during the closing of the movie, hanging onto what little bit of Groot he had left although he had no way of knowing it would one day sprout into baby Groot.

And Baby Groot sprouting was a good thing, by it doesn’t erase the fact that Rocket still lost someone close to him, the being that was Groot is still gone. His likeness is around, but their memories, whatever feelings they shared, the adventures they took, those only exist in Rocket now.

Baby Groot cannot be as supportive as Adult Groot was, Baby Groot can’t comprehend Rockets suffering and angst, he cannot be an outlet for Rocket to talk to, or cry on his shoulder, because that context and understanding is gone.

Happy Monday 💛💗 Cinnamon oatmeal with all the fixins to start my day. 😜 I’ve been busy this morning researching day trips. I booked our train to Seville and will book our bus to Granada as well as Alhambra tickets later today. 🙌🙌 I’m excited for the next few weeks! Also, Kuba was looking into camper vans already. We still have a while but next spring our plan is to travel around in a van. 🌞🚌💨 We will either convert a van or we’ll find a camper and fix it to our liking. Even though it seems far away, I know the next few months will pass by quickly. I love researching all the possibilities, and the best part is not knowing what will happen or where we’ll end up. 😬

Hottie Alert

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Summary: Trope-tastic! ~ Boaz Priestly + 8. “If we’re just friends, then why are you jealous?”

The morning after. What a varied phenomenon. The fantasy is to wake up next to the person of your dreams and know that you’ll be waking up the same way for a long time.

For you, it was a little more complicated. You had half the requirements, waking up next to the guy you’d been in love with forever. Priestly, the man in question, didn’t seem to feel the same way.

“‘Morning.” He mumbled.

“Hey there.” You replied with a hopeful smile.

The bubble of anticipation that had swelled up popped as he sat up and started to get dressed.

“I’m sorry about last night. I wasn’t trying to take advantage or anything-”

“Priestly, what…”

“We can just go back to being friends if that’s easier. We don’t have to tell anyone about what happened.” He assured.

“Um…sure.” You said dejectedly.

Hurriedly you put your clothes back on, fighting back tears. Priestly was making it pretty damn clear what he thought about sleeping with you. To him, it was a mistake that he never wanted to talk about again. To say you were heartbroken was an understatement.

It took a long time for you to talk to your friend normally again. Everyone at the shop new something was up, but no one asked. Piper thought you’d had a fight, Jen didn’t want to know, and Tish knew exactly what was going on.

There was a collective sigh of relief the day one of Priestly’s stupid jokes made you laugh again. You’d been telling yourself you were over him for long enough that you’d started to believe it. Movie nights were held again, you felt comfortable talking for hours about anything and everything, and frankly, you’d missed your best friend.

“Hottie alert.” Tish whispered, nudging you with her elbow. “Nine o’clock.”

You looked up from the table you were wiping down. Tish’s warning did not disappoint. A guy had just walked in and was honestly one of the the most attractive men you had ever seen in your life.

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We’ve convinced ourselves that love is filled with moments;
The moment you realize you have fallen in love;
The moment you realize you want to spend the rest of your life devoted to someone;
The moment you fall out of love;
The moment you realize it’s over; 
I don’t believe in “moments”.

To me, these moments resemble a wave;
A continuous assault on our senses, 
On our thoughts, 
It ebbs and flows, 
Stronger and weaker, 
But it doesn’t stop,
Nobody falls in love, or falls out of love,
But instead, we drift into it, 
Sometimes unaware, which is why it often seems so surprising;

Often magical, often tragic.
Love rolls in with the tide, filling the sands, and then retreating, 
It’s what’s we do during low tide which entreats the waters to return.

That moment was one I had known all along; 
It wasn’t a surprise, not a random thought, 
But an inspired feeling; 
Prompting me to finally act,
Find the courage to devote;
To adore eternally; 
And from that feeling I’ve never looked back.

- Storm -

Supergirl situation

Idk how to feel about it.

The cast had been doing press all day and were probably just tired of being asked about a non-canon ship.

I don’t think they were saying that two women together is ridiculous or should be ridiculed. It seems like that’s just not how they see the characters and don’t understand what it means to people.

I don’t love how quick we are to attack actors, actresses, and entire shows.

When Eliza and other actors dismissed and ridiculed blarke, we all thought it was amazing. When Supergirl actors make fun of Supercorp, we are up in arms. I know it’s different because one is a wlw ship which depicts an under-represented community, but that doesn’t mean that blarke wasn’t important to people. Keep in mind that this is coming from a clexa shipper who witnessed blarkes being extremely problematic, but it feels kinda hypocritical.

It’s important to call people out when they are problematic. In this case, with people calling Melissa Benoist homophobic, I think we need to chill a little.

It’s never fun when actors make fun of a ship that’s important to us, and I do understand why people were offended. Just offering another perspective.

