we are not pleased

4: june 10th

Rolling her eyes, she pushes the wispy bits of her hair out her face impatiently and sees his point. Though, she absolutely won’t own up to it. “You’re the one being annoying.”

“Hey now.” He moves to stand in front of her. “Don’t blame this mood on me.”

He smiles widely at her even though she doesn’t deserve it, even though she called him annoying for just being his teasing self. She exhales and wipes the first drop of sweat from her brow.

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bent into place | nick/griffin | explicit | ~4,900 words | please read the notes and the tags!

“I used to be able to shotgun shitty beer in like, ten seconds flat.”

Griffin raises an eyebrow at him. “Oh yeah?”

“Oh, yeah,” Nick says, grinning at Griffin’s tone. “You know, college parties, drinking games. Who can finish it fastest, races, that kinda stuff. I was good at it. I was widely admired.”

Griffin laughs. “That’s something you wanna brag about?”

Nick says, “Yeah, of course. What’s stopping me? It’s a talent.”

“Could you still do it?”

“Shit, don’t test me, dude. I can do you one better. C’mere.” Nick’s not tipsy enough to justify this, but he likes Griffin so much, and it’s fun to be like this, to show off. “Pour it down my throat. I don’t even need to do it.”

Hey classical music tumblr! Give me your most romantic pieces (not as in romantic era, but music that evokes lovey-dovey stuff - though it could be and tbh probably is from the romantic era, haha)!! Please and thank you!

i saw a post that called supercorp shipper ‘hypocritical’ for calling karamel shippers racist bc ‘kara is an allegory for a jewish refugee dating a white woman’

what does this mean

like, what? bc i think i get what you’re trying to say but also what