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something that i've been thinkin abt lately (and that ur last anon reminded me) is how we (as lesbians) are really isolated. like, most of lgbt media is abt gay dudes. we dont know how to be in relationships with women because everything we know is from a cishet guy pov. the idea of not being attracted to men is seen as crazy or impossible. and i think thats the reason why we feel like we must fall for the first girl that seems interested in us (1)

we feel like we will never marry a woman, we feel like we will never be happy being a lesbian. or that we will never find another wlw. so, when the first wlw appears in front of us, we want to take it before it goes. it doesnt matter if we are not really attracted to her. or it doesnt even matter if she is a decent person, because we think that we might never have another opportuniy like this in our lives (2)

and thats what happened to me 2 years ago. i was only 16 y.o . i met a girl online and while we had a lot of stuff in common i could only see her as a friend, and also, cus, holy heck she was 22 y.o. but later she started being flirty and such. one day she finally told me that she was in love w me. i didnt know how to answer. i told her that i liked her too. i felt that i shouldnt miss that opportunity (3)

i felt like no one else could ever fall in love w me, so i had to grab the only girl that was interested in me. even if it was a p/edo. i told her that i needed time but i already told her that i was in love w her too (i wasnt). so i asked her to give me time to figure things out. only then i realized how fucked up it was. i stoped talkin to her. then she satrted stalking me. (4)

she would send me like 30 messages a day saying that she missed me and that she didnt know what went wrong. one day i confronted her and told her that i didnt want to talkw her anymore. she was furious. she kept sending me messages. she said that i made her feel depressed. then, i talked abt that w one of my bfs. god blesses them cus thanks to them i decided to block her and never talk to her anymore (5)

then after i blocked her she kept stalking me on my art fb page. so i just stopped using that account. i will never forget how stupid i was. all of that shit was messed up. she knew i was a teenager and still didnt care. a year later i fell in love w one of my irl best friends. i love her w all my heart. and she respects me and loves me too. and i tought i could never be in a healthy relationship. but i did, and we’ve been together for more than a year. (6)

so, the lesson is, that u shoudnt feel obligated to date or be in a relationship w anyone just because “it might not happen again”. i was just 16 and i tought i was doomed to a lonely life. i was not. u will be happy w someone who apreciates you. and even if that doesnt happen then better be alone than w someone who treats u like shit. (7)

Happy lesbians are the best lesbians, and I’m sorry for your past experiences.

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What exactly happened between you guys and those girls that used to run the update account (megannlizontour)? They seem really bitter now and seem to put the blame on you guys so I was wondering if you guys have a side to the story.

Nothing happened, really! Those girls had always been so sweet to us. They offered to help us with marketing etc. but we already have people who do that for us, so we told them that at this point we couldn’t move forward. I’m not sure why they feel like there was a weird motive. We’ve tried to call them to straighten everything out but they didn’t answer and followed up with a text saying everything was cool so we are just over here like… 🤷🏻‍♀️

late night snacks-

i remember texting you-
“the day we are eating granola
together in bed at 10:30 p.m.
will be one of the
happiest days of my life.”
i hope you know i meant it.
i feel like we are so very close
to that day,
yet it also seems like an
eternity away.
you inspire me to be a version
of myself
that i never thought really 
you make me feel as calm
as a slowly trickling stream
on the slope of a mountain,
or something equally
as poetic.
it’s crazy, feeling like
you have known someone
your entire life
when in reality they have only
been with you
for a few short months.
i have never believed
in the falsity of 
“the one”
but i am starting to 
understand why your ex’s
were so adamantly
set on that idea.
you seem to have something
that we have all
yearned for
like we were taught
to seek
in disney princess movies.
and it’s weird picturing yourself
in a white gown
and it’s even weirder
having this
creeping thought
in your head 
that this one person
could be your one person
and that they could 
be the last person
you see before you fall asleep
and the last person
you could
ever be with.

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I never read the books but I do know that Clary and Jonathan had a bond or something in the books? but in the show they've only had like 2 scenes together so I don't see if actually having any effect on Clary in the show just because we haven't seem them interacting or anything. what do you think?

Ohh, in the books their dynamic is very different from the show! Different stuff happens so they have a different dynamic.
I think that we needed more Clary/Sebastian screentime when they still didn’t know his true identity. Infact, I think thatinstead of those Sebastian/Izzy scenes the writers could have give us more of them.

[lyrics] overthinking- offonoff

my night was especially long
my thoughts couldn’t satisfy it
so i walked alone on the streets
while looking at the trees and stars
my friend took a cigarette out and bit on it
and put his sigh into the cigarette
there’s a lot we don’t know, it’s bothersome
but sometimes the things we know bother us
it’s hard looking for the answer every time
but it’s too much to decide on an answer
using the time in the given day
may seem used to it but still sloppy
there’s a lot of people i want to hug
so i need to become stronger
i don’t know what to do
in the midst of this the day has come
My Overthinking Over and over
My Overthinking Over and over
My Overthinking Over and over
My Overthinking Over and over
so the night will pass by
and i will have nowhere to run away to
so lonely
everybody is lonely

translated by @colde0channel
please credit when reposting, thank you!

Discord shutdown

You’re probably wondering why the Discord shut down. Me too (not really). I’m sure some of you have an idea why.

We were perfectly fine having a discord for our followers, provided you followed the rules, but they were not. We were perfectly fine with interacting with all of you and sharing headcanons, but opinions were disrespected. We were fine with just politely telling you guys to be less rude, but we were ignored.

Rule 3, that had regards to NSFW content, was broken the most. We’ve said many times that NSFW stays in the NSFW chat, since there will be people who will not be comfortable with such things. What happened when we called people out? We were shown disrespect and attitude. The followers discord chat was not a rant box for you.

And many of you seem to forget we are people too. You have an opinion, that’s completely fine, but you could have said it in a more respectful way. There are people who find your wording offensive. Everyone will have different views about something, but DO NOT BE RUDE. This was emphasized so many times but of course, we were ignored.

we’ve had enough disrespect and made a unanimous decision to shut the discord down. we are very sorry to those who were polite and respectful. we were done with being stepped all over and being disregarded by your “all righteous opinions”. We tried being nice, but clearly that was not the right choice here.

Again, we are so sorry to those who didn’t deserve to go. We honestly loved talking to you, but it has become too much.

Thank you for your kind understanding.